Lic aao question paper 2013 pdf

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LIC AAO Exam Previous Year Question Paper Download here in PDF format. Also get + Practice question based on exam pattern. LIC AAO Entrance Exam Question Papers With Solutions and Answers For Download in PDF. LIC AAO Exam Solved Previous Year Question Paper - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. LIC AAO question paper (solved).

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We have arranged LIC AAO Previous Year Question Papers from to It will give you the basic idea to LIC AAO Paper Download >>. When you share Daily Current Affairs September with PDF. pdf LIC AAO exam previous year question paper and (Size: LIC AAO exam previous year paper answer (Size. LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) conducts exam for the recruitment of Assitant Administrative officers are some changes in i.e.

Printed version of document Is Reserve Bank of Indta knowr. The sum of the three consecutive odd numbers ts The lnfonnauon or credit and ""! Financial Holding BlueNav b. He a wrong act because It was for him to do so due to circumstanttal forces.

In which year did Avant start her business? Avant has started her business after but before How Is N related to M? N and 0 Is equal to 65 kg. B and C. On the basis of lhe Information given In the statement. Give answer 5 if the data In both statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question In what time Will they meet each other again?

Who among Meera. By what approximate percent should he reduce his height to get actual height? I 15 2 14 3 18 4 17 5 None of these The circumference of a park is m..

LIC AAO ,, Question Papers Model/sample - Gayantablet

If M starts on the work and both work alternately day after day. In how many different ways the 1? In a container there are 28 eggs out of which 8 eggs are rotten. Which of the following shopkeepers sold maximum number of books In the month? A metre long train crosses sold by six shopkeepers I arc a pole In 6 seconds. The same given. If 3 litres of water Is reHindi 6 2 6 9 l 3 placed by 3 litres of spirit and Maths 7 9 9 8 9 8 this operation ts repeated History I 2 5 7 8 6 twtcc.

To which category of customers do the banks In lndta offer a 'Basic savings Bank Deposit Account' with minimum common facilities? What approximate value will come In place of the question mark? In the following quesUons? The sum of the three consecutive odd numbers ts If two eggs arc chosen at random.

April in undreda. What ts the ratio of the books sold by shopkeepers A and F respectively? What Is the ratio of the smallest and largest numbers respecllvely? What does EMI denote In the context of housing loans? Financial Holding Which country recently passed legtstatton regarding provisions that allow the constnullon to be adopted via referendum?

New India Assurance Co. Select the correct answer using the codes given below: Who among the following Is the signatory lo a Rs. Dipu Mon! In May lo co-chair the first Joint Consultauve Commission meeting between the two countries?

I 0 note In India with the promise.

Aao paper 2013 pdf lic question

J Department of Economic Affairs. In which of the following cate- United lndla Insurance Company Limited.

LIC AAO Previous Papers – Download LIC AAO Exam Model Question Paper Pdf

Life Insurance Corporation of India. Ministry of Finance 2 Department of Currency Management. National Insurance Company Limited.

What docs FD! Dollar 4 Pound Sterling 5 Yen Jn the field of business and ft. NET 5 All of the above Which of the following does Which of the following Is not a I l Promissory note software? I To promote International monetary cooperauon 2 To facilitate the expansion of intcrnauonat trade 3 To assist in the reconstruc 'i What Is not true about computer Ole?

Printed version of document Is Reserve Bank of Indta knowr. If you are stuck on a page of not come under Insurance secwebsite on Internet explorer tor In India? Francois Hollande paid a twovisit to India In February The process of carr: I Electronic document 2 Electronic mall 3 Electronic message 4 Electronic letter 5 None of these The lnfonnauon or credit and ""! Jf 4 System memory 5 None of these A search engine Is a program to search I for Information 2 web pages 3 web pages.

The part of computer archtteclure which Is related to programmtng. CPU Is known as.. I data warehouse 2 data mine 3 knowledgebasedsystem 4 decision support system 5 None of these Which statement Is valid about Interpreter? I It rranslates one tnstrucUon at a time 2 Object code Is saved for future use 3 Repealedlnstrucllon Is not necessary 4 Only 1 and 2 5 All of these l l! Which of the following Is not an output device? Whal type of program controls lhc various computerparts and allows the user to Interact with the computer?

A Is a largescale electrontc repository of data that ts time-variant.. Is a method of exchanging dlgllaJ message from an author lo one or more reciptents. Editing document conststs of tcsUng through the document you've created them.

Which of the following Is as- soclated with Internet? Is an electronrc Whal ts CGAl. What was the Impact of the non disclosure of their Interest rates by lending mstttutions? I The government Issued sanctions against such firms.

B and C 4 Only A 5 None of these Why did most mtcroftnance Institutions Initially provide only credlt services? Ignore the errors of punctuation. Inevitable 5 simplified. To avoid If any. Choose I tend 2 crossroad 5 mJld.

LIC AAO Entrance Exam Question Papers

Incident 3 dtvlde 4 expire Piqued sktlls. The number of that part ts the answer. If there ts no error. We have l. He a wrong act because It was for him to do so due to circumstanttal forces. Being very 1. Verge 4 pushy.

Read each sentence to find out whether there Is any grammancal. Choose the wordwhich ts moet llim l It. Find out which pair ofwords can be filled up in the blanks In the sentence In the same sequence to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningfullycomplete.

Question 2013 pdf lic paper aao

A good management will deInterest on property loans. The scheme which w! Depart 4 It. Aspiring c l uninterested 2 u ngraleful 3 4 5 anxious mJserable fraudulent In each of the followings ces there are two blank space. The error. I ter rearrangement? I The num Which of the following would I suitable measures. I 11S8. In the Ul "2. I hetghtened 2 announced 11S3. I sons are true. The ADB The IP' I mains that there Is an ur. El The measures tnclud Experts often like to UU that E and F tn the proper DlrectJoDa I 71S.

Cl The Impact of these rnea. These numbers are printed Which of the followtng would 7. Ol I 21S. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Ancient India in Historical Outline by d. Jump to Page. Search inside document. LIC AA. ELD ON The average age of man and his son is 28 years. Three year ago, the average age of a family of 5 members was 17 years.

LIC AAO Exam Previous Year Question Paper- Download in PDF

Rajasthan b. Orrisa c. Tamil nadu d. Uttar Pradesh. Which is the hike percentage on defence budget over the last year ,as allocated in the union budget thus promising more funds required for national security? What groth percent is estimated by world bank for the Indian economy during ? Name the person who was appointed as the next permanent representative of india to the united nations in feb Dilip sinha b. Nirupam sen c.

Asoke kumar mukherji d. Hardeep singh puri. Name the court that ordered india to go ahead with the development of kishanganga hydro-electric project in gurez valley near bandipura in north Kashmir?

Hamedi Jebali b. Boiko Borisov c. Nicos Anastasiades d. Augustin Matata Ponyo. Name the table —tennis player,who is creditaed as the architect of the famous ping—pong Diplomacy between china and USA? Zhuang Zedong b. Glenn Cowan c. Zheng Minzhi d. Cai Zhenhua. Which feature is added by Google to its Google play india page which allows you to download or rent movies? Google play movies b. Play my movies c.

Rent a movies d. Watch my movies. Apple in the month of march bought which indoor GPS mapping firm for 20 million dollars? BlueNav b. DirectRoute c. Samsung tab 3 b. Samsung Galaxy camera c. Samsung Grand 2 d. Samsung Galaxy s4. The reserve bank of india will resort to buy government bonds from investors till the cash shortage in the banking system worsens. If you did not received higher education,how would you able to explain to me the thing that you have?

An enlightened aspect of the policy is its recognition that actual change in the status of women can not be brought about by the mere enactment of socially progressive legislation.