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View PDF. Winner of the Galaxy Book of the Year book | Fiction | UK → Hodder and Stoughton. US → Vintage. 'I can imagine you at forty,' she said. David Nicholls crafts a beautiful love story about two people who are so È il giorno in cui Dexter ed Emma si conobbero, subito dopo aver conseguito la. "Un giorno", David Nicholls- Recensione - E' tutta questione di un attimo! .. Cercando Alaska PDF gratis ebook – link per scaricare GRATIS l' ebook di John .

I direct you here , to this brilliant review. When the boy fails to honor the pact, what he holds close is threatened by the girl's desire for revenge. Why, I do not know. On request, members of the Festival's Selection Committee will accompany and introduce the films adding introductions and subsequent discussions to the film programmes. A Saturday in January. There were entries for the German Competition at the Festival. The emotions are portrayed as they should be; the frustration, the yearning are, from my perspective, completely legitimate.

Sort order. Jul 03, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rarely am I left speechless, I usually have plenty to say, but as I reflected on this novel, I realized there would be no surefire way to describe this book.

It is a complete conundrum. It will speak to those with similar personal experiences. I enjoyed the format. I think this was an intelligent way to approach a story that spans 20 years. Characterization was excellent. Dex and Em quickly became real in my mind, as if I was peeking into the lives of a couple of friends, or reading their journal pages. I too quickly began to know what Emma would or would not like just as Dex did. The characters were genuine. Some reviews say that they were stereotypical…but I find that some people latch onto stereotypes, it helps them define themselves.

I feel this is what Emma was doing in her youth with her political stances and thus why they are not as important as she grows older. So are they really stereotypical characters? Or are they just portraying their ideal personas as so many people do? I find that comparisons to When Harry met Sally fall short.

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I understand the reasons for the comparisons in that they are both about friends that seem to circle back every few years and make sarcastic quips to one another. But I feel like it ends there. To me, this is more of a modernized Wuthering Heights.

I am hesitant when I read something written by a man, trying to sound like a woman. Not with this book. Em thought the way I would think, said things that I would say. In the end, this novel deeply affected me. I have not read something that has touched me this much in some time. It spoke to me completely as I was tortured by my own Dex in my youth and early adulthood. The emotions are portrayed as they should be; the frustration, the yearning are, from my perspective, completely legitimate.

I found myself feeling like I was reading bits and pieces of my own story.

I had knots in my stomach through most of the book and after finishing this at 1 am this morning, I could do nothing but stare at the ceiling and walls, absorbing what I had read, tearing it apart mentally, and extracting lessons from it to be applied in life.

That, for me, is the mark of a wonderful novel, reading that reaches into your soul and touches your heart, writing that moves you to feel. View all 35 comments. People who love: Message in a Bottle, Atonement, Love Story. I just copied this from my blog I mean seriously hate it! I am sorry I read it, if I hadn't bought it on the Nook I'd burn it.

I don't want to read anymore books by this author just incase he tricks me again! I want to I am crying Yes, I hated the ending that much, not since Atonement have I felt this emotionally cheated. Emma Morley dies and no, I, in no way, saw that coming. Why didn't I see that coming because this book One Day by David Nicholls a name that will be seared in my brain so I don't slip up and buy one of his books again was not advertised as a book in the same vain as Message in a Bottle.

See, the thing is I hate when books have needless death and dying. I hate books that intentionally kill off characters you love think the Weasley twin in HP7 to make you cry, not to propel the plot along. And, in this book, after reading about pages of a wonderfully tormented friendship on the verge of something more I was relating to the characters, to the places I mean Emma has a flat in Earl's Court, really, Earl's Court and I was relating to the hurt and desire of wanting your best friend I was relating soooo much, that when Emma died I felt like a friend died and my breathing became erratic and my world darkened.

Frankly, if I'd known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have read the book as I do not read such books. And, that's just it I feel that Mr. Nicholls had Emma die towards the end because yes, there's still like 30ish pages after her death I don't know why I suppose so you can short out your Nook crying while reading because that was the ending no one expected.

I mean he even knew what was over there in the forest I'm not into gimmicks and I am not into tricks while reading. I don't have to guess the ending and I don't have to see it coming, but I do have to feel, at the end, that the book and its characters led to the conclusion. I have, for many years, read books that use to death or separation to propel the plot. I was a little sad that Boromir died in Lord of the Rings , I was a little sad when Jaimie died in A Walk to Remember , and, I cried like someone died at the end of Bridges of Madison County you know the part where all she has to do is get out of the truck and leave her whole life behind to be with the one she loves and she's there grabbing at the handle and you know she isn't going to do it, but you want her to, you really want her to , I don't mind that The English Patient dies, I don't mind that Hubbell and Katie never get together in The Way We Were.

I understand weakness and I understand death when it is used in a proper way to drive home the major themes and symbols of a book or movie. Nicholls used Emma's death to do neither.

I read a review on GoodReads I read many reviews looking for closure and answers that talked about how David Nicholls wrote a book that didn't really address any audience and therefore made a certain type of audience incredibly upset. This is true, maybe he didn't understand his audience.

I know I'm all for learning about relationship mistakes in a work of fiction, I just don't need characters to die to do that.

I also know that there are people who love this book, just like there are people who can't get enough of Nicholas Sparks. I have had enough of both. View all comments. Frankly, after reading a spoiler about the ending, I simply have no will to continue on, there is just no pay-off after enduring this depressing tale sprinkled with occasional one-liners.

Granted, I am never opposed to taking a good dose of drama, but melodrama I detest. This story is about a man and a woman who one day come together as lovers, then break up, but stay connected. Their relationship is followed through the next 20 years by presenting just one day - July 15th - out of their lives. T Frankly, after reading a spoiler about the ending, I simply have no will to continue on, there is just no pay-off after enduring this depressing tale sprinkled with occasional one-liners.

This is indeed a great premise and technique , but I wish they were used on different characters and situations. Both Dexter and Emma are not likable enough for me to care to see how their relationship unfolds. I dislike watching Dexter waste his life on partying and hooking up and Emma - on pining over him for years. There is nothing remotely romantic, deep, or compelling about it IMO.

I agree with one of the reviewers here who said that the author didn't quite know his target audience. One Day is neither a literary fiction which can spin the star-crossed lovers theme in a meaningful way - see Atonement , nor a light-hearted chick lit some reviewers mistakenly compare this novel to the movie "When Harry Met Sally".

But alas, this is not my favored genre. View all 31 comments. Sep 21, Brittany rated it it was amazing. Is love really all that difficult? Yes, yes it is. David Nicholls crafts a beautiful love story about two people who are so different that they really only have one thing in common: The frustrating thing is though, that however much these two people love each other, they maintain a "friends only" status throughout most of the book.

What starts out as a possible love affair after just graduating college, Emma and Dexter's chemistry and attraction falls through th Is love really all that difficult? What starts out as a possible love affair after just graduating college, Emma and Dexter's chemistry and attraction falls through the cracks as the years pass.

Distance, missed opportunities, and even a letter that never gets sent, are all obstacles that ultimately determine their romantic fate and and life that they may have led together when they were young. Each character experiences struggles, dysfunctional relationships, setbacks, and successes and eventually it is clear that life is passing them by because their true soul mate is not truly in their life.

If you're in love, go for it. Missed opportunities are hard to overcome. Don't let the years go by in vain. Thanks David Nicholls for such a glorious, heartbreaking read.

View 1 comment. It begins light, humorous, warm and aloof, just like most of us are once we graduate, all our efforts and studies paying off, looking into the future full of ideals, hopes and dreams. Then we face adult life and responsibilities, disappointment, and all the disillusionment that eventually knocks our doors. Life happened. View all 26 comments. Sep 03, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: Every moment with this book felt like a waste of my time. I've seen it all before: This plot is so well trod that I feel like there are hundreds of better examples of it that I could have been reading.

And here is the thing, I love these kinds of stories as the size of my romance shelf can attest.

David un nicholls gratis giorno pdf

But I hated these characters so much Every moment with this book felt like a waste of my time. But I hated these characters so much that I couldn't root for them. And as to the ending, can I just say that I didn't like it the first time it happened in City of Angles , and I still didn't like it when Nicholls ripped it off.

View all 5 comments. Jun 28, Trin rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Let's talk about death. Not death which is inevitably part of life, but death in fiction, where it is not inevitable at all. Death in fiction is a deliberate, well-thought out decision: There are good fictional deaths, and ones which feel cheap.

This book lost me for good because it contains a death that felt exactly like the hand of God reaching down: Oh, thought the writer-god, I don't really know Let's talk about death. Oh, thought the writer-god, I don't really know how to end this but I know that an element of tragedy will make this novel seem super deep.

Die, character, die! This did not seem like a senseless death of that type that in real life is imbued with honest tragedy. It felt like an author scrambling for a final act, and not being brave enough to let his characters simply face the rest of their lives together. To die might be a very great adventure, as Peter Pan says, but Peter Pan is an eternal child. Isn't this book supposed to be about growing up? Isn't the greatest adventure simply living? But let's stay with youthful mistakes for a minute.

You see, the thing is: I wrote this novel. Not that I wouldn't like all of those things one day—I totally would—but the novel I wrote, which shares a freakish number of similar elements with this one, sucked. I mean, it really stank. This novel, it must also be noted, is much, much better than mine was: However, there are definite and bizarre similarities: It's the tragic bicycle accident that really gets me.

I saw the one in One Day coming from miles away, and approached it with increasing incredulity. Because I had done the tragic bicycle accident, in the shitty novel I wrote when I was 20, and it was dumb then and it is dumb now. So allow me to make another one. This involves yet another embarrassing confession: I really, really like the movie City of Angels.

Yes, the one with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan: I also love the movie it was based on, Wings of Desire. I remember at some point discussing our mutual appreciation for these two films with my mother. Which did we prefer? I know I hesitated, because as much as I love Wings of Desire , I also think it drags at certain points—that long, lengthy speech in the bar at the end! What's that about? City of Angels , though Here my mom stepped in, definitive. She liked Wings of Desire better, because of the crucial difference in the movies' endings.

See, in Wings of Desire , the angel falls, finds the woman he loves, there is a pretentious speech in a bar, and then they just That's the ending: In City of Angels , on the other hand, the angel falls, finds the woman he loves, and then the very next morning Seriously, what gives?

Are we all just a bunch of scarred Nico fans inside? Is this a public safety announcement of some kind? Wear a helmet—or your death may facilitate the important, if sadly belated, epiphanies of your loved ones!

How is that not an equally valid story to tell? The fact that David Nicholls seemed to do everything in his power to ultimately avoid telling it really frustrated me. This novel definitely has its charm: But—in part because of its clever format—too many of this story's important moments happened off-stage, and the—one is led to believe—central event of its two protagonists finally, finally falling in love is downplayed horribly so that—dun dun dun—the tragic bicycle accident can occur several chapters later.

I felt cheated and manipulated, frankly, having slogged through pages of the male lead behaving like an utter ass while not a lot of other stuff happened—all that, for this? And sure, one could argue that that sense of disappointment is realistic to life. But I would counter that it doesn't make for very good fiction. Neither does the fact that this book has more endings padding out its already hefty page count than The Return of the King. You'd already lost me with the tragic bicycle accident, dude, can we just wrap this up already?

Your internet profile was enthralling, but on a one-to-one level it just isn't working. Let's split the check and go our separate ways. Maybe in ten years' time I'll look back on this and laugh; in twenty I'll have forgotten your name. View all 15 comments. Dec 18, Wendy Darling rated it did not like it Shelves: Why do these two like each other, exactly? View all 9 comments. Opening Line: I will say hopefully only once that I adored this book but you should know that I'm a bit of a sucker for a tragedy too.

ONE DAY was brilliant in every way; making me laugh and cry while filling me with nostalgia and longing. This is one of the most hilarious, perceptive, witty, moving and heartbreaking books I have ever read. He is Dexter, beautiful, pretentious and in his mind destined for greatness.

As the sun rises they drink wine and talk about their futures. Now nothing does. Aug 12, Rosanne rated it really liked it. A hilarious and realistic love story. Excellent characterizations, Nicholls captures life's ups and downs so well and tells Emma and Dexter's stories through snapshots on one day over the course of twenty years. If you are a HEA junky like me, you might want to be aware that this is not a traditional happy ending at all, but in a way it is even better because the story continues beyond the HEA, it is real, honest and bittersweet.

I don't necessarily think this is a story everyone will enjoy, it is A hilarious and realistic love story. I don't necessarily think this is a story everyone will enjoy, it is not really a romance, it is a truthful love story with all that it implies.

Dark and gritty at times as well. View all 8 comments. Mar 02, Tran Thanh Tu rated it really liked it Shelves: Well well well The characters are alright, however, I personally "slightly" hate the leading male character Dexter who is, needlessly to say, arrogant, cocky and ahem! There I said it! Seriously this takes me W Well well well Seriously this takes me WAY too long to finish as you can probably see, and there are several times when I have to fight against my will not to leave this one in the DNF section how cruel and guilty I shall feel for having done such a thing to a book!

Do not watch the movie before you read it, totally ruins the hype!! You've been warned mate: View all 19 comments. Nicholls vuole farmi piangere a tutti i costi. Cara Anne, ti aspetta una dura prova. Ma so che con le solite smorfiette riuscirai a portare il compito a casa, come ha fatto Meg Ryan per anni. Miciotto e miciotta. Aggiungo che i personaggi sono insopportabili: Non ha mai visto un film di Fellini anche se vive e insegna a Roma.

Emma gli dice …diventare una intellettuale coscienziosa. O anche: Dexter non amava farsi passare per un vanesio, ma a volte avrebbe voluto che ci fosse qualcuno nei paraggi a importunarlo con la macchina fotografica.

Mi pare non ci sia bisogno di commenti. Piccioncina e piccioncino. Bastava essere maneggioni, furbi, arrivisti. Tenerella e tenerello. Mi accorgo che mischio libri e film come se fossero della stessa natura.

E il 29 settembre ci sono riuscito, me ne sono liberato! Lupacchiotta e lupacchiotto. View all 28 comments. This book is completely overhyped. It is so dull. It's not exactly boring, but it's certainly not exciting. In my opinion, dull is the perfect adjective to describe 'One Day'. I was expecting something mindblowingly heart-wrenching from all of the praise I've seen for this book, but it was quite a disappointment.

The book was well written and the premise was fantastic but it just didn't work for me - the whole thing just felt so drawn out and I didn't feel much for either Emma or Dexter - especi This book is completely overhyped.

The book was well written and the premise was fantastic but it just didn't work for me - the whole thing just felt so drawn out and I didn't feel much for either Emma or Dexter - especially Dexter.

The whole 'twist' just felt quite ridiculous. After ploughing through most of the book and to be given that ending didn't make me sad, just quite infuriated.

Medicament Ongle Utilisation

I thought that the imperfect ending was the right way for the book to go, but not in this way. The book did show a realistic evolution of a relationship throughout twenty years, but this 'observation' of the couples lives unfortunately didn't really do anything for me.

View all 13 comments. I love, love, love this book! I loved it so much that when I finished it. This was such a wonderful book, funny and meaningful and smart and emotional.

A character-driven story about two people, Emma and Dexter, it focuses on their lives and relationship over a span of twenty years. The format was really original - each chapter taking place on July 15th of a particular year - and I thought that worked really well and set the story apart from other contemporary romances.

Romances that bring friends together should show some reason why the two people like each other. That seems to be the tactic that works for other stories. But, the characters actually seem annoyed by most of what makes them dissimilar. In short, there is nothing to explain why they would actually care about each other. Dexter i Romances that bring friends together should show some reason why the two people like each other.

Dexter is a sleazy pig of a jerk, who is also an alcoholic and a druggy.

They are merely a one-night stand gone completely wrong. It seems the only reason they hang around each other is to keep the sexual tension alive, which is really the only thing that they have — attraction.

The only time either one has an insightful thought about themselves or their relationship is when they are drunk. How insightful can those thoughts really be if the two supposed friends bicker and criticize one another more than anything? To make matters worse, the end does not give anything to satisfy my unanswered questions and confusion about the relationship of Dexter and Emma.

Sadly, I wished the story had ended pages in, or less, which meant I was less than half way before I wanted to tear the rest of the pages out of this never-ending unromantic story. I finished this book 3 days ago and I'm just now coming out of the stupor that I've been wandering around in since. One Day isn't a book with many gray areas I happen to be one of the former Since the author of One Day , David Nicholls, I finished this book 3 days ago and I'm just now coming out of the stupor that I've been wandering around in since.

Since the author of One Day , David Nicholls, also wrote the script for the movie, I have no doubt that this is going to be that rare exception where the movie will be as good or better than the book. The actors they have cast to play the lead protagonists are a perfect fit. In fact, Anne Hathaway loved the book so much, she flew to London to convince the director why she was perfect to play the part of Emma. The one-night-stand they attempt to engage in doesn't pan out; instead, they opt for being friends.

Little do they know, this "off-the-cuff" friendship they've settled for will cultivate and grow - encompassing Dex, Em and all of the book's readers. Thus, July 15, marks the day that changes their lives forever. For each year thereafter, the story stops on that same day to check in with Dex and Em. One Day is a character study like no other.

Their hopes and fears, successes and failures - as well as the steadfast bond between them - is all absorbed by the reader. You will laugh a little at them and cry a lot with them. In fact, there comes a point in the story where the laughter will cease but not the tears Even for those of us that normally don't cry at the drop of a pin Forewarned is forearmed I am not going to elaborate on the storyline because it isn't one to tell; rather, it is a story readers should experience for themselves.

Although it is a fictionalized account, there are situations in One Day that might hit home as being very personal to you. Friendship and love Can they exist synonymously Is there one specific day that changed your life forever? However, if you require your romance to be all wrapped up in shiny paper with a big bow on top like I usually do , I would recommend that you do not read this book.

But for those of you who are willing to step outside of the box, you will get an extraordinary, emotionally-gripping, "laughter despite the tears" powerhouse of a novel in return. The cover of the book says it all!

Aug 29, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: Every now and then you read a book that sticks with you. It may have a serious tone, or in the case of One Day , no particular tone at all. It was bad enough to have been bombarded with blurb after blurb hailing this book as a comedy, others as a romance. One Day is what life reads like. Guy Dexter and girl Emma meet, have a brief hookup, and settle into a loaded friendship until finally, after nearly fifteen years of angst, they become lovers.

What misfortunes they suffer! And what success! Thus is the beauty of this book. Neither Dexter nor Emma are particularly likeable, but they love each other. Why, I do not know. Nicholls shows us, that not only do such shitheads have friends, they have a mother and father, and even a brilliant woman who loves them. They might even have good, shine worthy moments whilst in those individuals presence.

And Emma, what can I say about Emma? For most of the book she is a walking, talking catastrophe. Filled with dreams and utterly clueless as to how to make them a reality.

But she endeared herself to me with her fiery passion, intellect except in matters of the heart , indecision and lack of self confidence. I think we all have. Most of us suffer through a quarter life crisis, otherwise, the coin never would have been phrased. In seeing the disasters that are Emma and Dex, I was reminded that the beauty in life is best shown by living it. Adversity only magnifies accomplishment. And while we all surely have a fate, our choices very much determine the course of a life.

One Day was a touching book, filled with relevant detail and rather lovely, readable writing. View 2 comments. There will be spoilers I am no longer speaking to this book it has seriously pissed me off. It is imperialist unamerican and majorly depressing. I have done you a favor Mr Nicholls and decided not to kill myself lest it reflect poorly on your book, but you made me want to repeatedly.

And yes I understand you are british and that there is something fundamentally wrong with british people that makes you uncomfortable with anyone have a remotely good day in a novel, but seriously. Honestly David There will be spoilers Honestly David I am a bit worried about you and I think it maybe a good idea for you to go see a therapist you seem intensely depressed to me and you don't want to go ending up like B.

Johnson now do you? Right so now that I am done ranting about cultural differences on to ranting about the book. This book basically has the plot of an american romantic comedy.

Nicholls even knows this and periodically remarks on it comparing the main characters to Harry and Sally for example. Unlike an American story it's well depressing and not a little bit, all the time.

I know it is hard to imagine but this is a book about two people who are basically depressed constantly, okay I lie once Emma is happy and maybe twice Dexter is happy in a course of 20 years, and it is never super happy, just eh okay happy.

They are constantly in relationships they hate with people that hate them or generally terrible at whatever they are attempting to do at that moment. Seriously this is why I am getting up in the morning so that I can be miserable once again?

This book seems to me to have two options for trajectories: The American: They get together and everyone lives happily ever after. The british: The second option feels like the direction the book is going for a full 3 hundred pages. Dexter even at one point says something along these lines to Emma.

And to be completely honest I was okay with that. I understand the idea that some people just can't slow down enough to make a relationship work. I understand that regardless of how much Emma and Dexter love each other, which is evident in the book, that sometimes things just don't manage to fall into place. This doesn't mean that they don't love each other enough or that there is something wrong with them, it simply means that circumstances are simply unable to create a world in which people like Emma and Dexter end up together.

Perhaps they care to much, perhaps in the end we all settle. With passion comes disease and argument, and a relationship of love can never be quite as perfect as a relationship of compromise. Of Dexter marrying someone else and agreeing to become a just good enough husband, of Emma settling for a man who loves her whom she can't manage to change quite enough to love him back. This is where I thought the book was going to go. Perhaps the book still ends up here in a terribly horrendous way but first The book goes american on us.

They manage to get together, and just in time, whew almost missed that whole biological clock thing, and yes circumstances could be better. I mean that idiot Dexter has a kid that truly belongs to someone else and he has been a loser and a drunk for the better part of 40 years, but at least it finally happens.

And Emma fixes him. Yay for an american happy ending. But wait on their two year anniversary "Emma Morley dies" and I am not kidding that is the amount of play it gets in the book. She thinks she is going to be late meeting dexter to look at a house and she dies. This is where the book and I began our grudge map. I did not wait pages for something good to finally happen so that people could suddenly get killed off.

And Dexter becomes a bad person again, but he gets over it and is friends with his ex wife again and dating the manager of his shop, um can you say incest? Serious at least date someone who your wife wasn't making jokes about you cheating on her with.

So seriously David I am worried about you if these are your introjects of the world, please email me I will help you find a good therapist. View all 40 comments. Read a book with a number in the title. This is by far the easiest 5 stars I've given out this year. Maybe it's just bad timing for whatever, but I think you should head of to China or India or wherever and find yourself, and I'll get on quite happily with things Read a book with a number in the title. Maybe it's just bad timing for whatever, but I think you should head of to China or India or wherever and find yourself, and I'll get on quite happily with things here.

I don't want to come with you, I don't want weekly postcards, I don't even want your phone number. I don't want to get married and have your babies either, or even have another fling. We had one really really nice night together, that's all. I'll always remember it. And if we bump into each other sometime in the future at a party or something, then that's fine too.

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I am looking forward to the opening and wish participants, guests and viewers staying power, variety, stimulation, interesting insights and entertainment while watching the short films. Jahr ganz gewiss sprechen. Geburtstags der Kurzfilmtage im letzten Jahr hat deutlich gezeigt, wie wichtig dieses Festival war und ist. Vor allem geht es bei einem Filmfestival jedoch um Filme, und hier haben die Kurzfilmtage erneut Einiges zu bieten: Bei den A longer life for short film: In Oberhausen short film is not a marginal note personally discovered by some enthusiastic journalist.

It is the focus, the crucial pivot, of a vibrant festival that is indispensable for the up-and-coming generation of filmmakers worldwide. I have already often spoken here about the international charisma of the Short Film Festival, its role as a mediator between cultures and its standing as one of the most important centres of the global short-film network. The enormous public and media response to the 50th anniversary of the Festival last year clearly showed how important this festival was and is.

But the Short Film Festival also plays a special role in the film state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with its festivals, art-house cinemas, film schools and production companies.

This is particularly the case with the promotion of young talents. Productions by filmmakers from North Rhine-Westphalia are regularly shown in the competitions and special programmes in Oberhausen. And this year for the second time, the Festival, in cooperation with the NRW.

BANK, is running a seminar for film students on the marketing of short films. In the past years, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has consistently supported its film landscape both financially and culturally.

But it also needs institutions that help to promote a vital, creative and productive film industry - like the Short Film Festival Oberhausen. But the most important aspect of a film festival is films, and the Festival again has a lot to offer in this regard.

The Oberhausen programmes in promise as ever to be very exciting. For example, there are the over 80 films in the large special programme The Fallen Curtain.

The Self and the Other Since , which take a look at the search for individual and collective identities in both East and West since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Or the specially selected short films for kids in Children's Cinema.

In this spirit I wish the 51st Short Film Festival Oberhausen every success and hope that all its visitors will enjoy some exciting and surprising film experiences!

Andere Neuerungen betreffen den Kurzfilm unmittelbar. Short films are often seen as apprentice pieces, small forms of great art, brief, yet sophisticated reflections of the time in which they were made, splendid experiments of only a few minutes' duration.

For eight days in May, Oberhausen is the creative focal point of the global shortfilm scene. The Festival is a place of international encounters, mutual exchange and intensive discussions of a kind that is very rare in this field. Oberhausen, as one of the world's most important forums for short film, is largely responsible for the good reputation and considerable success of German short film, which has enjoyed great triumphs at international competitions over the past few years.

The German government is aware of the growing importance of short film for the development of the medium, and has increased its support on a broad basis. At the same time, it is very important to me to restructure the award ceremony for the German Short Film Prize as of In future, it will be carried out in cooperation with a different film school each year. The event is to be linked to a symposium focusing on future-related themes. Other innovations will directly affect short film.

This year, my department will be raising its subsidies for the promotion of short film by fifty percent in comparison with last year. From , there will be a hundred-percent increase. I wish you all a stimulating, successful, eventful festival in Oberhausen. Den Rest sollen die anderen machen.

Dennoch, Oberhausen ist kein Festival des Experimentalfilms und war es auch nie. Oberhausen ist den einen immer zu experimentell, den anderen immer zu konventionell erschienen. Innovation ist die Planung, Erzeugung und Durchsetzung neuer Produkte, wirtschaftlich oder kulturell. Dennoch, Oberhausen ist kein Festival des politischen Films und war es auch nie. To put it oversimply and a little ironically: Why would we rather have things easy? Why do we prefer the status quo to change?

Of course, complicatedness is already a ground for suspicion, as Horkheimer wrote to Adorno from his exile. But in a situation where marginalized forms have almost lost their niches in cinema and television, a festival with a cultural mission is obliged to be complicated.

The others should do the rest. This is how culture upholds its rights in the face of industry and commerce.

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However, Oberhausen is not a festival of experimental film, and never has been. This is one of the great misunderstandings. Oberhausen has always seemed too experimental to some, and too conventional to others. That sounds like a contradiction. But this is probably how the tension has been created that a festival needs and that makes it a kind of miniature of social communication. Oberhausen sees itself as a festival of innovation. Innovation is the planning, production and promotion of new products, whether commercial or cultural.

These days there would seem to be narrow scope for this. So there is a big temptation to lower one's sights. One fills the programmes with names that are already known and with the films of people whom one cannot afford to offend. One lets sponsors and financial backers be on juries and help decide on prizes. One accepts the themes and conditions upon which subsidies depend. One is synergetic, network-orientated, proactively European and unconditionally cooperative whereas the only right approach from a politico-cultural point of view would be to be individual, distinctive and uncompromising.

For this reason, it is high time there was a new extremism in culture: Last year, the year of our anniversary, there was again discussion on the question of political film: As a result, we have decided to devote a complete programme to this issue: The Fallen Curtain explores the changes in the meaning of political film and the status of the individual after the demise of socialism in the East.

However, Oberhausen is not a festival of political film, and never has been. I would like to thank all the people who have made this festival possible and help to keep it going. Er steht unter www. The continuous collection of films over a period of four decades has led to a unique treasure holding more than 1, films and videos. The inventory in form of a database contains information on the technical condition of prints, the situation regarding negatives, copyrights and secondary material.

In the case of some works the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen owns the only surviving film print. The film archive of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has compiled a catalogue of holdings listing all available titles. Experts and representatives from the film industry can access the archive catalogue throughout the year under www. Every year we purchase about 50 new titles from the current festival competitions for distribution as well as contributions from the Special Programmes and the MuVi reel which comprises all current MuVi Award nominees.

It is possible to book individual films or complete programmes. On request, members of the Festival's Selection Committee will accompany and introduce the films adding introductions and subsequent discussions to the film programmes. The distribution programmes of the last years are available on our website and will also be sent out to you on request. Detaillierte Register erleichtern die Suche.

At the film market all video tapes which have been submitted and not requested back are made available for individual viewing. The filmmarket offers accredited experts and industry representatives the opportunity to select from more than 5, films and Videos according to the specific demands and selection criteria of TV channels, distributors and festivals etc.

Detailed indexes facilitate the search. As an additional service during the year, an online film market catalogue is available to industry representatives and experts. It can be accessed only by password. Organisierte zahlreiche Filmveranstaltungen und Retrospektiven. Teaches Cinema Studies at the University of Paris She has a book forthcoming on Abel Ferrara. She has organized many film events and retrospectives. Born in Hamilton, Ontario; lives and works in London.

Filmmaker; his works are more for art spaces than for cinema halls. He studied photography with Victor Burgin, and lived in Vancouver, a major centre for photography and video.

Lewis began using film as a medium in , focusing on the aspects of cinematic language and with an increasing emphasis on image rather than narration or sound. Films selection: Curator; founded The Museum of Modern Art's video exhibition programme and has guided it over a long pioneering career.

She has helped assemble the Museum's premiere media collection. She has written and lectured widely. In his work Mounir Fatmi explores political, exischichte des Nahen Ostens realisierte, die stentialist as well as aesthetic questions.

In he represented hicle: He is co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation, through which he devetet in London. Filme Auswahl: The International Jury will award the following prizes: Born in in Paderborn; studied at the University of Bielefeld; since film and video works; since line producer with Pandora Film, Cologne; since member of the European Film Academy. Kurzfilme seit u. Fieber in Oberhausen ; Milchwald Spielfilm. Born in in Munich; film studies at the HFF in Munich; since co-editor of the film magazine Revolver; lives in Berlin.

Short films since , incl. Fieber in Oberhausen ; Milchwald fiction.

Affiner Les Cuisses Avec Palmes Maroc

Has been working as an artist since ; directing, screenplay and camera for a number of films and theatre plays; various exhibitions and retrospectives incl. Die Jury des deutschen Wettbewerbs vergibt folgende Preise: The Jury of the German Competition will award the following prizes: This award includes an option for 3sat to Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen Jury of the Ministry of Urban Development and purchase the winning title and broadcast it on 3sat.

The MuVi-Jury will award the following prizes for the best German music video: The awards and premiums will be given to the film directors. Mai Thursday, May 5th Mai Friday, May 6th 8. Lost Utopia S. Kontaktaufnahme S. Ortsbegehung S. The Falling Curtain S. Mai Saturday, May 7th Verbindlichkeiten S. Face to Face S. People Are Looking at You S. Fear from Rear S.

Mai Sunday, May 8th The Whole Dam Family S. Our Mom Is a Hero S. Cosmic Science S. MuVi ab 14 Jahre S. Mai Monday, May 9th 8. The Pride of Creation S. The Self and the Other S. Thine Inward - Looking Eyes S. Mai Tuesday, May 10th 8. Materialism, Materialism S. The Death of Stalinism S. Megalomaniac S. Von diesen sind zwei Drittel digitale Formate. Entries came from 84 different countries. From this large number, 66 films from 35 countries were selected for the International Competition, including one German production.

Affiner Les Cuisses Avec Palmes Maroc

Again a noticeable number of films in this year's international competition comes from smaller film nations. Great Britain with seven films have taken the lead again followed by Russia with five and France and Canada with four films each. There will be five world premieres and 19 international premieres. A trend that became visible already last year has been confirmed again: The Canadian film makers' participation in the festival was made possible by the generous support of the Canadian Embassy in Germany.

The film narrates a strange adventure at the intersection between public space and the internet, still and moving images, control and desire. Kontakt Shelly Silver, 22, Catherine St. Johannes Maier konfrontiert ihn mit seiner Dokumentation. Facing focuses on a documentary by BBC cameraman D. Johannes Maier confronts him with his documentary.

As the camera looks out through a barred window and the clock strikes four in a Swiss city, the death of Yasser Arafat provides the starting point for a journey back in time. Throwing Stones is the third video in the Hotel Diaries series. Recorded off the TV in and edited in , but the song remains the same. A scrambled satellite signal sets the tone for the mixed messages of fundamentalism and politics.

Den Rest der Zeit verbringen sie total isoliert auf dem Dachboden und spielen America's Army, ein Computerspiel, in dem der Spieler von einer Spezialeinheit der amerikanischen Armee angeworben wird. We see how two brothers, Christoffel and Ryan, transport home their recently acquired computer.

They spend the rest of their time totally isolated from the world in their attic, playing America's Army, a computer game in which the player is recruited by the Special Forces of the American Army. Videobilder, die ich im Laufe der letzten Jahre absichtslos aufgenommen habe, treffen aufeinander, wie Fotos in einem Album. Album is nurtured by my personal arsenal of memories. Numerous moving images I collected over the years encounter each other, as do pictures in a photo album. Inserted texts as processes of memory, appropriation and loss accompany and temporarily posses the images, only to ultimately leave them as they are: Girardet alle Filme in Oberhausen von London is a big city and for those new to it, it can sometimes seem quite scary, but Tomoko who arrives from Japan to learn English accidentally discovers a mysterious secret city underground, inhabited by friendly little aliens and beautiful blossoms.

They met in the summer, in the rain. A film about carnival and silence. Biografie F. Meliande Biografie M. Ribgiro, C. Sie nimmt u. Sie sind zwar illegal, existieren aber trotzdem. Jakarta has a lot of public transport. This public transport is actually illegal. But it exists anyway. Benhil deals with the relations between the passengers and the drivers, the everyday stories of the drivers and the body language between strangers. Kamera Maulana M.

A bloke walks into a pub Marktmeester focuses on herons, large birds who abandoned the Dutch meadows for the Dappermarket in Amsterdam. Office technology very quickly becomes obsolete. Old devices are transformed into musical instruments. Aber heute ist es anders: Heute ist Freitag.

Like every other morning, a young man goes to the shopping centre where he works as a salesman. But today is a different day: Like every other Friday night, he joins his friends to have fun and forget the weekly routine. And as always, his dreams vanish into thin air with the coming of dawn. A documentary — to be exact a portrait — of a subway driver in Prague.

His unfulfilled dreams and his hobby versus an experience that could have changed his life, but didn't. Another unsuccessful attempt at portraying death. Der Fisch verwandelt sich in eine Ameise. A woman who is in the water and a man who is on the beach. The man drops seeds at the woman's feet and she returns with a fish for him. The fish transforms into an ant. Vorgestellt und gespielt von seiner Tochter, der Pianistin Katharina Wolpe. Stationary Music: Musik, die stillsteht.

It is introduced and performed by his daughter, pianist Katharina Wolpe. Warum haben sie sich dort versammelt? A crowd of young men and girls; it looks like an orchestra pit.

Why have they gathered there?

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A performance of transformation, a transformance, changes its medium and encounters a camera, which plays dance music — under the secret eye of a room that bends and twists along with it.

The Legal Errorist is a creature that cannot stop crashing. Extraterrestria; ID; Plasma. A film based on the reaction to the city of London through drawing and writing pencil on paper with a digital batch scanner. Doch die Gedichte von Marie Silkeberg inspirierten mich zu solch sonderbaren Visionen. Usually I have a very complicated relationship with words.

But the poems by Marie Silkeberg inspired me to such strange visions. Er ging aus Israel fort, um in Wien zu leben. A year ago my father, a former military officer in his late 50s, declared that he was fed up with the occupation of the Palestinian territories and that Sharon's policy is state-terrorism. He left Israel to go to Vienna. I, his eldest daughter, go there to understand why he left his family.

A fictitious autobiography of the director's youth. Season 9: The film follows Henry, a park ranger, who maintains a foot monument to George Washington Carver, and Susan, PR executive in fiber optics. Seine Liebe zu einer bestimmten Person wird zunehmend verzweifelter. Ein nachdenklicher Epilog auf eine Romanze. A man is waiting.

His love for a certain person is becoming increasingly desperate. A contemplative epilogue of a romance. Schnitt J. Der Film beschreibt repetitives Denken, das sich um eine Fixierung entwickelt und erforscht das allzu Intime aus freudianischer Perspektive.

Tiger Licking Girl's Butt exists in different versions and has been re-made several times with small variations. The film describes a repetitive mind that evolves around a fixation and explores its much too intimate aspect from a Freudian perspective.

Gay white male, 29 years old, good singing voice and co-ordination, desperately seeks job as performer in a Russian girl pop group. History, sexuality and identity collide in a musical monologue inspired by outtakes from American Idol competitions. Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen ; Subtitled. Sie lebt das Leben einer Jugendlichen: Ele comes from far away to work at her aunt's house in Buenos Aires. She lives an adolescent's life: Hogares in Oberhausen Kontakt Aeroplano S. Die Schauspielerin, die den Stunt selber macht, wird die Rolle bekommen.

A movie director searches an actress. A scene taken from the climax of the film containing a dangerous stunt serves as the scene for the audition. The actress who performs the stunt herself will get the role. Kontakt Dmitry Bulnygin, P. An eventful retranscription of the confused thought of an individual her, who tries to understand what is needed to feel good. Untertiteln ein Video von Mariko Tetsuya Produktion Mariko Tetsuya In der heutigen Gesellschaft, in der digitale Videokameras der Standard sind, ist es immer schwieriger geworden, weiterhin ein 8-mm-Format zu benutzen.

In today's society where digital video cameras are standard it has become extremely difficult to continue using 8 mm formats. I intended to give great meaning to the 8 mm film itself, rather than the footage. A sequence of events that tackle the issue of peer pressure. Box G. Two teenage girls go to town.

They are determined for their day to be an adventure. Believing they are grown up and in control, they test the boundaries of the adult world until they are exposed. Immigration and national security policies in Canada have become increasingly stringent in recent years, despite an on-growing claim that Canada desires new citizens.

Vertrieb V tape Abscess; Absolutely. Vor zehn Jahren haben wir uns am Flughafen Roissy zum letzten Mal gesehen. Twelve years ago, I arrived in Paris with my mother. At the same time, my uncle left Argentina with his family. The last time we saw each other was ten years ago at Roissy Airport. A man, a river, a road. Vertrieb caosmos. Kontakt caosmos. Zur gleichen Zeit findet eine Beerdingung statt. Two souls seeking love in the night streets of Dakar. With one glance across the dance floor at a nightclub, their quest ends and a dawn of magic begins.

Meanwhile a funeral is taking place. Aduaka Drehbuch M. Tool, Newton I. Otranto, Torre del Serpente, the easternmost part of Italy, the place where east and west once touched. Today the memory of that union seems to re-emerge as a consequence of all the illegal immigrants who disembark on its beaches The change of guard at the citadel of Brest, Belorussia.

Dort wartet ihr neuer Bruder auf sie. Bing, a Chinese girl, arrives in Italy as a clandestine. Her new brother Yang is waiting for her. We must help those in need. A farmer is experiencing problems with his sheepdog's work. AID hat ein ernstes Problem. Hannah Marker, Deputy Director of U. AID, has a serious problem. She is addicted to the sight of money. Whenever she sees an American dollar she envisions the true ideal of money, absolute happiness, and is thus transfixed.

A poetic and poignant journey crossing borders of memory, fantasy and reality. A story about nostalgia, identity loss, immigration, multiculturalism and the history of fortune cookies. A film made wandering through the hinterland of Brazil. Remote places unveil traditions and habits of a Brazilian landscape that is at the same time unspoilt and contemporary, local and globalized.

Gomes geboren in Recife, Brasilien; Maracatu, Maracatus. Die monotonen Tage vergehen. Eines Tages geht sie nach einem langen Arbeitstag in ihr Zimmer. Es ist voller Staub.

In dem staubigen Zimmer bemerkt sie etwas. Fuyuko works in a noisy factory under a railway. Monotonous days pass by. One day, she goes to her room after a long day at the factory. Her room is filled with dust. In the dusty room she becomes aware of something.

I Think Gestern Once there was a baby who made those around him hate. Biggins in Oberhauen After many years of unemployment, a young man is given a one-day chance to prove that he is capable of working as a crane driver. On that very day he has to pull up the rope that will hang a man. He spends the night in agony and doubt but accepts to do the job in the morning. The story of a boy, the journey from his home to his school, and his fantasies. Some are tales, others are real stories.

Contry Club, Esq. Vorstellung von Freiheit. Solitary without solitude. Imagination of liberty. Reconstructed to emphasize gender acculturation in two sisters who play, race, fight, kiss and grow up together under a shadow of oncoming history. Kontakt Child Works, East 8th St. A part of a digital auto-ethnographic video cycle in process since It is a selfconscious narrative game re-constructing the author's own video diaries and found footage taken between and Sie hat immer Sorgen. Der Film zeigt den Prozess, die Sichtweise meiner Mutter zu verstehen.

She is always a subject of distress. Routiniert erledigt sie jeden Tag die gleichen Aufgaben im Haushalt. Maria Helena is 57 years old and lives on the outskirts of Lisbon. She goes through her daily routine of household keeping.

Estrela da tarde is a story of a woman who wished to fly far away but didn't. Shot in New York and Paris, Until portrays a man in a bath and a girl in a bar as they discuss life, dreams and loneliness, chronicled through a nighttime narrative of phone calls. A portrait of two strangers, their desires and the mystery of their meeting, interspersed with images of their subconscious emotional landscape.

There are areas in Yerevan which were built in Soviet times but have remained unfinished. Block 16 is one such area. Its mere existence raises the question of Yerevan's architectural identity.

Kontakt Vahram Aghasyan, Giulbekian 42 Apt. How can this grandfather look after his grandson? Untertiteln Biografie geboren ; Fotografin und Filmemacherin; ihre Filme wurden international ausgestrahlt u. Slowakische Republik a. An old hotel with empty windows or the echo of an image dreamt or seen by somebody else.

Fact or fiction? Having witnessed and survived the explosion of an experimental new world order climatic weapon, the narrator recreates the incredible event. Untertiteln Central; Plages; Atomic Park. Die Wanderung kommt nicht an ihren Bestimmungsort und das Ziel der Expedition wird nicht preisgegeben. The walk itself never reaches its destination and the goal of the expedition is not revealed.

Sie lernt die Stimmen von Menschen, Tieren und anderen Wesen kennen. Northwest Siberia, Russia. Small Khanty girl Katerina observes and understands the outer world. She learns the voices of people, animals and other beings.

Gradually she approaches the unknown and the unknown comes closer — not far from Katerina's nomad camp an oil rig appears. Darunter befinden sich drei mm-Filme, ein mm-Film sowie 17 Videoproduktionen. Acht der 17 Videoarbeiten sind digitale Formate. There were entries for the German Competition at the Festival. This represents an increase of more than 10 percent From this large number, 21 works were chosen for the German Competition. These include three 35 mm films, one 16 mm film and 17 video productions.

Eight of these 17 video works are digital formats. Four works come from film schools, five from art schools and universities. Geographically seen, the selection of German films is concentrated on Berlin nine productions and North Rhine-Westphalia four productions.

Ten of the films are shorter than ten minutes, four run for between ten and 20 minutes, and seven last longer than 20 minutes. This year, the Short Film Festival will be showing ten world premieres and five films will be seen for the first time in Germany. Wolf Programm 1 Samstag 7. A short film about two boys, two girls and a fish. Stimme ans Klavier. Fingerspitzen Tasten Sinn. Male cousin female cousin. Words between chairs. Voice to the piano. Fingertips keys sense.

Bridges too high. Personal film about a love story that couldn't shouldn't wouldn't be. Die Szene ist angelehnt an John Cassavetes Faces. Four women, each looking for what she is missing or escaping from what she has.

A night in a bar, the four women, a man, vodka and music. Untertiteln Regie, Drehbuch Hangover Ltd. Kontakt Hangover Ltd.

Weltkrieg in Deutschland bzw. In this story the author deals with how she sees herself in relation to war. She tries to approach the issue by looking at her parents' past, both of whom experienced World War II in Germany and Japan, respectively. Kontakt Sylvia Schedelbauer, Schliemannstr. Und Hanna muss eine Entscheidung treffen.

So, dass fast nichts bleibt. Nur ein winziger Rest in ihr. Und Hanna sieht zu. It's Hanna. And Hanna has to take a decision. One — she can impossibly take.

The pressure is high. So that there is almost nothing left. Only a tiny little rest inside her. But that's enough. Acts independently.

And Hanna is watching. Videoclips; Ca. Das Filmteam begleitet die Pilger auf ihrer Suche nach individueller und kollektiver Ekstase. The annual celebration of Mast Qalandar meeting Allah attracts millions of pilgrims at the shrine in Sehwan Sharif, in the south of Pakistan. The film crew accompanies the pilgrims in their pursuit of individual and collective ecstacy. Numbers from feature films as a countdown at one-second intervals.

A minor matter turns into the leading part, the central thread, a chain of short tales. Kontakt Volker Schreiner, Sallstr.

Like in a relay different persons lead, in minimalistic stories, through the Hansa quarter that was built in as a city of tomorrow, interweaving status quo descriptions, look-backs at the utopias of the architects and look-outs on future perspectives of life.

Klaus Gehrke, Stefan Lisewski u. Weihnachtskrippe und Kunsthandwerk neben Chor, Orchester und Solisten: Nur in Russland nicht. Aber was nicht ist, kann ja noch werden. The Offenbach Christmas fair is an old tradition for many citizens. Nativity scene and arts and crafts alongside choirs, orchestras and soloists: There is none in Russia.

But there could be, in the future. Kontakt Sylvie Hohlbaum, Neuhofstr. Gottseidank nicht in England Mum Thank God not in England There is no train to nowhere Man riecht es, wenn man riechen kann A sex offender has another skeleton in the closet. You can smell it if you're able to smell Wolkenstein, in Oberhausen ; Poetry Clips Ich glaube, es geht los.

A cinematic adaptation of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's poem in which a wild lad and a thorny little rose clash breaking and stinging, weeping and wailing. Eine junge Frau versucht, sich Zugang zum Konsulat zu verschaffen und wird abgefangen: A sequence in front of the German consulate in Moskow re-enacted with Russians in Berlin: A young woman tries to get access to the consulate and is caught: She looks for a place to put it while a bureaucratic nightmare is spreading all around her.

A cinematic declaration of love by a German son to his Iranian father he never had a relationship with. The author puts together bits of observations to a picture of his father that, also tells about feelings of guilt and alienness.

An expedition ending with a first encounter of father and son. Zum Beispiel meine Tante und meine Cousinen How is the emotional life of Greek immigrants in Australia formed by their immigrant status? For example my aunt and my cousins A night in Havana. Dennoch haben alle Filme etwas gemeinsam: Sie haben in ihren Osterferien einen Trailer produziert, der vor jedem Wettbewerbs- und Sonderprogramm gezeigt wird.

Filme zur traditionellen Musik und der Griots. Und drum herum? You will see fiction, documentary, animation, experimental films, and interesting combinations of the different genres — as well as a large variety of issues. Yet, all the films have something in common: In the Children and Youth Competition two five-member juries made up of kids and youth from Oberhausen will choose their favourite films in their age group and present them on Tuesday during the official award ceremony.

Ka as in previous years. By the way, the jury members have turned into film makers themselves. During the Easter holidays they produced a trailer that will be screened before each competition and special programme. On Ascension Day and over the following weekend there will be a variety of interesting special programmes for all age groups: Over the weekend there will be cool music clips for the 14 to year-olds as well as three programmes on our special focus African cinema presenting orally passed on tales and fables but also semi-documentary films for children from seven onward and young people.

They look at kids playing and living on the streets, illustrate the playful dealing with issues like AIDS — a widespread social problem in Africa — or tell us how oral tradition works, e.

They are close-ups on African daily life that impressively bring across the way of life and experience of African children. What else is happening? The youth of the press club Oberhausen will accompany the children and youth section with camera and microphone. You can have a look at their work in a shop next to the Lichtburg cinema.

Brand-new information about the ongoing festival will be broadcasted live on radio Antenne Ruhr by a professional reporter kid to all children and young people who can't be there. The special programmes on Africa have been created in co-operation with Fokus Afrika: We would like to thank Mr.

Die Henne versteckt sich in einem Koffer, aber der Koffer wird in einem Schrank eingeschlossen. While father and mother are outside, Miriam, her little brother and the hen start playing hide and seek. The hen hides in a suitcase but the suitcase gets locked in a cupboard.

Fortunately, after some fighting everything gets sorted out. Davon, eine Heldin zu sein. Und springt nicht. A girl on a three-m-diving board. She's afraid and dreaming of being brave. She dreams of the perfect dive. Of being a hero. And doesn't dive. A film about decidedness and about saying no. A funny fairy tale about the malicious owner of a travelling circus and a change due to orange marmelade.

Zaitsev, V. Volkova, A. Mironov, Y. Dashinkaya mierter Werbefilme; The Thief of Color. When one of them stops moving, he asks his mother questions about love, life and death for the first time. Animation Mark Barber Biografie C. Dean, J. Burchett Einzelausstellungen; seit arbeitet sie in der Filmbranche; Gabriel ist ihr erster Film. Burchett Schauspielerin, Drehbuchautorin und Produzentin; Filmauswahl: Tilda decides to show Daddy what she is really made of.

Jake longs to play football with the bigger boys in his street but discovers that friendship comes at a cost.