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Complete Behlool Dana book In Urdu. Behlool (Urdu: بهلول ) was the common name of Wahab ibn Amr (Urdu: واهب ابن عمرو), a companion of Imam Musa. Compile many of my favorite Moral Stories in the form of mobile app, which I had collected from various resources, since last few years. Even though many of. Board owner. Follow. Free Download Urdu Book Dastan Iman Faroshon ki by Altamsh, Behlol Dana Urdu By Syeda Abida Barjis Pdf -.

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Bahlol Dana A biography authored by Syeda Abida Barjis. This book contain history and life story of Wahab Ibn Amr well known as Bahlol e Dana in Urdu. Behlol dana urdu book pdf. Free Pdf Download pleeeeeeeasaasssssseeee help o The procedure setMyDataGridTableStyleProperties allows you to set the. Book Name = Behlol Dana. Author = Syed Abid. Size = MB. Language = Urdu. Pages = Format = PDF. Price = Free.

Bohlool took it to mean jinoon -- insanity. Bahlool dana is completely free for all Muslims. United States Language: Even though many of these stories are fictional in nature, but at the end they will give a great lesson to learn for a lifetime. The Eliber

This book will open your mind if you read it.

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Every story of this book will teach you and gives you lot of information. Basic Information About The file. Share This: By The Eliber on Featured , History , Urdu Books. Unknown 3 November at Unknown 21 October at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Munere veritus fierent cu sed, congue altera mea te, ex clita eripuit evertitur duo.

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He lived in the time of the Caliph Harun al-Rashid. Bahlul was a well known judge and scholar who came from a wealthy background.

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Wahab and a few others met the Imam and sought advice. Musa replied with the Arabic letter jim. Each of these companions took their own interpretation of jim letter: The next day, Wahab left his wealthy life, wearing rags and came into the streets.

Baghdadis soon dubbed him Bahlul.

Urdu pdf dana behlol book

Bohlool was born in Kufa and his real name is Wahab bin Amr. Haroun thought of a trick by which he could kill the Holy Imam.

He put the blame of rebellion upon the Imam and demanded a judicial decree from the pious people of his time. Everyone gave the decree except Bohlool, who opposed the decision.

He immediately went to the Imam and informed him of the circumstances, and asked for advice and guidance. Then and there the Imam told him to act insanely.

Because of the situation, Bohlool acted insanely by the Imam's order. By doing this, he was saved from Haroun's punishment. Now, without any fear of danger, and in amusing ways, Bohlool protected himself from tyrannies.

Dana pdf book behlol urdu

He insulted the notorious Khalifa and his courtiers just by talking. Nevertheless, people acknowledged his superior wisdom and excellence. Even today many of his stories are narrated in assemblies and teach the listeners valuable lessons. Prophet Hud Prophet Salih Prophet Ibrahim Abraham Prophet Isma'il Ishmael Prophet Ishaq Isaac Prophet Yaqub Jacob Prophet Lot Lot Prophet Shuaib Prophet Yusuf Joseph Prophet Ayoub Job Prophet Dhul-Kifl Prophet Yunus Jonah Prophet Hizqeel Ezekiel Prophet Elyas Elisha Prophet Shammil Samuel Prophet Dawud David Prophet Sulaiman Soloman