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Rodney Donahue. Multi-genre Paper. Eng Malcolm. X . "Malcolm X Biography - Life, Family, Children, Name, Death, History,. School, Mother, Young, Book, Old, Information, Born, Drugs, College,. House, Time, Year, Sister. ONE OF TIME'S TEN MOST IMPORTANT NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY In the searing pages of this classic autobiography, originally. The Autobiography of Malcolm X has changed the lives of many people, black and white, and shaped the perspectives of many more. Despite the changes that .

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Conventions. Published in the United States by Ballantine Books, a The autobiograhy of Malcolm X / with the assistance of Alex Haley; introduction by M. S. The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Pages·· MB·1, Downloads· Spanish. Malcolm X. Vida y voz de un hombre negro. Egilea: Selección de autores. The newscast continued, "Among the items sold was the original manuscript of _The Autobiography of Malcolm X_, with actual handwritten notes by Malcolm X.

Related titles. When playing the numbers. Malcolm quickly sees the difference between the pace and lifestyle of Boston and that of Lansing. He also visits his brothers and sisters. Washington — encouraged blacks to gain political power by earning the respect of white people through hard work and humble conduct.

Norfolk compares very favorably to the other two prisons. Reginald tells Malcolm that all wisdom is with Allah and that white people are devils. A few days later. Until the end of the Civil War. Malcolm emphasizes that he and Shorty were convicted more for the crime of sleeping with white women than for committing burglary. InBlack Boy. After the Civil War and the end of slavery.

In the casePace v. In contrast to sex with a white woman. Malcolm drafts a letter to Elijah Muhammad. We see these dynamics at work in the sentencing of Shorty and Malcolm. Wallace D. Virginia in Wright argues. He is so nervous that he writes the letter over and over. There was nothing more taboo.

Malcolm receives from Elijah Muhammad a typed reply. They could rape them at will. Wright hypothesizes that racist whites actually encourage. Malcolm writes Elijah Muhammad defending his brother and contesting the suspension. Malcolm chooses the religion over his brother. The Sunday before Labor Day. In the spring of Increasingly moved by the world-view promoted by the Nation of Islam. Malcolm senses that his brother is becoming estranged from the Nation of Islam.

Eventually he begins to read after hours by the light of the prison corridor. Malcolm receives word that he will be paroled. In Malcolm is transferred back to Charlestown. Soon Malcolm learns that Reginald has been suspended for having improper relations with the secretary of the New York temple.

Malcolm instantly appreciates the warmth. Reginald is institutionalized. Malcolm begins to read extensively.

Malcolm also reads from literature. In the course of visits from Reginald. In Detroit. Summary and Analysis 19 Malcolm receives letters from his family as well. With the knowledge he gains by reading. Although dubious of Islam. That night. At dinner. Reginald deteriorates both in appearance and composure. Elijah Muhammad publicly likens Malcolm to Job.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X PDF Summary

Malcolm despises his employment at a furniture store. All the intelligence. In in Detroit. Muhammad met Wallace D. Malcolm is granted his "X". He spent time in prison.

Death threats from jealous rivals. Malcolm also switches jobs twice. He married in his early twenties and began having children. By the time Fard disappeared in Elijah Muhammad was at the helm of the Nation of Islam. Back in Detroit. He never is bothered again. He was small of stature but bold. He is sent to the draft board.

He is surprised. For example. Malcolm explains that he thought his ex-convict status rendered him ineligible.

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Elijah Muhammad advises that Malcolm try to attract the young. During this period. Malcolm also becomes increasingly familiar with Elijah Muhammad. Summary and Analysis 20 techniques. Only in the s did he reclaim his position as the head of the Nation of Islam. Although Elijah Muhammad becomes. Over several months. Malcolm receives a visit from an FBI agent investigating possible draft-dodging.

She tells Malcolm that Muhammad was born in Georgia in Malcolm is frustrated by the unresponsiveness of blacks to his initial teachings. Malcolm introduces Betty to an approving Elijah Muhammad. Ella converts to the religion of her half-siblings. Malcolm has been celibate and fully devoted to his work. Malcolm clears up the bad blood between them but leaves sorrowfully. Ella is amazed at Malcolm.

At this time Malcolm fully develops his rhetorical style. Malcolm visits his old haunts and tests his new faith on Shorty. Malcolm seeks out his old crowd. Malcolm is so busy that the Nation buys him a car to use for his travel between cities.

He hardly courts Betty at all. At his reunion with West Indian Archie. Almost everything Malcolm owns belongs to the Nation of Islam. When Malcolm is ready. Elijah Muhammad sends him to Boston to aid in the founding of a temple there.

New York. In that same year. Muhammad appoints Malcolm to the small New York Temple. They settle in Queens. Elijah Muhammad sends Malcolm to Philadelphia. By For ten years. Once the Boston temple is up and running. As in Boston. Malcolm revolutionizes his own personality. The elite Fruit of Islam lead a mass demonstration. Malcolm helps found a temple in Atlanta. Malcolm mentions that. He spends hours a day on the telephone defending the Nation.

Autobiography of Malcolm X, The.pdf

After the Mike Wallace show airs and the book is released. The program is called "The Hate that Hate Produced". Summary and Analysis 22 The real surge of publicity comes in Malcolm travels as an emissary to places where leaders are becoming interested in the Nation of Islam project: Malcolm also reviles other Civil Rights Movement leaders.

The Fruit of Islam provide security at these events. The geographical distance. Muhammad seems to approve of this autonomy.

In the fall of Convicts embrace the Nation because their prison experiences have conditioned them both to take an especially grim view of white society and to excel at the discipline and austerity that the codes of the Nation demand.

Elijah Muhammad discourages any disparagement of other black leaders. Elijah Muhammad often speaks passionately for two hours. The size and militancy of the Nation attracts the attention of the FBI and the police. Part of this government interest comes from the high proportion of Nation of Islam members who are or were in prison. This has a bad effect on his health. Nation of Islam membership has grown to the point where mass rallies can be held.

At rallies. Malcolm experiences especially intense emotions when he speaks at Harvard. Malcolm has heard that other members of the Nation also disapprove of his activities. Malcolm makes frequent appearances at the best universities. Malcolm noticed that his name was appearing less and less inMuhammad Speaks. Malcolm X is rated the second most sought-after lecturer by universities.

In the summer of Malcolm begins turning down publicity opportunities inLife andNewsweek. By this time. This is the Malcolm purely committed to the Nation of Islam.

Malcolm receives a tremendous volume of mail. Of the nineteen chapters of the text. As Malcolm himself expresses at the end of the book. If our conception of Malcolm X has changed. People frequently accuse him of taking over the organization. He has always noticed the increasingly chilly receptions he receives at the headquarters in Chicago. Malcolm X breaks an order by Elijah Muhammad that no minister comment. Malcolm accepts this and assumes that a confession.

He takes stock of his celebrity and decides to found his own organization in Harlem. Kennedy is assassinated. Malcolm asks Ella for money for the trip. Malcolm X is deeply shocked and amazed that he has been betrayed by Elijah Muhammad. Summary and Analysis 24 Elijah Muhammad faces a paternity suit from two temple secretaries he has had affairs with. Before things really get going.

When President John F. Muhammad silences Malcolm for a ninety-day period. Malcolm decides that it is time for him to make his pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca.

Muhammad compares himself to the great men of scripture. To distance the Nation from such a controversial stance. Malcolm pretends that he does not know about the allegations. To deal with the issue. Having been cut off from his sole source of income. Once Malcolm accepts his estrangement from the Nation of Islam. This is a welcome vacation. To distance himself from the Nation of Islam and absorb the shock of the divorce.

Malcolm soon realizes. The sight of Clay. Malcolm envisions the organization as less exclusive and more proactive than the Nation of Islam. Malcolm spends another layover in Cairo. Malcolm X likens his falling out with Elijah Muhammad to the end of a romantic relationship. This metaphor. At the time of the Civil Rights Movement. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. In Frankfurt. He has very little good to say about women and disclaims any interest in romantic love.

What draws him to an analogy at odds with these feelings? How do his views of women reconcile with his views of racial equality? And how entirely do we trust his presentation of his views? Malcolm X is not the only black civil rights leader apparently guilty of chauvinism. Summary and Analysis 25 Analysis More than once. Malcolm is impressed by the friendliness of storeowners. Many women believed this as strongly as the men. Malcolm leaves the country quietly. Shawarbi readily writes Malcolm a letter of approval and passes on a book about Islam sent to Malcolm by an author in Saudi Arabia.

And clearly. When Malcolm applies for a Hajj visa. Shawarbi also gives Malcolm the telephone number of his son. On two occasions. Malcolm participates in this ritual himself. He retreats to a crowded airport dormitory.

Having met white people on this trip who are untainted by racism. Summary and Analysis 26 level of industrialization. The crowds overwhelm him.

People hold dinners in his honor. All of the time he feels very strongly the unity of the Islamic world and its colorblindness under Allah. Malcolm describes his amazement at Mecca as a kind of numbness. Azzam brings Malcolm to the Jedda Palace Hotel. Before Malcolm returns to the United States. From now on Malcolm travels in style. Whenever he is asked why he split from Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm meets Prince Faisal himself. Malcolm says he has seen true Islam now. Malcolm avoids any derisive words about his former mentor.

At each stop. From Jedda. He sees in Islam a solution. Malcolm practices the prayer rituals. Malcolm writes many letters home. Malcolm remembers that he has the telephone number of Omar Azzam. At the end of the Hajj. He also runs seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwa and ascends Mount Arafat. After some time in the States.

In May. Analysis The Autobiography of Malcolm X ends with Malcolm making nearly as great a change as the one he underwent in prison. In New York. The assassination of each was tragic not only unto itself. The American presidential election occurs while he is away. King originally used non. The failure of the press to acknowledge his new outlook frustrates Malcolm.

During his pilgrimage to Mecca. Malcolm witnesses what seems to be the colorblindness of the Islamic world. When he has untainted encounters with fair-complexioned Muslims. DuBois entertains him. Malcolm will accept white help and white interest now. In Harlem. Summary and Analysis 27 In Ghana. The older King contemplated socialism as a tool to restructure the American economy.

He predicts for himself a violent death. That Malcolm X became more moderate and that King became more radical suggests the partial reconciliation between them might have become complete had they both lived.

Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson.

Malcolm returns for another eighteen weeks to Africa and the Middle East. In the end. Malcolm holds meetings of his new organization. At the beginning Malcolm is cautious and punctilious about the contracts. The sheikh ends with a description of the Islamic view of life after the Day of Judgment.

Malcolm opens up. Having won the trust of Malcolm and Elijah Muhammad with the earlier pieces. On February Similarities of tone. Haley gets them both to agree to the project. It takes a long time for Haley to win the trust of Malcolm.

His later work. He writes two articles on Malcolm X and one on Elijah Muhammad before a publisher proposes to Haley the idea of a biography. Malcolm is gunned down by three audience members at a lecture at the Audubon Ballroom. Three suspects. Summary and Analysis 29 sham. Although some critics object to overlook a breach of academic integrity simply because the cause is progressive. WhetherThe Autobiography was largely re-written by a white editor or simply touched up. Such claims and counterclaims should not divert attention from a straight reading of the text.

Roots led to two lawsuits over alleged plagiarism. In responding to this question. Assuming that Malcolm was as honest as possible. On his trip to Mecca. Malcolm adopts the party line that all whites are devils. Malcolm treats white people as they have always treated him: When Malcolm reviews the white people he has known.

Once he leaves Boston. When Malcolm moves to Boston. Malcolm meets unprejudiced Muslims of fair complexion. From this moment of conversion until his falling out with the Nation of Islam. By the time Malcolm reaches prison.

Can this be reconciled with his legacy as a leader? If Malcolm X had lived to see the development of Muslim Mosque. From childhood. Write an imaginary dialogue between Malcolm X. Study Questions 31 6. Michigan D. A doctor B. Wisconsin C. He was spreading the ideas of Marcus Garvey D.

Where was Malcolm X born? A teacher C. Who runs the detention home Malcolm is placed in? In eighth grade. A preacher D. Why did white people murder Earl Little? The Gohannases B. Massachusetts 2. The Fords 4.

A lawyer 5. Shorty D. Nebraska B. Sammy the Pimp B. He was a Muslim 3. He slept with a white woman C. West Indian Archie C. The Swerlins C. He owed them money B. The Lyons D. She is too wild B. The Swerlins B.

He plans on selling reefers to traveling musicians Review and Resources 33 6. He starts dating a white woman C. Detroit Red D. He is determined to earn the respect of white people D. Her half-sister D. Her mother C. The Apollo Theater 7.

Pdf biography book malcolm x

Lansing Slim B. The Savoy Ballroom B. Little the Pimp C. Why does Malcolm leave Laura?

X biography book pdf malcolm

Who is raising Laura? He wants to avoid the draft C. Ella prohibits it 9. Shoeshine boy at the Savoy Ballroom D. Drug dealer B. He hopes to see New York B. Her grandmother 8. Pimp The Roseland State Ballroom C. To avoid the narcotics squad. Violating the codes of the Nation of Islam Boston B. Who converts Malcolm to Islam? Through burglary D. By attending college What does West Indian Archie accuse Malcolm of?

Move his business down a few blocks B. Philbert D. Back in Boston. Little When he is released from prison. Detroit D. Satan C. Sleeping with his girlfriend C. Sell through the mail New York C. By gambling C. Review and Resources 34 By dealing drugs B. Elijah Muhammad B. At Charlestown State Prison.

Ella C. Change his hours D. Selling bad dope B. Sell reefers on the railroad C. Reginald What is Malcolm shocked to learn that Elijah Muhammad has done? The head minister of the New York temple Review and Resources 35 In a vision B. Spoken to the white media A minister at the Boston temple C. Broken the prohibition on alcohol D. At a rally in New York D. After breaking with the Nation of Islam. A white woman B. Committed adultery C. At a meeting in Chicago Embezzled funds B.

A teacher at the New York temple D. A jazz singer The founder of the Boston temple D. The assistant minister at the Detroit temple B. He will die a violent death D. Muhammad Ali B. Review and Resources 36 On his pilgrimage to Mecca. He will live to a ripe old age B. Alex Haley C. Malcolm is mistaken for whom? People will remember him for his change in viewpoint C.

Sonny Liston Review and Resources 37 Answer Key: Malcolm X: At first I was disappointed. So why stop now? Need I say more? Read An Excerpt.

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