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NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam Reviewer. PNP LAW RA. Section 1. Title of the Act. – This Act shall be known as the "Department of the Interior and Local. NAPOLCOM Examinations Reviewer Edition. 12K likes. Contains frequently asked questions in the Napolcom Police Entrance and Promotional. I. GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Excessive use of force by policemen is popularly referred to as: A. Police Brutality C. Police Bodily Harm E. Police Enforcement.

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Documents Similar To napolcom reviewer. Criminology Board Exam Reviewer. NAPOLCOM PNP Entrance Examination Announcement. View NAPOLCOM Reviewer eBook pdf from CJE at Saint Paul University Surigao. Salient Features of RA or The Philippine Mining Act of Free Napolcom / PNP Entrance Exam Reviewer # Posted by on. Have a free download and extract the files using winrar or winzip.. 28 Oct.

Remove Facebook Recommendation Box's Border? Systematic Probation — is a disposition under which a defendant, after conviction and sentence, is released subject to conditions imposed by the court and under the supervision of a probation officer. He is disarming a criminal. He filed his complain against an abusive police officer. Crime Prevention and Police Community Re!

Taga Puerto Princesa City ako. Meron din daw exam dito every year pero bakit walang PPC sa online application? If you are a civil service professional passer, are you still required to take the PNP entrance exam?

Hello po tatanong ko lg po sana kung pwedi po ba ma e edit ung online application kasi po mali ung sex or gender na click ko..

NAPOLCOM Reviewer eBook 2015.pdf - Salient Features of RA...

Pag board passer po ba dadaan pa rin sa Entrance exam? Minsan gamitin din ang common sense. Hindi naman about sa reviewer ang article na to. Gamitin mo din yung search function ng website. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi po ilang percent ba para makapasa sa exam? Paano po pag nasa wait list pa rin ung names? Pwedeng anytime na lng po mag file? First Name, Middle Name at Surname.

For example: Pwede po ba ang walk-in applicants ngayong darating na exam? No need na po. Just submit a copy of the certificate of eligibility.

Di na kailangan since meron ka na proofessional eligibility. Commit1nent to Public Interest 5 PNP members shall perform their duties with ded1cat1on, thoroughness, efficiency enthusiasm, determination.

Devotion to Duty d. Physical Fitness and Health PNP members shall adhere to high standards of morality and decency and shall set good examples for others to follow. Hum1l1ty b Orderliness c Integrity d. Justice 8 Once a decision is made, PNP members shall take legitimate means to achieve the goa! Perseverance c. Devotion to Duty d Physical Fitness and Health 9 PNP members shall obey lawful orders of and be courteous to superior officers and other appropriate authorities w1th1n the chain of command and they shall readily accept whenever they are assigned anywhere 1n the country a.

Conservation of Natural Resources iJ. Command Responsibility b. Reviewer on Criminal Justice System and RA The Philippine Constitution divides the government into three equal co-ordinated branches, namely, the legislative, Executive, and the Jud1c1ary 1 The government 1s d1vrded into three equal co-ordinated branches namely. Philippine National Police e. Law Enforcement; the Prosecution; the Judiciary; Criminal Institution; and Community c, the Jud1c1ary, correctional lnst1tut1on, Community; law enforcement, and the Prosecution d correctional lnst1tut1on, Community, enforcement, the Prosecution and Jud1c1ary e Communrty, Law Enforcement, prosecution, 1ud1c1ary; and law enforcement IV Under the five Pillars, three falls under the Executive branch of the governmet, namely the law enforcement, Prosecution and Correctional lnst1tut1on 4 Of the five Pillars, three falls under the executive branch of the government, namely rage 1 of J Under Section 11 of RA Not subject to Grievance: Supervisor 1 Office stL.

An employee's expressed vvntten or spoken feelings of discontentment and d1ssat1sfactlon on any or all of the n1atters or issues like non-1mplementat1on of pol1c1es and procedure on appointment or promotion except A Complaint B Appeal C.

Sexual harassrnent cases C r'hys: When the pet animal is afflicted wlth an incurable communicable disease as determined and certified by a duly licensed veterinarian, c.

When the kll! When 1t 1s done to prevent an imminent danger to the life or limb of a human being, e. All of the above 3. Under RA as amended by RA , abandonment shall constitute an act of maltreatment If 1t results to , the person liable shal suffer the maximum penalty a death of the animal, b.

How to protect and promote the welfare of these animals? These animals are protected and their welfare are promoted by superv1s1ng and regulating the establishment and operations of all fac1l1t1es ut1l1zed for breeding, marnta1n1ng, keeping. Animal Welfare - pertains to the physical and psychological well-being of animals. It includes, but not limited to, the avoidance of abuse, maltreatment, cruelty and exploitation of animals by humans by rna1nta1n1ng appropriate standards of accommodation, feeding and general care, the prevention and treatment of disease and the assurance of freedom from fear, distress, harassment, and unnecessary discomfort and pain, and allowing animals to express normal behavior Proh1b1ted Acts under RA as1t amended Seclion 6 of RA ' It shall be UNLAWFUL for any person to 1 torture any animal; 2 neglect to provide adequate care, 3 neglect to provide sustenance of care, 4 maltreat any animal, 5 subject any dog or horse to dogfights or horsef1ghts, 6 kill or cause or procure to be tortured, 7 deprived of adequate care, sustenance or shelter, B maltreat or use the same In research or experiments not expressly authorized by the Committee on Animal Welfare.

The k1ll1ng of any animal other than cattle, pigs, goats. Abandonment - means the relinquishment of all rights, title, claim, or possession of the animal with the 1ntent1on of not reclaiming it or resuming its ownership or possession Abandonment shall constitute an act of maltreatment If 1t results to death of the animal, the person!

The Philippine Mining Act of ; b. The Philippine Mining Act of , e. None of the above 3. This includes construction and maintenance of rnfrastructureS such as roads and bridges, school bu1ld1ngs, housing and recreational fac1ht1es, water and power supplies, etc. There are three modes of Mineral Agreements namely Mineral Production Sharing Agreement MPSA - an agreement wherein the Government grants to the contractor the exclusive right to conduct m1n1ng operations within, but not title over, the contract area and shares 1n the production whether 1n kind or 1n value as the owner of the minerals therein The Contractor shall provide the necessary f1nanc1ng technology, management and personnel; Co-Production Agreement CA - an agreement between the Government and the Contractor wherein the Government shall provide Inputs to the m1n1ng operations other than the mineral resources, and Joint Venture Agreement JVA - an agreement where the Government and the Contractor organize a joint venture company with both parties having equity shares Aside from earnings 1n equity, the Government shall be entitled to a share in the gross output The PNP Mission "Imploring the aid of the Almighty, by , we shall be a highly capable, effective and credible police service, working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a.

The following are the sequentia! Jndergo Operational Review of Dashboard to be undertaken every rJ! Baccalaureate degree c High School Diploma b at least second year college or d Tesda Certification equivalent of 72 collegiate units 7 The PNP is under what department a. JUO pcr:. Boaid, a. Cn"c is pun C each fro1n the PNP. G FOR Tiii: ND SE.

Hn1al bai: OiJl C1. J1-l I C: JLic, nnpr-: ES,1 -: Officer Clean Air Act of P l. Under Section 10, RA , the LGUs shall be pnmanly responsible for the imolementat1on and enforcement of the orov1s1on of this Act w1th1n their respective JUnsd1ctrons 8.

The Agency prlmanly responsible for t! Any party in interest including the government and juridical entities authorized by law e Only the Government XII Under Section 8, Rule 2 of the Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases, 1f it appears from the verified complalnant that the atter 1s of extreme urgency and the applicant will suffer grave and irreparable 1n1ury, the executive judge of the mult1ple-sala court before raffle, or the pres1d1ng judge of a s1ngle-sala court as the case may be.

All of the choices b. Police Service by c. In order to properly execute the PNP P. Vision barrier limited understanding of the strategy among the personnel d. People [3;: What are the four strategic objectives of the PNP P 1' Resource Management, Learning and Growth, Process l? The following are the two main tasks or responsibilities of the PNP? Intelligence and Crime Solution b. Operations and Investigation c. Crime Prevention and Police Community Re! The PNP has the regular contact with the people h.

All of the choices c. It was already pursuing its own transformation prog1am d It was deemed re;: L Plan 1s an acronym wh1cfl stands for: Ten 10 Point Agendo Initiation, Prof1c1ency, Compliance, lnstitutional1zat1on Ll. Problem Tree i'nalys1s c.

Case Study d. Balance Scoreca1d To ensure that the PfJP vision attained, 1t is necessary that the strategy should be rntegrated into the following key management process: Performance Appraisal b. Budgeting and Planning c. J All of the choices d Rewards and Punishment Before the police chief issues a directive, he must make an appraisal of the situation. The criminal investigation function of the police is geared towards the prevention of crime, the A B apprehension of criminals and the recovering of stolen property.

C D E Directions: In each of the following sentences all or some parts of the sentence are underlined. Below each sentence you will find five options of phrasing the underlined parts. Choose the option that best expresses the meaning.

Having stole the money, the public searched the thief. Having stole the money, the police searched the thief. Having stolen the money, the police searched the thief.

Having stolen the money, the thief was searched by the police. Having stole the money, the thief was searched by the police. Having stolen the money, the search on the thief was made by the police. The reason I arrived late at the crime scene is because the police car broke down. I arrived late at the crime scene D. I arrived late at the crime scene is that E. The general showed how battles are often lost in a series of lectures.

The general showed how battles in a series of lectures are often lost.

Napolcom reviewer e book

In a series of lectures, the general showed how battles are often lost. In a series of lectures, battles are often lost as showed by the general. The general showed how battles are, in a series of lectures, often lost.

When Pedro was released from prison, he saw the City of Manila with its people, garbage, horrendous traffic, and incredibly confusing. Two murder suspects were arrested last week, one of them was blind.

Two murder suspects were arrested last week one of them was blind. Two murder suspects were arrested last week; one of them was blind. Two murder suspects were arrested last week and one of them was blind. Two murder suspects were arrested last week while one of them was blind. PO2 Ramon Trias walks everyday from his house to the police station. What is the distance from his house to the police station? The flagpole in front of the Timog Police Station casts a shadow of meters when a 6 meter post cast a shadow of 4 meters.

How high is the flagpole? A police car travels miles at a speed of 40 miles per hour and makes a return trip at a speed of 60 miles per hour.

napolcom reviewer

What is its average speed, in miles per hour, of the police car? If a patrol car travels at 60 kph, what is the distance it travels in 30 minutes? The beat of PO1 Isagani Ingay is rectangular in shape. It is 25 meters more than its width.

Reviewer pdf napolcom

If the perimeter of the beat is meters, how wide is the beat? PO1 Gani Tolledo was sent for a mission in province A. He made the return trip over the same distance in 4 hours. What was his average speed for the entire trip?

Patrol car A leads car B by 50 km, with velocities of 10 kph and 29 kph respectively. If they go towards the same direction, in after how many hours will Patrol car B overtake Patrol car A? A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline for every 8 kilometers of travel. How far can it go with 38 liters leaving about 7.

A floor space measuring square inches is to be covered with tiles each measuring 4 inches by 5 inches. How many tiles would you need to completely cover the floor area?

Length of AC A. The angles of a triangle are in a ratio of 2: Two rectangles have the same area. How many sides does a regular polygon have if each interior angle in degrees? What is the measure of each angle of a regular octagon? The percent of increase in the surface area of the cube is: An escalator on n uniform steps visible at all times descends at constant speed.

Two boys, A and Z, walk down the escalator steadily as it moves. A negotiating twice as many escalator steps per minute as Z.

A reaches the bottom after taking 27 steps while Z reaches the bottom after taking 18 steps. Then n is: In a drawing, a certain building is 10 inches by 15 inches. On this drawing, 1 inch represents feet. If the same drawing had been made 20 inches by 30 inches, 1 inch on the drawing would represent: Twenty eight boxes were stacked so that each layer above the bottom layer consists of 1 box fewer than the layer immediately below it.

The top layer contains only 1 box. How many layers make up the stack? The diameter of a wheel is 14 feet 4. A 3 Times B. How many meters of rope are necessary to tie off a protective area around a hazardous building that is 7.

In Barangay Tanglayan, there are 5 police officers for people.

Pdf napolcom reviewer

What is the police-to-population rate? The class population record female and male police officers. Find the ratio of the number of males to the number of females. PO1 Edilberto Sampion has three children; a college student, a high school student, and a grade school pupil.

Since their expenses and needs differ, he allots P How much does Chito, the youngest child receive? Part of P20, At the end of 2 years, the total income from both investments amounted to P P10, C. P11, D. P12, E. P12, The year is What is the present age of PO Almeda? What final amount should a police officer pay after two years if he borrowed P2, A police station is manned by 40 police.

Of these, 25 are males and the rest were females. What percent of the police station are females? If 5 policemen can do a job in 10 days, how many days will it take 10 policemen to complete the task, assuming that they work at the same rate? Leo can finish the assigned report in 5 hours while Liza can do it in minutes. If they work together, in how many minutes can they finish the job?

If it costs P PO1 Dante Lanting has a daughter, Marie, in high school. If she saves P If 30 feet of fire hose weight 25 kilos, what is the weight of 24 feet of the same kind of hose? If a group of 54 coins consists of five centavos P. Of the 68 robberies committed in a city in a given years, only 39 were reported to the police and out of this number, 21 were cleared by arrest of the suspect.

What is the percentage of robberies reported to the police? There are voters listed in a certain precinct. At the close of the voting time, only cast their votes. What percent show up to exercise their voting powers? A man has P10, He invests P4, In order to have a yearly income of P The sum of 3 numbers is The second number is: Of the following, which is the greatest?

A owns a house P10, He sell it to Mr. B sell the house back to Mr. B losses P A makes P1, E. A makes P A nickel is placed on a table.

The number of nickels which can be placed around it, each tangent to it and two others is: A group of cows and chickens, the number of legs was 15 more twice the number of heads. The number of cows was A. Edilberto covered a distance of 50 km on his first trip. On a later trip, he traveled km while going 3 times as fast. His new time compare with the old time was: J left his entire estate to his wife, his daughter and son got half the estate, sharing in the ratio4: His wife got twice as much as the son.

If the cook received a biggest of P Goerge and Henry started a race from opposite ends of the pool. After a minute and a half, they passed each other at the center of the pool. If they lost no time in turning and maintained their respective speed, how many minutes after starting did they passed each other the second time? A student on vacation for d days observed that 1 it rained 7 times, morning or afternoon, 2 when it rained in the afternoon, it was clear in the morning, 3 there were five clear afternoon, 4 there were six clear morning, then d equals: It takes five seconds for the clock to strike 6: If the striking is uniform spaced, does it takes to strike If x men working x hours a day for each of x days produce x articles, then the number of articles not necessarily an integer produced by y men working y hours a day for each of y days are: The net change over the four years, to the nearest percent, is: The nature of police duty requires being alert to persons, places, and events in order to prevent crime and protect life and property.

Which of the following best describes police duty? Brave B. Watchful C. Obedient D. Ambitious E.

NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam 2019 Schedule, Guide

Systematic The tremendous advantage of the motorized police force is enumerable. Police car are useful if they are provided with two-way-radios. A lot of common sense in necessary effectively operates a radio. Radio when use intelligently and properly, maximize communication. Radio is better than usefulness f the automobile to law enforcement.

The proper utilization of radio needs continuous servicing and maintenance. Assume that: Given the true statement: The picnic on Sunday will not be held only if the weather is not fair.

We can then conclude that: The more he succeeds in enriching his vocabulary, the more variety, grace, appropriateness, and power of expression he will gain. Stimulates one to acquire more knowledge. Give one an advantage over other writing. Gives one a better understanding of the speech of other. New recruits serve as probationary period of one year before they are consider permanent appointees.

The objective of this policy is to test recruits in their actual performance, train them on the performance of the essential duties of their position and to provide management that a tool of to weed out the unfit.

During this period, dismissal may be made at the direction of the appointing authority.

Which of the following best expresses the meaning of the intent of the probationary period in recruitment? Some good soldiers are good administrator. The education of the youth during a limited period of more or less compulsory attendance of school does not suffice. The educative process is a life-long one. The school is not the only institution which contributes to the education of the youth A friend is a person with whom one can be oneself with no pretenses.

A friend is one who you know will stand by you through thick and thin, one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out.