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GMAT OG Verbal Review 2nd Edition - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read The Official Guide for GMAT Review 12th Edition Part The ultimate in GMAT Verbal preparation, with over practice questions and answers. The Official Guide for the GMAT Verbal Review provides practical . The GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review provides additional practical preparation focused on the verbal portion of the exam. Written by.

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DOWNLOAD PDF The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd edition · Read more Verbal Workout for the GMAT (The Princeton Review) · Read more . Hi All, Following are some of the great resources for GMAT Verbal on gmatclub!. This book, The Official Guide for GMAT® Review , is designed to help you prepare . The Verbal and Quantitative sections of the GMAT exam are computer .

In City X last April, was the average arithmetic mean daily high temperature greater than the median daily high temperature? Convert your raw score, using the table provided. Is the range of the integers 6, 3, y, 4, 5, and x greater than 9? Instructions Take your time answering these questions. C Guillemots nest in coastal areas, where temperatures are generally higher than in inland areas. SlideShare Explore Search You.

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E-mail address: Confirm password: Login or E-mail. There are many benefits to timing your practice , including: Is there something wrong with our timer? Let us know! I'll try it now. Request Expert Reply. Please wait Today, the test is used by more than 1, graduate programs and is given to test takers daily in more than countries around the world. Why do GMAT scores matter so much? Other admissions factors—such as work experience, grades, admissions essays, and interviews—can say something about who you are and what you have done in your career, but only your GMAT scores can tell schools how you are likely to perform academically in the business school courses that are fundamental to the MBA degree.

In fact, the test has been proven reliable as a predictor of academic performance for more than half a century. In other words, business schools that require you to take the GMAT really care about the quality of their student body.

And excellent MBA students mean a stronger MBA program, a more enriching learning environment, and a more valuable degree for you to take into the business world. I wish you great success in preparing for this important next step in your professional education, and I wish you a very rewarding management career. Sincerely David A.

It measures basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills that a test taker has developed over a long period of time through education and work. The GMAT test does not gauge these qualities. That is why your GMAT score is intended to be used as one standard admissions criterion among other, more subjective, criteria, such as admissions essays and interviews.

Because the GMAT test gauges skills that are important to successful study of business and management at the graduate level, your scores will give you a good indication of how well prepared you are to succeed academically in a graduate management program; how well you do on the test may also help you choose the business schools to which you apply.

Furthermore, the percentile table you receive with your scores will tell you how your performance on the test compares to the performance of other test takers, giving you one way to gauge your competition for admission to business school. F — Very few people get very high scores. Fewer than 50 of the more than , people taking the GMAT test each year get a perfect score of Thus, while you may be exceptionally capable, the odds are against your achieving a perfect score.

Also, the GMAT test is just one piece of your application packet.

For more information about how schools should use GMAT scores in admissions decisions, please read Appendix A of this book.

For more information on the GMAT, registering to take the test, sending your scores to schools, and applying to business school, please visit our Web site at www.

Verbal pdf gmat review guide official for

You start the test with two minute Analytical Writing Assessment AWA questions that require you to type your responses using the computer keyboard. The writing section is followed by two minute, multiple-choice sections: The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test CAT , which means that in the multiple-choice sections of the test, the computer constantly gauges how well you are doing on the test and presents you with questions that are appropriate to your ability level.

These questions are drawn from a huge pool of possible test questions. If you respond incorrectly, the next question you see usually will be easier than the one you answered incorrectly. As you continue to respond to the questions presented, the computer will narrow your score to the number that best characterizes your ability. When you complete each section, the computer will have an accurate assessment of your ability. F — Getting an easier question does not necessarily mean you got the previous question wrong.

The test may call for your next question to be a relatively hard problem-solving item involving arithmetic operations. You may not skip, return to, or change your responses to previous questions. If you do not know the answer to a question, you should try to eliminate as many choices as possible, then select the answer you think is best.

Each multiple-choice question used in the GMAT test has been thoroughly reviewed by professional test developers. New multiple-choice questions are tested each time the test is administered. Therefore, you should try to do your best on every question. When you take the test: Only one question at a time is presented on the computer screen.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review

Optional break 5 min. Total Time: It is important to recognize that the GMAT test evaluates skills and abilities developed over a relatively long period of time. Although the sections contain questions that are basically verbal and mathematical, the complete test provides one method of measuring overall ability. Two types of multiple-choice questions are used in the Quantitative section: Both types of questions require basic knowledge of: Three types of multiple-choice questions are used in the Verbal section: You will be required to type your essays on the computer keyboard using standard word-processing keystrokes.

In the multiple-choice sections, you will select your responses using either your mouse or the keyboard. The GMAT test is administered at a test center providing the quiet and privacy of individual computer workstations. An erasable notepad will be provided for your use during the test.

Your GMAT scores are determined by: When you answer the easier questions correctly, you get a chance to answer harder questions—making it possible to earn a higher score. After you have completed all the questions on the test—or when your time is up—the computer will calculate your scores. Your scores on the Verbal and Quantitative sections are combined to produce your Total score.

If you have not responded to all the questions in a section 37 Quantitative questions or 41 Verbal questions , your score is adjusted, using the proportion of questions answered. Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument.

The responses to each of these tasks are scored on a 6-point scale, with 6 being the highest score and 1, the lowest. The readers who evaluate the responses are college and university faculty members from various subject matter areas, including management education. These readers read holistically—that is, they respond to the overall quality of your critical thinking and writing.

Each response is given two independent ratings. Because of ongoing training and monitoring, discrepant ratings are rare. The schools that you have designated to receive your scores may receive your responses to the Analytical Writing Assessment with your score report.

Your own copy of your score report will not include copies of your responses. All questions are subjected to independent reviews and are revised or discarded as necessary. Multiple-choice questions are tested during GMAT test administrations.

For more information on test development, see www. Test Development Process By answering questions that have appeared on the GMAT test before, you will gain experience with the types of questions you may see on the test when you take it.

No additional techniques or strategies are needed to do well on the standardized test if you develop a practical familiarity with the abilities it requires. Simply by practicing and understanding the concepts that are assessed on the test, you will learn what you need to know to answer the questions correctly.

Because a computer-adaptive test cannot be presented in paper form, we have created GMATPrep software to help you prepare for the test. It is also provided on a disk, by request, to anyone who has registered for the GMAT test. The software includes two practice GMAT tests plus additional practice questions, information about the test, and tutorials to help you become familiar with how the GMAT test will appear on the computer screen at the test center.

We recommend that you download the software as you start to prepare for the test. Take one practice test to familiarize yourself with the test and to get an idea of how you might score. After you have studied using this book, and as your test date approaches, take the second practice test to determine whether you need to shift your focus to other areas you need to strengthen.

The GMAT test only requires basic quantitative analytic skills. You should review the math skills algebra, geometry, basic arithmetic presented in this book, but the required skill level is low. This book contains a Diagnostic Test to help you determine the types of questions that you need to practice most.

The Diagnostic Test will give you a rating—below average, average, above average, or excellent—of your skills in each type of GMAT test question. These ratings will help you identify areas to focus on as you prepare for the GMAT test. Use the results of the Diagnostic Test to help you select the right chapter of this book to start with.

Next, read the introductory material carefully, and answer the sample questions in that chapter. Then review the explanations for the correct answers, spending as much time as necessary to familiarize yourself with the range of questions or problems presented.

The following are general suggestions to help you perform your best on the test.

Pdf review gmat verbal guide official for

Use your time wisely. Although the GMAT test stresses accuracy more than speed, it is important to use your time wisely. Once you start the test, an onscreen clock will continuously count the time you have left.

You can hide this display if you want, but it is a good idea to check the clock periodically to monitor your progress. Answer practice questions ahead of time. After you become generally familiar with all question types, use the sample questions in this book to prepare for the actual test. It may be useful to time yourself as you answer the practice questions to get an idea of how long you will have for each question during the actual GMAT test as well as to determine whether you are answering quickly enough to complete the test in the time allotted.

Read all test directions carefully. The directions explain exactly what is required to answer each question type. If you read hastily, you may miss important instructions and lower your scores. To review directions during the test, click But be aware that the time you spend reviewing directions will count against the time allotted for that section of the test.

Read each question carefully and thoroughly. Before you answer a multiple-choice question, determine exactly what is being asked, then eliminate the wrong answers and select the best choice.

Never skim a question or the possible answers; skimming may cause you to miss important information or nuances.

Do not spend too much time on any one question. If you do not know the correct answer, or if the question is too time-consuming, try to eliminate choices you know are wrong, select the best of the remaining answer choices, and move on to the next question.

You may not skip questions, because the computer selects each question on the basis of your responses to preceding questions. Plan your essay answers before you begin to write. The best way to approach the two writing tasks that comprise the Analytical Writing Assessment is to read the directions carefully, take a few minutes to think about the question, and plan a response before you begin writing.

Take care to organize your ideas and develop them fully, but leave time to reread your response and make any revisions that you think would improve it. If you are stumped by a question, give it your best guess and move on. If you guess incorrectly, the computer program will likely give you an easier question, which you are likely to answer correctly, and the computer will rapidly return to giving you questions matched to your ability.

Pacing is important. F — All questions count. As you continue to answer questions, the algorithm self-corrects by computing an updated estimate on the basis of all the questions you have answered, and then administers items that are closely matched to this new estimate of your ability. You can use this information to focus your test-preparation activities. Instructions Take your time answering these questions.

The Diagnostic Test is not timed. If you are stumped by a question, you should guess and move on, just like you should2. You can take one segment at a time, if you want. Quantitative or Verbal in one sitting, but this is not a requirement. You can go back and change your answers in the Diagnostic Test.

After you take the test, check your answers using the answer key that follows the test. The number of correct answers is your raw score. Convert your raw score, using the table provided. The Diagnostic Test is designed to give you guidance on how to prepare for the GMAT test; however, a strong score on one type of question does not guarantee that you will perform as well on the real GMAT test.

The statistical reliability of scores on the Diagnostic Test ranges from 0.

GMAT OG Verbal Review 2nd Edition

You should not compare the number of questions you got right in each section. Instead, you should compare how your responses are rated in each section. Last month a certain music club offered a discount to preferred customers. The average arithmetic mean of the integers from to , inclusive, is how much greater than the average of the integers from 50 to , inclusive?

The sequence a1, a2, a3, Among a group of 2, people, 35 percent invest in municipal bonds, 18 percent invest in oil stocks, and 7 percent invest in both municipal bonds and oil stocks. If 1 person is to be randomly selected from the 2, people, what is the probability that the person selected will be one who invests in municipal bonds but NOT in oil stocks? When the tank is placed upright on its circular base on level ground, the height of the water in the tank is 4 feet. When the tank is placed on its side on level ground, what is the height, in feet, of the surface of the water above the ground?

All numbers used are real numbers. Figures are drawn as accurately as possible. Exceptions will be clearly noted. Lines shown as straight are straight, and lines that appear jagged are also straight.

Review gmat official for guide pdf verbal

The positions of points, angles, regions, etc. How many of the households surveyed used both brands of soap? A certain club has 10 members, including Harry. One of the 10 members is to be chosen at random to be the president, one of the remaining 9 members is to be chosen at random to be the secretary, and one of the remaining 8 members is to be chosen at random to be the treasurer.

What is the probability that Harry will be either the member chosen to be the secretary or the member chosen to be the treasurer? A researcher computed the mean, the median, and the standard deviation for a set of performance scores. If 5 were to be added to each score, which of these three statistics would change? Of the three-digit integers greater than , how many have two digits that are equal to each other and the remaining digit different from the other two? Positive integer y is 50 percent of 50 percent of positive integer x, and y percent of x equals What is the value of x?

A 50 B C D 1, E 2, Of the 84 parents who attended a meeting at a school, 35 volunteered to supervise children during the school picnic and 11 volunteered both to supervise children during the picnic and to bring refreshments to the picnic. If the number of parents who volunteered to bring refreshments was 1. The product of all the prime numbers less than 20 is closest to which of the following powers of 10?

If n is the product of the integers from 1 to 8, inclusive, how many different prime factors greater than 1 does n have? A right circular cone is inscribed in a hemisphere so that the base of the cone coincides with the base of the hemisphere.

GMAC. The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2017

What is the ratio of the height of the cone to the radius of the hemisphere? A container in the shape of a right circular cylinder is 1 2 full of water. If the volume of water in the container is 36 cubic inches and the height of the container is 9 inches, what is the diameter of the base of the cylinder, in inches?

If the positive integer x is a multiple of 4 and the positive integer y is a multiple of 6, then xy must be a multiple of which of the following? Aaron will jog from home at x miles per hour and then walk back home by the same route at y miles per hour. How many miles from home can Aaron jog so that he spends a total of t hours jogging and walking?

Since statement 1 does not give a value for y, you cannot answer the question using statement 1 alone. Since statement 2 does not give a value for z, you cannot answer the question using statement 2 alone.

If the units digit of integer n is greater than 2, what is the units digit of n? What is the value of the integer p? What is the perimeter of isosceles triangle MNP? In a survey of retailers, what percent had purchased computers for business purposes?

Is the standard deviation of the set of measurements x1, x2, x3, x4,. Is the range of the integers 6, 3, y, 4, 5, and x greater than 9? Of the companies surveyed about the skills they required in prospective employees, 20 percent required both computer skills and writing skills. What percent of the companies surveyed required neither computer skills nor writing skills?

If Paula drove the distance from her home to her college at an average speed that was greater than 70 kilometers per hour, did it take her less than 3 hours to drive this distance? Does the integer k have at least three different positive prime factors? In City X last April, was the average arithmetic mean daily high temperature greater than the median daily high temperature?

If m and n are positive integers, is an integer? Of the 66 people in a certain auditorium, at most 6 people have their birthdays in any one given month.

Does at least one person in the auditorium have a birthday in January? What is the average salary of the same 10 employees this year? If p is the perimeter of rectangle Q, what is the value of p? The notion that highly advertised brands are associated with high-quality products does have some empirical support. Marquardt and McGann found that heavily advertised products did indeed rank high on certain measures of product quality. In addition, a third study by Kirmani, of print advertisements, found that the use of color affected consumer perception of brand quality.

Because consumers recognize that color advertisements are more expensive than black and white, the point at which repetition of an advertisement is perceived as excessive comes sooner for a color advertisement than for a black- and-white advertisement. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the sentence in lines 10—15?

After reading the passage, answer all questions pertaining to it on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage. For each question, select the best answer of the choices given. A Those expectations are likely to be highest if a manufacturer runs both black-and-white and color advertisements for the same product.

B Those expectations can be shaped by the presence of color in an advertisement as well as by the frequency with which an advertisement appears. C Those expectations are usually high for frequently advertised new brands but not for frequently advertised familiar brands.

D Those expectations are likely to be higher for products whose black-and-white advertisements are often repeated than for those whose color advertisements are less often repeated. C It will attract more attention from readers of the print publication in which it appears if it is used only a few times. D It may be perceived by some consumers as more expensive than a comparable color advertisement. C Consumers perceive frequency of advertisement as a signal about product quality only when the advertisement is for a product that is newly on the market.

GMAC. The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review [PDF] - Все для студента

However, one enemy of the brain-as-computer metaphor is John R. Searle, a philosopher who argues that since computers simply follow algorithms, they cannot deal with important aspects of human thought such as meaning and content. Computers are syntactic, rather than semantic, creatures. People, on the other hand, understand meaning because they have something Searle obscurely calls the causal powers of the brain.

Yet how would a brain work if not by reducing what it learns about the world to information—some kind of code that can be transmitted from neuron to neuron? What else could meaning and content be? If the code can be cracked, a computer should be able to simulate it, at least in principle.

But even if a computer could simulate the workings of the mind, Searle would claim that the machine would not really be thinking; it would just be acting as if it were.