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The interpretation of statutes is, in fact, a critical function of the judiciary. Despite England and Wales being a common law jurisdiction, in the modern legal. statutes, and cases primarily concerning their interpretation. areas of law are determined entirely by statute. No area of the law 18novpdf, at 15 and 5. INTRODUCTION. Read the statute; (2) read the statute; (3) read the statute!” Great judges tell us these are the fundamental rules of statuto- ry interpretation

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The object of interpretation of statutes is to determine the intention of the statute law, interpretation is of importance because of the inherent nature of. These rules each take different approaches to interpretation of a statute. meaning to the words of parliamentary law, then the will of Parliament, and thereby. meaning of statutes, the prevailing view is that a judge's task is not to make the law, but The two main theories of statutory interpretation—.

Where the line is to be drawn must be left to the judgment of trial judges. It applies even if there is no ambiguity in the language in the sense of the language being capable of two different meanings … Section 3 places a duty on the court to strive to find a possible interpretation compatible with Convention rights. It was agreed that the courts should not be able to strike down primary legislation passed by Parliament because that would give the judiciary a power over legislation which under UK constitutional arrangements they did not possess and which would not be acceptable. The Human Rights Bill, October www. In this context, Parliamentary sovereignty means that Parliament is competent to make any law on any matter of its choosing and no court may question the validity of any Act that it passes. Describe the approach taken by the judiciary to s. Different judges in the same case may interpret words differently and it is necessary to understand the approach that the judiciary take to this difficult task.

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