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The Name of This Book is Secret. Chapters • Which details from the text best support the generalization that. Cass is “(almost) always prepared”?. The Name of this Book Is Secret (The Secret Series series) by Pseudonymous Bosch. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. The official website for the bestselling Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch is a secret. The videos And tell no one because the name of this book is secret.

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Автор: Bosch Pseudonymous, Книга: The Name of This Book Is Secret, Серия: Secret, Жанр: детская проза. Downloads PDF The Name of this Book Is Secret (The Secret Series, Book 1), PDF Downloads The Name of this Book Is Secret (The Secret. Start by marking “The Name of This Book Is Secret (Secret, #1)” as Want to Read: Warning: this description has not been authorized by Pseudonymous Bosch. Pseudonymous Bosch is the infamously anonymous author of the New York Times bestselling Secret Series and the Bad Books.

I had to reread it to start the second book, but I still felt all of the emotions as I did in the first time I read it. He goes on and on about not reading the book because the book contains a secret and secrets are hard to keep so don't read this book unless you can keep a secret Your palate will sing! Owen's most notable characteristic is that he imitates other accents, instead of speaking normally. Happy reading!

Nov 01, Totoro rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 09, Book Whales rated it it was amazing. They were promoting it because I heard it was a really good series and it was also gonna release its last book. And I decided to read the synopsis and did some background research upon it and then I fell in love with its concept.

Do you know Series of Unfortunate Events? Its a 13 book series which will be in my all time favorite book.

This the book pdf is secret name of

Well the tone of the story is somewhat similar to SOUE that is why I was really determined to read this book. But back then I did not have enough money to buy it so it was only last week that I bought it. And there was no regret whatsoever after reading the first book. If there my classes did not resume, I could've finished this book in one sitting but neverthless I still managed to read it within two school days. It is in easy read since it has pages and the font is slightly big.

The first thing that is very entertaining with this book is its illustration or drawings for the title chapters.

It is always refreshing to see books with drawings on it. Make you feel like a kid again reading some picture book. So that is the first positive thing of this book The way author tells the story is also funny.

Book: The Name of This Book Is Secret

Throughout the book he uses as "fun tone" and always leaves some side comments here and there about the main characters. Also you will find that there are some kind of footnotes and appendix the helps the story and provides additional information towards some topics.

The characters are relatable since they are your typical boy and girl 12 years old but at the same time not typical. Since they have some unique qualities in them that are essential to the advancement of the story. Max Earnest and Cass will entertain you with their thought-process. Even the side characters or the villains are entertaining as well.

The author really did create soem quirky world within this story. The build up done from start up to the climax to the resolution of Book 1 is done beautifully. It presented the overall concept of the story while leaving you with some thing to wander. Makes you want to read book 2 immediately which I am doing right now So, with that long review I hope I convince you to read this book pleaseee: D Give it a try and if you dont like it This book was so good!

My inner child loves it: Two adventurers and the magician are investigating a lot of things but what makes this worth the read is the spectacular writing style! Highly recommended. Nov 25, Emily rated it it was amazing. View all 6 comments.

When two eleven year old kids; Cassandra, a self-proclaimed survivalist, and Max-Ernest, find a mysterious "Symphony of Smells", they stumble upon the suspicious death of a magician, some evil alchemists, and the existence of the Secret of life.

It's My thoughts Note: This review is for the whole series: The plot for each book is interesting and each one is different. The characters are all believable, relatable, and have distinct personalities. The Appendic Summary: The Appendices at the end of each book were cool too, as they usually contained activities, games, and some information.

So I loved this series, and you should give it a try. Pseudonymous Bosch also has a book called Write this Book; a Do-it Yourself mystery, which is a sort of guide for young writers on how to write a mystery. It's not completely related to the Secret Series there are, however, some references to it in Write This Book , but I still recommend reading the Secret Series first. Happy reading! Feb 14, Mrs. Morgan rated it liked it. It took me about pages in to find any real enjoyment in this book, but at that point it became quite cute.

This text offers readers something different than the typical engagement with a straight-forward narrative.

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There are codes, mysteries, interactions with the narrator, and secrets. I am quite glad that I received this book from a student and found the time to read it myself. It will become one of my top recommendations for my reluctant readers. View 1 comment. Jun 17, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: You know what I don't like? Granted, apparently Mr.

Bosch was able to keep his pseudonym secret for three years before he was discovered and how he must have howled and eaten several pounds of dark chocolate when he was discovered , but still, I just don't like knowing.

Perhaps I am in a secret-keeping mood thanks to this book. Yes, this bo You know what I don't like? The book really has a lot going for it: The riddles were very good, the kind of thing I bet a kid would have fun working out before they read on to reveal the answers, and the appendix is full of random, interesting information.

If you don't like quirky books, you'll hate this one. I can tell from reading the Goodreads reviews. While it may get to be too much in future books, I think old Pseudonymous handled it very well. It didn't annoy me once throughout the book. Un libro muy recomendado si quieres despejarte de lecturas muy densas y pesadas, pero con una buena historia. May 13, Bookish Devil rated it really liked it. View all 3 comments.

Sep 01, Serena.. Il libro mi ha attratto per due motivi: D Se qualcuno mi dicesse: DD Quan Il libro mi ha attratto per due motivi: DD Se vi capita l'occasione, comprate, leggete e apprezzate questo libro.. E poi oh, chi l'ha detto che un libro classificato "per ragazzi" debba essere esclusivamente per ragazzi? La letteratura per giovani lettori secondo me nasconde tante di quelle perle spesso sottavalutate..!!

Geniale il modo di raccontare la storia: Leggete la sua biografia: D e due personaggi principali niente male: Bambini largo circa normali, ecco!! Una grande avventura e siamo solo all'inizio!

Pdf secret is name of this the book

Mar 25, Sesana rated it it was ok Shelves: Very Lemony Snicket. Unfortunately, Pseudonymous Bosch is not exactly the second coming of Lemony Snicket, great name aside. It isn't a terrible book, but it's lacking on so many levels that I just lost interest in it. The premise of the book means that the author has purposely left out establishing characteristics of virtually every character, including the main ones. It's to protect their identities, you see. But it just leads to little other than their worse characteristics getting page time, and makes it very hard to like them.

The villains are less than memorable, and the plot itself is underwhelming and revolves around one of the main characters making an incredibly foolish mistake.

I try not to poke too much at illustrations, but here, the artist wasn't reading what he was illustrating very closely, and sometimes the art just doesn't match what's in the text.

I noticed this very early on. The text describes a real estate sign with an arrow pointing towards the house for sale. The picture of the sign? No arrow.

The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch | Scholastic

I wouldn't call this a deal-breaker, but it's slightly jarring, and a little lazy. But I did like that the author obviously did research into some of the topics in the book circuses, for example and synesthesia plays a fairly big, and fairly well-done, part of the story. I also liked Cass's grandfathers. Having a stable, older gay couple as an incidental detail in a middle grade book? Very nice. View all 5 comments. This book reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events maybe because of the writing.

I liked it, actually. It's like having a friend tell you a story, or rather, a secret. The Name of this Book is Secret is about a girl named Cassandra who goes on a dangerous adventure with a boy named Max-Earnest why he's called such has a funny background lol because of what they call the secret.

This book starts off filling you with curiosity due to the narrator holding back a lot of details, but that curi This book reminds me of A Series of Unfortunate Events maybe because of the writing.

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This book starts off filling you with curiosity due to the narrator holding back a lot of details, but that curiosity eventually wears off because as the story goes on, the things that happen next become quite predictable. What I liked about this book are the funny parts; there are a lot of them here and most of the hilarious scenes involve adults. It's hard to imagine how a children's book can pull off comical parts so easily!!!

It is a good book but I think I would've liked this more if I read this when I was ten. To be fair, it's a book written for children so maybe if you're an adult who read this and didn't enjoy it that much, that doesn't make the book bad. I think a younger audience would find this book more appealing.

Pseudonymous Bosch

Me ha gustado muchisimo, el final me ha sacado una buena sonrisa de la cara. Feb 13, Anthony rated it it was amazing. It is a beast book with all the details. He also wrote the notebook that Cass and Max-Ernest found, telling them about how close was he and Luciano and how they joined the circus. He had a twin brother, named Luciano who also has synesthesia , who was kidnapped by Ms Mauvais and is now her partner, under the alias Dr L.

Although the narrator often refers to him as "dead," Cass and Max-Ernest receive a note from him in code which they decipher. Pietro's initials are used at the end of the note. He won a prize for an art show, since he has synesthesia or the confusion of the senses, and paints in an attractive yet unique way. Halfway through the book, he was kidnapped by Dr L. He reappears later in This Isn't What It Looks Like, and goes through an immense change in character as he attended a private school run by the Midnight Sun.

He looks pale, and he mumbles when he talks. They are not her biological grandfathers, but love Cass just the same, as her real grandparents are "not around.

Grandpa Larry and Grandpa Wayne also own a shop established in an old, abandoned fire station that Gloria Fortune visits to drop off junk from Pietro's house, including the Symphony of Smells.

When they first meet, he has a strong stutter and appears to be very shy but friendly. Cass and Max-Ernest soon discover that Owen is actually a spy of sorts. Owen's most notable characteristic is that he imitates other accents, instead of speaking normally. In the first book, Owen speaks with a slight stutter, a nautical surfers' accent and an Irish brogue. Like other staff of the Midnight Sun, he looks handsome with tanned skin and some freckles, but he does not have the wrinkled arms and hands because he really is young.

He doesn't wear gloves like the others and Owen was introduced as a butler of Cass by Dr L. He is an intelligent person too. Amber — Amber is one of Cass' classmates and described as the nicest girl in school and the third prettiest. She is obsessed with two heiresses called the Skelton sisters, thus she uses their company's lip balm called "Smoochies.

Cass often receives one of her Smoochies, but she assumes it's only because she feels sorry for her. Amber has a friend named Veronica, who is the second prettiest, but not very nice she doesn't stand in fourth or fifth nicest too! Gloria Fortune — Gloria is a probate specialist, or a "real estate agent for the dead.

Cass and Max-Ernest enter their house by mistake and finds Dr. L and Ms.

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She loves to gossip, and was a guest at the Midnight Sun and identifies Cass although this time, she was nice with her. Then after the whole incident, she no longer remembers it and thinks it was a dream. A real-estate agent for the deceased, named Gloria, finds a mysterious box called, "The Symphony of Smells," in a dead magician's house which she drops off at Cass' grandfathers' junk store.

Cass takes the Symphony of Smells to school with her the next day. That day, while she investigates the reason for a rat dying in her schoolyard, she meets Max-Ernest, who talks too much, loves jokes and has divorced parents. Max-Ernest tries out one of his jokes on Cass, who tells him that his joke doesn't make sense, thus fostering a conversation between the two. Cass shows Max-Ernest the Symphony of Smells, and they decode a message for help hidden inside it. Cass and Max-Ernest come to the decision to visit the dead magician's house to find out why he needed help.

Now collaborators, Cass and Max-Ernest go to investigate the dead magician's house and find the magician's mysterious journal hidden in his secret study. This couple is looking for the magician's journal and when they see the kids leaving with the journal, they follow Cass and Max-Ernest for hours, uttering threats. However, the kids manage to escape. After reaching home, the kids find a riddle written on the first page of the journal, but the rest of it is empty.

If you ever meet anyone claiming to be Pseudonymous himself he is almost certainly an impostor. The real Pseudonymous is said currently to be hiding in a cave in a remote jungle although there are contrary reports that he is somewhere in Greenland. Do not visit him at his website. Gilbert Fold managed to fend off attacks from the evil midnight sun in order to illustrate the books in the Secret series.

Laughing in the face of danger, he also does work for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications, and has won many toy awards. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. This is a secret story about a dangerous secret I must not reveal.

Dangerous secrets lie between the pages of this book. The secret to the best tasting chocolate in the world lies within this book.

Avert your eyes! This book contains top secret, super classified, highly confidential information.