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free short scripts (pdf). “THE TALK” · x Two people set “Coble neatly reverses gender roles in this light and tasty play” — Cleveland Plain Dealer. Page 1. S.K.H. Fung Kei Primary School. Hong Kong School Drama Festival. A TREASURE HUNT. (Script). Page 2. Characters: Old Wizard . ethnographies in the form of a play script so that they can be read out collectively, performed and violence_prevention_gbvp_/docs/

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Please Note: All plays and screenplays on the domain are copyrighted to their 15 pages (Play, Horror, Short Form Audio Drama) pdf format. Helen (Student 1): A mousy accountant who is writing an earnest play about an of her research into a play about a woman who is studying apes in the. Most scripts in this selection are full-play length. Contemporary plays can be downloaded in doc or pdf. Historical plays are classics, many very well known and.

Hi, if are all of these scripts free to use for a non profit radio station? Julie Richardson March 16, at 4: Jill Turner and Ray Bradshaw don't get along. May 27, at 5: April 7, at 2: February 20, at

Premiered at Contemporary American Theatre Company, Winner, Best of the Fest, A woman stops in to see her almost comatose mother in a nursing home. A song by Duke Ellington reveals a new opportunity. Premiered at Great Lakes Theatre Festival, Performed at the New York Fringe Festival, Sammy Fullwood and his dummy Mr. McBuffer are happy to sell you theatre memorabilia from the gift shop… or at least Sammy is.

A collection of ten minute plays following a day in the life of a major city — in this case, Cleveland, OH. The pieces can be performed separately or as one full-length play. Premiered at Dobama Theatre, Laquanda desperately wants in on Polish holiday Dyngus Day.

Her sister Cherisse is here to shut that down. Let the pierogies fly. Paul has a reason why he was caught with the frog in the blender.

The Challenge by Tshiama Nambombe Adrian as a mature student, who is completing a Master degree in philosophy and religious studies is the central character who is pulled between two people, his neighbour, Harold and his childhood and best friend, Michel who is the pastor of a New African Pentecostal Church.

Christmas in Leningrad by Dustin Bowcott A desperate Leningrad father does terrible things to find food for his family during the siege of World War 2. No set changes, all indoor, no special effects. Adult situations. Community Spirit by David Muncaster The village of Snickerton has a new community hall and all the local groups get together to organise an opening day that will never be forgotten. Pity Mel, the poor official from the local council who has to try to keep apart the warring factions.

There is Mike, the bombastic chaiman from the choral society, who clashes with Chris, his deadly rival, as well as just about anyone else who dare to disagree with him. Add a couple of lovies from the am dram, some representatives of Churches Together who couldn't be further apart, the leader of the cubs and beavers who sees things in the night, and a host of other characters including a caretaker with a very unfortunate name.

Community Spirit is a large cast play with eleven speaking roles and any number of none speaking roles that starts out as a comedy of manners but by the end is pure farce. Great fun for any theatre group looking to involve as many of their members as possible.

Consequences by Paul Howard Surridge A one-act comedy play. The cast work at a local newspaper as journalists. Jill Turner and Ray Bradshaw don't get along.

Jill seduced Ray's wife and eventually the two of them moved into Ray's marital home whilst he was resigned to living with his mother. Jill commits a cardinal sin for a journalist; she lifts copy from an article that has already appeared by an eminent journalism in a leading sporting magazine.

What ensues is an attempt to cover up Jill's unprofessionalism with a bizarre turn of events. Cow Dung in Mud by Henry Mubiru After hearing his late father's will read, Tony learns that the deceased bequeathed his estate to his sister, Susan. Tiny embarks on forcing his Susan to disclaim part of the estate to him who later learns that the read will wasn't of his father's hand.

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Time's running as well queen's complexion get hazy russet and stinks, by the sorceres's voice has to unbury the relative corpse to burnt it and anoint her body with the ashes. And what she has done to deserve it? Deals in Space! The benefit of studying a different way of life is that it teaches us more about ourselves. The group's experiences provide plenty of scope for cruel swipes at many of the things we hold precious: It all adds up to a hilarious jaunt around a little-known quadrant of the galaxy and a satisfying dig at many of our own sacred cows.

The Devil's Mistress by Brenda Love Zejdl A Witch trial based on true story from of famous scientist, Johannes Kepler, defending his mother who overcomes false accusation, corruption, bribes, prison spies, and torture prevalent then and includes dialogue between Kepler and Bodin who is the most prominent witch prosecutor at the time in which the credibility of witchcraft is debated.

This is a story about Monica. The school virgin, every man wants. Weeks before prom, her best friend Deena tries convincing her to attend, but Monica feels there's better things to do. A Drug Fueled Shit Show by Daniel Park Cory is another kid in his mid twenties just wanting a beer and a night of relaxation after getting laid off his job. All hell however breaks loose. He's an alcoholic who lives in St.

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Albans Hertfordshire UK mainly residing on a park bench. Most of the time people ignore him or verbally abuse him. Most pass by but some seek to engage. In this monologue we get to see the mind of this troubled harmless man 7 pages Play, Monologue pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board. Ethnicity by Bernard Mersier Ethnicity is three different stories, all displaying how racism shows no favoritism.

The first story is about Mathew and Timothy. Timothy is Mathew's young brother, and he loves rap music. When Mathew walks in on him watching rap videos, he begins explaining African-Americans are bad influences, and he shouldn't take interest in anything involving them, because nothing good will come from it. Eve and Oliver by Hendrik Riemens Eve is a simple girl who sees life through her innocent and romanticized eyes. Oliver is an aspiring rapper who works at an Apple store.

They have nothing in common except for their unconditional love for each other, but is that enough? Faith by Ralph Avery The sudden death of a brilliant young daughter provokes a conflict between her atheist brother, her devout mother, and an eccentric sect. He loves his wife Nikki and daughter Tamara, but his love for drugs and alcohol outweighs them. A teenager that's been raped by her father Michael, since she was a child.

Her naive mother Vivian, is so wrapped up in Michael, she's unaware he's been raping their child. With her self-respect depleted, and Michael telling her she'll forever be a whore. Tiffany believes she'll never find love. Game Face by LR Penn In this two-act farce, the holiday season is full of drugs, adultery, violence, and slapstick humor as a suburban family rebels against a tyrannical male chauvinist father.

It is a classic conflict between the quest for freedom, individuality, and fulfillment and an oppressive regime that is seeking to maintain the status quo. Golden Cage by Katarina Sedlakova The public find out the fact that smallpox virus has been detected. A laboratory technician who has had a direct contact with the virus is admitted to the Department of Infectious Diseases at the local hospital.

So are gradually other people who have had a contact with her. Opinions, worldviews as well as personal relationships between the patients crystallize during the incubation period that the patients spend at the ward. The House Inbetween by Inno Katz Neighbor a wife of curch elder has lost her bag, she cannot sleep until stranger brings the back, wife has ran her husband who is a security guard by professional off and she awaits for his return which doesn't come as the only people that come is wife, neighbor and man in seeking for help.

How Many Beans Make Five by Stephen Cottage A group of people in a house-share situation - suicide, fetish, religion, philosophy, sex - all feature in comic and serious forms. Problem is, the Nationalists despise each other and can't agree on anything. So out of sheer desperation, the Hawaiians turn to know-it-all Herman to help them achieve their idea s of independence and rights. Problems arise between Trent stepdad and the family. Meanwhile, Quincy is pursuing a relationship with Caroline, his long-time friend, and love interest.

In Pursuit of Happiness by Benedict Potter Four university friends meet up after years apart at the funeral of fifth. After re-exploring the free joy and humour that previously bound them so closely, they begin to realise that the dynamic of the group isn't quite the same without their deceased fifth member. Infinite Insanity by David An 'epic' sci fi space opera. Is there a Happy Ending? Judgement Day by William L. Kovacs Judgment Day is written in the tradition of the theatre of the Absurd — a surreal setting, dark humor, tragic figures and a farcical situation in which all confront the pageaantry, stress and ineevitable confrontation of what it all means.

Justice of Love by Nicolas Senchak A play about a gay couple who are fighting to keep their son.

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Keep a Good Thought by Joseph Neri hosted by Joseph Neri An inept and in debt salesman struggles to find his way out of a financial mess threatening his job security, uncovering a secret that threatens the integrity of the company he works for.

Life Begins at Seventy by David Muncaster Tom and Bill have known each other for just a few years and also appear to be an oddly matched pair. Tom the staid, conservative gentleman; Bill the aging rouge with a half-forgotten reputation for womanising, yet it is Tom who first takes up the opportunity for romance when he chances upon Betty in the suet aisle of ASDA. Unfortunately for him, Betty and Bill have something of a past.

JJworldwide "The Lost Treasure Map" is a delightful comedy in which thriving pirates are going to mutiny against their captain until a rambunctious group of castaways get standed on the island as well.

The map comes between everyone when Dakota and Alexis are captured by the pirates. Will the other castaways be able to save Dakota in time, or will the scurvy pirates get to Capain Abbey first? Lessons are learned, secrets come out, and love prevails in this tale that is sure to rouse a crowd! Maggies Dream by K. Boxberger This play captures a dream as all dreams are played out in the mind, only to find out in the end, it was your dream.

The Manifest by Stephen Graff Mark Renko works for a shadowy company that clears rich and sometimes famous people of their crimes and indiscretions.

free short scripts (pdf)

But his newest client shares something in common with him. Their grandfathers were both aboard an immigrant ship in and were both involved in a heinous crime aboard that ship. The client wants Renko to erase all record of that incident, but Renko is torn by his own family memories. Mother-Daughter by Matteo Tibiletti hosted by Mother-Daughter A mother, her daughter and a pair of feet that stick out from behind a sofa. A difficult, raw, grotesque relationship, supported by courage and the need to survive.

Pastor by John Tshiama Nambombe Religion scepticism is caused by those who pretend to be religious, but do not respect the commandments of God, they claim to love and serving. Not For Coffee by Charles McWittig A routine interrogation of a suspected border jumper creates tension within a government field office when an agency director appears unannounced and takes over the questioning.

Ode To Film School: An Actor in Waiting by Kyle Smead James, an isolated jock, sits in a film school classroom when the love of his life enters.

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