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Oxford Bookworms Stage 3 - The Secret Garden - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. قصه. Read Download The Secret Garden (Oxford Bookworms Library) |PDF books PDF Free Download Here. ress. OXFORD BOOKWORMS LIBRARY STAGE 3. THE SECRET GARDEN. The Secret Garden. STAGE 3. Before Reading. BEFORE READING ACTIVITIES.

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She was a writer all her life and wrote many books, but The Secret Garden is her most famous story. OXFORD BOOKWORMS. Series Editor: Jennifer Bassett. THE SECRET GARDEN. Little Mary Lennox Secret. Tarden. HE SECKCIGARE. Frances Hodgson Burnett. OXFORD BOOKWORMS take students towards real. There is nothing to do all day except walk in the gardens - and watch the robin flying over the high walls of the secret garden which has been locked for ten.

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Garden pdf oxford bookworms secret the

It's lovely in spring and summer when there are flowers. It always smells so sweet. The air's so fresh, and the birds sing so beautifully, I never want to leave the moor. We give orders, and they obey, and that's that. I work for Mrs Medlock. I'm going to clean your room and bring you your food, but you won't need a servant except for those things. I don't understand your language!

We all speak the Yorkshire dialect here, but of course you don't understand the I meant to say, can't you put on your own clothes? My servant always used to dress me. I think you should learn to dress yourself. My mother always says people should be able to take care of Martha stopped cleaning, and stared at Mary.

You're right, I don't know anything about anything. Please stop crying, miss. Martha went on talking as she finished her cleaning, but Mary looked out of the window in a bored way, and pretended not to listen. There's not much money in our house. And they all eat so much food! Mother says it's the good fresh air on the moor that makes them so hungry. My brother Dickon, he's always out on the moor. He's twelve, and he's got a horse 7 don't want it,' said Mary.

She had always Martha. Now you must have your breakfast, miss. Mary realized Martha was right. You'll have to learn to 'What! Dickon plays by himself on the moors for eat all this in five minutes! Nobody's been in it for ten years. It was Mrs they're always hungry. You're very lucky to have the food, miss. Many of the fruit and vegetable gardens 'He's my friend, he is,' said the old man. She other robins in the garden, so he's a bit lonely. Why did my uncle bury the said. She had not realized this before.

If he loved his wife, why did he hate her garden? Perhaps I'll never know. I don't suppose I'll like him if I ever 'Ben Weatherstaff. I'm lonely myself. The robin's my meet him. And he won't like me, so I won't be able to ask him. Just then she noticed a robin singing to her from a tree on Yorkshire people always say what they are thinking, and the other side of a wall. At first he answered in a very bad-tempered as ugly and disagreeable as Ben?

Ben laughed loudly. He 'Oh! Would you please be my friend? She spoke in a soft, quiet voice and old Ben person then, and Mary looked at her in surprise. The gardener spoke gently 'Do you know Dickon? But just then the Just then she noticed a robin. Please, Ben, how can I get into it? But where's the door? It's not your business. Nobody can find the That evening she asked Martha to stay and talk to her door.

Run away and play, will you? I must get on with my beside the fire after supper. They could hear the wind work. He did not even say goodbye. Mary only had one idea in her head. It was Mrs Craven's favourite garden, and she and Mr Craven used to take care of it themselves.

They spent hours there, reading and talking. Very happy, they were.

Secret garden oxford pdf the bookworms

They used the branch of an old tree as a seat. But one day when she was sitting on the branch, it broke, and she fell. She was very badly hurt and the next day she died. That's why he hates the garden so much, and won't let anyone go in there. Just then, as she was listening to the wind outside, she Ben stopped smiling and picked up his spade. In the next few days Mary spent almost all her time in the Martha looked confused.

The fresh air from the moor made her hungry,-and think. One day she But at that moment the wind blew open their door and noticed the robin again. He was on top of a wall, singing to they heard the crying very clearly. Isn't this fun! Come this way! But she did not speak in her usual natural way, garden's on the other side of this wall! Go back to your room now. Instead she decided to wander round the house, looking into And if you don't stay there, I'll lock you in! There was someone about. She spent all morning going in and out of dark, silent crying, I know there was!

Secret oxford bookworms pdf the garden

Just then the housekeeper, Mrs Medlock, appeared, with her keys in her hand. I don't think you could walk the five miles to our cottage!

Pdf the oxford secret garden bookworms

Martha looked at the little girl for a moment. She remembered how disagreeable Mary had been when she first arrived. But now, Mary looked interested and friendly. Just then Mrs Medlock appeared. She's sensible and hardworking and kind - I 'What are you doing here? She had been 'But do you like yourself? That's what Mother would born ten years ago. She walked away, thinking. She had ask. I've never thought of that. Before she came to Yorkshire, 'Well, I must go now.

It's my day off, so I'm going home she had not liked anybody. Goodbye, miss.


See She was walking beside the long wall of the secret you tomorrow. She Mary felt lonelier than ever when Martha had gone, so suddenly realized the robin was following her. She felt very she went outside. The sunshine made the gardens look pleased and excited by this, and cried out, 'You like me, different. And the change in the weather had even made don't you?

And I like you too! Just then he stopped at a place where a dog had dug are growing, deep down in the ground. Soon you'll see little a hole in the ground. As Mary looked at the hole, she green shoots coming up - young plants, they are. You noticed something almost buried there. She put her hand in watch them. It was an old key. How lovely it would bad-tempered voice. She really wanted to know the answer. He's the only one who's 'Soon you'll see little green she was there.

She put the shoots coming up. How could a family of Manor, and told Mary all about her day with her family. I helped Mother with the whole 'Mother bought it from a man who came to the door to week's washing and baking. And I told the children about sell things. She told me, "Martha, you've brought me your you. They wanted to know about your servants, and the pay, like a good girl, and we need it all, but I'm going to buy ship that brought you to England, and everything!

Mary stared at it. And look, Mother 'Don't they have skipping-ropes in India? Well, this is has sent you a present! Just watch me. She counted up to a hundred as she skipped. Do you think I could ever skip like that? Skip outside in the fresh air. As she was opening the door, she thought of something and turned round.

Thank you. So she held out her hand, because she knew that adults did that. Martha shook her hand and laughed. Now run away and They'd like to hear about riding on elephants play! Suddenly the wind made the plant move, and Mary saw something under the dark green leaves. The thick, heavy plant was covering a door. Mary's heart was beating fast and her hands were shaking as she pushed the leaves away and found the key- hole. She took the key out of her pocket, and it fitted the hole.

Using both hands, she managed to unlock the door. Then she turned round to see if anyone was watching. But there was no one, so she pushed the door, which opened, slowly, for the first time in ten years. She walked quickly in and shut the door behind her. At last she was inside the secret garden! It was the loveliest, most exciting place she had ever Mary skipped and counted until her face was hot and red. There were old rose trees everywhere, and the walls skipped, skipped and counted, until her face was hot and were covered with climbing roses.

She looked carefully at red. She was having more fun than she had ever had before. Were the roses still alive? Ben would She skipped through the gardens until she found Ben know. She hoped they weren't all dead.

But she was inside Weatherstaff, who was digging and talking to his robin. It seemed very She wanted them both to see her skip. Then she 'Well! It's good for you. So something was growing in the garden after all! Mary skipped all the way to the secret garden wall. And When she found a lot more shoots in different places, she there was the robin!

He had followed her! Mary was very decided they needed more air and light, so she began to pull pleased. She worked away, clearing 'You showed me where the key was yesterday,' she the ground, for two or three hours, and had to take her coat laughed. So you ought to show me off because she got so hot. The robin hopped around, the door today! This is a big, lonely house, and there isn't much for me to do.

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Do you think, if I buy a little spade, I can make my own garden? Dickon can get you a spade, and some seeds to plant, if you like.

I've got some money that Mrs Medlock gave me. Will you write and ask Dickon to buy them for me? And he'll bring 'Dickon can get you some them to you himself. Then I'll see him. Then she remembered something. It wasn't the wind this time. I've heard it three times now. Who is it? Mr Craven wouldn't like it.

Now I must go and help the others downstairs. I'll see you at tea-time. Suddenly she heard a strange noise, and there in M ary spent nearly a week working in the secret garden. Each day she found new shoots coming out of the ground.

Soon, there would be flowers everywhere - front of her was a boy. He was sitting under a tree, playing on a wooden pipe. He was about twelve, with a healthy red face and bright blue eyes. There was a squirrel and a crow thousands of them.

It was an exciting game to her. When in the tree, and two rabbits sitting on the grass near him. During that week she became more friendly with Ben, who was often digging in one of the vegetable gardens. I used to work for a young lady who loved roses, you see, and she had a lot in her garden.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

That was ten years ago. But she died. Very sad, it was. It was so important to know! Mary's face went red. I haven't got anyone to play with. He seemed to feel sorry for her. Mary decided she liked old Ben, although he was sometimes bad-tempered. She skipped along and into the wood at the end of the There was a squirrel and a crow in the tree, and two 28 rabbits sitting on the grass near him.

The boy stopped playing. I'm Dickon and you must be Dickon walked round, looking at everything. Miss Mary. I've brought you the spade and the seeds. Mary liked him at see it,' he said. As they were looking at the seed packets together, the robin hopped on to a branch near them. Dickon listened 'What about the roses?

Oxford Bookworms Stage 3 - The Secret Garden

What do you think? Most of them are 'He's saying he's your friend,' he told Mary. Oh, I am pleased he likes me. Can you understand everything that birds say? Mary showed him the work she had done in the garden, and they talked as they 'I think I do, and they think I do.

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