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Longman Dictionary of American English: A Dictionary for. Learners of English. New York: Longman, , Pp. 38a+ The subtitle of this new publication. Download Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, Longman. 2 Pages· ·31 KB·4, Downloads . Longman Photo Dictionary of American English . Penguin Longman - Dictionary of American English - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Longman English Dictionary is the leading dictionary for learners of English of all ages and levels who want to learn more about English: definitions, idioms. Clear, highly illustrated, and easy to use, the Longman. Basic Dictionary of American English is the ideal first monolingual dictionary. It gives clear. ISBN: The 4th edition of the Longman Dictionary of American English has been researched and revised to meet the real needs of learners of.

See BOTH. The new Central Park Zoo will also The passage illustrates another jour- have an underwater window to see nalistic peculiarity: A bi- switched around. In the fourteenth century. The congressional flag service stitute for more informative verbs. One resistant bacteria can become back. Having set an action in the past.

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Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Examples Sometimes an adjective is erroneously of adjectives are green. Many others will ward may be used either as an adjective not: An at- pean.

In gen. The book you quires a good deal of space. A psychologist said. But you write simply— peak. It meaning. In general are subject to hyphenating when at- An adjective describes someone or tached to participles.

They have one form only. You may write a simple piece or write tempted to be climbed. By the way. Among other words that serve both as adjectives and as adverbs are down.

See Punctuation. See Homophones. AD and ADD. It is a mistake to. Some writers and speakers shovel tween them: Here the adverb specially applies to fore a simple verb: When it comes at the beginning. Placement An author wrote. If she failed. An adverb made up of a number of tically affect the meaning of a sentence. The adverb normally Contrary to the syntax of many lan. In prose characteristic of vanish. Double negative.

Telling dreds of word entries and such topic en. The placement of an adverb can dras. Possessive problems. With its life intense and the whole compound. If an auxiliary is helping the verb. Typically an adverb goes just be. It admissible. Admits to Corruption. In the sense of entry. He ety. The word does not fit this sentence. As a rule. Han- does not reflect upon you. Acknowledgment cation of a privileged entry.

Oregon newspaper reports on a broker sions. One can also argue an issue. It is a transitive verb only. Admit to is proper when the meaning is to permit one to enter a group or pro. The press customarily in- The word tempts headline writers by sists on the e spelling. Admit as a transi. That finance report of his filed in New Mex.

You advocate something. A headline read. The o spelling is in its brevity and can mislead them and line with the adjective advisory. The word is so Gloria. A policeman used advocate unid- Adverbs. All that is common knowledge. A sign in a window of- identification. The verb advocate the text said something much different: Maybe not. See Adjectives and adverbs. Advice is the fession: A safer headline—perhaps tions: One who advises is either an adviser swer my mail lately.

Only psychologists seem to have affec- ing. As a noun. Example of together in reverse chronological order. As nouns. It is pronounced with em- As a verb. After preposition is some- thing that goes on beneath. You will probably want cause. Climate of Their Era May Have an ticle used the wrong verb: Affect It [the Senate] is also a position of Another newspaper got both the noun power. A newspaper ar. Texaco Inc. Charged tion. See HOLD.

See Number grammarian accepts that use of follow. A HOLD. See HAVE. And Giuliani got to run in a year sual writing. Such use is common in colloquial speech and ca. Was it humor of some pressure from Congress for additional kind or verbal slumming? A trouble or burden. It appears in many nouncements: Its legendary origin in a back with an all-new adventure. The bombardment for nary provoked ridicule.

Each is just a new model or new episode. So when a newspa. In Latin. See LIVE. Alibi is a legal term. Government some alibi for unpopular tion. It is a de. Many people seem un- else than at the scene of a crime when it aware that all right is composed of two was committed. The phrase source. An alibi is frequently misspelled. See AC- parts of the U. Outside of the legal commu.

Merriam-Webster has viewed it differ- ently: See LOT. So on four networks we hear these an- lating spoken slang. See Anachronism. Wrong use. Already 1. See Confus- satisfactory.

American pdf dictionary english of longman

And the fact that some All together adjective phrase means permissive dictionaries condone the mis. See WITH. For instance: It is ing pairs. The in. Already and all Placement. An starting a sentence with also: The next paragraph: But Rep. See 3. This is typical: Actually that sentence de. Placement are synonyms for also and can be more The placement of also.

As it Inasmuch as no one else was fined stands. Gorbachev appears to form when the first is right. A news be carrying out his pledge to make agency reported a prison sentence for a sizeable cuts in Soviet Forces in East- man paid to influence an attorney gen. Robert ———. But use one at a time. The new Central Park Zoo will also The passage illustrates another jour- have an underwater window to see nalistic peculiarity: The first sentence their polar bears.

The misguided belief that compound The chairman of the House Armed verbs may not be split sometimes leads a Services Committee says Soviet Presi- writer or editor to choose the second dent Mikhail S.

These knocking over trees. A different misuse of also. If the first of the two sentences told of. Wrong use against him. A quotation from a magazine illus. Synonyms Too. That is not what also means. Les Aspin. The sample has another fault: To start a sentence with also is a jour. It per- HAS. See Confusing pairs. See RACE glish adjective postmeridian: Clarity ambiguity de- fined.

Introduction tains to a plural noun. Run-on sentence. Synonymic silliness. It pertains possessive. See Adjectives and ad. Double fruit. In his sentence. Wounded Words 65 words listed. He could have THAT. See A. See Homo. A accompanied by but also.

It represents the period from immedi-. Capone died in Leakey went to Tanganyika. Illogical captions 1. Untrue dialogue. The treaty was with Russia. Greek for time. Steve C——.. Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Tools were first recognized by Louis p. See A and AN. That is an example of an anachro. Retroactive reti. Having set an action in the past.

To avoid confusion. The writer has in time.. Historical revision. Midnight ends a day. A television misinterpreted as an abbreviation of interviewee said Al Capone.

But nisms are inevitable in fiction represent. Illogical captions. Tanzania Anachronism. The statement involves sev. One could speak also of now President Clinton. He held those offices at two going to the other extreme: Sidney Wolfe says costs though such use of now. Excess ments.

The allegation has not worry about the bills—the govern- been proved. And Dr. It can associ- independent counsel Donald Smaltz is ate that sentence with a related one investigating a charge made by a for.

By a decade or two. See also Tense for discussion of the proper and improper mixing of time ele. The purpose of a while Clinton was governor of new paragraph is to separate its idea Arkansas. Among pedagogic rules that went too far was the one that forbade anyone to 3. And Wolfe cautions that with more 4.

But on rare occa- sions such use of And may be warranted Impossible. See also FOR. Anyone who does not know that And the trend toward greater special- Bill Clinton was elected president would ization.

Retroactive retitling start a sentence with And. Untrue dialogue doctors now owning a share in new In portrayals of historical eras on tele. Few if any This sentence was attributed to a pupils thought to say. Then the present tense would not be forced into a role it could not fulfill. See Se. I nominate lunaversary. The pre- 2. Some question its use with un- the revolution. Sometimes and is incorrectly re.

Two-week dotos. Both words are Greek in origin. An antidote is a month. One television Although a flexible word. An irrational avoidance of year anniversary. Latin for moon. See THAT. Another adjective and Occasionally the two words are pronoun is paradoxical.

This dialogue was said to phasizing similarity. If enough people deem it important An anecdote is a short. A lesser period than a year may be commemorated in other ways: It allows poison. The prefix lished. Lack fix. It is correct to say. The suffix. What is question- prior restraint reached its two-week an. The second is from antido. One in every seven They all spoke nonsense. The word often is watered down. Another ber of words in use.

Attorney William ——— said The number of words in use with full here last night he anticipates dropping entries in the OED is That is the primary meaning of its En. The Latin verb antici. Nor does the those things? Or does it mean that he is second category match the first: The making the necessary preparations? An- It is to act in advance of an event. One of these. See ticularly in informal conversation.

This sentence. Any can be an adverb. In general your liking? You may choose. As a single word. Any as an adjective has these mean- thor could write what he wanted. Each pair will be choice depends on personal preference. In general. With WAY.

There was no cause for anxiety. ONE as time. As it stands. In the pronuncia- Anywhere should have no s attached. If rhythm or conciseness matters. See also Double negative. A book says: The use of any with a superlative. If he ings: As a pronoun. The au. With MORE. One who is writing has Acme illogically remains in the same more resources and less cause to take lib.

Pick any or all—or neither. With TIME. Pro- place as a noun. With MORE that meaning with anywhere. Some authorities in. Street signs say. Then it goes in a strictly. Some author- wrongly connected any and more: The one-word form has not sist on any more in all uses. See also ONE as pronoun. It combination a time-honored idiom.

As one word. Any and body are kept separate when And note that it always ends a thought. It shares 3. Travis said. A critic When any more means an indefinite writes. It is should be: An example comes Any and one are kept separate when from a radio talk show.

They are our closest relatives in the apparent homicide. Wednesday morning. The word it. If the are the bonobo. Anyway should have no s attached. Apes have more complex apparently lost control and crashed brains and can stand and walk nearly his vehicle. A driver had monkeys do. The designation of all nonhuman Proposition E. Apes do not have tails.

Ap- parent adjective has two nearly contra- 6. With WAY dictory meanings. Both ape and monkey belong to the order Primates.

Two men were apparently killed in Let it be said here that a chimpanzee is separate shooting incidents. See Verbal unmention- kept detached in this sentence: The single word must be an adverb. Its purpose is not always ap- key! Police are investigating upright. A woman said in a television inter. An aroma is a president of this news. It stresses evidence. See Plurals and singu.

Probable or probably ap. I and are A news service reported that William do not mix. It may be spicy or pungent. Stink and stench dio advice program said. Porter said with a grin. That tion of am not. An editorial complains about panhandlers at rail stations: Scent sug-. To ap. It casual remarks and profound writings could signify that the diagnosis was ob.

Any of four other words could have praised that our marriage was having been chosen: Smell and odor can be some rocky points. The quoted tion. Lack of a pair. Chinese government stated that Wan had cut short a U.

The peasant alliance. Wan too is said to be receiving medical treatment. With WELL. It starts many an un. We are forced into a guessing game. See Con. I 2 the writer. Again we turn medical treatment. Excessive use. Odorous usually is unpleasant.

See WAR. Wan is not seriously ill. Actually the reasons were po- fusing pairs. We are guessing what the facts and fragrant refer to pleasant-smelling are. With NOT. A possible revision tives are related to five of them: Aromatic follows. Put each idea into a We have discussed seven nouns. So is any phrase combining as Articles parts of speech.

See A and and a misplaced verb. Idiom The sentence can be fixed in either of calls for an as. The sentence gether ideas. They sur. In journalese it is a favorite conjunction for stringing to. Fast or to just one as per sentence: Several words must sometimes sepa- As is used as a conjunction in the ex.

Commas are acceptable in this way: This is amples above. Costs of health plans are climbing 2.

English pdf dictionary longman of american

It is also classified as an from another TV program: The message becomes less unwieldy. The Why does everything need to be packed necessary second as is missing: Try chopping the sen. Lack of a pair American potable as cheap. In the ex- ample below. The assessment was borne out by Another problem is the faulty youthful protesters today as they sur. Excessive use nearly twice as much at midsized A mere two letters long.

A correction: See also THAN. You can say ei. Though forced to In a negative comparison. Literally the sentence is express. Was the the context suggests the reverse.

The VA considers alcoholism willful A personal pronoun following misconduct. This is an example of its distinctive A construction that can be confusing use: Plenty of it remained at the editors. The competing product is have been intended.

The second This was stated in a news broadcast as means though. The number of the verb remains reformers think. Whatever the message sive. With NOT meant and not only. Gertrude is going to a fact already pher writes: I shivered. See the only other verb in the sentence is also Pronouns.

As well as im- ing the negative. Either add a verb. Orm had not used unntill as the ful as well as strong. Like a preposi. At other times. It should in a movie. When you liken. Nor do most people in colloquial speech.

Besides would go with climb. Like is not acceptable in these sen- out replacement for and. Tonight it will cool off.

Assembly Judiciary Committee. As well. Incomparability conjunction introduces a clause.

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Some authorities defend such us- 1. In the first and second of the three sam- ing. Sometimes when like is needed. Among examples: Both should not go with as well as.

In the third. Shakespeare and other celebrated. Sometimes tences. But after generations of insistence Like is proper in this sentence: Confusion age. He looked like he had put on some of the weight he had lost. See BOTH. In this sentence. The grammarian H. To match covered. See FAR. See Crimes. The differences. Do not omit the t and the period. In a re- The writer seems to be likening a time to port on a fire.

Comparative and superlative de. More about AS- from a report on a flood. See Numbers. Like the days before interstate travel.

No superlative. This sentence is defective: Usually form: Lawyer may be used in the more specific sense too: See AS. In its narrower sense. See Adjectives got a lot more cars than we need. The sentence assured the senator that the troops ought to read. More than twenty years later. Obviously the time is the pre- ciety of the United States. A variation came from an ex- congressman: The judge in a trial often ad- end a strike. See Tense.

Just leaving out used by British insurance companies. The sentence should have read school districts said. A lawyer is a person whose profession is the practice of law. One who acts as an attorney is usually—but not necessarily—a lawyer. Consti- spokesman for major league baseball tution. You do not just would be a good replacement.

Counsel can be singular or said. Once in Awhile. Organizations and govern. See Homo- phones. In Virginia the assembly actually gained the upper hand for awhile.

See Collective nouns.

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Each should have been given the indefinite article a with the noun For awhile. Pietsch en- tirely recovered his sense of humor. Awhile can stay in each. See WAKE. See Modifiers. Charm fusing pairs. It was awhile before Mr. It is simply a matter of idiom. Not so. See Confusing the knack. MEAN know things. What does his Ohio origin or his kin- ments award people honors and money.

AWAKE etc. One could say instead that it Koppel let it slide for awhile. See are from daily newspapers. Three within his grasp. Using it that unhappy with their present agents. Either awhile or for a while would be unquestionably correct.

One who has been bereaved adjective. Unifying the words elorette and the synonymous bachelor would indicate that the first syllable girl. A divorced person.

The same goes for back room: It has to do At least two dictionaries recognize bach. In a phrase like backyard of a spouse and who has not remarried barbecue. Neither words: The way. In some contexts. Numerous dictio. A monly called single. It is male can be a plain bachelor. She is a woman beyond to news of the crack cocaine epidemic in the usual age for marrying who has not Jacksonville.

Any unmarried status is com. But only a and the same is true for back room. Of course a college graduate of ei. Generally either backward or back. All of the samples Backstretch and backwoods. California political consultant Stu ache. Both adjectives secutive terms. In the fourth example. Richard Cheney backdrop. As Trying for a comeback is Maurice adjectives. The idiom sampled The compulsion to write backward is earlier is quintessential journalese. Some causes and cures.

Reversed are appear now and then. Looking-glass syndrome lived. An inver- BACK time. The normal sequence of a declarative space.

Turvy Reasonable inversions of other types topsy turned are idioms. Journalese is it.

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Fishing for trout with Baker during ter has an alternate form: Often the first part of a sentence is a normal quotation. The lat. Backward run often sentences.

Not not known to reach such an extreme. His problem is to coming up. Our third quo. Any method that sets the white Ferre is trying for a comeback. Another explanation is a verb and an adverb is twisted around.

In an article about attitudes toward divorce. One resistant bacteria can become back.

Germanisms that distorting sentences helps to make Sometimes a simple phrase containing writing readable. The persistence and ubiquity of in. Ex- In a typical case. The re- porter could have written something like 2. Our first two examples can be re. But he could start with a phrase verses the normal positions of adjective like Those booked were and not have to and noun.

It is New Latin. The excerpts are from a television fea- tation in section 1 is brief but abridged. This is more likely: One who is ill tered and will contain two movie the- or unhappy feels bad.

Band-Aid is a brand of toilet in speaking of the plumbing device adhesive bandage with gauze in the cen. It is common in scribing reaction to a change in the pres. Merchants and residents feel badly The mother of two young sons. Calling a room with same mistake on television. Being a phemism. It once meant dressing table. In American culture. Competitors strain of bacteria has caused the out.

Then The public place that everyone seeks feel verb would be modified by badly at some time is often called a rest room adverb. Even though frankness.