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Jul 16, Read further to know how amcat sample papers and previous papers However , questions are direct so if you know the answer then you must. Jul 30, This course is also the perfect solution for freshers who are looking to crack the placement . AMCAT question papers - Model/Sample paper download pdf. AMCAT Previous Placement Papers with Answers. Also, find other AMCAT Sample Papers/Model Papers Material with Answers for AMCAT Preparation expect.

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AMCAT Previous Papers along with Solutions are available in this article. We have. AMCAT Previous Papers with Solutions PDF are the best way to prepare for AMCAT Placement Papers, recommend AMCAT Model Question Paper in AMCAT. Download Amcat sample question papers with revised Amcat syllabus, to get latest AMPI: Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory is based on the five-factor model of Solutions and colligative properties; Electrochemistry; Chemical kinetics .. function (PDF); Cumulative distribution function (CDF); Standard distributions.

Jobs by Sector:. Polymorphism Abstraction Encapsulation Complexity Theory. Synonyms Antonyms Contextual Vocabulary. July 27, at Quality management Production planning and inventory control Management information system.

So, when B. Read further to know how amcat sample papers and previous papers can help in guiding your learning process for the exam. The students must try to learn and understand every aspect of every module. Whether its quantitative aptitude or logical reasoning or optional module of computer science, the candidates should be well-versed with all high-scoring topics at least. The amcat preparation route includes going through study material and amcat sample papers available online.

Since there is no negative marking in the test, the students must try to attempt all questions without hesitation. Now we will look into the types of questions and marks associated with them that form the optional module of computer science in the amcat exam.

The knowledge about the pattern of the amcat exam helps in planning the course of amcat preparation in the right way. This section will give you an idea of what to expect when you appear for the exam. A total number of 25 questions are asked in the optional module that is divided into three categories asked in the carrying marks.

There are roughly 11 questions based on operating systems and computer architecture in this module. This is a highly important section with mid-high levels of difficulty. The students must not spend more than 1 minute on each question except for Paging questions that will take two minutes. In order to match up your speed, the students must include solving amcat sample papers as a part of their amcat preparation.

A total of 9 questions are framed out of DBMS related topics. These questions are of advanced difficulty and thus they need to be practiced very often.

Answers amcat pdf question previous papers with

These 6 questions belong to the core subjects of computer science course which must be perfected before the amcat exam day. However, questions are direct so if you know the answer then you must proceed or else leave it there. Organization chart Routine systems and records Planning and organizing Store and control desk.

Guest room cleaning procedures Cleaning knowledge and practice. Linen and uniform rooms Safety and security Laundry Horticulture. The module focuses on testing the student on understanding of all basic concepts of food production along with situational based questions to check application and practical nuances.

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Principles of methods of cooking Equipments and new developments Safety and sanitation. Different courses of meal Presentation of dish Culinary Math. Stock management Kitchen Organization.

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The module focuses on testing students understanding of the theoretical differences between the various types of service along with its practical aspects. The module focuses to assess the candidates knowledge in basics of operating system and computer architecture, computer networks and database concepts.

Basic Mathematics Data Interpretation.

Web search General Navigation Basics. Merchandising Inventory Loss prevention Safety. Sales Billing.

Customer service orientation Self Management Customer expectation management. Face to face Telephonic. Basic programming Control Structures Conditional statements Linear data structures Advanced data structures Sorting and searching algorithms.

AMCAT Previous Years Papers For Computer Science Students

Searching and Sorting Complexity Theory. Basics of semiconductor Two terminal devices Three terminal devices. This module evaluates the candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the subject of Telecommunication and its applications. Analog Digital Optics. Microwave engineering Transmission lines and waveguides Antennas and wave propagation Radar.

Electrostatics Magnetostatics Electromagnetic theory. The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Basic electrical engineering Electrical machines Power machines. Instruments and measurements Control system. Analog and digital electronics Power electronics. Thermodynamic cycles and steam generators IC engines Heat transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning.

AMCAT Previous Papers with Solutions from Previous Years

Fluid mechanics and fluid machinery Strength of materials Theory of machines Machine design. The module focuses on testing a student on general principles of mechanics and construction, and requires the candidates to apply these principles in practical based problems. Applied mechanics Strength of materials Building materials and construction Theory of structures Steel structures Concrete technology R. Soil mechanics Hydraulic engineering Water supply engineering.

Highways engineering Railway engineering Estimation and costing Surveying.

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The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts in the branch of instrumentation engineering. Transducers and industrial instrumentation Analytical and optical instrumentation Electronic instrumentation and measurements Control systems and process control.

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Analog electronics Digital electronics Microprocessor and microcontroller. Signal and systems Communications Fundamentals of network analysis and synthesis. The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts of engineering analysis, design and management.

Product design and development Work system design Facility design. Quality management Production planning and inventory control Management information system. Reliability and maintenance Operation research Engineering economy and costing. The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical and practical concepts of design, development and implementation of new production processes, information and control systems, computer controlled inspection, assembly and handling.

Metal casting, forming and joining Manufacturing Analysis. Machining and machine tool operators Tool engineering Metrology and inspection. Polymers and composites Computer integrated manufacturing. The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts in the branch of metallurgical engineering.

Fuels and furnaces mineral beneficiation Non Ferrous Technology - Iron and steel Metallurgical thermodynamics. Metal casting, joining and forming Corrosion science.

Non ferrous materials Phase transformation and heat treatment Material testing and characterization.


The module focuses on testing a student on principles of chemistry, physics and material science in practical and industrial based problems. Fluid mechanics Heat transfer Mass transfer. Process engineering and technology Chemical technology. Chemical reaction engineering Chemical engineering thermodynamics Stoichiometry and process calculations.

The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts in the branch of paint technology.

Introduction to components of surface coatings Organic, inorganic pigments, extenders, dyestuff, natural resins and polymers Synthetic resins and polymers.

Formulation principles and manufacturing of coatings Coating properties and evaluation Industrial and specialty coatings, decorative and eco-friendly coatings. Surface treatment and coating applications Coating defects. The module assesses both the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the candidate across various topics like polymer chemistry, processing, testing, etc. First of all, candidates can understand the question paper pattern.

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Once you can understand the Pattern then it is very easy to know about the most demandable questions. And aspirants can be able to understand what to prepare and how to prepare the questions at the time of exam preparation process. We have given subject wise pdf links. And all the links are in pdf format so click on the links and download them at free of cost.

If you people solve the Previous 5 Year Question Papers, then you will be able to understand the nature of questions. Also, the time management is very important. Each section consists of Marks. The given Test Pattern is collected from the various sources.