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Application Form Reg. No. To be Filled by NTS Picture 1 NTS OIL AND GAS Paste your recent passport size color photograph not older than DEVELOPMENT . Tap this page for OGDCL Internship Program Application Form Download Online from for the Application Form: PDF. Here you'll get OGDCL Jobs Application Form Download Online | www. according to which Application Form: PDF Click Here.

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APPLICATION FORM App. ID. (For official use only). Passport size photograph. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA A. Is your age according to the post advertised on. Preference will be given to the candidate having insurance related experience and understanding of ERP systems. Download Application Form. Vacancies: . Investor Center · Investor Relation · FOCAL PERSON/Online Form · Dividend History & Policy · Shareholder FAQs · CSR Reports · Notices · Investor Information.

It is the policy of the company that. Marketing Chief Engineer Drilling , Dy. Buy direct from China free shipping trade platform Urdu News. The day to day management was however. In this modern area computerization of record is very much essential.

Career planning section is under the control of HR manager. Under mentioned criteria shall be adhered to for processing of all promotion cases. Its main components are: There is no maximum limit of the services in one grade. The employees who are superseded twice for the promotion to the next grade will be considered to have been permanently superseded.

April 5.

Pdf ogdcl application form

Their length of services shall be determined by the number of the years benchmarked for that position. All promotions will be linked with the future organizational development needs of the company. For contractual employees to consecutive below average ratings. Management development is done in order to enhance the effective decision making.

They are usually guided in an informal way. May 5.

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To achieve the goals certain strategies are formulated and finally strategies require actions and tasks to be implemented in the form of project T. They provide employees exposure to environment. While promoting any employee. The techniques the OGDCL practices for the career development are promotion of employees to higher levels and job rotation of the employees to various positions in different departments.. Analysis reveals that career planning section works in close collaboration with the human resource department for planning career of their employees however not much time is given by the section to guide the employees for developing their career.

OGDCL is only organization in the field of exploration and development of oil and gas resources of. To achieve missionary objectives goals are set up with in the organization.

So 0GDCL meets its missionary objectives through mega projects for organizational development.. However is also analyzed that promotion process is comparatively slow which some times create a feeling of demotivation among employees.

An organization is developed when its missionary objectives are met. All company employee will be appraised at the time of completion of trial period will be of six months as per the recruitment policy. Subordinates are assured clear understanding of what is expected from them. In case of UN satisfactory performance.

Avoiding performance issues ultimately decrease morale.. This gives everyone the same objective scientific reference points. April 7. In case of satisfactory performance their services will be confirmed. At the time of the confirmation. The accuracy and reliability of any scoring system increases with full descriptions or definitions and still better with examples for each score band. Probationary period may be extended for further periods of three to six months. Appraisal will be done once every year during the period July-august on the prescribed appraisal form from employees.

Through PER now employees are evaluated. Lot of time and efforts were involved in correspondence. After receiving the forms proper record is maintained.

They evaluate employees more on the basis of perception and judgment. PER evaluates employees performance keeping in view job description of any specific. And reception of the ACR forms toke place at the date of 1st March of each year. There was lack of consistency in various parts of ACR that is frequently noticed.

It neglects the factors of biasness and perception based evolution R. However now a days it was replaced by absolute standards in PER. ACR was used to provide comprehensive instructions from time to time to educate and clear ambiguities. In the beginning ACR use relative standards to evaluate employees..

On the basis of evaluation employees are promoted and given rewards.. Basic component of the promotion criteria with their relatives weight age would be as under. When any employee qualifies these components then he will be promoted with the approval of the chairman. March 7. Any body that has personal relations with his boss get high marks and is evaluated more positively.

Form pdf application ogdcl

Additionally rewards in the form of honorarium are also provided. Financial rewards are actually performance based rewards.

April These rewards actually seem to motivate the employees to show the commitment with the organization. OGDCL provides additional benefits to employees such as friendly working environment.

Ambulance equipped with first aid kit is available at medical centre Islamabad for 24 hours duty.

Form ogdcl pdf application

Being a public sector organization it is also analyzed that OGDCL provides a number of facilities to its employees and try to retain its employees using this policy. Vaccination facilities for children are available at both medical centers and every Monday is specially fixed for this purpose. C Islamabad. Medicines are provided to patients from entitle panelist chemist through prescription.

The senior positions are rewarded higher as compared to rewards given to workers and junior positions. It also leads to demodulation among employees when they see and feel such big differences. These unions and management meets to negotiate improved wages. When ever management takes the against the rights of employees. So it is analyzed that labor union actively negotiate with each other to settle disputes.

Application pdf ogdcl form

These unions have a lot of authority here. In this regard lot of expenditure is made but unfortunately training facilities are awarded to the employees based on nepotism. Further more the recruitment system is also influenced by the nepotism of politicians. So there is no proper way to monitor the performance of employees.

Training is used to develop the skills of the employees. The old system of recording employee information in the form of files is used and those file are sent to different officers by their personal assistance. Promotion policy is the mixture of both merit and seniority.

Unofficial system of orientation is used to introduce new employees ignored mostly with the organizational culture. However it is also analyzed that promotion process is comparatively slow which some times create a feeling of demotivation among employees.

In addition PER is. Employees are selected on the basis of blood relationship and personal relations. Not only recruitment of employees is influenced by the nepotism of politicians.. OGDCL is the largest and very complex organization. OGDCL is only organization in the field of exploration and development of oil and gas resources of the country.

OGDCL Jobs 2018 Application Form Download |

CPC has great difficulty in meeting the promotion dates of 1st July and 1st December each year. Seconded the cases are received with inadequate information causing wastage of time and un-necessary correspondence. They have fair idea that no body can expel them from here. This injustice demotivates employees and affects their performance. They are seldom received according to schedule..

OGDCL Internship Program 2018 Application Form Download Online

There is no check and balance in awarding the rewards and benefits. It is also seen that attitude of employees is not prudent because of job security factor. Performance evaluation on the basis of judgment should be avoided. Full attention should be given to intensive professional training of staff in related fields.

This will bring new ideas. Career planning section must give adequate time in guiding employees how to develop their career. Equal opportunities should be given to employees to train them. Although OGDCL usually import technology from outside however to meet the changing needs it must take actions and allocate higher budget for hiring it.. In this modern area computerization of record is very much essential.

Equal opportunities should be given to external employees during hiring process. The department can organize professional training at OGDC or with outside agencies etc and latest literature newspapers and magazines etc of professional interest should be provided at sites free of cost. Training should be provided on the basis of requirement. There should be computerization of record because it is of great essence for speedy disposal and accuracy of record.

Unjust distribution of awards must be avoided. Electrical Electronics Mechanical Mechatronics Computer Software Geological Engineering Geology HR Finance Marketing Com in: ICMA ACCA Com Personal Information: Name in Full: Candidate CNIC: Date of Birth: Postal Address: All correspondence will be made on this address through courier service or ordinary postal service.

Phone No: Res Mobile: Email Address: Are you a Government Servant and applying through proper channel? Yes No NOC will be required at the time of interview Are you a Disabled Person?

Yes 1No Report. Visit www. View Amjad Shaikh's full profile. It's free! Your colleagues, classmates, and million other professionals are on LinkedIn.

View Amjad's Full Profile. Ogdcl Salaries trends. Salaries posted anonymously by Ogdcl employees in Pakistan. Core Values. All materials on our website are shared by users. If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. We are always happy to assist you. Document Description. Document Share. Documents Related. Document Tags. Final Report. Employers' Perception Survey. Submitted to Higher Education Commission.

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Saleemi with a bouquet. Saleemi served the University for over 35 years and has left a legacy in research work which has impacted the country during his tenure as well as after it. Sufi Soap Limited, Lahore. Internship Certificate will be issued only to those internees who will complete their internship as per the entire satisfaction of their supervisor and department head and after submission of internship report to HR Branch.

Default content weightage for ogdcl. Originally Posted by yasirisrar View Post. Nadir Hazoor is on a distinguished road. Learned and. Beside this I have great interest in keeping birds and spend free time with my parrots. The ultimate modal window system, LightWindow, allows you to build your own them, create mixed media galleries including flash, quictkime and images.

Through a variety of parameters this system can do it all and recreate any other system out there! OGDCL http: Unilever https: Shell https: PSO https: ENGRO https: WWF https: FFC http: Nestle Pakistan Sales Internship https: Annual Report of for the year ended. June 30, Mari Gas. Company Limited Saif Energy. Tullow Operator. Hala Block. I have made a list of companies which offer Summer Internship programs, Please keep checking websites for updates about summer internships.

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