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Read "Dongri to Dubai Six Decades of Mumbai Mafia" by S. Hussain Zaidi available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first purchase. Tracing the history of Mumbai, historian and researcher Sharada Dwivedi writes that the area was once a flatland and Dongri was a hill; there used to be a. Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia is a book by former investigative journalist Hussain Zaidi. The book traces the evolution of the Mumbai mafia.

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Dongri to Dubai is the first ever attempt to chronicle the history of the Mumbai mafia. It is the story of notorious gangsters like Haji Mastan, Karim Lala. Dongri To Dubai Six Decades Of The Mumbai Mafia Pdf Download -> dohefrekifryba. Jubin Chheda says "This book builds the pedigree of crime that. File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi, ZIP. Download >> Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia. k views · View 2 Upvoters.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They strike like lightning even as they are pursued by the Pakistani army and the ISI, combing through every land and possibility in pursuit of the deadly killers. Bombay — ven in the fifties, people from all over India were drawn to Bombay like a moth to the flame. After extensive interviews with Usman Gani and other veteran crime reporters and my own research, I gathered that Dongri had always been the epicentre of crime in Mumbai. When the boy turned 18, he boldly decided to quit the cycle repairing business for good to try his hand at something else. He sported dark glasses and was almost always seen smoking expensive cigars and pipes.

No Handcuffs resonates today for, if anything, greed and corruption are more perverse, more rampant. As Eddie Richardson points out: Seven years in the making, Sacred Games is an epic of exceptional richness and power.

Vikram Chandra's novel draws the reader deep into the life of Inspector Sartaj Singh—and into the criminal underworld of Ganesh Gaitonde, the most wanted gangster in India.

Sartaj, one of the very few Sikhs on the Mumbai police force, is used to being identified by his turban, beard and the sharp cut of his trousers.

But "the silky Sikh" is now past forty, his marriage is over and his career prospects are on the slide. When Sartaj gets an anonymous tip-off as to the secret hide-out of the legendary boss of G-Company, he's determined that he'll be the one to collect the prize. Vikram Chandra's keenly anticipated new novel is a magnificent story of friendship and betrayal, of terrible violence, of an astonishing modern city and its dark side.

Drawing inspiration from the classics of nineteenth-century fiction, mystery novels, Bollywood movies and Chandra's own life and research on the streets of Mumbai, Sacred Games evokes with devastating realism the way we live now but resonates with the intelligence and emotional depth of the best of literature.

And now, award-winning investigative journalist Chris Blatchford, with the unprecedented cooperation of Rene Enriquez, reveals the inner workings, secret meetings, and elaborate murder plots that make up the daily routine of the Mafia brothers. It is an intense, never-before-told story of a man who devoted his life to a bloody cause only to find betrayal and disillusionment.

Based on years of research and investigation, Chris Blatchford has delivered a historic narrative of a nefarious organization that will go down as a classic in mob literature. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts.

New Arrivals. Dongri to Dubai: Six Decades of Mumbai Mafia S. Hussain Zaidi August 10, Dongri to Dubai is the first ever attempt to chronicle the history of the Mumbai mafia.

It is the story of notorious gangsters like Haji Mastan, Karim Lala, Varadarajan Mudaliar, Chhota Rajan, Abu Salem, but above all, it is the story of a young man who went astray despite having a father in the police force.


Dawood Ibrahim was initiated into crime as a pawn in the hands of the Mumbai police and went on to wipe out the competition and eventually became the Mumbai police? The narrative encompasses several milestones in the history of crime in India, from the rise of the Pathans, formation of the Dawood gang, the first ever supari, mafia? This story is primarily about how a boy from Dongri became a don in Dubai, and captures his bravado, cunningness, focus, ambition, and lust for power in a gripping narrative.

The meticulously researched book provides an in-depth and comprehensive account of the mafia? Hussain Zaidi is a Mumbai based journalist, a veteran of investigative, crime and terror reporting in Mumbai media. He lives with his family in Mumbai.

Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Flowing text. Best For. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Content Protection.

Read Aloud. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. A little more light is shed on how the Liberation policy of which liberalized the economy showered riches on the mafia, how communal riots, the Babri Mosque demolition resulted into the 10 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai in But 0 stars for everything else.

What I cringe at is the tone of the text. Every single paragaraph reeks of that uninhibited admiration for gangsters. Maybe Zaidi is afraid of Dawood — because he fleetingly mentions every bold journalist being murdered by them. It is a sort of glamorized, smooth, glib, charming, honeyed romantic account. Instead of portraying the blood, filth and dirt that mafia really is, it is a sentimental account, which is a gross, inhuman injustice to the brave people who lost their lives to these ruffians.

Wow, try telling me a notorious don had no idea what he was providing the logistics support for!

Pdf dongri to mumbai

I feel neither sympathy for them, nor pity. I only find myself singeing in fury and helplessness. These people were criminals, not bloody victims. I give a full ZERO star for the intentions of the book. View all 12 comments. Mar 21, Salil Kanitkar rated it liked it Shelves: In my opinion, the second option is better - but there is absolutely nothing wrong in going with the first.

What a Non-fiction book about Mafia should Not do is glorification of the criminals, the romanticization of the power that life of crime brings and to Not cater to the morbid fascination of violence, gang-war, police shootings etc. And doing exactly that, I believe, is inexcusable! It is because of this, in my opinion, that Dongri to Dubai by S. Hussain Zaidi fails miserably. It is a dizzyingly fast paced thriller-ride that chronicles the Mumbai mafia starting right from - immediately after the Indian Independence - upto His rise from a poor family with 11 siblings and a respectable cop father to a street thug - then to a Police pawn - and finally to the numero uno of Mumbai underworld.

You feel livid after learning about the rampant corruption in Maharashtra politicians, in country-wide politicians in fact, the many opportunities to nab Dawood gone wasted.

Dongri To Dubai: Six Decades of The Mumbai Mafia Book Review

One of the most infuriating story in the book is that during a gang-war related shootout by Dawood's men in Mumbai's JJ Hospital, they literally used a politician's "laal-batti" ambassador to escape! However, even an iota of glorification of crime, even a subtle hint, in a purely non-fictional book is not good. Dongri to Dubai actually goes one step further.

No sane person would buy this reasoning. The book mentions in gory details all the gang-war related shootouts - but the innocent people who lost their lives in the process deserve no more than a mere mention.

Anyway, I am giving the book three stars. But a big thumbs down for the wrong overall tone of the book. View all 4 comments. Jun 20, Nazrul Islam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 21, Kali Srikanth rated it really liked it Shelves: Power n.: Ability to cause or prevent an action, make things happen ; the discretion to act or not act.

Opposite of disability. A Society is made up of people from various cultures, creeds, colors and walks of life. Within societies are poor, middle class, and very prosperous individuals and families.

Society has its own government, rules to abide by, laws to follow, courts and other controlling factors to make people who live therein, safe. People have careers, jobs, schools, commercial and resi Power n.: People have careers, jobs, schools, commercial and residential areas that facilitate this whole idea of society. Mumbai then Bombay is one such cosmopolitan society which happily invites all "types" of people and offers every one of them who had conviction, to make fortune for them self.

City of dreams. But, there are certain individuals or group of individuals who stayed above all of this, meaning rules ungoverned, laws broken, fear instilled and chaos created which is, literally dictating this very society to kneel on all fours before them. And how did they manage to do it? Which may ever be the reason for their entry into this one way game, these men started, rose and finally, they doomed. And this is the book which profoundly discusses about these men who controlled, manipulated, influenced, exploited or even to a certain extent balanced , the very word and the world of Power.

Soon information just rolls page after page shifting from one place to other, from one influential person to another in Mumbai shaping the 60 years of Mafia. People came, people ruled, people died, the end. I don't know but clearly which he alone possessed and his adversaries lacked. Yes, May be he is the kingpin of the whole game but I remind you he is on the other side of the law.

Apart from this, book has its own inadequacies, especially towards the ending. And there are places it gets too dramatic where Author desperately tries to prove that he managed to meet childhood associates of Dawood and churn exclusive info which he called "scenes" in acknowledgements section like his movements, talking style, smoking habits etc. A complete picture. If you have same thoughts like I do, pick this book.

View 2 comments. Oct 02, Arun Divakar rated it liked it. There is a morbid fascination we associate with the darker shades of the society who are referred to as the 'underworld'.

Seeing things from such an angle has also helped me understand the immense popularity movies like The Godfather trilogy, Scarface and Goodfellas have enjoyed. While most people cannot or do not want to grow rich in this fashion, they relish watching from the sidelines as a small section of their society does things by their own rules.

Like any other nation of the world, India There is a morbid fascination we associate with the darker shades of the society who are referred to as the 'underworld'. Like any other nation of the world, India too has spawned its own version of the mafia. While the other states and locations have been the spokes, Mumbai has always been the hub.

Needless to say, the world's most notorious gangster: Dawood Ibrahim has been Mumbai's contribution. This book is a chronicle of how mafia grew and evolved into a corporate behemoth that at one point was a parallel governing system in itself.

The storyline spans over 60 years and starts with the smaller knife-wielding pickpockets of yore and slowly paving the way for the big boys. Smuggling - whether it be gold,narcotics or imported goods was the golden corridor that made the fortunes of many a don in India. Certain names which are household property in terms of current affairs are all given flesh and blood caricatures in the book.

From these old stalwarts, the story moves to the blue eyed wonder boy named Dawood who gave the mafia a fresh new coat of paint. From gang and turf wars that left a trail of corpses behind, Dawood built a business conglomerate that would rival even the most advanced multinationals.

With affiliations,mergers and acquisitions the gang of erstwhile thugs grew into what was known as the D-company. Along the way, Dawood left India for safer haven in Dubai. The game shifts gears here for with intervention from intelligence agencies abroad the gang moves from strictly business deals to trying their hands in logistic support for terrorism.

The results of this have been two of the most devastating terror attacks that India has witnessed. The boy from Dongri who built a sprawling criminal empire had transfomed to something else entirely. This is what the book encompasses. It offers a bird's eye view of the counter culture that has deeply affected the moral fabric of India. For all the interesting subject material in the book, I did not find the author to be totally unbiased. There was of course the starry eyed wonderment reserved for Dawood and this sometimes made the storyline a bit biased.

Also, it is only towards the end of the book that any real importance is given to the policing system that finally brought the mafia to its knees. Until the final few chapters, they are pretty much sidelined. The pace of the book however makes up for all this and if I were to tell you that the content of this book has already given rise to two movies, you would get the picture. The impact mafia has on popular culture is rather immense.

For instance, a movie named 'Nayagan' which was loosely inspired by the story of Varadarajan Muthaliar aka Vardha bhai has been hailed a masterpiece the World across. It is one of the two movies from India chosen by Time as the World's best with the other being 'Pather Panchali'!

A quick read and an above average one at that. Mar 31, Hyderali rated it it was amazing. Hussain Zaidi is master in detailing the life of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Really, his hardwork of 6 years definitely made this book worth reading. I read S. I felt that every gangster portray in this book deserve a full 90mins of movie to be made on him.

I'm really looking forward to his other books i. Jul 29, Shipra Trivedi rated it really liked it. Dongri To Dubai is not just a book. The book simply tells you the stories of local mafias and how they operated their networks with the help of some police officials, politicians, celebs and influenced personalities. The author has narrated very interesting stories of almost all the ganglords who indirectly ruled the economic center of India.

As far as storyline is concerned, it is Dongri To Dubai is not just a book. As far as storyline is concerned, it is divided into two parts so that readers can easily understand the difference between two eras. In the end, you just have to admire the efforts of author for doing so much extensive research on this topic, which is obviously not a cup of tea of any other journalist or storyteller. It is fast paced and builds up an engaging read. Dongri To Dubai is recommended if you love the gangster bang-bangs, and feed your eyes mostly on Mafia diet.

Mar 28, Gayatri Sriram rated it it was ok. A book on the Mumbai Mafia was long overdue,I just wish it hadn't come from Mr. He might be the undisputed king of crime reporting, but a storyteller he is not. The timelines are awry, the characters are developed and scattered in a haphazard manner There are over fifty characters and hundreds are mentioned through the book, tiring to say the least when there is almost always nothing memorable about them.

The dialogues sound like some cheesy b grade movie, possibly due to the poor Hi A book on the Mumbai Mafia was long overdue,I just wish it hadn't come from Mr. The story does not progress in a fluid manner, but choppy and interrupted like a bunch of news clippings glued together. It is disappointing to say the least, because the meteoric rise of Dawood makes for stellar storytelling.

I guess with a story so good, you can rarely go wrong. But Mr.

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Zaidi gives it his best shot. I would still recommend this book, but only till something better comes along. Full marks for research, though. Dec 14, Vikas Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: Written by India's ace crime reporter Hussain Zaidi, this is the first ever attempt to chronicle the birth and rise of Mumbai underworld.

Combining his decades of experience in crime reporting with network of friends and contacts who gave him access to valuable documents, Zaidi creates a fast paced history of underworld. Never shy to mince words he does justice to all that happened in crime scene in Mumbai since Indian independence. One of the rare books on the subject, it is definitely a must r Written by India's ace crime reporter Hussain Zaidi, this is the first ever attempt to chronicle the birth and rise of Mumbai underworld.

One of the rare books on the subject, it is definitely a must read Sep 28, Poonam rated it really liked it. Growing up, I had read a great deal about Haji mastan and Jenabai in Mum's magazines, while closeted in a dark, secluded space. Book was a reminder of tid bits I had picked up then. Dongri to Dubai is his account of rise, growth and fall of underworld history in Mumbai from s.

It covers the background and reign of Karim Lala, Haji Mastan, Varadrajan, explains the ever-changing alliances and rivalries of the underworld. Pathan vs. One could easily create a family tree of each gang in Underworld.

Hussain Zaidi has already written an accliamed 'Black Friday', further immortalised as eponymous movie. However, Zaidi maintains that though Dawood funded blasts and funds fundamentalists groups against India in Pakistan, he is not a religious zealot, he is not even a practicising muslim. A startling but actually we have known before piece of info was two innocent, profitable business of Dawood brothers - one of home-grown Gutka helped to established in Pakistan by our own Mainkchand and Joshi businessmen and hndi film pirated CDs.

Money from these businesses are directly funded in jehadi activities against India. Sadaf and King's video are common pirated CDs sold in india, that are directly owned by D-company.

So, our citizens in lieu of savinf few rupees for watching cinema actually fund terrorism, of which we ourselves are victims. Nice ploy. Book also mentions various policemen and IB officials who have achieved soemthing crucial time to time. There are episodes of shootouts at Lokhandwala and Wadala involving Manya Surve , which too have been immortalised as movies.

Mumbai dongri pdf to

It does state in the murky business of crime, no one, either be police or gangster is straight and it is increasingly one-way street for a gangster.

Writing is journalistic in style, that is storytelling backed by factual narration and book is very well-reasearched. I would recommend, anybody interested in history of crime in Bombay to pick this book for information.

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