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In the following a complete list of the Imran Series Novels, written by I request you to make an app and collect all novels in pdf file in it. Mazhar Kaleem all collection of Imran Series novels in PDF Format, Download and Read Online novels and Books. No Bound or Advertising Links. Best Urdu. Imran Series - Urdu Detective Novels by Ibne Safi. IdentifierImranSeries. Identifier -arkark://t8jf0v39g. OcrABBYY FineReader

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Super Operation Pdf, Free Download Super Operation Imran series Urdu Book .. Format of Red Army 01 is PDF and file size of this pdf file is MB and this. All Imran Series by mazhar Kaleem M.A, Complete list of Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem M.A. 26 May was the Sad Day for Imran Series Lovers and for the fans of Mazhar .. PDF Files:PDF format can be easily read on Cell or PC. , Dog Rays Part 1 & 2 (Imran Fareedi Series) .. , Sagan Mission + XV File + KGB Headquarter + Red Top (All 4 Parts) [Combined].

Jasn e Azadi Mubarakh Welcome to Hibuddiez. Markroo Chehray. If Not then tell me How can I Get sequence..??? Logasa Mission Black Thunder Series. Hi there, Anyone can please tell that how I can download these novels? Saleem Wahid Saleem 1 Dr. Logasa Mission.

Keep posting. What A Writer thanks For sharing http: What do you think that our isi service is just like a imran series of secret service? WHO else agreed with it? Hi there, Anyone can please tell that how I can download these novels? Ibne safi k novels parh k dekhen.

Maza aa jaye ga.

Chief Agent Imran Series Complete By Mazhar Kaleem

Very realistic and interesting. Sir, I request you to make an app and collect all novels in pdf file in it. It is easier than it. When I try to download a file then mostly appear sorry this file does not exist.

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Imran, Juliya, josaf, safdar, tanveer, saddiqui, chohan, noumani, black zero Tahir , salman imran's bawarchi , super fayyaz, cornel fareedi n hameed all characters were invented by ibn e safi All setup of secret service in imran series n mystery of X2 was created by ibn e safi.

I can say am a big fan of ibn e safi and it is what ibn e safi gains that he is making his fans even after many many years of his death. One more thing in ibn e safi's novels you will find 2 more amazing characters jemson jaman and nawab zafar ul malik these two characters were superb..

Can anybody tell me the name of the novel in which X2 debates about his rights in a meeting with the President of Pakishia??? Can anyone suggest the names of the novels in which X2 powers are described well. Can Anyone tell Moran series k us novel ka name jis me uspay Qatal ka ilzaam lg jata hai then wo apni begunahi sabit krta hai Thanks.

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Series files imran pdf

Awesome information. I have never found such kind of information any other site. Hopefully you will like our work. You blog and blog post are very nice Nice and very good collection of books www. Download Urdu Novels in Pdf for free. Huge collection of novels, books, digests, stories and more by different writers are available on this website.

Files imran series pdf

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White Shadow. S Three. Cotton Seed. Hot Rays. Domanai Mystic Topic.


Zero Mission. Red Circle. Crossing Arrow. Last Trap. Kasham Mystic Series. Black Fighters ISrael Mission. Mushkbari Code Muskhbar Series. Capital Agency. Prince Shama. Business Crime Four Stars Series. Mission Sagor. Glary Sedia. Big Dam. Sagram Mission. Dogging Mission. Top Secret Mission. Beggars Mafia Four Stars Series.

Free Socks. Davil Pearl Mystic Series. Secret Center. Blind Mission. Blue Hawks. Tiger in Action Israel Mission. Saraj Agency. Saraj Headquarter. Target Imran. Black Head. Winning Party. Blue Bird Group. Group Fighting. Black Scarb. Hard Crime Four Star Series. Hawk Eye. Danger Group Chow. Fast Mission. One to One. Kali Duniya Mystic Series. Special Station. Jweish Power. Multi Mission. Two in One Israel Mission. Golden Cross. Fight Plus. Hot World. Green Guard. Reverse Circle.

Violent Crime Four Stars Series. Side Track. Taghoti Duniya Mystic Series. Blank Mission. Golden Clock. Grand Victory. Twin Sisters. Action Agency. Top Mission Black Thunder Series.

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

Krouge Mystic Series. Kasper Rays. Armous Parohat. Hard Agency. Multi Target. Black Day Four Star Series. Great Falls. Karman Mission. Black Sun. Lime Light. Sangeen Juram. Master Laboratory. Rock Field. Shogran Mission. Danger Mission. Thread Ball Mission. Fort Dam.

Fuogi Task. Hanging Death. Electronic Eye. C Top. Water Missile. Target Mission. Foreign Group. Micarto Syndicate. Karkas Point. Flower Syndicate. Double Lock. Broad System. Bright Eye.

Files pdf imran series

Star Mission. Last Warning. S Three. Cotton Seed. Hot Rays. Zero Mission. Red Circle. Crossing Arrow. Last Trape. Black Fighters. MushkBaari Code. Capital Agency. Prince Shama. Business Crime. Mission Sagor. Glary Sedia. Big Dam. Sagram Mission. Dodging Mission. Top Secret Mission. Beggars Mafia.

Devil Pearl. Secret Center. Blind Mission. Tiger In Action. Target Imran. Winning Party. Blue Bird Group. Group Fighting. Black Scarab. Hard Crime. Hawk Eye. Danger Group Chao. Fast Mission. One To One. Kaali Duniya. Special Station. Jewish Power. Multi Mission. Fight Plus. Green Guard. Reverse Circle. Voilent Crime. Taghooti Dunya. Blank Mission. Grand Victory.

Action Agency. Top Mission Black Thnuder Series. Aarmis Prohit.

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem « Reading Section

White Birds Part 1. White Birds Part 2. Karmin Mission. Master Laboratory. Shoogran Mission. Danger Mission. Cobran Part 1. Cobran Part 2. Black Business. Top Head Quarter. Shetan Kay Pujari. Supreme Force Part 1. Supreme Force Part 2.

Imran Series by Ibne Safi

Double Target Part 1. Double Target Part 02 Uploaded. Top Victory Part Kalanga Mission.