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Yojana, a monthly 'developmental' magazine published by the Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of. Yojana Magazine January June pdf download. October 8, xaam org · Share this on WhatsApp · image_pdf image_print. Download · Click Here To Go To Yojana Repository · Click Here to Go to the Magazine Repository. Please follow and like us.

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RECENT Archives(). Yojana- English · Yojana- Gujarati · Yojana- Hindi · Yojana- Marathi · Yojana- Urdu · Yojana- Malayalam · Yojana- Telugu · Yojana-. Download here all the yojana magazines for free in the years of ,,, ,,we collected from and. Yojana Magazine April pdf Download,, Yojana Magazine April pdf Download.

Textiles Yojana Regional Languages archive Unacademy PDF Materials. Housing For All October Ministry Rural Development. The Swachh Bharat Mission: India Innovation Index Launched

Women Empowerment. October November Tax Reforms. February- Federalism and Indian Polity.


March- Union Budget April- Manufacturing Sector. May- Tourism.

June- Alternative Medicine. July- International relations a new Vistas. August- Inclusive Growth and social change.

2015 yojana pdf magazine

September — Smart cities Transforming urban landscape. October- skill development: November- Transport. December- Climate change and sustainability. February- Health.

Differently Abled. India Strides.

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A Precious resource. Yojana Regional Languages archive Yojana Magazine Regional Languages archive Shashidthakur download links.

Pdf yojana magazine 2015

AKblog books download links. Recordings of Top Institutes. Gujarati Literature Materials. Public Administration Notes. Sociology Notes.

Ministry Rural Development. Challenges in capacity building Gandhiji's vision on sanitation End of TOC Skill Development: Protecting and Promoting Handloom Skill Development: Evolving Ties India-China Relationship: Multilateralism in Retreat: Is Regional Cooperation the Way Forward?

Indian Diaspora: The Gentle Medicine Reforms: The Way Ahead Union Budget: Processes and Procedures Shifting Accountability? Now, a state Responsibility Budget Contours and Impliactions Urban Sanitation in India: Comparative Study on India and China Biotoilet: State-of-the-art management of human waste Sanitation, Development and Social Change: Cleaning of Holy minds How safe are the toilets?

Understanding issues involved in toilet access for women End of TOC Time for a change in Strategy?

2015 yojana pdf magazine

Cleaning Ganga Mission: Retrospect and Prospect Planning for Smart Cities: Where to Start? Urban Planning: Continuity amidst Change: Road map for Fiscal reforms Fiscal Deficit: Did Union Budget Get it Right? Does Evidence Matter?

2015 pdf magazine yojana

Inclusive Growth and social change 9. March —Administrative Reforms 4. Innovation and Knowledge economy June — Environment and sustainable energy Magazines 7. July — Public service Broadcasting 8. November — Land and Natural resources September — Smart cities Transforming urban landscape September — Urban Planning May — Energy security Download Yojana 6.

December — Right to Food 1. August — Union budget 9. Transport Tourism 6.

Yojana Magazine January 2015- June 2015 pdf download

February-Federalism and Indian Polity 3. March — Union Budget 4. October — Growth. Skill development: Employment and poverty September — Education for all Development and social change 2.

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Magazines 8. November —Technology. International relations a new Vistas. October —Informal Sector June — Indian Agriculture Magazines 7.