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Discourse Series | Darshan Diaries | Translations From Hindi | Miscellaneous. Page:: 1 2 3 4, Left. Next. The Great Transcendence, Download in PDF . Man has many scriptures, but none comparable to the Gita of Ashtavakra. Before it. Osho English Gita Darshan Pdf. Geeta darshan by osho in pdf torrent. Free Pdf Download lnk G Program Files. Adobe Acrobat 7. 16 07 57 0 d- C Documents and Settings Robert.

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Dharma Texts, 'Gita Darshan English Translation Osho Volume'. File could not be played. 1 OSHO-Geeta Darshan Vol 4 01 - 2 OSHO- Geeta Darshan Vol 4 02 - 3 OSHO-Geeta Darshan. Gita Darshan. (Osho Comes Alive). Pradeep Darooka. In August on Janmashtami day I was at the Osho World Galleria in Ansal Plaza, New Delhi.

Mamatwa prefers passiveness which is seen as indifference, depression, love which is actually possessiveness , escaping from action. Read, watch, listen, and experience this revolutionary approach.. A person is Dharmic only if he understands the roles and meaning of the contradictions. The opposite of himsa is not ahimsa. Gita Darshan Paperback Books. Please try again later. There is only desire of saving, desire of not being violent, desire of not harming.

Though he does not compare scriptures and people, he refers to their method of speaking and explaining. Krishnamurty, Meera, Kabir and other Masters. This is just a short list I have given.

Pdf geeta darshan

He explains with life incidents and thinking styles of many more. Masters like Krishna and Osho live moment to moment and are omnipresent. They keep on changing perspectives and dimensions now and then. Many times they speak from multiple perspectives and multiple dimensions simultaneously. That is the reason that minds that are dominant with logic, knowledge and philosophy fail to understand them.


Throughout the discourses he has emphasized on the points several times, that it is not possible to understand what Krishna wants to say and how Krishna is grooming His disciple. He says that we have to become Arjunas. Means we have to go in the role of Arjuna to understand Krishna. We have to go to the peak level of Vishad, to understand Krishna. Osho Speaks — Some Points At a Glance To avoid repetitions and to give due respect to the allotted time, I would be explaining in this presentation, few points which are unique to Osho, of course the ones which I feel are important to be told here.

Almost all these points have been repeated over many chapters, in different words and context. I am giving them in a compiled form. Osho says: The commander-in-chief of Kauravas, who was Bhisma, blowed the conch to declare the readiness, vigour, challenge and happiness to begin the war. Now, the reply should be given by the commander-in-chief of Pandavas who was Drushtadymna. Instead Krishna blew the conch from Pandavas side.

Krishna was not even a warrior. His role was just of a charioteer.

Yet, according to the reporter Sanjay, Krishna blew the conch, then Arjuna, then others. He responds to avoid a wrong reaction full of anger and hatred, 3.

Gita Darshan English Translation Osho Volume 1

Three levels of personalities: Vicharheenata means wrong thinking, wrong logic represented by Duryodhan and Bhima in the Mahabharat War. The level is of decision, which is always wrong, anger, hatred and himsa, having instinct for violence.

Darshan pdf geeta

This is the stage of indecisiveness, escape, vishad, sorrow. Arjun was at this stage. Peripheral calmness is seen which is actually fear of action, rising out of fear of taking wrong decision.

Osho's commentary on the Bhagavadgita | DrManjiree Gokhale -

Love, which is an opposite of hate, surfaces which can become hate at any moment. It is not ahimsa. He wants Arjuna to be a warrior, which he is, with sakshi bhaav, awareness. Nirvichar, no thought, is not opposite of vichaar, thought.

Opposite of thought is vichaarheenata, thoughtlessness. In thoughtlessness, the possibility of thought, latent thoughts, unexpressed thoughts are present.

On the periphery both seem to be same. This is the ahimsa level. The opposite of himsa is not ahimsa. Mamatwa prefers passiveness which is seen as indifference, depression, love which is actually possessiveness , escaping from action. But, Arjun was full of fear of losing his relatives from both sides. That is why he was trembling and losing all strength. He became totally depressed.

Arjun was trying to choose the opposite of war which is not peace. If ahimsa would have been his swabhava, his nature, then this gita would not have happened. At another place Osho says — 5. There is nothing called as himsa. There is only desire of himsa, harming, violence. One likes to and enjoys harming or violence.

The act of harming or violence is not bad. It is the desire and the enjoyment feeling that is sin. Similarly, ahimsa is neither good nor bad. There is nothing called as ahimsa.

Pdf geeta darshan

There is only desire of saving, desire of not being violent, desire of not harming. A person who is full of happiness is creative, whereas a person full of madness and insanity becomes himsak, violent, a person like Hitler. At the Cosmic level there is nothing called as himsa, violence. But, at the bhava level, the mind level, which is the desire level, there is himsa, violence. Manana is connected with Shastras, scriptures and Janana is connected with Experience.

The knowledge connected with scriptures becomes our beliefs. Wake up, become strong, awaken your wisdom. Unless we put to stake our whole life like Arjuna, Krishna cannot be understood. Unless we choose Krishna alone against his whole, strong army we cannot understand Krishna.

We have to choose to go in search for the silent Sarthi within. For developing a strong Sankalpa, strong Ahamkara, Ego, is necessary. Sankalpa comes with Ego, the head.

It also represents dominance, buddhi, vichar. It tries to escape from being the doer. This surrender is not surrender at all. There has to be a balance between head and heart.

A surrender happening with a strong Ego and strong Heart is balanced and total. It took 8 long Chapters for Krishna to cut the cords of the doubts and so called beliefs. He became a real Bhakta, a person full of Trust and closeness with Krishna.

Bhakti is an easy path only for people who have crossed the turmoil of doubt successfully. This is the title of your first post. July 1, Featured Posts. Osho English Gita Darshan Pdf. March 21, Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Follow Us.

Darshan pdf geeta

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Gita Darshan, Vol. 1

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