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Are you looking full forms of computer then you are at the right place. covered BASIC – Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. All Full Forms for Computer - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A to Z FULL FORMS - All Full Forms - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Full Forms.

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Full forms list, Full list of full forms, a to z full forms, stands for, meaning, what is, description, BASIC, Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Appendix A. List of Abbreviations with Full form. Abbreviation. Full form. 1G .. removed all the registration details relating to the public user identity. Description of full form list pdf download. EBOOK DOWNLOAD WHAT IS THE FULL FORM OF ARMY ABBREVIATIONS ALL FULL FORMS WHAT IS THE FULL .

IPO Abbreviations: Audio files are used for songs, recording purpose. SUB — Subtitle File. NSC Abbreviations: IAAI Abbreviations:

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Jim Green 26 February at Sachin Sharma 18 March at Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Recently Posts. Different Types of computer connectors.

T Series vs Pewdiepie: Questions About Networking. What is a computer network?

A group of computer that a Different Types of Cables in Computer. Take a look at any piece of equipment related to computer harder Computer Maintenance - Tools and Materials When performing computer upgrades, maintenance or troubleshooting, you will often need to r T Series v Total Pageviews. CSIR Abbreviations: CST Abbreviations: CTT Abbreviations: DA Abbreviations: DBS Bank Lt: DDS Abbreviations: DMIC Abbreviations: DPEP Abbreviations: ECA Abbreviations: ECB Abbreviations: ECS Abbreviations: EEE Abbreviations: EET Abbreviations: EFA Abbreviations: EFT Abbreviations: EGOM Abbreviations: EMI Abbreviations: EMS Abbreviations: EPF Abbreviations: EPFO Abbreviations: ESA Abbreviations: ESMA Abbreviations: ESOP Abbreviations: EU Abbreviations: FAO Abbreviations: FCCB Abbreviations: FCNR Abbreviations: FDI Abbreviations: FEMA Abbreviations: FERA Abbreviations: FII Abbreviations: FIPB Abbreviations: FMCG Abbreviations: FPO Abbreviations: FRBM Abbreviations: FSSA Abbreviations: FTA Abbreviations: GATT Abbreviations: GCC Abbreviations: GDR Abbreviations: GEF Abbreviations: GIC Abbreviations: GNP Abbreviations: GST Abbreviations: HDFC Abbreviations: HDI Abbreviations: HSBC Abbreviations: IAAI Abbreviations: IAAS Abbreviations: IADF Abbreviations: IAEA Abbreviations: IASB Abbreviations: ICAI Abbreviations: ICAR Abbreviations: ICCW Abbreviations: ICDS Abbreviations: ICMR Abbreviations: ICOR Abbreviations: ICRA Abbreviations: ICRC Abbreviations: IDA Abbreviations: IDBI Abbreviations: IDR Abbreviations: IES Abbreviations: IEX Abbreviations: IFRS Abbreviations: IFSC Abbreviations: IFTU Abbreviations: IFWJ Abbreviations: IIP Abbreviations: IIPA Abbreviations: IISS Abbreviations: ILO Abbreviations: IMF Abbreviations: IMO Abbreviations: IMRB Abbreviations: IOC Abbreviations: IPCC Abbreviations: IPEC Abbreviations: IPO Abbreviations: IPR Abbreviations: IRDA Abbreviations: IREP Abbreviations: ISO Abbreviations: ISS Abbreviations: ITDC Abbreviations: ITO Abbreviations: ITU Abbreviations: KPO Abbreviations: KYC Abbreviations: LDC Abbreviations: LIC Abbreviations: LLP Abbreviations: MAIT Abbreviations: MAT Abbreviations: MCAP Abbreviations: MDG Abbreviations: MEP Abbreviations: MFA Abbreviations: MFI Abbreviations: MFIN Abbreviations: MFN Abbreviations: MIN Abbreviations: MNC Abbreviations: MRTS Abbreviations: MSME Abbreviations: MSP Abbreviations: MTO Abbreviations: NAEP Abbreviations: NAM Abbreviations: NAMA Abbreviations: NATO Abbreviations: NAV Abbreviations: NBFC Abbreviations: NDC Abbreviations: NEFT Abbreviations: NEGP Abbreviations: NEP Abbreviations: NFO Abbreviations: NHAI Abbreviations: NHDP Abbreviations: NHRC Abbreviations: NIFT Abbreviations: NIO Abbreviations: NLMA Abbreviations: NMDC Abbreviations: NNP Abbreviations: NPA Abbreviations: NPR Abbreviations: NSDL Abbreviations: NSSO Abbreviations: NTPC Abbreviations: ODA Abbreviations: OECD Abbreviations: OGL Abbreviations: OIC Abbreviations: OIL Abbreviations: OMCS Abbreviations: ONGC Abbreviations: OPEC Abbreviations: OSCE Abbreviations: PAC Abbreviations: PAN Abbreviations: PATA Abbreviations: PCI Abbreviations: PDS Abbreviations: PIL Abbreviations: PIO Abbreviations: PN Abbreviations: PNB Abbreviations: POP Abbreviations: PPF Abbreviations: PPP Abbreviations: PTA Abbreviations: PURA Abbreviations: QIB Abbreviations: QIP Abbreviations: QR Abbreviations: RBI Abbreviations: RIDF Abbreviations: RRPI Abbreviations: SAIL Abbreviations: SBI Abbreviations: SCO Abbreviations: SDR Abbreviations: SEBI Abbreviations: SEWA Abbreviations: SEZ Abbreviations: SLR Abbreviations: STT Abbreviations: TDS Abbreviations: TIFR Abbreviations: TIN Abbreviations: TPDS Abbreviations: TRAI Abbreviations: UCO Abbreviations: UN Abbreviations: UNDP Abbreviations: UNEF Abbreviations: UNEP Abbreviations: VAT Abbreviations: VDIS Abbreviations: VRS Abbreviations: WEF Abbreviations: WFP Abbreviations: WHO Abbreviations: WIPO Abbreviations: Also Check: Full Forms of Famous Banks of India.

C Abbreviations: D Abbreviations: G Abbreviations: R Abbreviations: P Abbreviations: ABM Abbreviations: ABVP Abbreviations: AC Abbreviations: ACU Abbreviations: AD Abbreviations: ADC Abbreviations: ADS Abbreviations: AG Abbreviations: AI Abbreviations: AIDS Abbreviations: AIR Abbreviations: AJT Abbreviations: ALH Abbreviations: AM Abbreviations: AMC Abbreviations: AME Abbreviations: AMW Abbreviations: APC Abbreviations: APJ Abdul Kalam: APPU Abbreviations: ASAT Abbreviations: ASC Abbreviations: ASCI Abbreviations: ASLV Abbreviations: ASMA Abbreviations: ATA Abbreviations: ATC Abbreviations: ATM Abbreviations: ATR Abbreviations: ATV Abbreviations: AUDI Abbreviations: AUM Abbreviations: AVC Abbreviations: AVM Abbreviations: A Abbreviations: F Abbreviations: BARC Abbreviations: BBC Abbreviations: BC Abbreviations: BCG Abbreviations: BICP Abbreviations: BIOS Abbreviations: BKU Abbreviations: BMD Abbreviations: BMW Abbreviations: BOSS Abbreviations: BPR Abbreviations: BRO Abbreviations: BSE Abbreviations: BSF Abbreviations: BSNL Abbreviations: I Abbreviations: U Abbreviations: The company was originally called Goldstar.

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The company originated in as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, and was renamed "International Business Machines" in The company was named after the founder, Donna Karan and the city where it was founded, New York.

It was launched on September This rubber product manufacturing company is headquartered in Chennai, which was also known as Madras, and derives its name from the same.

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CEAT was founded in Italy in , but set up its manufacturing unit in India in , which explains the name. With their shift to the computer industry in the 70s, they changed their name to Western India Products Limited.

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This technology company's name is a combination of the words Integrated Electronics. It also helped that 'intel' is short for 'intelligence'. This candy is named after the surnames of the company's founders - Forrest Mars and William Murrie.