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Postcolonial Text, Vol 10, No 1 () Amitav Ghosh's River of Smoke: Globalisation, Alternative Historiography, and Fictive Possibilities Sanjukta Poddar. The blind quest for money, the primacy of the drug trade, the concealment of base impulses behind the rhetoric of freedom: in River of Smoke the nineteenth and. River of Smoke. Page 2. Also by Amitav Ghosh. The Circle of River of Smoke. Amitav Ghosh. JOHN MURRAY. Page 4. First published in Great Britain in

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Also by Amitav Ghosh The Circle of Reason The Shadow Lines In An Antique Land The Calcutta Chromosome The Glass Palace. River of Smoke (Ibis Trilogy 2). Home · River of Smoke and Ashes (The Smoke Trilogy, Book 3). Read more The Dark River (Fourth Realm Trilogy, Book 2). ABSTRACT The 1st book of Ibis Trilogy, Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh helps us to understand the theme of River Of Smoke. Though Ghosh’s book has been called as Fiction but every fiction has its origin from Reality. In the same way few characters and story line in River of Smoke.

China, Britain and Japan For Britain, this resulted in the favourable reversal of the balance of payment but as mentioned already, the consequences for India and China were catastrophic Foucault, Michel. As an illustration, Deeti narrates the horrific tale of mass suicide of the fugitive slaves marrons , who mistook soldiers sent to inform them about the abolition of slavery in ibid. And that over there was their answer: Globalisation, Alternative Historiography, and Fictive Possibilities.

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