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Breeds (Series). Lora Leigh Author (). cover image of Breeds 2 Breeds ( Series). Book Lora Leigh Author (). cover image of Bengal's Heart. Lora Leigh book list - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Berkley Coyote's Mate Breeds Book 18 Berkley Bengal's Heart Breeds Book. Bengal's Heart book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights-especially.. .

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e-Book Download Bengal's Heart (Breeds, No 7) by Lora Leigh pdf. Download PDF · Read online. Lora Leigh is known for her deliciously intense and satisfying . Bengal's Heart (Breeds, No 7) (): Lora Leigh: Books. Buy Breeds 19 - Bengal's Heart by Lora Leigh (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the By Lora Leigh. eBook (PDF), Pages Available in PDF Format. How can I.

I'm really giving this story a 4. Librarian Note: Now that Cabal and Cassa are spending time together, the mating heat is too much to ignore. She also knows that a mate can't live without the other. Cabal knows Cassa is his mate- has known it for some time- but he's run from that fact ever since her husband's evil deeds led to the bloody massacre of his family back in the genetic's council compound he was created in. Yes, they loved each other but wow, they sure didn't act loving toward each other. We know that the breeds were tortured harshly and lived in inhuman conditions but seriously, after x amount of books we are still stuck on the nuances of mating heat?

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Thank you for notifying us. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. This item has not been rated yet. Reporter Cassa Hawkins has always supported Breed rights—especially in light of a specimen like Cabal St. I was severely underwhelmed by their romance and found Cabal much less interesting and more of a jerk this time around. It sucks big time, because this was one of the books I anticipated the most.

I thought the first chapter was pretty great and that it set the stage for a pretty intense relationship. I also liked that the mating heat started in a very different way this time around. The symbolism of tasting his blood was a pretty clever way to induce it.

Pdf lora heart leigh bengals

I didn't like that no clear reason was ever given for the 11 year resistance to the mating. They had been in close proximity before, so why was this time around so special? We were told that he held off the mating because he could sense her fear and knew she wasn't ready, then it flipped and we were told it was because he was trying to get over the past, but then it flipped again and he told her that he never really blamed her.

So why then? Why is there no clear cut motivation for this? At one point he even mentions wishing desperately for a mate of his own, but earlier in the book he had said he thought of the mating as a curse and wished it would go away.

I can't stand this back and forth inconsistency. So, we find out that Cabal and Cassa mated years ago and both have been denying it--although Cassa wasn't aware that he knew they were mates. So why was he such a playboy? The monogamy of the breeds has been a huge factor in the series, and now it's just ignored when one of the characters strays from that? I needed to know why he felt the need to sleep with everything that moved. Cassa complains bitterly about it to herself, but we never actually get any resolution to this.

He just brushes it off and she gets over it. I know they hadn't accepted the mating yet, but once again this felt inconsistent with what we had seen with the series so far. I really disliked the fact that Cabal was constantly trying to control Cassa and keep her in a little bubble. It inevitably led her to do stupid things, like ignore good advice and strike out on her own, despite the danger.

They both irritated me in this matter and I got tired of their bickering. I wouldn't have minded it so much if it had felt more important. But they had all the intensity of a wet blanket and felt like they were just going through the motions.

I rolled my eyes over how easily and stupidly that issue was resolved. I like the grey of the situation and hope to see more develop on that front.

View all 25 comments. Dec 26, Samantha rated it it was ok Shelves: Where do I start? Boy was I disappointed with this book. There was so much potential for Cabal and Cassa to have a great story but somehow the mark was totally missed.

Let me start off by saying that the beginning of the book was great. I thought it was going somewhere but immediately it went off track. Cassa and Cabal are both looking for a Rogue. She wants to report the story and he wants her out of the way. After ten ye Where do I start? I mean how many times can you beat a dead horse before you realize that horse is DEAD???

She kept going on and on about her story, putting herself in dangerous situations. Then Cabal would save her, fight with her about doing it, while she promised to get her story.

How did they resolve it, you might wonder? Through sex of course! So after the sex, she rushes off to get into some more trouble and the cycle repeats. This really was a waste of time.

Also Cabal felt like a different character than when he was first introduced. Where was Tanner? I thought they were so close and were twins! He never made an appearance in the book. I thought that was slightly odd. There was one highlight. My boy Jonas was there and I love me some him.

We see who his mate is though I already knew since his book is up next for me. View all 5 comments. Nov 25, MelissaB rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. My thoughts about this book in one word: But the Cabal shown in this story was not the man I knew from before. My biggest problems with the book: He left her alone for 11 years for reasons that were never really explained - Cabal blatantly had sex with other women who rubbed it in Cassa's face for those 11 years but he never even apologizes or shows r My thoughts about this book in one word: He left her alone for 11 years for reasons that were never really explained - Cabal blatantly had sex with other women who rubbed it in Cassa's face for those 11 years but he never even apologizes or shows remorse about the pain he caused Cassa.

He just gets mad at the thought that she married someone else before she even met him and never thinks about what he did to her.

Bengal's Heart

When she brings it up he acts like she is crazy to care about it. It seemed like Cabal only wanted Cassa for sex and didn't really care about her beyond that. He only cared about his wants and feelings and never seemed to acknowledge that his actions hurt his mate for 11 freaking years. I was very diappointed in him and the whole plot line.

I hope the next book is better and shows a hero who cares about more than himself because this book just seemed to be "off", almost like the author forgot about the character she had previously created View all 6 comments. Great story but some inconsistency with Previous Books This book has a great plot, but part of the love story regarding the mating heat between Cabal St. Laurent, Bengal Breed and Cassa Hawkins, reporter was different than previous books.

Aside from that, the storyline is pretty great. It begins when Cassa and her then abusive husband are rescuing breeds from labs. They are at a Lab in Germany and Cassa finds out that her husband Douglas has betrayed them to the Genetics Council and the breeds they are there to rescue are all dying in the Pit, being chopped up. While she tries desperately to turn off the contraption, he is enjoyinng the bloody deaths.

Until the lead Bengal, Cabal escapes the Pit and kills Douglas. Right as Jonas arrives, he claims to Cassa that he owns her, she has his blood on her lips and is devastated thinking it is all her fault and he means to kill her someday. The story then jumps 10 years into the future when Cassa is now a reporter.

She has been in several other breeds books as a reporter so this is nothing new. Supposed members of the Deadly Dozen are being murdered by a breed or a breed is being framed for the murders and Cassa is getting drawn into it because the murderer is sending her photographs of each murder victim after the crimes.

Jonas and team, headed by Cabal are looking into the crimes and cleaning them up because if it gets out that a breed is viciously murdering humans, then all the good sentiment toward breeds will turn bad.

Now that Cabal and Cassa are spending time together, the mating heat is too much to ignore. Kat Valentine Excellent review Wendy! Apr 13, Smokinhotbooks K. The minute I finished this book I was on the phone with my partner in crime bemoaning my disappointments. And what do we get with his book, barely a mention of this side of him or why he was into such carnal pleasures of the flesh.

Firstly, I am tired of having her side characters have a more enriching plotline than her actual main characters. She peaks your interest with such side characters and when their book comes out, wham, major disappointment. Secondly, all of her male characters and female characters are interchangeable. Thirdly, let there be peace damn-it!

Useless fighting until the last possible second when they realize they love each other is my utter pet peeve! I found myself skipping through all of the sex scenes sacrilege for an erotica fan! Lastly, I am tired of her having maybe three-four pages of actual plot development happen as an epilogue at the end of the book.

She has a great concept going, but where is she going to go with it? We know that the breeds were tortured harshly and lived in inhuman conditions but seriously, after x amount of books we are still stuck on the nuances of mating heat?

Now, I might have been a bit harsh and in need of some medicinal chocolate, but I just have read some of her earlier material that was truly innovative and captivating and I know she can do better than this! Her book Broken Wings is one of my favorites and is so rich in character and plot development that there is no comparison. What I would like to see is more plot development, an actual difference between her female and male characters as well as sticking to their original identities created as side characters.

I need more winged breeds; she mentioned them briefly in the beginning of this series and they have since disappeared. Her characters have undergone such atrocities and to be stuck with unwilling human harpies is just plain mean. What I did like: Rrrraw this Bangal has strips, me likey 2. She saw the only Bangal still standing, his enraged, demonic eyes spitting amber fire. Blodd dripped along his body. His face, his shoulders, the stripes that extended from his buttocks around his thighs — blood flowed over the heavy muscle and lean lines of his golden body.

He lifted a broken steel stake and hurled it past the slowly opening cage door, swashing through the control room windows with deadly force. He was the one the others had fought to save. She had watched as they had sacrificed themselves to save this one. It was the animal, not the man, she faced. This Breed was nothing like the civilized Breeds she had been following for so many months for the newspaper she worked for.

View 1 comment. Feb 04, Mojca rated it liked it Shelves: I've been waiting for this book since the epilogue and sneak peak in Coyote's Mate. Unfortunately I was rather disappointed with how this one turned out And, yet again unfortunately, I can't pinpoint the exact "location" of my unhappiness with it. This was a typical Lora Leigh Breed book with an arrogant, stubborn, I'm-always-right-because-I'm-a-man Breed and an equally stubborn, determined heroine. Pity, I didn't feel the connection I usually feel with other Breed couples.

And I also didn't f I've been waiting for this book since the epilogue and sneak peak in Coyote's Mate. And I also didn't feel the connection between Cabal and Cassa. I actually understood sort of Cabal's justification for steering clear of her for the past eleven years - though he could've easily done it without the groupies. I actually quite like the Bengal I had more problems with Cassa, connecting with her was impossible, understanding her even more so, because she didn't seem to understand herself, and her stubborn almost suicidal streak soon started grating on my nerves.

For someone who's spent more than a decade in the company of Breeds she seemed particularly ignorant of what made them tick, especially when the mating heat was involved, and simply went on her merry way, not caring who she might hurt in the process - even if that individual happened to be her. And her constant "ping-ponging" with Cabal. God, it was so annoying. First she understood or thought she did why he'd kept his distance, thinking he hated her, because of course he hated her, he didn't have a choice, she destroyed his life, she betrayed him yadda-yadda-yadda.

And in the same breath she raged at him because he found "solace" with others. Yeah, the last one bothered be as well, but constantly repeating the same old same old was just frustrating. Haven't these people ever heard of communication? I know all Breed books have some sort of misunderstanding in them, it helps create tension and conflict, but so far none of the previous couples needed an entire book length to sort their crap out.

Luckily the finale was explosive as ever And who can resist reading from the point when the Breed finally unleashes his animal on the cruel world who took his mate away? Not the best, but still a solid addition to the series, giving us a precious little insight into what Jonas' book might bring. View all 4 comments.

Jul 21, DaisyGirl rated it did not like it Shelves: Although I have disliked a few of the prior Breed books, this is the first that I actually struggled to finish. Other than the introduction of the primal breeds, this book was a waste of time. In short, the hero was a slutty jack-ass, the heroine was a contrary bitch who at times was TSTL, and the story was mind-numbingly boring.

Laurents is a Bengal breed; his mate is investigative reporter Cassa Hawkins.

Heart pdf leigh bengals lora

Years ago, the man Cassa believed was her husband betrayed her and the breeds, resulting in a bloody massacre at the lab where Cabal is being held. He survives and is angry with Cassa for being duped. Fast forward eleven years. Cabal is a covert enforcer and the playboy of Sanctuary. Cassa is an investigative reporter who fights for Breed rights.

Although they both know they are mates to each other, they avoid contact until Cassa starts receiving emails from a rogue breed who is brutally assassinating members of the Deadly Dozen a group of men who hunted and sometimes raped and killed escaped Breeds.

Cabal constantly thwarts Cassa's efforts to chase down the story because he fears for her safety. Here are my gripes with this story: There were no in-betweens and, therefore, no character development.

It was infuriating! Smokinhotbooks K. In my effort to just get to the end, I too found myself skipping through all of the sex scenes. No explanation, however, was ever given for his behavior other than he was running from the mating. And although this obviously hurt Cassa, nothing ever came of it. He never acknowledged it and she got over it, I guess. AS IF!!! In Coyote's Mate , Lora Leigh worked hard to get us to see that the much-despised coyotes were not without honor; to see that they were strong, loving, and protective breeds.

And, we're given little to no information as to why they are participating in this capacity. Gimme a break!!! This smacks of lazy writing to me. On more than one occasion, I questioned whether LL was half asleep when she wrote this stupid book.

I was so disgusted with the story that I actually hoped they didn't make it. It would have been better had they both been blown to smithereens. At least it would have put me out of my misery. On a positive note, I didn't spend money on this book.

It was a library loan; one I happily returned forthwith! View 2 comments. Mar 16, Asounani rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Al que que le gustan las Sagas repetitivas. Luego se aman perdidamente y puede que la hembra este embarazada y listo esta es la trama en los libros Un epilogo que te deja con mas de lo mismo y normalmente es Jonas el que habla.

Feb 12, Zeek rated it liked it Shelves: I've been hankering for Cabal's story ever since Tanner's Scheme. Larger than life, he became one of those characters everyone waits anxiously for- which can be a boon for an author Unfortunately, this one falls in the latter category for Lora Leigh. Laurent from the compound he was being held captive in. Because of a heinous betrayal by the man she thought was her h I've been hankering for Cabal's story ever since Tanner's Scheme. Because of a heinous betrayal by the man she thought was her husband- no other Breed survived the bloody rescue and Cabal can never forgive her for it.

Years later, Cassa has become a famous investigative reporter fighting for Breed rights- still trying to make up for her husband's betrayal.

Heart bengals lora pdf leigh

When she receives a tip about some killings apparently done by a rogue breed she rushes in to get to the bottom of the story, only to be headed off by the one Breed who holds her heart. Cabal knows Cassa is his mate- has known it for some time- but he's run from that fact ever since her husband's evil deeds led to the bloody massacre of his family back in the genetic's council compound he was created in.

A rare breed, created by splicing the genes of humans with a Bengal tiger his skills as a covert Breed spy has kept him on the path of danger since his rescue.

20/50 Lora Leigh: Bengal's Heart (Breeds, #20) | Books to read | Books, Books to Read, Used books

When Cassa begins meddling in his latest mission, he knows it's time to face the one woman he's fated to be with forever. But can he trust her with his love when she was at the center of so much of heartache in the past? A bit of a disappointment, as she's done with some of her other series, Lora Leigh once again "phones it in" with Bengal's Heart- at least in the way of character development. Usual fare for Leigh's Breed series- too much fighting what they both know to be "fated"- however the side issues brought the book up from being something I would have felt otherwise "blah" about.

Leigh reveals more about the Breed world and gave us some answers involving some of the most intriguing characters in the series, leaving us with a tantalizing teaser for the Jonas Wyatt's story- the next full length novel up in the series.

Jonas has become the "Acheron" See Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series for many of those following this series so it's going to be a biggie- however, as many of us who have been around the genre for awhile have seen- a much anticipated story like Jonas's can only lead to disappoint I'm afraid- especially considering the quality of Bengal's Heart. Still, with it's development of the Breed world and the rogue breed plot, I raced through this book quicker than a recent popular paranormal romance I read.

Aug 02, Aberforth rated it liked it. It was okay, but the series is just becoming the same old crap over and over again. Alpha male meets and mates with strong female. They fight the attraction until essentially their bodies turn on them and they can't help but screw. I love the basic idea of the series which is why I keep going with it.

I just wish the author would at some point in time find a new plot line. There's really no reason to root for these two to get together The only things they seem to have in common are stubbornness and lack of ability to communicate with their lover.

Dec 21, Gigi rated it did not like it Shelves: Well, I was disappointed. I loved loved Tanner's Scheme. Not sure what happened here. I actually put the book down out of boredom and picked it up a few months later- just to skim the rest to read the ending.

Even though Cabal was supposed to be the fiercest of the both--Tanner came off as the fiercer of the two and Cabal just fell short to me. Oh and Cassa was just annoying. I love the breed series--but, Ben Well, I was disappointed.

I love the breed series--but, Bengal's Heart is definitely on my least liked list. If you're a fan of the series, I say borrow someone elses book. Sep 29, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it. He knew Cassia was his mate and he still cheated! He never redeemed himself in my eyes. May 15, Lindap rated it it was ok. However, I was a bit confused with some of the things that happened in Bengal's Heart.

Cabal is a horn dog and has shared women with his twin brother, Tanner. Then during Tanner's Scheme, Tanner thought Scheme could have been his brother's mate and was willing to give her up if that was the case. Why would Tanner not know Cabal already had a mate? Lastly, there w 2. Lastly, there was a female breed they thought may have been the mole at Sanctuary, but she ends innocent, but dies in the book So tell me, how could he do and feel all this if he knew Cassa was to be his mate all these years ago.

Why all of a sudden is he interested in her after 11 years? Cassa also thinks Cabal is the one who covertly asked other Breeds to help train her so she would have some form of defense. Why would he concern himself with training her when he's so busy having sex with any skirt that walks by?

The story was very contradicting. On the plus side Jun 26, Willow Brook rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm a huge fan of Lora Leigh other than her menage stories so I did really like this book. But if it wasn't Lora Leigh and I hadn't read all but 2 Breeds books already, I don't know if I would have given this more than 3 stars.

This wasn't the most tightly plotted of Leigh's books the sex is also quite tame for her. Nonetheless, I love the series and always want to learn the latest that is going on with the Breeds. The Genetics Council and other enemies keep getting more threatening which ad I'm a huge fan of Lora Leigh other than her menage stories so I did really like this book.

The Genetics Council and other enemies keep getting more threatening which adds to the suspense. It can be hard to read about the atrocities committed against Breeds and Bengal's Heart is no exception. As often happens with Leigh, the book begins with a truly horrific scene. This is a dark world, but the stories are still filled with hope and love.

Leigh, bless her twisted little imagination, sets up the book's protagonists with an almost impossible roadblock to a happy ending.

They are destined to be mates but Cassa inadvertently helped bring about the brutal deaths of virtually all of Cabal's family. Cabal's motivation for how he behaves towards Cassa avoiding her for 11 years, does he or doesn't he blame her for his family's deaths?

Even at the end when he is very open about his feelings, it doesn't all fall into place for why he acted the way he did for over a decade. I've noticed that some reviewers found Cassa annoying, especially in her determination to investigate murders taking place.

I thought her motivations were better understood than Cabal's and her reckless streak understandable based on what she has been through in life. I was also very intrigued by the mysterious, dangerous, unpredictable Dog.

He is all kinds of shades of gray. Walks like a bad guy, talks like a bad guy but is he? Feb 15, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: Cassa Hawkins has always been supportive of breeds and their rights, and being a journalist has always tried to put them in the positive light as much as possible.

Lora Leigh book list

However the breed's have never made it easy for her, and for years she has resisted Cabal, who if he decided to claim her she would be his mate. Having to suffer with the hormone treatments to regulate the symptoms of the heat, the past several years haven't been easy on her especially when seeing him with countless women.

So when Cab Cassa Hawkins has always been supportive of breeds and their rights, and being a journalist has always tried to put them in the positive light as much as possible. So when Cabal decides to claim her as his mate now, Cassa resists because she doesn't want to be part of a 'harem' of women, only now not only is their danger to her heart there is also danger circling around her when their lives are threatened, and they must work together if they want to get to the bottom of what is really going on Bengal's Heart is the 19th in the Breeds series.

There are some books in this series that I have like more or less than others, but I truly enjoyed reading Bengal's Heart. There was a lot of steamy scenes that could singe your eyebrows if you're not careful, however there was also focus on the romantic relationship between Cabal and Cassa which I enjoyed even more. The interaction between these two could be intense but also make a reader laugh. I loved the humor in this story that the author portrayed, and I loved the plot, never a dull moment would sum it up pretty nicely.

One of my other favorite aspects to the book was that there was a mystery to be solved, and I have always had a weakness for a good mystery, so there were multiple reasons that I enjoyed Bengals Heart. Overall an enjoyable read, with exciting scenes and deep connection between the characters and a few steamy scenes makes for a Amazing Romance that only Lora Leigh can produce. Aug 10, Cindy rated it really liked it.

Lora Leigh delivers her signature mix of hot sex and page turning action. Cabal is the requisite hunky hero but you've got to wonder what gene controls stubborn pigheadedness. It's pretty obvious the Breeds all got a double-dose. Cabal has been avoiding completing the mating with Cassa for eleven years - while watching over her from afar. Now her time, and his, has come; if they can only live long enough to enjoy it.

The plot revolves around a series of murders which the Breeds are trying to solv Lora Leigh delivers her signature mix of hot sex and page turning action. The plot revolves around a series of murders which the Breeds are trying to solve while keeping them from becoming public as they are obviously Breed kills.

A lot of painful history is brought to light and some threads are laid down for future books. The way that the supporting character, Dog, is presented makes it obvious that there is a book out there for him. One of the more amusing bits is Jonas' negative comments at the whole mating thing when we know that his book is up next Breeds 1.

Tempting the Beast 2. The Man Within 3. Elizabeth's Wolf 4. Kiss of Heat 5. Soul Deep 6. Megan's Mark 8. Harmony's Way 9. Tanner's Scheme Wolfe's Hope in Primal Heat Jacob's Faith Aiden's Charity