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The operator, or the "Internet Saathi”, who will train the women, will be akin to the village postman - who was the single. 54| Digit August Get your digital copy of Digit Magazine - August issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. Peterson Joseph. #ClippedOnIssuu from Digit December December , Magazine Covers Book And Magazine, Magazine Covers, Books , Pdf Magazines.

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In conclusion What we have covered in this article is barely a fraction of the actual story behind telescopes. Just write in to sos digit. It can also dictate GPS directions. But if you step out on the road. Oracle quickly came into action and posted a security update within 3 days of the news spreading worldwide.

It runs on Android 4. Snapdragon and Snapdragon The Iconia B1-A71 also has a 2. The company showcased many unique interface features for same time consuming comparatively lower battery power and it will house the Adreno GPU. Bluetooth 4. The Snapdragon and will represent the high-performance chips whereas the Snapdragon and will be seen in low-end budget mobile devices.

A part of the ecosystem required for crossdevice gaming is Nvidia Grid. The device is powered by a 1. The Snapdragon will run four Krait cores up to 2. Smoke Nvidia Project Shield. Read more: Capable of being arranged as a tablet. It is exceptionally heavy. It is slated to arrive later in Q1 The IdeaCentre Horizonsports a inch 1. Kingston unveiled the HyperX Predator flash drive.

Untethered battery life is supposed to be two hours. The Pebble works with iPhone 3GS. It has a x pixel resolution display. Viewsonic has shown off a inch.

Under the hood. The high resolution displays shown off by LG include a The Panasonic FZ-G1 pounds. It can also be used as a bike computer and pedometer.

ViewSonic also showed off a prototype inch 4K monitor. Google purchased a 2. LG also showed off a 7-inch display with a x resolution. The AIO features the touch-optimized Aura interface that automatically comes up when you drop the screen to a horizontal position.

The touchscreen also includes USB ports for hooking up a keyboard and mouse. The camera can be taken up to 50 feet deep under water and can withstand drops from heights of upto 6 feet.

It is expected to hit store shelves by April. At the time of writing. The budget device is due to hit shelves in February. The Xperia Z also has waterproof capabilities. It also has a smaller 1. Web watch Connections 20 A lot happenend in the world of Facebook and Google this month. Are phone-makers waiting for MWC? S ince the last time we met. Pretty much in line with the rumours. It also sports a mAh battery. Huawei filled out its Android and WP8 lineup. Unlike the Lumia It has a whopping.

We take a look at some of them Of Lumias. Lenovo launched a few Android dualSIM devices. Sony says that the earliest the phone will hit the markets globally is March Lumia and Lumia The Xperia Z has glass panels on the back and the front. Further along these pages. The 9. The Lumia The Lumia was also showcased at the Lumia and launch event. The BlackBerry 10 leaks kept coming of course. Under the hood is a 1.

Adreno graphics. Nokia has also conveniently added a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB of storage. Read our review for more details. Moving sideways. Bravia Reality Display and Bravia Engine2 technology. With location search.

Heavily cloud connected? While announcing the new Graph Search feature. Google must be worried. Data accu20 Digit February www. The study suggests the gossipy nature of the conversations that happen on the social networking web site make it easier to remember than something that is written in a more formal and informative manner. It is said that one day. History notes that this change was not easy. Photographs uploaded on Facebook will be found on Facebook. Like who? A recent study by the University of Warwick and UC San Diego has shown that people remember posts that they have seen on Facebook a lot easier than they do names.

With those humble beginnings. While it may be entirely possible to live a day or two without the internet. On an average. This is something that could worry the likes of Foursquare and TripAdvisor.

Facebook revealed its users have uploaded staggering billion photos and created 1 trillion connections on the network to date.

Facebook can easily create these results after it spent quite a few years urging users to upload information. With this. BlackBerry has launched its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 which is now available for download for businesses Evolving digital frontiers Changes are constant and adaptation is the name of the game as the Internet grows in size and complexity A part from regular updates from the usual players.

The staggering feat comes months after Facebook announced in October that the company had gone past the 1 billion active users mark. Graph Search is available to limited users. Apart from the people search. The social networking as a service is also now believed to the most popular online ever. The Graph Search results focus on four core points — people. This is not something that Google had claimed to do till now. Facebook has tied up with Microsoft to provide Bing search results for the queries it may not have answers to.

With Graph Search. Launched in the beta version at the moment. Apart from direct people related search. We learn about rewards and threats from others. So it makes sense that our minds would be tuned to be particularly attentive to the activities and thoughts of people and to remember the information conveyed by them. India products at Google.

Chrome 25 will bring in security and performance enhancements for all extensions. This however. India is among the largest markets for Google with the nation having more than million users. The study noted users who browsed Facebook without participating in any sort of active conversations are the most affected by such negative feelings. Imagine if you could dictate documents. Respondents admitted they were frustrated and envious after visiting the social networking web site.

As per the announcement. Mega also offers the similar convenience of the drag and drop upload tools. Google said. The second experiment suggested that this difference is not due to Facebook posts spontaneously generating social elaboration. Taiwan and Hong Kong are slated to go operational this year. The browser is currently available for Windows users. The network has already clocked 1 million registered users within 1 day of the service being rolled out for users globally. The free account offers 50GB storage.

According to an Economic Times report. Facebook envy German researches have come up with a new study that reveals social media envy is a real thing and is leaving people with negative feelings such as loneliness. And this is the style that resonates. Announcing it.

It is interesting to note that the free option offers more than what the likes of Dropbox and Skydrive offer. Lalitesh Katragadda. On the home screen of the app. The message is sent along with the users current location.

It is an app which allows you to both ask for help as well as offer help in case of a natural disaster. At the moment it is only available in the US. It works just like the other apps — sending SMSes and making calls to the concerned people in case of emergency after the app is activated. On your command.

At present it is only available on the Google Play Store http: The app also allows you to send a status update on your Facebook timeline and with your permission send across your precise location as well. The app is thankfully free of cost. Fight Back and more. It is available for free on the Google Play Store http: It is available for free on the Android app store http: This app is available on the Google Play store.

For instance for family emergencies. While we saw some brand new apps launched in the last month. Apart from local police authorities. Its location log feature when activated. In response to the need of the hour. Samsung has scrapped plans for releasing its Windows RT based tablet in the U. You can assign different groups for different sorts of emergencies. The other function of the app allows you to send across help in the form of money. You can donate cash using PayPal and supplies can be sent to relief organisations directly.

It enables users to push a central button and generate a security alert. Absence of Twitter is kind of surprising. It also has certain nonmanual methods to send alerts — if phone is switched off without logging our from Sentinel. The HelpBridge app allows you to notify a group of friends or relatives from your contacts in case of an emergency. It also features a spy-mode which activates video and voice recording to act as evidence against eve-teasers.

BlackBerry users have that taken care of with the BlackBerry Messenger service which is the preferred choice of messaging between two BlackBerry users. You do have to register your phone number with WeChat. Windows Phone. There are four cards: If any of your friend accepts your invitation to join Hike you get 50 free SMSes. BlackBerry OS. Even non-Facebook users can use this app by giving their number. Facebook went ahead and cross-platform. Kik can work with either the phone number or with a Kik ID.

Kik This is another free-to-use mobile messaging app which works across platforms. Reddit pics. Sketch and Image Search. While it is similar to most mobile messaging apps allowing transfer of text.

These cards can take you to the respective sites and you can share videos or pictures from these sites within Kik and they will appear as cards. PC Platform: Apple iOS. You can send text messages. WhatsApp This is the de-facto mobile messaging app that most smartphone users have as it is a cross platform app. You can create groups of friends as well. Short messaging service is slowly but surely on its way out as far as smartphone users are concerned. But for non-BlackBerry users there are many apps out there which can be used for messaging so long as you have a working data connection.

You have options to customise your backgrounds while group chatting. This app even works on feature phones such as Nokia S40 ones which is a big plus in its favour. While you can send messages to friends who are Platform: It is available on all the major platforms and you can even login using your Facebook credentials.

You can send text or voice messages as well as share photographs. So an Android user can communicate with a BlackBerry user and vice-versa. Another plus is that there is no advertising on the app. It works across platforms and requires your phone number to register just like other messaging apps. You can form your own groups. It has an interesting feature in the form of cards. Apart from this it has the regular messaging chops including the sent.

You can add photos. It has a free calling feature as well but it only works on iPhones and for users in the US and Canada. Symbian S It also comes with differentiating features such as Moments: Vulnerability is constant. The goal is to prevent sabotage. The proportion of e-mails with malicious attachments was very less though as such e-mails had 3. Shivshankar Menon. Since we met last. In total. The list is dominated by developed countries.

Another security feature being built into Chrome 25 will essentially disable all extensions installed on Chrome. It is a struggle that can never be won.

The slump is also due to availability of affordable advertising on legal platforms. Up until recently. Any software that requires a Google Chrome extension to be installed will now have to prompt the user for permission to not just install. India stood second with as many as 2. The report says India is among top target for phishing sites as the country ranks sixth. India ranks third behind the U. Preparations are being made as well. The share saw year-onyear fall of 8.

The revelation was made by National Security Advisor. In a scenario like this. We are still here. The group has also released a video featuring its campaign and strikes carried out in the year Kaspersky Lab says the slump in spam volume operations. The data ranks China as the top source for spamming. Menon said. Google has found that this feature of Chrome has been getting widely abused. The U. Often what we loosely label as the Internet for checking Facebook.

Yet what we deem as the Internet is just a web of computers in one shape or another exchanging data through a network of communication devices routers.. To think we call this minor obsession of ours with the Internet a revolution is just plain ridiculous. But not until the Consumer Electronics Show held in January this year did the term re-surface and claw back into popular discourse.

Fancy an electronic. This is where most of us restrict our involvement of the Internet. The next big wave Internet of Things has been a buzzword on the technology horizon for the past couple of years. The possibilities of such an Internet. Just thinking about it is enough to realize that such an Internet of Things will go a long way in making our lives more comfortable than they already are.

Imagine an Internet of intelligent devices not PCs that requires minimum supervision. We tell you that and more. Monitor their well-being through this ingenious Parrot Flower Power sensor asasasas The device plugs into the soil to track sunlight.

And it may be unfolding around us in the coming months. So the Internet they plug into needs to be smarter by deploying an accompanying service that they utilize. The Internet is no longer restricted to traditional computing devices PC.

At a fundamental level. Fitted with a Wi-Fi enabled inch touchscreen panel. These services will also drive the end user experience and monetization models for companies to make the Internet of Things a sustainable business in the long run. Instead of just upgrading the visual experience. This trend will only continue to unravel and grow in the coming months or so. Fuelling the advent of this Internet of connected devices are several trends.

Take for e. The Internet of Things will be multilayered. Broadband proliferation. The possibilities are endless.

2014 october digit pdf magazine

A curious example of the impending convergence of technology and convenience is the Samsung T refrigerator which runs on Android. Experience is a critical factor that will help take the Internet of Things to the next level. But if you step out on the road. Scary to imagine that all your smart devices become dumb just like that. Did we say. There are more factors that determine the nature of this radiation. The sky at night is lovely to behold. Electro-magnetic radiation. Why is that so? What we perceive as light and colour is electromagnetic radiation within a particular frequency or wavelength that our eyes respond to.

As such. To put it another way. The only way we can do that now is by the use of telescopes. Managing To understand how a telescope works we would need a better understanding of light in the context of space.

Types of telescopes Based on the above understanding of how light and electro-magnetic radiation work. We take a look at some of the challenges faced by engineers to this day Anirudh Regidi anirudhregidi thinkdigit. Of note are the radio telescope arrays that are massive structures that can cover hundreds of square kilometres.

A Light chieving feasible space travel is a dream that is still very far from reality. Of course. These antennae pick up incoming radio signals and can. These telescopes are essentially.

Almost all the stars in space are moving away from us at very high-speeds. The answer is surprisingly simple.

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These have evolved from humble. All this data that is generated is massive and only super-computing arrays can crunch those numbers at anything resembling real-time rates.

October 2014 magazine pdf digit

Light is also affected by this motion. It sports an Intel Atom Z processor. This has the unwanted side-effect of limiting the effectiveness of the telescope in the infra-red spectrum though. Atomic clocks are absolutely essential to ensure that the time delay is precisely calculated and GPS is required to ensure Space Telescopes Telescopes such as the multi-billion dollar Hubble Space Telescope HST are only comparatively simpler to build and manage.

The electromagnetic spectrum 36 Digit February www. Even during construction. The variation in the surface temperature of the optical elements. Given the wide area that the antennae are scattered over. NASA has embedded a system in the HST itself that maintains the temperature of the mirror and other optical elements at a comparatively warm 15 degrees C.

2014 digit magazine pdf october

In essence. In conclusion What we have covered in this article is barely a fraction of the actual story behind telescopes. The orbit of a space telescope also determines its effectiveness.

To this end.

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For example. There are various factors which affect The Doppler Effect The Doppler Effect is a phenomenon that is observed when an observer or object is in motion relative to the other. Dive straight into the deep-end of tech nirvana with these digital toys Tesla Model S We are including this car not only because we love cars. Digit February www. Video a movie. Spiked robots to explore space? A good movie tells a tale. Which is better depends entirely on the context in which the video is that of the 12 fps from the shown.

A video is nothing more than a collection of images that are displayed in quick succession. Unexpected Journey. As an audience. The 24 as an audience. Good enough for a movie. Crystal clear? The choice of frame-rate is as important to the scene 42 Digit February www.

Movies are normally shot at a rate of 24 frames per second fps and this value n December of a new movie was standardised for various reasons. I and the movie as a whole as is the choice of cast and crew. The movie was The Hobbit: An into thinking it was looking at motion. A movie is a video that is supposed to be a work of art.

What matters. A bad movie is just a video that attempts to do all of the above. Just like an artist has brushes and paints at his disposal.

Clash of the Titans looked awful. Directors also used this to full effect and the blurring. Star Trek: The Motion Picture and even A Space Odyssey. HFR and 3D tech have been around for decades. To upgrade to HFR requires projectors that are capable of projecting the movies at such speeds. When it comes to blurring or a loss of detail. CG sequences looked like game trailers and some people absolutely loved the fast-paced action sequences. When it comes to movies. HFR and 3D are tools that a director can employ.

Peter Jackson failed to live up to the expectations of HFR. Trumbull was a pioneer. They can affect the entire movie experience and must be used with care and precision to truly take advantage with them. The inherent blurring ruined fast-paced scenes. People complained that props looked like props.

What Trumbull wanted was a movie that was as immersive as possible. The potential is there and these technologies are the future. There is similar talk about HFR as well and this just after one movie. These tools need to be used judiciously and with care. He was the man who produced special effects for such iconic movies as Blade Runner.

At this frame-rate. What is required is a complete reimagining of every scene in 3D and HFR. This worked exceptionally well for movies such as Casablanca or Citizen Kane. The challenge faced by the director of The Hobbit was exactly this. In case. I currently use Windows 7 bit edition. Now this is not really necessary for all applications.

We go through sos thinkdigit. First Analyse system and then Run CCleaner. On installing the utility. You can either get it Multiple issues I have a couple of problems. Cooler Master Notepal U Stand checked at the service centre if it is still under warranty My dad says that it may be due to a faulty power cord and a lot of apps are set to start on start up. Or you can get a good laptop cooler to keep the laptop running cooler.

Is it this that is causing the 1st problem? Reuben Thomas Let's us answer your questions. You can read more about it here in our online review: Specially utilities like the Canon printer menu and so on.

But if you are not sure which services to untick. Running multiple OSes Can you please suggest me some software utilities or applications by using which I can run multiple OSes simultaneously. I want to use Windows 7 and Windows 8 simultaneously. Please help. A good option is Cooler Master Notepal U. Is there any menu for it like on Windows 7? My HDD is almost 6 years old. But occasionally it starts up quickly but the home screen takes time to come on. In case you are running the games on integrated graphics.

Checking with hardware monitor reveals that CPU temp reaches deg C. The memory you have lodged in the RAM slot is running slower. This high temperature is freaking me out. Intel Pentium R E 2. Please advise me if it is safe to operate the laptop at this temperature. Defense Grid my fan makes a lot of noise.

Else what should I do? Archit Gupta If it is in the default mode. Worth the money. The simplest way to try out a new OS is to use Ubuntu. See if you get rid of the error. So say C drive is showing as GB. My configuration is as follows: AMD A4 1. The second alternative is to partition the HDD using Windows's in-built partitioning tool. And how should I exactly do that?

How many partitions can I have? Also I have plans to install Linux dual boot on a separate drive. Is this any type of a virus or something else? Please do help me. The method will be similar for any other distro.

So for instance if of the GB. Then all that needs to be done is to run "Wubi. Mohil Khare This problem generally occurs when you have made some recent hardware changes. You right click on it and select shrink volume and enter the capacity which is lower than your free space. Partitioning woes I need help regarding partitioning my laptop hard drive. Since you have a bit version of Windows 7. This will create another volume and you will need to reboot. If not. Installing a bit version of Windows 7 will utilise all 4 GB.

Make sure that you create a partition that is at least 20GB in size if you want to try out a new OS. The date is shown as 'Jan' and time is shown as ' Use it to shrink a volume and create a new partition from the free space. Reinsert it and then set the date in the BIOS.

October 2014 pdf digit magazine

Follow the instructions and Ubuntu will be installed within Windows without the need to create a partition. Refer to your motherboard manual to check out which jumpers are used to clear CMOS.

So everytime I have to run the setup and then continue. Instructions for creating a bootable Ubuntu pen drive can be found at http: Press the Start button and type "Create and format partitions" to open the program.

Whenever I start my PC. We are assuming you have only one drive at present without any partition. Next create a bootable pen drive using the "rufus" tool from the Feb DVD or search for it online. I have installed Windows 7 bit version and the problem is.

This will show you all the drives that are there on your system. The error you are getting is pertaining to CMOS. Most linux distros have very clear instructions but be warned that some don't and if you do not follow the instructions or don't know what you're doing.

If your date is constantly changing. How do I use the full RAM capacity? Purushoth To create partitions. Add text to the slide by clicking or share it on Facebook and Twitter on the Text option at the right and using the share option. We now move on to the most useful control in PowToon. It has a radical time based functionality to it which enables you to appropriately assign the amount of time per slide or per object.

You can 48 Digit February www. The top part of the window is the PowToon toolbar which has the usual buttons such as New. At the right side you will find a slide style selector. Whereas on the left we have the slide pane which contains option to select between movie or presentation modes.

Select a name and describe your PowToon and choose the style you want for your PowToon movie followed by the template of your choice. Once there.

You can from your projects. Powtoon is an online web-based service which enables you to create amazing animated presentations and videos even when you might not know anything about animation or designing at all. Follow these simple steps. You can even drag the whole timeline for a particular object and move it before or after another object this will make that object appear or disappear accordingly.

We create that as follows: You use this to run commands on your project. If you are familiar with coding you should be able to follow this DIY quite easily. Apps can reference one another. Like the previous step. So how about we make our own? In this DIY we will use Django.

At this point we have the basic structure of our project. Imagine a CMS for car parts that has a heirarchy of part. A ready-made admin panel! In this example. If the data has a non-standard hierarchy then a traditional CMS system might not do. An app provides a distinct bit of functionality. In a CMS. Basic setup We need to change some very basic settings before this project will work the way we want.

The are many reasons for this — more work. Rather than go through that here. Content Management Systems usually revolve around the kind of content being managed. We will also add our own app to the list of installed apps. Pre-requisites To make this application. Further down. Here we have a movie. You can write these apps. So a blog post can have a ForeignKey to an author. The good thing is that the admin panel is not only automatically generated. Finally we have a Movie.

Before we do that though. Rather that hardcoding it. You will see that there is already quite a functional admin system! You can add movies. Enter the password you used while running the syncdb command. We will have three kinds of objects in our database. ForeignKey Person ForeignKey is used to link one kind of data to another. We want to add credits from within a movie. We have kept the person model simple. According to reports. The real magic right now is at http: Although now we have all the basic data.

This will automatically create a database table and provide a rich API. So we need to tell it. The admin panel The great thing about Django is that even with this. Role from django. Each of these becomes a column in the database table. In the previous example we just used the admin. StackedInline which looks a bit different. What you do in this function is up to you. Movie from django. The pattern matching is done using Regex. A little for the front All we can do right now is add data.

Above the admin code. When someone visits a URL on our site. Ther is a lot more to Django. It is easy to apply this same method to any kind of data structure and work with books. If you run the site now. In this example we are overriding the settings for the admin panel for movie by making a class for it and customising its settings. The urls.

The movie name and credits and then put in some basic HTML code and returned to the browser. Here is how that could be coded: Open the views. This uses the default settings for the admin panel. If you are intrigued visit www. The only setting we change here is that it should have an inline model. Look at the examples in the urls. This is a much better way of adding movie credits.

Add a few movies with credits and try this out to see a very simple HTML page. MovieAdmin admin. For that we just add a PersonAdmin mirroring what we did for MovieAdmin. By setting a value for extra we tell the admin panel to allow people to enter three entries for Credits for a movie by default. If we want. We are subclassing from TabularInline. Siri is the answer to this app-launching woe And how often does your memory fail you in such instances?

Most of the times.. We try and cover some tricks that you absolutely must try From here Guided access Our phones are seldom our sole possessions these day The voiceassisted assistant in iOS 6 can launch apps if you ask her to do so In Safari Once your device is in Guided Access mode For your iOS 6-enabled Apple device. Turn the feature On by tapping on its slider button.. But in iOS Apple has oneclick access controls to quickly look up past history of your browsing data either within Safari or the App Store.

To turn add Guided Access in your iOS 6 device.. Your iTunes browsing history is saved for quick access in future Digit February www In fact.

Select Add to Reading List from the bevy of options displayed. Disable ad tracking Apple has restored control back to the user as far as privacy is concerned in iOS 6. To get out of Guided Access mode. With iOS 6.

Digit magazine pdf october 2014 - October magazine

Apple lets iPhone users do just that in a simple and straightforward fashion. Decline or Answer. Editing the signature settings for each email account on your iOS 6 device is simple.

But if your iPhone runs on iOS 6. Crack it hard! If you dislike adverts targeted at you. Multiple email signature Email signatures are absolutely essential to have. Here we take a look at hand-picked Google Chrome extensions that enhance your time on the Web and optimize your browser experience. Despite their best attempts. Like we said. Often tracking websites collect browsing data to analyse user behaviour. Now start adding the to-do items by clicking on the blue icon on the top-right corner of the Chrome browser window.

Privacy Fix is one Google Chrome extension you have to start using immediately. Railguns always bring in the glory be in movies or games, and BAE systems want them in future army vehicles. It can wake you up with an alarm and perfectly heated water at a desired temperature, or you can just instruct the kettle to maintain water at a particular temperature for as long as you want. All set for the smart life, you?

Make it happen! It connects over Wi-Fi and can be controlled by a smartphone app. Not just that, the Lifx lightbulb can be programmed to fade-in, fade-out light or colour transitions, and asked to automatically adjust brightness depending on the time of the day. August In the world of smart locks, which is still at a fledgling state, August stands tall and proud. An ordinary looking device with extraordinary powers, one that promises to reduce several keys in your keychain.

With bit AES encryption, this lock protects your keys as well as the physical door to your house through a bolt that only opens if a paired phone is within Bluetooth range. Keys can be generated and distributed to family members or guests who have the compatible app on their phones to gain access to your August smart lock protected property.

Alternatively, if you want to control the lock beyond Bluetooth range, it has the capability to join a compatible smart home hub to let you do that. There are only two possible reactions to this device — extreme happiness or extreme terror. Happiness because it sits in your home, sensing everything and sundry, in a connected smart home environment. Terror because we live in a post-Snowden world. Be that as it may, equipped with an army of sensors Sense Cookies which can be placed around your home, which you control through Sense Mother hah!

Wanna try? Be our guest. This is essentially a palm-sized voice-operated computer that plugs into any power socket and pairs with your home Wi-Fi to give you a taste of what the future of computing promises to be. With a 1. The possibilities are endless. Alpha Android 5. Keep an eye out for Blip the image and get access the Blippar icon next to video reviews, interactive to some images games, and much more!

It's always useful. Congratulations to you and your team. However, I feel that some change is required now, for betterment. You provide us with two DVDs along with the magazine, which contain a lot of data. I have a suggestion. They may include health and human body, medicine, engineering, electronics, arts, languages, commerce, history, geography, music, cultures, politics, travel, current affairs, etc.

Please mention useful links for further information. It can be similar to the hard copy of Fast Track that we get on different subjects each month. Everybody at home, irrespective of age, will start liking Digit. It will also increase the preservation value of the DVDs. Please implement this suggestion for a year.

Then, based on the feedback, you can take a call whether to continue with it or not. A Japanese construction firm plans to build an underwater city, generating power from the seabed and supporting people. Thanks for your kind words, Shashikant.

And if readers like it, then who knows, we might even make it regular. Also, Big Daddy is indeed really Big indeed. Firstly, a big salute to all the members of Team Digit, because you really are revolutionising technology. My journey with Digit began in , when I came across your magazine for the first time in my school library and from that point on, I became a fan.

The November issue was amazing in terms of knowledge and I have a few suggestions: It was damn informative. The good news is that your prayers have been answered, and you must now be enjoying a poster with this issue. Kudos to the work that you all are doing. I usually access the Digit website from my phone via Opera Mini. If you access the website www.

Implementing this will be great help to me and my buddies and many others readers. Thanks for your interesting suggestion, Karan. Government requests for user data has been on the rise and a study details how many victims lose data to phishing. Say good-bye to cracked screens because Gorilla Glass 4 is here and get ready as Oneplus One ties up with Amazon India.

Android version is expected in Microsoft, however, is keeping some premium features for Office subscribers such as unlimited OneDrive storage and Dropbox integration. The company had already hinted at extending its services on other platforms after launching Office for iPad. It had also allowed users with Office subscription to edit and create new documents.

Microsoft is already bearing the brunt of depleting laptops and desktop computers across the world. Meanwhile, rival Google has been working consistently to improve its productivity suite for mobile phones.

That said, Microsoft is taking a huge risk by making Office free for use. WhatsApp's new blue-ticks feature made optional post massive negative user feedback Messenger: Google's new standalone messaging app for Android.

Google has released a standalone messaging app for Android on Google Play store. Called Messenger, the application features Google's new Material Design, though supports devices running Android 4.

You can also send group texts and images, videos and audio messages to texts. The Messenger app lets you search through contacts and conversation threads.

It also gives you the option to block SMS senders. Other features include coloured text threads, message archiving and emoji support. Contrary to rumours, Google's new Messenger doesn't seem to be a. Google is often criticised for forcing users to use its applications. It will be really interesting to see how Google manages its Hangouts and Messenger applications. Will these two apps be interlinked? You can download Messenger for Android here: Microsoft Office suite is now free for iPhone, iPad and Android Microsoft has announced that it's making Office apps free for iPad, iPhone and Android — a move considered to be a major shift in strategy for the company.

This allows users, even those who haven't subscribed to Office to create and edit documents in Word, Excel and Powerpoint for free. Microsoft has rolled out the free version of Office for iPhone and iPad, while a preview version has been launched for Android. Full release of the. Good time for humanity to re-assess the three laws, we think. In fact, some things we take for granted today were thought to be absolute dreams by generations past — take the convenience of storing your entire music collection in your pocket, for example, or the luxury of having a face-to-face conversation with a loved one.

Graphics driver woes, minimum system requirements Fail, SSD buying confusion. Also please mention whether I can upgrade my graphics hardware and RAM too. Will an SSD run properly on my system? Also ICH7 doesn't have that. I can't find a proper answer for it. Help me please. Thank You. Can my ageing desktop play the current crop of games? How do I update my graphics card drivers?

We answer them all. Here is a good benchmark: However, for your motherboard, we have found one mention where someone has used an SSD but not only did the person get lower speeds, but the entire capacity of the drive could not be utilised. So yeah, you can update your drivers without worry. You can also upgrade your RAM which is probably running at MHz currently unless there is some overclocking that was done by the manufacturer.

Running a system information tool like Speccy should help, but you can use any MHz module running on the same voltage since the. Can I update drivers? Hi Team Digit, I have a problem at hand. My system configuration is: Intel Core i3 2. Is my system configuration enough to play games like COD: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 3, Crisis 3? If not, what component of my system should I upgrade? My budget is within Rs. Thanks in advance. For playing current games at good frame rates, you need a decent GPU.

This trendy looking smart kettle promises to make a mark in your daily habits from the time you wake up till you get your daily dose of caffeine. It does, however, have a tonne of features that let you manipulate media in interesting and useful ways, such as converting between different file formats or downloading videos from YouTube. Bitcoin, the virtual cryptocurrency has seen its share of both die-hard users and skeptics, but one man just pledged his devotion to the currency by having an NFC chip injected into his hands.

One has data that can be overwritten - such as contact details, and can be simply scanned using an NFC enabled device, while the other contains his encrypted private key. Gluten is one of the most widely consumed proteins in the world, and is the chemical responsible for the chewy, stretchy nature of bread.

But just why is everyone rushing onto the Gluten-free bandwagon, and is it really as unhealthy as its made out to be? Come next January, students at the University of Pennsylvania will be able to attend a class, where for three hours a week, they will sit in a single room with just their laptops and a WiFi connection.

Staying out of the hospital - on purpose! Studies have shown that people who have a clear purpose in life, spend lesser time in the hospital. Keeping a goal that one can work towards, is an important part of psychological and physical well being. Learn how:. Understanding Ebola The Ebola virus is the latest pandemic to have gripped the world with fear, but just what exactly IS Ebola?

Ars Technica gets in touch with a virologist at the University of Columbia to give us a lowdown on what makes Ebola so deadly. Head over to http: Ever wonder what it is? The UX has become an important part of the product development cycle. Many industries are hiring UX professionals to shape their product. What is UX? It defines how a user feels while interacting with the system.

The system could be anything — a website, a mobile app or even a desktop app. It deals with how a website or an application looks. It covers the entire look of the application including the colors, fonts, icons and images used.

The user interface is entirely about the visual and interface design. It deals with how easily a user can, well, use the app and how easily the app would serve to satisfy his requirements. Consider this example: When designing the interface UI of your app, you should not only con-. Suppose your UI looks exceptionally good think: Then, no matter how great your app looks, it will be completely useless.

Net has to travle way long to match open source Java. And h B adoption. Though rudimentary, it worked. It gave users a genuine illusion of being in a virtual environment. The decades that followed saw waning interest in the technology in the consumer space.

VR head mounted displays or experience zones that did eventually. Naturally the technology only found takers in niche industries and as logic would suggest, so. Take the concept of Virtual Reality. It has captivated those slightly more evolved amongst us ever since humanity started asking difficult questions about life, the nature of reality, and the allure of illusion.

In fact, the dream of attaining VR has been right up there with space travel, artificial intelligence and immortality. The promise of VR is too great to ignore. One of the earliest efforts to make this dream of developing artificially generated sensory immersion a reality happened with the ironically or aptly? While working together with David Evans at the University of Utah they.

The Zero1 Awards signify the pinnacle of achievement for products across categories A lot of care and effort has gone into selecting the product categories for Zero1 Award to ensure we have reviewed enough products in all these categories to be absolutely sure about our stand, and pick the best performing product aka Zero1 Winner in all of them through a series of industry-standard benchmarks and unbiased subjective tests.

Through the pages that follow, you will see us summarizing the highs and lows of a Zero1 Award product category in the introduction of their respective pages, trying to give our readers an idea of what transpired in that product category this year, and predict future trends if any. Remember, any product mentioned or written about in the Zero1 Awards pages are all outstanding products of the year. This is our effort to inform our readers about not just the absolute best performing products in their respective categories but to also give them other products to mull over, products that possess a unique trait or two.

Since October, the team has been inundated with a constant influx of devices and have seen enough of them to the extent of even dreaming about them in their sleep. Many thanks to all the brands who participated in Zero1 Awards automatically by sending us products throughout the year. Congratulations to all the winners! For all those products who came short and missed out on the coveted prize, better luck next time.

Here it is then. Team Digit is proud to announce the winners of the Zero1 Awards These are the best performing products of this year. Read away! All through the year, through a range of comparison tests and bazaar reviews, not to mention online reviews and DGT pages, all of us reviewers in the team have tested and rated just under products in What matters?

Performance, performance, and only performance! Wearables is in, despite being a young segment; so are Mini PCs, and Hybrid Laptops — perhaps the category that exploded the most with a whole host of products, after Mid-Ranged Smartphones around the 15k mark which is also represented this year.

Through the pages of DGT this year, we got to try our hand at some not-so-regular category of products —like high-end luxury watches, motorbikes and even expensive cars Lamborghini Huracan and BMW Mini Cooper, anyone?

DSLR Cameras CPU Coolers The camera does feature a much lower ISO of 64, which should make a world of a difference in studio photography, because the camera is incredibly sharp. We could very clearly observe even the texture of the SpyderCUBE that we use for calibrating our images; the amount of detail in the texture was not visible on any other camera or any other ISO, even on the D Nikon D This camera lagged behind the D in terms of image sharpness and colour tone, but the difference was only slight.

It offers more features including a noticeably higher ISO range and better noise control at higher ISOs, but the loss in sharpness is still an issue. The Digit Test Centre receives hundreds of products every month.

Each of these products is put through a series of tests and is finally given a score. The final score is arrived at after considering a number of factors and evaluating them in terms of features, performance, value for money, build quality, and, in the case of software, even ease of use. An augmented heads up display on your motorcycle helmet would really be cool for your bike rides http: The phone uses a 5-inch p display instead of the QHD 5.

The 5-inch display is commendable but the phone could have done better with a p panel since all other smartphones are moving towards the p norm. The phone can easily preloaded apps. While testing the device we faced stutter, constant frame drops and slow performance. The camera is capable of shooting Specifications decent p videos but it Display: In the resolution ppi ; Battery: Adreno more than a day quite easily.

But if you are looking for a Android 4. The drivers and the ambient light sensor are fitted in a small section at the bottom, cutting off a slice from the perfect circular dial. It does seem odd in the initial few days of usage, but You get all your you get used to it.

The Moto notifications, looks and feels just like a Google Now cards, and of normal watch. You can wear it course the time. It is also IP67 skins, but you do get some certified which means it is predefined watch faces. You water and dust-proof. The most attractive feature is probably the wireless charging feature. Just pop it on the dock and the dial shows you a clock with battery indicator running around the time. You Design Specifications We think that the Moto Display: But, if you can, hold Operating system: Android Wear; off for a bit as Android Wear Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wireless is still in its early stages and charging, Voice recognition; IP67 offers limited features.

We have a combination of PC configurations for most budgets out there, including the combo of our test rig. I then explored paid hosting with both Amazon Cloud Drive and Google. Not the most economical way out for me, unfortunately. That is hands down much greater than Flickr, Amazon, Google or Dropbox. As per convenience, ease of use, and data storage limit, OneDrive access through Microsoft Office is the most economical cloud backup solution available on the.