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Friday Sept ▣. to Introduction to Thomas Campbell and My Big TOE. ▣. to Fundamentals of the Larger Reality (Part 1). ▣. to . This item:My Big Toe: A Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics: Awakening, Discovery, Inner by Thomas Campbell Paperback $ My Big TOE book. Read 18 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Book 1 of the MY Big TOE trilogy. My Big TOE, written by a nuclear physi .

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Thomas Campbell - My Big TOE - The Complete Trilogy - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. I just found this: 6TWVU5XWC2 Tom talked once about considering this possibility. I guess that. YouTube, Others. ▫ LCS. 2. Thomas Campbell, Feb 22, , LSE Lecture:? Physics, Metaphysics and The Consciousness Connection”.

He received a B. Retrieved Mon Jan 11, 1: Hidden categories: The ideas, the thoughts are good, but my god, is this book damn tedious. This research facility would evolve to become The Monroe Institute.

I'm sure I'll be going back with highlighter in hand the second time around. Enlightening, daunting, frustrating, exhilarating The kind of stuff I tend to gravitate to and kind of how I tend to grapple with things when I'm trying to write myself.

My Big TOE: Awakening

Reading and writing should always be about discovery. And entertaining enough to keep you going.

Campbell pdf thomas my big toe

And this part of the Big Toe is just t A tough read. And this part of the Big Toe is just that Give it a try.

It can only wake you up Mar 12, Daniel rated it it was amazing Shelves: First one down, two more to go. This challenging book has changed my worldview, and in turn my life, more than any other book.


TOE stands for Theory of Everything. Thomas Campbell is a physicist and consciousness researcher who relates some of his personal journey "skin in the game," as Nassim Taleb would say approvingly in improving the quality of his consciousness, namely, evolving toward love.

Big toe pdf my thomas campbell

Using the most basic and fundamental concepts of science, Campbell asks the reader to be an open-m First one down, two more to go. Using the most basic and fundamental concepts of science, Campbell asks the reader to be an open-minded skeptic while sharing his contrarian explanation for how all phenomena can be unified, from the Big Bang to love.

There is no dogma here, and no egotistical "advice"--just ancient wisdom for understanding the ocean of consciousness we are floating around in, put into common computing terms for the modern readership.

While reading, I had to create a separate spreadsheet just to keep track of the quotes and ideas that really picked my lock and set my literal, logical mind free. This book took me forever to read because I found the ideas dangerous to my sense of understanding of my world.

However, nothing ceased to exist except some of my ego , and my life and the outside world go on just as they always have. A blown mind heals, I find. Always a skeptic, however, Campbell says: I highly recommend this to any reader who is ready for a worthwhile challenge. Well worth the investment. Mar 09, Ron rated it liked it Shelves: I gave this book three stars because it is not well written on a number of levels.

If it did nothing more than to stir the neurons in your brain in a different direction - and it probably will - this book would be worth the several levels of tediousness it is written in. There is still a lot of excitement in the ideas Campbell offers. And what is more, he offers hope for the human race and for our world. REad it. I am not competent to do more than say "read it. Sep 26, Andy rated it it was amazing. This time I'm listening to the audiobook. It's even better 10 years later and I love Tom's comforting voice.

Oct 10, Mazen Alloujami rated it really liked it. Interesting but longer than the subject deserves. Oct 03, Maher rated it really liked it Shelves: I finally got around to reading his first book in the trilogy, in which he describes his beginnings as a young physicist collaborating with Robert Monroe and developing consciousness research protocols.

I've found the first section of the book, the biographical part, to be quite enjoyable and well written. The second part of the book, Tom Campbell's Big Toe Big Theory of Everything, not the one on his foot is quite fascinating and I've been enjoying his lectures on YouTube for a few years now.

The second part of the book, which touches upon the basic foundations of his theory and the mathematics behind it, could have, as others have already commented, been more engaging in spite of the highly interesting subject matter it deals with. It's difficult to rate this book and I have a lot of conflicted feelings about my experience with it. There are several strong points and aspects that I did appreciate, but there are also a lot of things that could have been omitted.

The Positives: I wish some of the fluff would have been made obsolete and it just wasn't so tedious to read in the later chapters. Tom added in a lot of humor which is a nice gesture and some of it comes across as quirky and somewhat funny. In other parts, however, I find his jokes to be a little inappropriate; especially when discussing complex theorems and suddenly adding in a lengthy segue into a rather tired joke - it doesn't help. Tom is a great speaker and lecturer and trying to read this book in his voice certainly makes it more digestible.

I will continue onwards to the second book of the trilogy, but I feel like I need a break before I do so and read a book or two with stronger literary merit. Overall, I suggest Tom's Big Toe and concepts to everyone with an open and skeptical mind; however, this book might be better suited for those already familiar with his work, who wish to gain deeper understanding and insight into the deductive reasoning and scientific models on which his theory is based.

This first book in the trilogy presents great content with increasing mediocrity. May 09, Mustafa rated it really liked it. Interesting enough to make to read the next in the trilogy. Oct 07, Roxanne rated it really liked it. The phrasing is careful, and at times dense. But, the subject was so fresh and fascinating that I could forgive a lot.

The idea of a Oneness isn't new, but I'm used to enjoying my metaphysics served up with a big side of woo-woo. Not so common is a book like this, written by a no-nonsense, left-brained nerd like Campbell.

There are two more pieces of the story, which he promises we'll like even more. Fair enough: I've got Book 2 warming on the Kindle. Feb 08, T. Fendley rated it really liked it. Very provocative -- lots to consider here. Not the best book to listen to on audio since you do need time to digest the concepts as they're introduced.

Will need to get the print version, too. Love Campbell's sense of humor. Apr 17, Shaunt rated it liked it Shelves: To be taken with a grain of salt It's a so-called scientific book on metaphysics.

Thomas Campbell - My Big TOE - The Complete Trilogy

As entertaining and fascinating as the topic is, what a bunch of horse shit. In the first section alone, ex-nuclear-physicist Thomas Campbell confidently claims to have developed the ability to communicate telepathically. He denounces drug-induced out-of-body-experiences, yet spends eight hours a day zapping his brain with electrodes for a "natural" trip. Jul 04, Pamela rated it really liked it Shelves: Thomas Campbell's personal story is thrilling to read. And then there's the second half of the book Good thing I'm used to working with engineers!

Gives me some tolerance for the lengthy explanations. Still, I'm on to the second book in the trilogy. The ideas are simply too profound and exciting to throw out due to presentation.

Amazing theory that integrates science and spirituality at a very deep level I liked this book a lot it's the best and deepest theory the integrates science and spirituality with an amazing level of detail and in depth.

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I hate this web site for the difficulty of entering reviews!!!! Bigoted, wordy, patronizing style. View 1 comment. Timothy Robert Smith rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Jean Gonnella rated it did not like it Jan 30, Sanath Sambamoorthi rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Sun Jun 05, 4: Do they offer the whole trilogy as a single download?

Wed Nov 09, 7: An actual Kindle is not required. Fri Mar 21, 6: You can read the entire book online for free at google books. Sat Jan 09, 8: I don't know what you mean.

I just tried the link and the whole book is there. Go to the pages on the upper right corner and you will see that you have access to the entire book.

Thomas W. Campbell

Sun Jan 10, 4: With that link, I see the whole book as well. You may need to be signed into a gmail account, which is free. Then you can either open the link on your e-reader and read it that way, or download the entire document and email it to your e-reader, and open it on the device as a pdf document. Or pay for an. Clarke books that are no longer easily acquired in print but free online.

Sun Jan 10, 8: Tom's books on Google Books cannot be downloaded from there, only read in your browser. The most you can do that way is to use the Snipping Tool to copy parts of pages on your screen. I didn't know they had such a cheap version of the Kindle Fire available. Must be new.

Big campbell my toe pdf thomas

If I had any money I would get one to replace my old Paperwhite. It's all tied up in my recent move. Does it have as good a screen, high pixel count and their e-ink design, for smooth characters as the Paperwhite?

Color is what the Paperwhite lacks, plus an actual operating system rather than the lame one in the Paperwhite. Does that one have a big enough screen to be really useful? The Paperwhite was designed by Amazon, or whoever they had make it for them, so it would only do what Amazon allowed it to do and it is pretty lame and hard to deal with unless all you want to do is buy ebooks from Amazon and live in that tiny and expensive box.

Gutenberg Press to the rescue there. That one with a camera seems like it is actually a small computer that might be useful rather than so limited as the Paperwhite. Mon Jan 11, 1: The kindle fire is essentially an LED screen tablet with watered-down android operating system. So while your paperwhite's e-ink probably makes it excellent for reading high contrast, low reflection, good text resolution , the kindle is more of a traditional screen. The screen size is good, text size can be changed on the fly, the resolution is good but not phenomenal, and the backlight is good but can be jarring at night, although there is a way to remove the blue-ish hue for night reading.

I chose it because of it's ability to open.