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Jul 3, The Colorado Chess Informant (CCI) is the official publication of the CSCA Group Block Booking Instructions July 8thth, Rate $ Fri-. Mar 13, Download Chess Informant pdf, Size: MB, File name: Chess Informant pdf, Uploaded: TZ. Apr 2, Chess Informant Viking is largely dedicated to the newly crowned world champion, Magnus Carlsen. He's the emerging global brand and.

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I think that's similar to the fact that I like to read the letters in a book review magazine before reading anything else. Qh5 1. Bb4 Catalan with 3. Forum contributions tend to be accompanied by commentary and perhaps a story. What did u do to help instead of criticizing?

There are eight articles about lines in the Sicilian, three on the French Defence, three on the Ruy Lopez, three on the Queen's Indian, and so forth.

Given my work, I'm an exception, but I find that I've either played or studied all but four of them; you might be surprised by how many articles you're interested in.

They all have an introduction by the author, and one, two, or in some cases more annotated games, normally used to illustrate the most important idea of the article.

The contributors are excellent, usually grandmasters. While there are none of the world's elite GMs represented in this issue, as there are in Informant , the Yearbook's specialists are often more knowledgeable about a theoretical variation than a top-ten player might be.

Informant 119 pdf chess

The reason that NICY articles appeal to many opening hounds is that a large number of relevant games are presented to give you a feel for the full extent of theory. This also makes it easy to pick up an opening line that you haven't played before. I have two difficulties with the Yearbook. One isn't very important: The other issue not criticism is that the Yearbook isn't published in PGN i. This probably has to do with the issue of copying, with which every company struggles. So I don't blame them at all — it's just a wish list item.

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As I say, New in Chess Yearbook is not a publication that I get a great deal of exposure to; but when I do, I am always very impressed and read large chunks of it without getting up from my desk. I've gone on at great length about ChessBase Magazine before, especially in Column 73, so I'll mostly list features of this DVD rather than discuss them at length all of the games, multimedia, etc. I should begin by saying, however, that there are supplemental discs to each issue called ' Extra ', which come with a subscription.

They add a new batch of games to the database, most of which are probably available on TWIC, but also include features such as multimedia tournament reports and interviews.

Sometimes the interviews are fairly perfunctory Fabiano Caruano in CBM Extra , other times almost an hour long and fascinating. For example, I loved the video interview with Florencio Campomanes in ChessBase Magazine Extra , which was full of all kinds of historically-significant personal accounts.

Of course the World Champions and contenders are regularly interviewed in the Magazine itself, often including one very lengthy multimedia interview of a famous player.

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ChessBase Magazine includes an amazing array of features. There are numerous tournament reports, first and foremost, the World Championship tournament won by Anand in Mexico. Mihail Marin writes up the event and discusses openings and new ideas. Other tournaments include Mexico, Biel, and Russia vs China, all with full reports. A good example is Carlsbad won by Movsesian , with video annotations of games by Movsesian, Shirov, and Krasenkow.

Shirov goes over three games from the event in multimedia 'Fritztrainer' mode. From Biel, Radjabov presents a complex King's Indian game with van Wely, and the event report includes has annotated games from van Wely, Radjabov, Onischuk and Carlsen. One of the most important sections is the 'Telechess' database, in which we find a large database of roughly correspondence chess games, some annotated, and equally importantly, correspondence tournament reports, ratings, etc.

You also get 12 opening surveys from grandmasters downloadable with a database on a wide range of opening variations, for example, lines in the Sicilian Four Knights Defence, the English Defence, Najdorf Sicilian, Benko Gambit, Ruy Lopez, Dutch Defence, and so forth.

ChessBase Magazine is a fantastic publication and, I admit, the one of these three that I spend the most time with.

Pdf chess informant 119

It shows how chess can be presented in an especially appealing way if the creators of a DVD exploit their medium to the fullest. Which if any of these Big Three publications is right for you?

Of course, it may be that you're more interested in reading games collections, books about historical chess figures, the endgame, or the latest opening. That's fine; when I'm not reading books for review, I'm often inclined to stick with lighter material. But assuming that you're an active tournament player who has to face reasonably good opposition, you should try to make room in your budget for at least one of these more sophisticated products.

I don't think that I can call one or the other objectively 'best', because they are very different, and a choice comes down to individual preferences. If you want the most opening theory with the most games by the highest-level annotators, you may prefer Informant; on top of that, some of the most beautiful games that are being played around the world make their way into its pages.

These are obviously big-time features, especially for the player mostly interested theoretical information. But there are no words, and words are often what appeals to people and keeps them interested. Be sure to check out the special features in Informant as well - you have, for example, tournament tables, and combinational and endgame training.

119 chess pdf informant

Informant also comes in electronic format, but isn't available in PGN form until much later. If you want a range of specialised theory with many games per opening variation and the most detail on any variation, New in Chess Yearbook may serve your purposes best. You always get some verbal discussion by the author of the article, complete with one, two or more deeply annotated games covering details of the variation. It's very likely that you will be interested in several of the main articles which match your repertoire, and possibly many more.

Nc3 d5 Alekhine's Defense: Four Pawn Attack Alekhine's Defense: Exchange Variation Alekhine's Defense: Modern Alekhine's Defense: Miscellaneous Benko Gambit Bird's Opening 1.

Bd2 Bogo with 4. Nbd2 Budapest Gambit Caro-Kann with 2. Nd7 Caro-Kann with Bb4 Catalan with 3. Nc3 Dutch with 3. Nc3 d5 English with Nf3 d5 English with Nf6 2. Nc3 English with Nc3 c6 Modern with 3.

Nc3 e6 Modern with 3. Nc3 Modern with 3. Nf3 Modern Benoni with 6. Nf3 Modern other 3 Modern Misc. Nimzo-Indian with 4. Nf3 Nimzo-Indian Closed with 4.

Informant 119 pdf chess

Nc3 Queen's Indian Defense Misc. Reti Opening with 2. Nf6 3. Nf6 Scandinavian Defense with Qxd5 3. Each NAG then has a specific meaning and often a standard typographical representation. The meanings first defined stemmed from the use of specific typographic symbols when annotators were commenting upon chess games; most especially in Chess Informant [2] publications. The objective was to devise an alternative representation of these symbols which could be incorporated in the simple computer file format proposed as the PGN standard.

This mechanism allowed often sophisticated typography to be expressed using the simple ASCII character set.

Numeric Annotation Glyphs

Since its inception there has been no attempt to further formalise or standardise the meaning of the undefined NAG s although PGN editors, such as ChessPad, have variously used these higher glyphs.

Encyclopedia of Chess Middlegames. Chess Informant.