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Getting study material and notes of reputed coachings like Bansal, Resonance Megha Gupta, studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics at Bansal Classes Resonance Rank Booster PDF for JEE Main (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics). Download Bansal CLasses Physics Study Material for IIT JEE. These FIITJEE study materials are most crucial problems to be solved for Download free Bansal study material Physics DPP - Click here to download If you want to download Allen study material for free in PDF and Akash.

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Download Bansal Physics module chapterwise PDF|No need to [PDF] DOWNLOAD NEWTON CLASSES CHEMISTRY MATERIAL FOR CLASS 12 Mar 8, for Jee aspirants to download pdf, eBooks, study materials for free. pdf download links of JEE Physics Modules of Bansal classes kota for These study materials are certainly going to help you a lot in your. Bansal CLasses Physics Study Material for IIT JEE - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

It is found that at different temperatures the volume of air inside the flask remains the same. In a conducting solid, the rate of collision betweenfreeelectrons and ions increases with increase of temperature. D the capacity of the capacitor increases with the increase of the charge in the capacitor. D Force of attraction between the molecules affect gaseous property at low pressure. The potential at the points 1,2,3,..

Assuming that except the ends, the rod is thermally insulated. At equilibrium temperature of wire is K while that of the surroundings is K. The resistivity of the material of the wire at K is n x 10" O-m and its temperature coefficient 2 8. Find the rate of change of mass due to radiation. Between the plates is vacuum. In order to reduce the heatflowdue to ;. After some time stationary conditions are obtained.

By what factor r is the stationary heatflowreduced due to the presence of the heat shield? Neglect end effects due to thefinitesize of the surfaces.

Find the temperature of the shell if the station is enveloped by a thin spherical black screen of nearly the same radius as the radius of the shell. Use exact method. Imagine that it has a nonconducting backing so that it can radiate only to hemisphere of space.

Calculate the mass of the steam required for this purpose.

The extreme ends of the combination are maintained at the indicated temperatures. The arrangement is thermally insulated. The coefficients o A B. After steady state is reached the temperature T of the interface will be.

Material physics bansal pdf study classes

In the 2. Calculate the rate of heat flow through the window pane. Also find the temperatures of other interfaces.

Given thermal conductivities of glass and air as 0. Determine the coefficient A C. If the radius were halved and the temperature doubled, the power radiated in watt would be: If all the solar energy falling on a lens of area 0.

It cools according to Newton's law of cooling. At this time t the body X is connected to a larger body p. Y at atmospheric temperature T , through a conducting rod of length L, cross-sectional area A A.

The heat capacity of Y is so large that any variation in its temperature may be neglected. The cross-sectional area A of the connecting rod is small compared to the surface area of X. The energy ofradiation emitted by this obj ect with wavelength between nm and nm is U between nm and nm is U and between nm and p 2.

The coefficient of linear expansion ofthe two metals are a and ctg. On heating, the temperature ofthe strip goes up by c.

AT and the strip bends to form an arc of radius of curvature R. Then R is: Which of the following curves represents the phenomenon qualitatively?

Then- 2. Each rod is of the same length. It is observed that A initially it is the darkest body and at later times the brightest. B it the darkest body at all times C it cannot be distinguished at all times. D initially it is the darkest body and at later times it cannot be distinguished. Specific heat of 4. The expansion in both the 2 s. Then the value of , h. The wavelengths corresponding to maximum intensity are nm, nm and nm respectively. In the second case, the rods are joined end to end and connected to the same vessels.

The rate of heating is constant. Which of the following graphs represents the variation of temperature with time? Find the relation between a and y showing all the s b. The thermal conductivity ofthe material of the rod is K 2. What is the rate at which energy is radiated per second at temperature T A 0. OaAT 4. It consists of two concentric spherical shells as shown infigure. Here capacitance of region between the two shells is C and that outside the shell is C.

We have t 2. The di-electric constant ofthe mediumfilledin the space between the cylinder is e. In this arrangement all the capacitors when uncharged get the same charge Q Q Q Q but the potential difference across each will differ if the capacitance are C C2 C3 unequal.

This energy is stored in the electrostatic field set up in the di-electric 2 2. In this process energy is lost in the connecting wire 2 2. Find the heat generated in the process, the inner sphere is connected to the shell by a conducting wire Q. When the switch S is closed. CO, a the amount of chargeflownthrough the battery b the heat generated in the circuit c the energy supplied by the battery d the amount of chargeflownthrough the switch S '30V.

Find thefinalpotential difference between the plates of thefirstcapacitor. C between point A and B. Ifthe plate area of either face of each plate is A and separation between plates is d, thenfindthe amount ofheat liberate after closing the switch. Find the value of C. After disconnectingfromthe voltage sources.

F 4r A as shown with a switch S. When switch is closed,find: Find the effective capacitance between X and Y. Two parallel sided dielectric slabs ofthickness 0. Ifthe dielectric constants ofthe two slabs are 3 and 5 respectively and a potential difference ofV is applied across the plates.

List of recommended questions from LE. Find the potential difference across all the capacitors, —— ' I 8 xF h b How should 5 capacitors, each of capacities, lpF be connected so 9 iF. The area of the plates is S. Determine t. Find; 0. A plane parallel glass plate with a thickness of 0.

Given that: The plates of first capacitor move towards each other with relative velocity 0. Find the current in the circuit at the moment. A battery charges the plates to a potential difference ofV. A small capacitor C is then 0 0. The potential ofthe 0. Find the capacitance of the small capacitor. Is it possible to remove charge on 0. V C, acquire a potential difference V. Thw switchis now thrown to the right. The lower plate isfixedand the other connected with a vertical spring.

The area of each plate is A. In the steady position, the distance between the plates is d. When the capacitor is connected 0. Determine thefinalvoltage V across the capacitors. Find the electrostatic energy of the system stored in the region I and II.

Hi s, Q. Find the charge on the rightmost capacitor as "yv a function oftime given that it was intially unchanged. Also plot the variation of current with time. I X40V: IF 5 IF. Calculate the capacitance ofA and the energy stored in it. Find the work done by the external agency in removing the slabfromA. Calculate the energy stored in the system. The plates are connected to a battery of e.

The plates are then lowered vertically into the oil at a speed of 0. Another capacitor of capacitance 2C is similarly charged to a potential difference 2V volt. Thefinalenergy ofthe configuration is: Find the capacitance ofthe resulting capacitor.

The plates of the capacitors are connected as shown in figure with one wire from each 2nF capacitorfree. The upper plate of a is positive and that of B is negative, an Assuming that the initial velocity of the electron is parallel to the capacitor plates, calculate the largest value ofthe velocity ofthe electron so that they do notflyout ofthe capacitor at the other end.

One of them is charged to potential V and the t. The negative ends ofthe capacitors are connected together. When the positive ends are also 2. The time constants in pS for the circuits I, n, HI are respectively.

HHI Q. By this we mean that when the electricfieldintensity exceeds this value, a spark will jump through the air. We say that "electric breakdown" has occurred. Using this value, estimate the potential difference between two objects where a spark jumps. Atypical situation might be the spark that jumps between your body and a metal door handle after you have walked on a deep carpet or slid across a plastic car seat in very dry weather.

The effect is much greater for a 2-pF capacitor than for a 0. Which of the plots goes with which ofthe capacitors? Then capacitance C is added in parallel. However, the designer did not do a good m.

What can be done to redesign the capacitor, keeping C and V unchanged and using the same dielectric? Will the potential diffrence between the plates change if the earthing wire is removed?

Take approx. Two slabs one of conductor and other of a dielectric of equal thickness d are inserted between the plates as shown in figure. Potential versus distance graph will look like: The graph which shows the variation of electricfield E and distance x fromleft plate. An uncharged metal bar of width 2 cm is fully immersed into the capacitor.

The 1. How much charge will flow through 2d the key k if it is closed? Plate number 2 and 4 are connected wire and between point A and B, a cell of emfE is connected. The plates are connected to a source of emf 10 V. There are two other conducting bodies, 2 and 3, having capacitances: Bodies 2 and 3 are initially uncharged.

Then, body 2 is removed from body 1 and touched with body 3, and then removed. Another condenser B has a capacity 1 pF with air between the plates. Both are charged separately by a battery C of V. After charging, both are connected in parallel without the battery and the dielectric material being removed. Capacitor 2 contains a dielectric slab of dielectric constant k as shown.

When the gap between the plates is filled with a dielectric, a charge of pC flows through the battery. The dielectric constant of the material inserted is: C 3 D none. The ratio of heat generated to the final energy stored in the capacitor will be A 1.

Another capacitor of capacitance 2C is similarly charged to a potential difference 2V. The charging battery is now disconnected and the capacitors are connect in parallel to each other in such a way that the positive terminal of one is connected to the negative terminal of the other.

The two capacitors are then connected in a single loop, with the positive plate of one ; connected with negative plate of the other. What heat is evolvecl in the circuit? The battery is then disconnected and the charged plates are now connected in a system as shown in thefigure. The system shown is in equilibrium. All the strings are insulating and massless. The magnitude of charge on one ofthe capacitor plates is: C VmgA D 0.

Ifthe sphere is 0. The ratio ofthe radii of the spheres being n then the I- n-1 capacitance of such a sphere will be increased by a factor n n-1 A n B n-1 C -' n D a. They are combined in series. What maximum voltage will the system of these two capacitor withstands if they are connected in series?

The ratio — is: What should be the maximum value of the external emf source —H H. First of allfindout the break down voltages of each branch. After that compare them. Inner and outer shells are connected to each other. The capacitance across middle and inner shells per unit length is: The switch S has been closed for long IkSl time so as to charge the capacitor. When switch S is opened, the ikn capacitor discharges with time constant A 33 ms B 5 ms C 3.

When switch S is opened, the capacitor discharges with time constant. LAWvH t. A is constant c B increases with increase in time t C decreases with increase in time t D firstincreases then decreases Q. Each resistance is of 3Q. Ifthe charge on the capacitor 5. An identical capacitor B of capacitance C with air as dielectric is connected to voltage source 0. The charge 0. A discharged capacitor ofcapacity 1. C chargeflowsthrough Afromrightto left. D chargeflowsthrough Afrom left to right.

Ifthe switch S is closed. C the amount of chargeflowingthrough the cell will be CE. After closing the ——11 12V 2. D The potential drops across C is greater than that across C, 2. When a dielectric plate is introduced between the two plates then: A some charge from the capacitor willflowback into the source. B some extra charge from the source willflowback into the capacitor.

C the electricfieldintensity between the two plate does not change. D the electricfieldintensity between the two plates will decrease. The capacity ofthe capacitor after the introduction ofthe copper sheet is: A minimum when the copper sheet touches one of the plates. B maximum when the copper sheet touches one of the plates. C invariant for all positions of the sheet between the plates. D greater than that before introducing the sheet. Initially the capacitor is completely uncharged and the switch S is 3.

A The current through resistor R at the moment the switch closed is zero. B The current through resistor R a long time after the switch closed is 5 A. D The maximum charge on the capacitor during the operation is 5pC. Later one of the parameters i.

V, R or C is changed keeping the other two constant, and the graph 2 is recorded. A Both the capacitors are charged to the same charge. B The emf s of cells in both the circuit are equal.

C The emf s of the cells may be different. D The emf E is more than E t 2. The battery is disconnected and the plates of the capacitor are pulled apart to make the separation between the plates twice. Again the capacitor is connected to the battery with same polarity then A Chargefromthe batteryflowsinto the capacitor after reconnection B Chargefromcapacitorflowsinto the battery after reconnection. C The potential difference between the plates increases when the plates are pulled apart.

D After reconnection ofbattery potential difference between the plate will immediately becomes half of the initial potential difference. Just after disconnecting the battery Q. Now a dielectric of dielectric constant K is inserted tofillthe whole space between the plates with voltage source remaining connected to the capacitor.

A the energy stored in the capacitor will become K-times B the electricfieldinside the capacitor will decrease to K-times C the force of attraction between the plates will increase to K -times 2. D the charge on the capacitor will increase to K-times Q. The potential drop across the 7 pF capacitor is 6 V. Then the: B Voltage across capacitor Cj is 5V. C Voltage across capacitor C is 10 V 2.

D Energy stored in capacitor C. Now if the capacitor plates are brought close slowly by some di stance: This region is nowfilledwith a dielectric slab of dielectric constant k.

Pdf bansal material physics classes study

The capacitor is connected to a cell of emf E, and the slab is taken out A charge CE k - 1 flows through the cell B energy E C k - 1 is absorbed by the cell. C the energy stored in the capacitor is reduced by E C k - 1 2. They are connected in parallel with oppositely charged plates connected together. A Final common voltage will be 5 V B Final common voltage will be 2. D Heat produced in the circuit will be A Charge of amount Q willflowfromthe negative terminal to the positive terminal ofthe cell inside it B The total charge on the plate X will be 2Q.

C The total charge on the plate Y will be zero. D The cell will supply CE amount of energy. Which of the following quantities will remain the same? A the electricfieldin the capacitor B the charge on the capacitor C the potential difference between the plates D the stored energy in the capacitor. Which of the following quantities will change? A charge on the capacitor B potential difference across the capacitor C energy of the capacitor D energy density between the plates. The capacitor is now connected to a battery.

Now, A the facing surfaces of the capacitor have equal and opposite charges. B the two plates of the capacitor have equal and opposite charges. C the battery supplies equal and opposite charges to the two plates.

D the outer surfaces ofthe plates have equal charges. X - connect the capacitor to a battery of emf E. Y - disconnect the battery Z - reconnect the battery with polarity reversed. W - insert a dielectric slab in the capacitor A In XYZ perform X, then Y, then Z the stored electric energy remains unchanged and no thermal energy is developed.

Ifthe plates of the condenser are then moved farther apart by the use of insulated handle, which one of the following is true? The plates are then drawn apart farther. Again it is connected to the same source. A the potential difference across the plate increases, while the plates are being drawn apart. B the charge from the capacitorflowsinto the source, when the capacitor is reconnected.

C more charge is drawn to the capacitor from the source, during the reconnection. D the electric intensity between the plates remains constant during the drawing apart of plates. B all the energy drawnfromthe source is stored in the capacitor. C the potential difference across the capacitor grows very rapidly initially and this rate decreases to zero eventually. D the capacity of the capacitor increases with the increase of the charge in the capacitor.

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A net charge on connected plates is less than the sum of initial individual charges. B net charge on connected plates equals the sum of initial charges. C the net potential difference across them is differentfromthe sum ofthe individual initial potential differences. D the net energy stored in the two capacitors is less than the sum ofthe initial individual energies. A slab of dielectric constant K is then inserted between the plates ofthe capacitor so as tofillthe space between the plates.

The quantities charge, voltage, electricfieldand energy associated with the capacitor are given by Q , V , E and U respectively. A dielectric slab is 0 Q 0 0. Which of the following are correct? The switches S t. Now, if the plates of the capacitor are moved apart then: The black box may contain i 1 O-J -o A I! C O—i—vwv- 11 -o D 1. Initially, while the switch S is open, one ofthe capacitors is uncharged and the other carries charge Q. The energy stored in the charged capacitor is 0.

Sometimes after the switch is closed, the capacitors Cj and C carry 0 2. Which of 2 2. Question No. Time Limit: Requires recollection of various concepts. Examine the statements carefully and answer the questions according to the instructions given below: A if both A and R are correct and R is the correct reason ofA.

B if both A and R are correct and R is not the correct reason of A. C if A is correct and R is wrong. D if A is wrong and R is correct. JE if both A and R are wrong. The gases which are isosteres diffuse at the same rate under similar conditions. Reason R. Diffusion and effusion do not follow the same law. The value of van der Waal constant b is higher for N than for NH.

Reason R Molecular motion ceases at absolute zero. Helium shows only positive deviationfromideal behaviour. Reason R Helium is chemically inert noble gas. Which one ofthe following is correct? A Force of attraction between the molecules exists at low pressure only.

B Force of attraction between the molecules exists at high pressure only. C Force of attraction between the molecules affect gaseous property at high temperature. D Force of attraction between the molecules affect gaseous property at low pressure.

The "E factor" is the amount in kg of by product per kg of products. Calculate "atom utilization" and "E factor". Identify X, the desired product. What is molarity of solid CaC0. From this info calculate the following in terms ofn and a. CuS0 crystal by 36 gm. Deduce the molecular formula of the 4. Compute masses ofAs and CO formed if When this solution is dropped on surface, C H gets evaporated and acid forms aunimolecular layer on the surface.

Ifwe 6 6. What volume of solution in ml should be used? Area covered by one molecule of acid is 0.

Material bansal pdf classes physics study

Ifthis 3. B if both A and R are correct and R is not the correct reason ofA. D ifA is wrong and R is correct.

E if both A and R are wrong. Reason R a-particles are di-positive ions having appreciable mass. Isotopes of an element can be identified with the help of a mass spectrograph. The Hg level stood 15 mm higher in the open end as compared to the end connected to gas chamber. If the atmospheric pressure is The gas pressure in k Pa is A Pick up the correct statement assuming ideal gas behaviour: Gas A will tend to lie at the bottom II.

The number of atoms of the gas 'X' present in STPwillbe A 6. Calculate expression ofB in terms ofgiven constant for a stable crystal lattice given that ions are at a distance of r.


Calculate potential energy ofthe crystal in terms ofr and other given constants. Plot 0 0. Can you give a possible reason for this. Find 7. H2 ii. The mass of one litre ofthis organic gas is exactly equal to that of one litre ofN. Therefore the molecular formula of 2. Calculate planks constant in eVs. Calculate atomic weight of X. In the crystal clear water of the lake, things at the bottom of the lake are also clearly visible.

As the bubble rises to the top, it gets saturated with the water vapours and has a volume of ml of the surface. The pressure at the surface is mm Hg. Ifthe depth ofthe lake is The beam falls normally on an area 1. Calculate the no. J E E Humour. A Physics teacher, a Maths teacher and a Chemistry teacher were walking on a sea shore. Fascinated by sea waves the physics teacher said, "I want to study the wave nature of sea waves" and went into the sea and never returned back.

The maths teacher said, "I want to measure the volume of sea water" and went into the Sea and never returned back. The chemistry teacher concluded "Both physics and maths teacher are soluble in sea water under condition of 1 atm and K. What is the angle made by the net acceleration of the bob with the string at point Q. Find the force exerted by the vertical wall OM on wedge, when the ball is in position B. Then, find the magnitude of average 71R acceleration during a time interval.?

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From the deep corner of my heart thank u as u provide the material which is a dream of me to buy. Very very thanks,my bro. I will definitely share your blogs in my Friend circle. Excellent Blog. Was really helpful. Download Objective mathematics by S. Click Here. Posted by Unknown at K Goyal. Description Capacitance,Current Electricity,Calorimetry--these are the chapters in Physics which are important and has to b practiced a lot.

Content along with lots of exercises with answers are given. Some chapters of Chemistry also has been included. This tutorial is from Scribd. Add a comment. Post Cancel. What is constraint relation? Can you pls explain. JavaScript is disabled on your browser.