Calendar reasoning tricks in hindi pdf

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By: Neha Joshi SSC CGL Reasoning Tricks in Hindi: Calendar basics | Important Concepts and Expected 12 _ Clocks & Calendars _ Aptitude Trick Book _ aptiDude. Type: pdf. CAT Quantitative · CAT Data Interpretation (DI) and Reasoning · CAT Verbal Ability. दिन वाले सवालों के लिए। calendar reasoning! railway group D ! .. Calendar reasoning tricks in hindi कैलेंडर रीजनिंग ट्रिक्स by Vivek .

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Calendar Write Notes, Handwriting, Calendar, Pdf, Calligraphy, Hand Type, Hand Geography Hand Written Notes In Hindi PDF Download Hello Friends, Today . Alphabet Series Tricks Reasoning PDF Download Dear aspirants, We are. Rakesh Yadav Reasoning notes in Hindi PDF Calendar (कैलंडर); Number Series (श्रंखला श्रेणी); Coded Equation (सांकेतिक. Calendar Reasoning Tricks to Solve any Problem in 20 sec. for SSC CHSL/ RRB [ In Hindi ] Part 1. It will clear your confusion regarding this.

There are days in a leap year. Exercise Sampriti Post Cancel. Check Status. Gender Male Female. Testbook Logo. Hence, an ordinary year contain 1 odd day.

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Calendar Reasoning Tricks to Solve any Problem in 20 sec. Part 1

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More Stories. Prev Next 1 of Sign in. Welcome, Login to your account. The experts of Jagranjosh. By providing basic concepts, we are trying to make the calculation faster than doing from long and traditional ones. Important Points about Calendar. Take Online Quiz. Important Points about Clock. Example 1: Example 2: If 22nd August is Sunday, What day was on 22 days before?

Please specify. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number. List of Oscar Award Winner. Daily Current Affairs. In 1 hour by the table clock an alarm clock falls 5 minutes behind it.

Tricks pdf reasoning hindi calendar in

In 1 hour of. On the planet Oz, there are 8 days in a week, Sunday to Saturday and another day called Oz day. There are 36 hours in a day and each hour has 90 minutes while each minute has 60 seconds.

As on earth,. A watch gains 12 seconds every 3 hours, what time will it show at 10 A.

For each hour a watch is going slow by 30 seconds. Now the time is 8 a.

Hindi pdf calendar reasoning in tricks

What will be the time in watch when the actual time is 8 p. What is the local time when my plane landed?

January 1, was Saturday.

What day of the week lies on Jan. It was Monday on Jan 1, What was the day of the week Jan 1, ? What is the angle between the two hands of a clock when time is 8: Sometime after A witness claimed that the clock must have stopped at the time of the shooting.

Reasoning Calendar & Clock Best Hand Written Notes For SSC MTS & CGL TIER-II

It was later found that the positions of both the hands were the same but t. After a few days they forgot the date, day and month on which they went to picnic. Radha said that it was on Thursday, May 8 and Geeta said that it wa. A clock is so placed that at 12 noon its minute hand points towards north-east. Three clocks were set to true time.

Rakesh Yadav Class notes Reasoning (Hindi) Free PDF – 2018

First runs with the exact time. After how many days will they show true time again? A watch which gains 5 seconds in 3 minutes was set right at 7 a. In the afternoon of the same day, when the watch indicated quart. At what time between 5 and 6 o'clock are the hands of a clock 3 min apart? When the actual time pass 1hr wall clock is 10 min behind it.

SSC CGL Reasoning Tricks: Calendar basics

When 1 hr is shown by wall clock, table clock shows 10 min ahead of it. When table clock shows 1 hr the alarm clock goes 5min behind it. Load more View All. No Yes. Not Now Yes, I'm Interested. Shape for 12 months per pass. Shape for 6 months per pass. Shape for 2 months per pass. Select number of Passes you want to purchase. Amount Payable.

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Pdf hindi in calendar tricks reasoning

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