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Tuesday, August 13, 2019 admin Comments(0) Nothing But the Truth (): John Kani, Zakes Mda: Books. PDF | On Jan 1, , Soji Cole and others published Post-apartheid Stratification: The Assumption in John Kani's Nothing but the Truth”. Nothing but the Truth book. Read 19 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Nothing but the Truth is the story of two brothers, of siblin.

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play Nothing But the Truth by John Kani. the Flies, Nothing but the Truth and Romeo and Juliet. Please remember .. question for the book you have learnt. 1. Genre/Form: Drama Electronic books. Additional Physical Format: Print version: Kani, John. Nothing but the truth. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH BY JOHN KANI_ SOUTH AFRICAN CONTEMPORARY THEATRE-POST Nothing But the Truth is a.

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Mandisa in fact alleges that the new black leaders sold out in the name of reconciliation because they were dying for international approval She wonders whether someone had warned them that the people might want revenge.

But Thando speaks for the people and the new leaders: We have a country to rebuild.

A nation to take care of. An economy to grow, jobs to create, houses to build, clinics, hospitals, schools and our lives. Where would revenge get us except more violence? Besides we did not want to give those bastards the honour of taking up arms against us in their defence and call it a legitimate struggle.

There was one struggle, the struggle for liberation, our struggle Obviously, Mandisa is still speaking from the position of indignation and disbelief on the enormity of evil committed. Her view also illustrates a position of ethical and moral superiority. She also sees her cousin s position as typical of that of outsiders who lack a proper understanding of the complex and peculiar situation of the South African people, especially that of the marginalised majority.

But truth kani john by the pdf nothing book

She also accuses her cousin of selective anger and imbalanced assessment of the TRC process. She reminds her that the policemen who killed the Pebco 3 were refused amnesty, and that Derby-Lewis and Janus Walus were in jail for the assassination of Chris Hani.

Recalling the harrowing experiences the people had had to wade through and balancing it against their ability to forgive and reconcile with their former tormentors, she comments: We, who stayed here. We who witnessed first hand the police brutality.

We who every Saturday buried hundreds of our young brothers and sisters shot by the police, dying in detention, dying because of orchestrated black on black violence, accept the TRC process. You have no right to question that. Mandela spent 27 years in prison. Is he asking for someone to be sent to Robben Island to spend years there as a payback? If all those who suffered can forgive, then so can you. If our president can ask us to work for a better life for all of our people, so can you Mandisa, however, is unyielding, arguing that all the sentiment about The generosity of the African people comes down to giving in too easily Given all the explications and persuasions form Thando, we can see that Mandisa remains obstinate.

This obstinacy leaves us with a view of her as an idealist. Mandela had already shown his statemanly and morally sound espousal of forgiveness and reconciliation in his address at the assassination of Chris Hani, South African Communist Party leader in Tonight I am reaching out to every single South African, black and white, from the very depths of my being.

A white man, full of prejudice and hate, came to our country and committed a deed so foul that our whole nation now teeters on the brink of disaster. The cold-blooded murder of Chris Hani has sent shock waves throughout the world… Now is the time for all South Africans to stand together against those who, from any quarter, wish to destroy what Chris Hani gave his life for — freedom for us all.

This speech was made even before Mr. Mandela became his country s president. Indeed, it also captures the spirit of ubuntu which, according to Archbishop Tutu, underpins the TRC project. Ubuntu, as explained by Tutu, is an African philosophy which is predicated on the principle of mutual responsibility. This is Thando s position and the playwright s as well. Having come to terms with the possibility of losing Thando, while having already lost the life-time ambition of becoming the Chief Librarian of Port Elizabeth s Public Library, Sipho feels his loss is complete.

In sheer disillusionment, he recalls his role and suffering during the liberation struggle: I went to the marches like everyone else. I might not have been detained. I might not have been on Robben Island. I did not leave this country, but I suffered too. The thousands that attended those funerals on Saturdays,that was me. The thousands that were tear gassed, sjamboked by the police, mauled by Alsatian dogs, that was me.

When Bishop Tutu led thousands through the streets of white Port Elizabeth,that was me.

Nothing but the truth

Nothing but the Truth, These recollections are borne of frustration, as much as they reflect his anguish. The anguish and frustration in turn seem to ignite a desire for revenge. Apostrophizing, he shouts: No more!

The taking stops right here and now. I want everything back, Themba. I want my wire double-decker bus now. De Klerk must come back from wherever he is.

He has to tell me who killed my son and why. He is not talking about the TRC and amnesty hearings, as his daughter immediately supposes. He wants the case investigated and the murderer prosecuted and jailed, but the scene mutates to a travesty as he demands that the policeman who shot his son must be kept in jail for months, awaiting trial; the judge to handle the case must be black; the policeman s lawyer must try to prove that the killing had political motivation, but fail in the task; the judge must find him guilty of killing Luvuyo out of hatred for blacks and therefore sentence him to imprisonment for a day, a month or years; he must serve the term at St.

Alban s prison outside Port Elizabeth; his head must be shaved and he must be stripped naked and searched before being taken into his cell to ensure that he hasn t hidden anything in his arse; and he must also be given a prison khaki shirt and shorts, a grey blanket but no shoes.

After all these, he must spend a night in his cell in the prison with the knowledge that he is doing so for killing his son. With these demands met, he would not only forgive the killer, he will agree that the killer be given amnesty because he has disclosed all There is here implicit lampooning of apartheid s justice and penal system, as well as the TRC — which is lost on Thando, as she asks her father whether that would be sufficient to make him happy.

Sipho is disappointed and raves: You don t get it, do you? This whole fucking country doesn t get it. That s what it s about. So that my soul can rest. So that can say to myself yes, justice has been done Clearly, this is not justice motivated by revenge, but on truth, and going through the conventional process of prosecution. This sentiment aligns with the position of one of the wives of the Cradock Four, Nomonde Calata. In an interview reported in the Washington Post by Karin Brulliard , par.

In another comic scene, Sipho insists on getting everything that belongs to him back, especially the job of the Chief Librarian of the Port Elizabeth Public Library. He has been denied the job on the ground of age, even though he is the most competent person for the job.

He declares: He threatens to blow the library up or burn it down. And if arrested, he will prove that his crime is politically motivated. Consequently, they would have no choice but grant him amnesty. Increasingly wild, Sipho is ultimately calmed down by effusive expressions of love by Thando and Mandisa to the point he could tell Mandisa: All wanted was for your father to come home, stand in front of me and say am sorry, my brother The victims of personal or political injuries probably truly want from those who had inflicted physical and psychological injuries or caused them painful memories is no more than acknowledgement of the wrong deed and a simple apology.

This acknowledgement, in the opinion of Andre du Toit For him, the political significance of truth as acknowledgment should be …precisely that representative of the state and civil society should take public responsibility for the restoration of the human and civic dignity of victims whose suffering at the hands of the State or political agents had so long been denied.

In fact, it can also be seen as further infliction on the victims for nothing can be more hurtful than to be hurt and have the hurt dismissed as light or unacknowledged by the person responsible. Sipho forgives his brother everything. He also forgives his wife and even blames himself for the affair between his brother and his wife.

This again re- inscribes the need for acknowledgment of guilt before forgiveness can be obtained and reconciliation engendered. In other words, forgiveness has to be earned.

Truth kani book john but nothing pdf by the

Another vital thing about the disclosures and forgiveness is that Sipho eventually dispenses with half-truths about his relationship with his brother by confessing to Mandisa that Themba was indeed a popular and widely admired hero of the struggle and that his jealousy of him is on that account Conclusion In the play, emphasis is placed on truth.

Truth is brought under close scrutiny, sometimes using sarcastic approach, which might well have been informed by the TRC s recognition of different kinds of truth.


Reconciliation itself is earned from forgiveness by the victim with penitence or simple acknowledgement by the perpetrator. The Makhaya family is the model of true genuine and lasting reconciliation for the TRC, as Sipho, the protagonist, finally changes from suppressing truth and telling half-truth and Mandisa apologises on behalf of her father for his wrongdoing against Sipho. These actions engender mutual trust, confidence and rapprochement between the hitherto estranged. Genuine reconciliation and love are consequently birthed.

As observed by the Chair of the TRC, Archbishop Tutu, at the opening of the Human Rights Violation Committee hearings, as well as in his book, No Future without Forgiveness, Forgiveness will follow confession and healing will happen, and so contribute to national unity and reconciliation: Nothing but the Truth not only bears testimony but advocates this. Stories of istory: Reimagining the Past in Post- Apartheid Narrative. Negotiating the Past: The Making of Memory in South Africa.

Sarah Nuttal and Carli Coetzee. Oxford UP. Brulliard, Karen. Washington Post Foreign Service. No Downloads.

Nothing but the Truth

Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details Author: John Kani Pages: Wits University Press Language: English ISBN If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5. Click here to read and download book Click this link: You just clipped your first slide! In the same year Kani was also awarded a special Obie award for his extraordinary contribution to theatre in the USA. Get A Copy.

Paperback , 72 pages. More Details Original Title. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Nothing but the Truth , please sign up.

Mahlatse they are brother. Is the entire book dialogue? Pale Yes, the whole book is dialogue. See all 5 questions about Nothing but the Truth….

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jun 24, Makubutu Lekota rated it it was amazing. This play is sensationalist and it is very disturbing to read, the sexual innuedos and depictions are not appealing at all. The Glossary is very detailed and provided detailed information about the chronological history of South Africa during the 's and Post-Apartheid South Africa.

The character definitions between the two females are very good and are easy to follow, the identities of the two male characters, the brothers are very difficult to follow.

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It was a privilege to study this play in This play is sensationalist and it is very disturbing to read, the sexual innuedos and depictions are not appealing at all. It was a privilege to study this play in-depth, my pupils did not always know the contents of the play very well, the standard of writing was extremely high and I would recommend this play as study piece for both Home language and First Additional Language pupils of English in South Africa an in some parts of Southern Africa.

Aug 14, Matshepo added it. Jan 20, Monwe Ranko rated it really liked it. I read it myself and then at school Jan 15, Nadine Potgieter rated it it was amazing.

Was a wonderful story, rich history and passion for the story written shows in the book. Sep 16, Nyakallo Lephoto rated it liked it. Nothing But The Truth is a theatre play whose central theme is forgiveness and reconciliation. The play gets its name from the oath that participants in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had to take, swearing they would tell "The Truth, Nothing Else But the Truth".