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All Laws of the Federation of Nigeria App LFN v.1 contains over federal laws of Nigeria and useful for lawyers and law student. (2) The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall not be governed, nor shall any persons (3) If any other law is inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution, this. (ii) a body corporate established by or under the laws of a country that is a party to an obligation in a treaty or other international agreement to which Nigeria is a.

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Nigerian Laws - Laws of the Federation of Nigeria including fedral laws, court judgments, treaties and industrial/business standards - LAWS OF THE. Nigerian Laws - Laws of the Federation of Nigeria including treaties, existing laws made during the military and colonial eras - LAWS OF THE FEDERATION OF. The laws of the Federation of Nigeria were revised and consolidated pursuant to The Revised Edition (Laws of the Federation of Nigeria) Decree The laws.

Data Protection and Employee Privacy. Employee Representation and Industrial Relations. The Commission is empowered to prevent, investigate, prosecute and penalise economic and financial crimes and is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of other laws and regulations relating to economic and financial crimes, including: The Labour Act which prescribes the minimum terms and conditions of employment is limited in its scope as it applies only to Workers. Where parties are unable to settle their disputes through the mediation or conciliation process, the NICN would hear the matter in accordance with its Rules. In relation to Workers, if the employer does not comply with its statutory obligation, this could be a ground on which the Workers may challenge the validity of the mass dismissals. Emails that contain links can contain malware or lead you to fake sites to capture your financial and personal details; visit websites independently instead.

The Report must indicate the names and addresses of the Sender, and of the Receiver of the funds or securities. It is a well-known fact that any involvement in drugs, especially their importation, exportation, sale, transfer, purchase, cultivation, manufacture, extraction and possession is universally unacceptable.

National Environmental Standard and Regulations Enforcement Agency Establishment Act, is available for download in pdf format below.

Of federation nigeria of pdf laws the

This Act may be cited as the Criminal Code Act. The Nigerian Criminal Code Act is available for download in pdf format below. You may download the pdf format for Terrorism Prevention Act below.

Trafficking in Persons Prohibition Act as amended is available for download in pdf format below. Explanatory Memorandum The Act, amongst other things, provides for- a the establishment of Securities and Exchange Commission; b the repeal of the Investments and Securities Act ; c the enlarged powers and functions of the Commission over the capital market ; and d a set of new market infrastructures and wide-ranging system of regulation of investment and securities business in Nigeria, especially in the area of Mergers, Acquisitions and Take-Over, and collective Investment Schemes, where new provisions were made.

The Investments and Securities Act is available for download in pdf format below. The Investments and Securities Act Provide awareness through media, training and workshops on fraud and fraud related matters.

Serve as a center for collation of information related to fraud and fraud related matters. Share information on fraud and fraud related matters with public and private organizations in Nigeria and abroad.

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This is good. In relation to a share sale, other than the changes to the beneficial ownership of the shares of the employer, the employer remains the same. There is, therefore, no requirement to transfer the employees or to obtain their consent to the share acquisition.

How does a business sale affect collective agreements? In an asset sale, where the employment contracts are novated to the buyer, all the rights of the employees under the existing contracts of employment transfer to the buyer. The buyer may also elect to engage the services directly in which case, the contracts of employment between the seller and the employees are terminated, and the buyer, thereafter enters into new contracts with the employees. In much the same manner as the novation of employment contracts, collective agreements may also be novated to the transferee entity on the same terms and conditions.

Alternatively, the existing collective agreement may be terminated and a new collective agreement negotiated with the new employer. In a share sale, employees continue to be employed by the same employer and their rights under the terms and conditions of their employment contracts do not change.

Collective bargaining agreements also continue to run in this circumstance as the identity of the employer does not change. How long does the process typically take and what are the sanctions for failing to inform and consult? In practice, however, employers would usually notify employees of a proposed business transfer. In the context of a share sale, as the employer of record does not change, there is no requirement to inform the employees of the share sale.

In the context of an asset sale, therefore, employees are unlikely to be dismissed but their contracts of employment may be terminated where the transferee entity chooses not to employ them or where the employees refuse to give their consent to the transfer of their employment contracts to the buyer. In this case, such employees will be entitled to receive any applicable severance payments in addition to the accrued but unpaid terminal benefits from the transferor entity. In a share sale, the buyer i.

This must be done in accordance with the terms of their respective employment contracts and any applicable severance payments, contractual payments and terminal benefits must be paid to such employees. In an asset sale, where the transfer of the employees is effected by means of a termination of the existing contract and the re-employment by the new employer, the new employer may propose changes to the terms of employment on which it engages the employees.

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How is the notice period determined? Yes, employees must be given notice of termination of their employment or salary in lieu of such notice. In relation to Workers, the minimum notice periods to be given to the employees pursuant to section 11 of the Labour Act are:.

All Laws of the Federation of Nigeria App LFN v.1 download

Parties, may, however, agree to longer notice periods in their contracts of employment. Sections 11 6 and 9 of the Labour Act also permit either party to an employment contract, to terminate the contract by paying the other party salary in lieu of notice. With respect to Non-Workers, the applicable notice period is determined by the terms of their respective contracts of employment. An employer and an employee may, however, agree to such an arrangement under the terms of a contract of employment.

In what circumstances is an employee treated as being dismissed? Is consent from a third party required before an employer can dismiss?

Employees may challenge their dismissal by instituting an action at the NICN. Grounds that constitute cause for dismissal include criminal acts, gross misconduct, sexual harassment, etc. Termination of employment in the Nigerian oil and gas sector is regulated.

In addition to obtaining the consent of the DPR, employers in the Nigerian oil and gas sector are also required to notify the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board of any proposed terminations. Yes, under section 54 4 of the Labour Act, employers are prohibited from terminating the contract of any female Worker who is absent due to maternity leave, or who remains absent from her work for a longer period as a result of illness which arose out of her pregnancy or confinement and which renders her unfit for work.

Are employees entitled to compensation on dismissal and if so how is compensation calculated? The general position is that Nigerian employers are entitled to terminate a contract of employment at any time and without stating the reason or cause for doing so, provided that the appropriate notice of termination is given to the employee or the employee is paid a salary in lieu of such notice.

Where the termination is for business-related reasons, such termination may be treated as being a redundancy. There is no corresponding statutory obligation for Non-Workers in relation to the computation of redundancy payments and whether they would be entitled to receive any redundancy payments is subject to the terms of their respective contracts of employment.

If the dismissal is not for cause, it would be termed a termination and an employer is required to comply with the terms of the contract including the notice requirements under the contract.

Employment & Labour Law | Nigeria | ICLG

If a disciplinary tribunal is constituted, the tribunal must be independent and impartial and must comply with the rules of natural justice and principles of fair hearing. Where the allegations are of a criminal nature, the same burden of proof applies as in criminal cases i.

What are the remedies for a successful claim? If the employee is successful, the NICN has been known to award significant damages to such an employee and in some cases has ordered the employer to reinstate the appointment of the affected employee. Employers can settle claims before or after they are initiated but before judgment is entered in respect of the claim. If the employees to be dismissed are Workers under the Labour Act, and the dismissals are not connected to the conduct of the employees, such dismissals would be regarded as a redundancy, and the employer must:.