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The Elements of Investing by Burton G. Malkiel and Charles D. Ellis. Mr. Malkiel is a professor of economics at Princeton. Mr. Ellis had a long career as an. ELEMENTS. OF. INVESTING. Easy Lessons for Every Investor. Updated Edition. Burton G. Malkiel. Charles D. Ellis. Preface by Gus Sauter. Foreword by David. The Elements of Investing book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A timeless, easy-to-read guide on life-long investment p.

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The elements of investing / Burton G. Malkiel and Charles D. Ellis; foreword by. David Swensen. community of investors and that is the reason asset alloca-. The Elements of Investing [Burton G. Malkiel, Charles D. Ellis] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A timeless, easy-to-read guide on life-long. The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor Hardcover – January 22, In the updated edition of The Elements of Investing, authors Charles.

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The Elements of Investing

From Offers To Mortgages. Site Search. Contact Me Got a tip or idea? E-mail me. I sincerely recommend this book to a just-starting out on your investing journey readers. This will be a good book to have and I believe well-worth re-reading many times over your journey. The good writing is accompanied by well-thought out analysis and useful advice. Jan 20, Jenna Spencer rated it it was amazing. This book is perfect for the person who has no clue.

I have just stepped into the investment world myself, and can barely ever get past the first sentence because I don't understand the vocabulary. It is like a whole new language, and this book is the perfect introduction. Everything is explained simply and gives you a basic understanding and a good list of warnings.

Once you finish there is a nice list of other books you can read. Every word written in backed up in some way, and if the authors This book is perfect for the person who has no clue.

Every word written in backed up in some way, and if the authors feel bi-est they tell you so and why. Everyone in investing, or thinking about beginning, or wants a basic comprehension to hold up a conversation should read this book. Jan 26, Chase rated it really liked it. I would give this book 5 stars, but I don't know enough about investing yet to know what's what.

What I do know is that this is the first book not to spoon-feed me "get rich quick" bullshit. The authors approach investing very realistically. If I've learned anything at all it's to: Jun 08, Jay Perkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very helpful for one unfamiliar with the investing world.

Will probably read again soon.

Free Book Download: Elements of Investing — My Money Blog

Jul 08, Leon Chan rated it really liked it. Simple and straightforward advice on the basics of investing your savings. This book requires 2 hours reading time, and is divided into clear sections on the essential principles of investing. Great for beginners Open my eyes to a whole different world. I would recommended it for individuals who need a better understanding in investing in your personal wealth. Pay yourself first always.

Dec 29, Todd N rated it it was amazing Shelves: Xmas present. This is one of two excellent overviews of investing that were published this year. The two of them teamed up to write a simple book on investing, a la Strunk and White's Elements of Style. It's a very simple book that covers a lot of topics succinc Xmas present.

It's a very simple book that covers a lot of topics succinctly.

It can be read in about two hours. The problem with this book is that the people who would benefit from it will probably never pick it up, unless they get it as a gift. This is the book that people in their 40s and 50s will wish that they had read in their 20s or 30s. People who are already managing their retirement plans well will find nothing new here.

And if you having started saving for retirement by 50, forgoing lattes isn't going to prevent you from dying in a government-run nursing home. Stick a print out of Scott Adam's 9 point summary of financial planning in the book for good measure.

For someone who has been working for a while unless they are completely clueless about money, The Investor's Manifesto would be a much better choice.

One topic covered in Elements of Investing that isn't covered in most investing books is how to save money. Obviously if you can't save you will have nothing to invest. For comparison, The Investor's Manifesto's covers this topic in just one sentence: In one of the later chapters asset allocation recommendations by age are presented. I was very surprised to see the high percentages of equities recommended by Mr.

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Ellis, especially after the meltdown. I think percentages that high are only appropriate for people who are very confident in their earning power. In summary, you will not find better advice more concisely stated but if you are already confident about your retirement plans you will find nothing new here.

Free Book Download: Elements of Investing

Malkiel and Ellis combine their investment experience and share the basic "elements" of investing with us, inspired by the same concept Shrunk and White used to streamline key writing principals into the book Elements of Style. Their main concepts are: The authors then finish up with specific fund recommendations. This book is the simplest and clearest book on investing I've read yet and I like the "no complications" strategy.

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The authors weave relevant literary quotes with sound advice, making for a great read or listen--try the audiobook first, then the hardcopy to follow up on the recommended funds. I highly recommend this book, particularly to those who are just starting to find their way in the investing world! Dec 23, Evgeniy Vasilev rated it really liked it Shelves: Targets mostly US market, but nevertheless holds sound and simple guidelines.

Aug 09, Derek Postlewaite rated it liked it Shelves: I borrowed this book from the library to get a bare bones understanding of investing.

Bare bones instruction was the stated objective of the authors. Mission accomplished. Some of the biggest takeaways: Next, take advantage of tax deductions on investments.

They stress staying out of credit card debt--a no brainer--and insist that the reader saves regularly. I also learned about "dollar cost averaging" which is the idea--proven by data--that if you invest a consistent dollar amount on a regular basis, like once a month or every few months, rather than investing a big dollar amount at one time, you end up with a higher return because you, on average, buy more shares when prices are low, and less shares when prices are high.

Oct 21, Kristie J. If you only read one book about investing, this one should be it. I listened to the audiobook because my library only had the audiobook on CD 3 CD's long and not the printed book.

Many of the concepts I already knew from reading other investing books like Suze Orman's books , but they are solid, important concepts for managing your finances. I really appreciated that the book was short and to-the-point and mentioned specific funds to look for. I would like to read more investing books, but mo If you only read one book about investing, this one should be it.

I would like to read more investing books, but most of them are so long, complicated, and tedious that I can't bring myself to read them. This book was like a breath of fresh air.

Everything you need to know about investing your k and IRA for retirement in one short book. Oct 26, Christopher Durand rated it it was amazing. I've always thought that a random walk down wall street was one of the best investment books ever written, but found that it may be too in depth for your average investor trying to make sense of their k.

This book remedies the problem by being concise and easily read in a afternoon. It hits all of the major points and should sit on everyone's bookshelves. High school students would be served well by reading this before they graduate and for any college student Its a must read.

Far too many pe I've always thought that a random walk down wall street was one of the best investment books ever written, but found that it may be too in depth for your average investor trying to make sense of their k. Far too many people are totally confused about investing and with a little basic knowledge they could certainly find themselves in a better financial position later in life. Jan 20, Gavin rated it it was amazing. Malkiel and Ellis distill the best practices of sound investing in this short, easily understandable book.

If you are just looking for good practical investment advice, this book is a fine one to turn to. If you are not satisfied with the advice itself and want a better understanding of why practices like indexing and diversification are best practice, try Malkiel's A Random Walk Down Wall Street instead. Feb 10, Deas rated it really liked it. This book describes the 5 elements of investing in a very simple and well presented manner. It then gives lessons and strategies on how to plan for retirement with many US account types being explained.

The elements of saving, indexing, diversifying, avoiding blunders and keeping it simple that this book teaches will stay with me for years to come.

I love this book.

You can read through the whole thing in a few hours. With a pleasant, conversational writing style, the authors cover some absolute basics regarding how to take care of your finances. I actually read this first when I had very little money, but since my financial success I've reread it, followed their advice pretty closely and I'm happy with what I've done.

Jan 30, bookreader added it. A simple restatement of investment verities by two of the world's most esteemed and readable financial writers. Since the book breaks no new ground, however, it's more suitable as an introduction for someone who knows nothing about investing, or somebody who has been investing ineffectively for some time.

Jan 19, Trevor Price rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first book to read about investment.

The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor, Updated Edition

It's a great start, crystal clear, and very helpful. I really appreciate that the authors don't lose focus and that their message is finely tuned. Even this very brief intro was sometimes repetitive, but I felt the points being driven home were so important that I can overlook it. Jan 01, Stefan rated it really liked it Shelves: I have been wanting to educate myself more on investing I really would like to retire before 65, more time to read: The material is not dry nor too condensed to leave a beginner with more questions than answers.

If you are looking to learn more about personal investing this book is a good place to start.

This was a short, straight-talk book about investing that covered some very basics principles such as diversification, rebalancing, dollar-cost averaging, and indexing. A great book to brush up on simple principles. Oct 15, Ariel rated it really liked it. This book breaks down investing and what it takes to make a great profit with minimal risk.

Its a quick read and gets you thinking about investing in your future whether you are young or old. This will give you great insight. Sep 01, Sharath rated it really liked it.

A clear and simple book. It emphasizes basic principles and also provides sufficient practical details about which funds to invest in.

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On the latter, I am not an expert but feel the authors present a balanced portfolio without attempting to promote any specific financial company.