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"Filled with action, passion, and adolescent angst, Constantine's novel introduces two believable characters with strong, honest voices who work to find. The Promise of Amazing. by Robin Constantine. Wren Caswell flies under the radar. She follows the rules, gets fairly decent grades, and takes. The Promise of Amazing poses a question: What is the promise of love worth? For year-old Wren Caswell, that's not a question she's considered much.

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Robin Constantine's New Jersey romance The Promise of Amazing is a sexy, poignant, funny, and authentic debut novel that will appeal to fans of books by Step. i want to read it by downloading it on pdf how will i read this book? These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine. Editorial Reviews. Review. The Promise of Amazing Quiz - Which ' 80s rom-com is your love life? Wren was a good girl. Gray was a player.

Basically, besides his looks, he doesn't have very much going for him and his long string of mistakes made him very hard to like. She was the quiet girl, and so was I! Jul 27, Jen Ryland marked it as setting-aside-for-now Shelves: Really Amazing Cant believe Amazing Voice pakistani local singer. But the thoughts that were going through his head when he first met Wren and the early stages of their relationship didn't feel like those going through the mind of a teenage boy.

Her grades have slipped in the past few years, and the National Honor Society rejected her application because her teachers describe her as too quiet. Wren bristles at the fact that a lifelong personality trait has kept her from achieving a goal. She wonders whether, instead of attending college, she should take over the family business.

The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine Ebook (PDF) Free Download

They own an event space called the Camelot where they host weddings and other such festivities every weekend. During a weekend wedding that seems to be like any other weekend wedding, Wren has to carry the tray of cocktail weenies.

She has even less time for the boys who think they are hilarious for calling her names like Weenie Girl. But when one member of this cohort who just happens to be obnoxiously attractive chokes on his cocktail weenie, Wren jumps into action. It is a good thing that she paid attention in health class, because her Heimlich maneuver does the job.

Girl has not only met boy, but she has also saved his life. This creates an instant bond between them, and the obnoxiously attractive boy, Grayson, decides to try to get closer to his savior.

It is. The pages fly by as the reader becomes absorbed in the world of Wren and Grayson. Although Wren and Grayson may be two very different sides of the same coin one a quiet, studious girl, the other with a shadowy past , perhaps there is some good to come out of their relationship. From science class references, language, mean girls and just the ways teenagers relate to each other, Robin Constantine was definitely able to get into the lives of your average teenagers and express what it would be like in the situations they were faced with.

Then there was the whole good-girl-meets-bad-boy-and-fall-in-love sort of cliched storyline, however it was pitched differently in the book. In all, even the ending was sweet, and I was glad to see how things turned out. The alternating POV's made the story engaging and encapsulated how one character's actions affected the other, and their different perceptions of things. They way that the plot portrayed the different kinds of relationships teenagers have was also quite observant: This is definitely a story about how meeting one amazing person can change your personality and your life.

There was also an insight into the 'secondary' characters which was good to see, such as the careers adviser who seems to think that letting down the self esteem of her students is okay. Again, this novel deals with issues and characters that may just exist in real life, not simply as figments of an author's imagination.

I especially found Wren's character an accurate representation of how some students may feel at times, if they are studious but quiet: She is definitely smart, though does at times come across as naive. However, I think that this portrays her innocence at the beginning of the book, which transforms as she is brought out of her shell by Grayson. Now, Grayson is a totally different story.

When you get to know him, he's a good guy at heart who made some bad mistakes because of the friends he was hanging around with. Once more, something that teens would be able to relate to. Wren certainly brings out the sweet, good side of him, which was only just beneath the surface all along. At first I will admit that I disliked him as a character because it seemed he would stay stuck in his old ways, though as I saw him change for the better I warmed to him - even with his flaws at least he was genuine.

By all means, I think it is a novel that teens will definitely be able to relate to and find engaging. With a valuable message and plot which kept me captivated with its complex relationships, I believe readers can, and will find that this book is one they certainly won't want to miss. View all 4 comments.

Jul 12, Ashley rated it liked it Shelves: Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews I am absolutely drowning in indecision. Did I like The Promise of Amazing? Was it only okay? I don't know!! I started out on excellent terms with The Promise of Amazing.

I thought Wren was funny, had a great personality, and I could completely relate to her. The NHS evaluation made [being quiet] sound like a character flaw. Something I could improve. That's just not how it worked.

Some people just aren't loud and chatty. Some people, like myself, are more quiet and reserved. That doesn't mean we're bad students, or that there's something wrong with us, or that there's "room for improvement". We're just quiet. We can still do good work and get good grades. I remember tons of parent-teacher conferences where the teachers would say, "Ashley is a good student, but she could speak up more in class. So in that sense, I completely and totally clicked with Wren.

She was the quiet girl, and so was I! I loved that. Then in steps Grayson. He was also a great character. He was definitely the more flawed one. He had a dark and sketchy past that he was trying to overcome, but it kept pulling him down.

I like how his flaws made him seem real, and how he really worked to change and become a better person. So why not a higher rating? I think there are two main reasons for this. First, I think the book fizzled out a little towards the end. At first I really liked Wren and Grayson's relationship, but I didn't keep loving it. I wanted to see more dates and intimate moments.

I think there was too much constant drama surrounding their relationship. There was always an obstacle or someone trying to sabotage what they had. You could also say that the book was a little insta-lovey as a result of all that.

As I said, they only went on one real date, and yet they eventually throw around the word love. Is it really love? I don't think so. The insta-love didn't bother me as much as it has in other books, but it was still there..

The Promise of Amazing

And secondly, I was a little disappointed by the ending. The author spent the whole book building up this evil douchebag of an antagonist. As Grayson put it: After all the crap he'd pulled, he still got what he'd wanted the most.

Where was his karmic payback? I could not agree with this more. Luke was a huge dickwad, but he got out totally unscathed. He did horrible things and yet he still got into his college of choice and totally got off completely clean.

What the hell? I wanted him to crash and burn.. But the lack of payback made the ending seem a bit anti-climactic. But towards the end I wasn't as hooked. I wasn't devouring it and I actually did find myself skimming a little.

The Promise of Amazing wasn't quite amazing; I'd say it was pretty good. View 1 comment. Aug 28, Glire rated it it was ok Shelves: The Promise of Amazing? Este libro tiene todo de lo que suelo quejarme en los romances: Look at his car.

Definitely not the accessory of a player.

Constantine of the promise pdf amazing by robin

Jul 26, Kate Bond rated it it was ok Shelves: Look at that cover! Oh, how I want to join those two fresh-faced teenagers in their tiny little love bubble. I want to giggle and be generally adorable with them. I wanted so badly to love this book. A few years ago, my husband wrote for a show called The Forgotten, and the day he got the job he began to calmly prepare himself for the punny reviews that would inevitably come.

And they did come, of course, because when a joke is right there, you absolutely have to take it. Why would an author do this to herself? Why would a publisher let her? The police are legally required to give you that information when they arrest you.

And in case you were wondering, yes, the title is absolutely referenced by one of the characters in the book.

Amazing pdf robin of promise constantine by the

I suppose that for a younger teenager who has experience with neither the instant spark that leads to a passionate, short-lived fling, nor the slow burn of real love, this story might fulfill a very specific fantasy, but I have a hard time imagining a world in which this book would be enjoyable for an older reader.

The characters are just too illogical and boring. And un-sexy. And absolutely not in love.

An advance copy was provided by the publisher for this review. Review also posted at The Midnight Garden. Jun 22, Anatea Oroz rated it it was ok Shelves: This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea's Bookshelf The only thing amazing about this book is its beautiful cover, everything else is pretty much the opposite.

The Promise of Amazing is not so amazing after all, so don't get your hopes up with this book and disregard the title. The rest of the book is pretty much about how they love each other. Insta-love, you ask? Unfortunately, yes. You could eve This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea's Bookshelf The only thing amazing about this book is its beautiful cover, everything else is pretty much the opposite. You could even say, mega-insta-love. Normaly, I could overlook insta-love when it makes just a little bit sense.

But with this book, it's not the case. The whole romance felt forced. On their first date, Wren couldn't stand Grayson and she left, but two days later, Grayson was all she could think about. Just like that, out of the blue sky! You see, to me, that feels forced. I also couldn't feel any connection between them. I actually couldn't connect with them either.

Wren was your typical quiet girl. She did what she was told, even though she didn't like being told, but she never stick up for herself. Just plain and boring character. Nothing there to say I liked that about her or I disliked that about ther. While with Grayson, I can say I disliked a lot of things about him. I can say I disliked his whole character. From his actions to the way he talked. Is that supposed to make me like him? The good thing about The Promise of Amazing was that it was a fast-paced and a pretty quick read.

If it was slow, I think I would have abandoned it. There was always something happening, even though I often got the feeling that everything was forced and just thrown in to keep the story going.

But there were some parts that I liked, even got me laugh a few times. All in all, I don't think this book is The Promise of Amazing for me, but for someone else it may be. If insta-love doesn't bother you, maybe you could even enjoy this book.

Jul 10, Amber Books of Amber rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm not going to lie to you, I went into this book knowing that I probably wouldn't like it. I had heard tales of instalove and that is never good. My instincts were correct, this wasn't a good book.

Which is a shame, because I had high hopes for it before all the reviews started coming out. And the cover is awesome. My main issue with The Promise of Amazing is the characters, and how I didn't feel connected to either of them as a result of the stupid instalove. We barely got the chance to get t I'm not going to lie to you, I went into this book knowing that I probably wouldn't like it. We barely got the chance to get to know either of them before they were falling over their own feet for each other.

I wanted to learn more about Wren in particular, since I feel she is the least developed out of the two. I don't think Ms. Constantine did a good job with any of the characters, including the secondary ones like the parents and friends.

I was hoping for a lot more development with them, especially Grayson's family who were dealing with some issues. Instead it was all shoved aside for Grayson and Wren's instalove. It was very disappointing. The climax of the book also felt a little ridiculous. I can deal with holding back my disbelief usually, but this was just way too much.

The Promise of Amazing is totally cliche, and I don't think it offers anything new. I would compare it to the latest book in Katie McGarry's Pushing the Limits series, because the two are very similar in the sense that the good girl saves the bad boy from a life of crime.

The Promise of Amazing. I read that title to myself about a dozen times, and felt compelled to read this, while on break. And there was something strangely hypnotizing about this story; I did like Wren up to a certain point But, I can't say the same for Grayson. I loved how they met, and the kind of character Grayson was- but it was ultimately unbelievable.

I just couldn't get past Gr The Promise of Amazing. I just couldn't get past Grayson's "I'm-a-new-man" bullshit. I was honestly more interested in Luke. I think his characterization was much more edgy, interesting, and believable. It had more meat overall. If he was paired with Wren, that'd be something worth reading. Otherwise - it was just another teeny bopper, sugar-coated, candy-wrapped, nothing-new, cliched "fantasy" teen romance novel.

The reformed bad-boy player changes his ways after he meets quiet and shy, yet dazzling Wren. I never really knew "why" he fell for her, or what it was that she did that compelled him to change his player ways. Luke was the real bad boy, and it would've been interesting to see more of his interactions with Wren. I didn't hate the book, but I can't say that I loved it either. I'd probably give this a 2. Otherwise, bleh.

The Promise of Amazing | Teenreads

Unless you're really stuck in a rut, bored out of your mind, with nothing else to read - I'd advise against this cookie-cutter, bland, one-note book. Jul 27, Jen Ryland marked it as setting-aside-for-now Shelves: I love contemporaries, love the cover and was so excited about the 80s movie references. I was really looking forward to reading a YA contemporary about an ordinary girl falling in love with a bad boy in need of redemption.

I would LOVE to read the story that t I love contemporaries, love the cover and was so excited about the 80s movie references.

I would LOVE to read the story that the cover and blurb promised, but what I read seemed more like tepid insta-love between a girl who's obsessed with her own averageness and an immature guy filled with delusions and self-justifications about his own mistakes and bad behavior. I kept reading, hoping that these two flawed people could somehow be amazing together, but I just wasn't feeling it.

Jun 20, Juhina rated it did not like it Shelves: I could not finish this book. Three words: Insta freaking Love. I had to get that out of the way. I just had to.

Now that we've gotten the title pun in here, let's see Tragically, no. But I won't say that this book was completely terrible either. I mean, it has a pretty cover. Look at that! Ain't it purty? If one enters this book in the right mood, it can be quite enjoyable. Let me clarify what I mean. When I started reading The Promise of Amazing , I was desperately in need of some winter-themed fluff.

And this book takes place in the winter. And the plot is very much romance-centric. So it was a comfortable kind of read, and it read quite quickly.

It was easily digestible, and that was something I was desperately in need of. I quite enjoyed the romance between Wren and Grayson! I definitely felt some of the chemistry between them, if only because Robin Constantine sure knows how to write kissing scenes.

A lot of bloggers have been calling it instalove, and yeah, I see where they're coming from. But I do feel like the instalove was mostly onesided, and surprisingly not on the girl's side. No, Wren was much more hesitant about trusting Grayson and letting him get closer to her. I could actually follow her logic and really enjoyed her narrations. I did feel a connection to her, because a lot of her worries, not just about the romance, but about college and the future, mirrored my own in high school.

I definitely thought she was a realistic main character. But Grayson Within two brief meetings with Wren, the first of which entirely consists of him puking on her shoes, he starts saying things like, "There was a genuineness about Wren that made me feel like I didn't have to put up a front.

Like she really saw me. I needed to see her again. This is utter wish fulfillment bullshit. Show me a teenage guy who thinks like this and I'll show you a flying pig. It doesn't help either that in spite of these random interjections of instalove, Grayson still revels in being somewhat of a womanizer and obsesses over physical attraction.

Sure, Wren has her moments of instalove, but they are much subtler, where she talks about feeling a magnetic pull to Grayson. That, to some extent, I can believe. But the bullshit Grayson's spouting? I wish this whole book would be written from Wren's perspective, because I'm sure I'd like it at least twice as much.

What I also dislike is that the author tried to make some sort of plot aside from the romance, hinging on Grayson's background, where he was friends with the wrong people who encouraged him to run a business of selling term papers and participate in other hijinks.

But this book was begging to be all about the romance, and thus this side plot was just half-assed. Now Gray is in a downward spiral and needs to change but doesn't know how. One fateful night, their paths cross at Wren's family's Arthurian-themed catering hall. What follows is the complicated, awkward, hilarious, and tender tale of two teens shedding their pasts, figuring out who they are—and falling in love.

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