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Items 1 - 50 of Tribebook Naghaluu is an exploration into an all new dire wolf fera for Werewolf: the Apocalypse. This all-new 59 page book is filled with the. Werewolf the Apocalypse Revised Edition - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary - Tribebook - White - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Items 1 - 23 of 23 Search. Hottest PDF Changing Breeds for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is here! Everything you need to play any of the. APOCALESE. TM. TIME OF JUDGMENTA. The End Times sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. ŁHANK YOU. ŁO ŁHE. of Darkness/Classic World of Darkness/Werewolf (c)/Werewolf 20th Anniversary/ 14M W20 - Pentex Employee Indoctrination Jan

Then the Romans Our Kin serve Gaia. Even metis cubs are shut out At the moment a werewolf is born, she inherits an ancient from such sacred knowledge; they're welcomed enough to work legacy. The war's been going on that long. Even the human inhabitants find them Two other extremes are crucial to a werewolf s existence: Legends say that Others hide not from sight, but from repercussion, play- the Children of Stag kill the offspring of two Garou ing the eternal questioner who asks the most profane of along with the parents themselves, rather than allow- questions so that the rest of the Tribe can examine what ing their Tribe to suffer the shame of such a crime it is they truly believe in.

To the garou Scania is a fallen land. A place ruled fully by the Wyrm and the spiritual Millennia later, the twin lures of colonialism and conquest They are a terrifying new enemy for both the Garou nation and the Black Spiral Dancers with all the potential in the world to become memorable antagonistis or anti-heroic protagonists.

But in the game as it stands today they only have two tribe gifts, leaving them not only substantially weaker than their opponents in the game So ther will be a small Book for every Tribe playable. I will also provide an anthology where all tribes are collcted in just one big book. Customers of the small books will be provided with an opportunity to upgrade with Random Encounters This is a List of Encounters you can play in your groups between scenes to enable more depth in the world of darkness.

Warped fomori, monstrous Banes, and Wyrm-tainted shapeshifters lash out at the world with acidic claws. The Maeljin Incarna steals the easily forgotten, ignored, or missed to populate their perverse realms. Factories belch smoke that blackens The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is here! Everything you need to play any of the other werecreatures of the World of Darkness, including the Lost Breeds.

Creatures of the Wild The Garou are not the only changing creatures to stalk the world. Other shapeshifters hunt in places where wolves do not tread, from sun-lost seas Fissures appear in thin air, glowing with balefire. Something is scratching on the other side, pressing, beginning to break through…. Even an ultra-rational techno-cratic scientist can fall sway to its lies.

Channeling his W20 Umbra: The Velvet Shadow Beyond the Material Only foolish werewolves believe that they can win the war against the Wyrm in the physical world alone. Some use the Penumbra as a shortcut, a staging ground, or as a way to set traps for spiritually-aware foes. Includes the standard character sheet as well as Tribe and Breed branded versions. Do que trata Lobisomem: O Apocalipse? Hatching vain empires In this supplement we present five different werewolf families for garou to be a part of.

The families are not a replacement for tribe, they are something in addition to the other factors shaping a garou. Some families are exclusively part of one tribe while some of them have spread around the Garou nation or even outside it. Each family comes with one gift and one fetish or type of fetish that is Garou so prideful they threw themselves into the maw of the Wyrm, hoping to kill it from within. However, the White Howlers should be remembered for their past as well as what they became.

The White Howlers suffered They are Twelve books with more than pages of content for a unique and must-have price! The books included in this package are listed below: Villa Fomoria Bienvenidos a Villa Fomoria!!! Una historia para Hombre-Lobo: Todos los beneficios W20 The Poison Tree Savannah is under siege.

For 20 years the minions of the Wyrm have threatened the Coastal Empire, checked only by the courage and cunning of the Shadow Lords. Every year, the septs of the Southern Protectorate send young warriors to aid in the defense and to prove their mettle in the pressure cooker of the port city. Every night, the Wyrm grows stronger, In Iberia and America, Songs of the Sun and Moon: Each time Helios rises above the horizon, they face a new day of uncovering secrets, unveiling duplicity, and standing strong for the good of Gaia and those she claims as Her own.

Songs of the Moon Each dusk brings new dangers well. The Changing Breeds do not have the strength A time when the railroads barreled their way west, and the Umbral skies tore open over them. When Garou warred on Garou, divided by the ever-moving frontier, and ancient horrors broke free. Rites of Renown: The names of the fallen outnumber the living. Their enemies are legion: W20 Art of Changing Breeds: A Visual Guide to the Fera The Art of Changing Breeds compiles the sketches, art notes, and alternate color approaches that went into the creation of the art depicting the shapeshifters featured in W20 Changing Breeds.

Each Fera gets a section with down to earth commentary by art director "Mirthful" Mike Chaney, and contains a selection of various stages showing the changes and development This is no cadaver of a helpless victim, though — the corpse is Garou.

The People remember. A man killed werewolves, taking their skins. A blasphemous rite bound the skins of Garou to the body of a Kinfolk, creating a new werewolf. A Skin Dancer. The Skinner is dead, though. Samuel Haight tried for too much power and was obliterated forever. The children W20 Cookbook Every werewolf tribe has its traditions, legends, and customs. From the tales of lordly Silver Fangs to the debased Black Spiral Dancers, and from the isolated Siberakh to the long-dead White Howlers, those legends live on.

This book is a first for the World of Darkness , providing both extra background Mind's Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse is a new edition of a classic game that draws on more than two decades' worth of material from the iconic World of Darkness setting.

The rules are designed and adapted specifically for the Live Action Roleplay environment, while maintaining the fidelity of the original game. Whether you're a veteran player or Did you truly expect that our ways would be as your own?

20th pdf werewolf

Did you think that we fight your battles against thisWyrm? Cousin, you have much to learn. Perhaps we shall share our wisdom and ways with you. Then again, perhaps not. The tribe is torn by inner strife as two werewolves battle for ascension to the throne. Lord Albrecht has long been exiled from the court of his tribe, but he must return to claim the throne, lest his corrupt cousin gain the leadership of the Fangs—and deliver the tribe into the hands of the Wyrm.

Albrecht must now embark Tribe Novels: Now, at last, it is time to take the fight to the beast. In Tribe Novel: Silver Fangs , the warrior King Albrecht travels to Europe to rally the Garou forces but finds a cold welcome We make products that make your life a little easier!

We can make you happy! We're the big businesses of Pentex - dedicated to bringing you, the consumer, exactly what you want! Eat our food, drink our booze, take our pills and play our games - it's all perfectly good for you. Hey, would we lie? Big Business at its Worst Storytellers Apocalypse The Final Battle There is nowhere left to run.

The Enemy has broken loose and come to the final battleground.

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The prophecies have come true. Their strange titles and Gifts. Think then. Great Winter had brought desperation even to our stal. When the ice pushed our ancestors south. It is no children one and all. While symbolic. Finding those who did not follow Lion. While the Great Winter has passed.

Those we encountered were much the same. Children of Stag. They rallied their dark fae allies against us. As every White Howler could recount. That and the necessity of survival in Chapter One: While we now know our- selves to be siblings of a sort.

Their moods. Not to mention We are but one Tribe among many. Their crimson and selves that. The stories of the Great Winter Wars are les- mon. The eventually. The fierce attitude. Hundreds of Only what we could carry on our backs. We tell them not us now. Warders in the villages.

An Amazon race We became more than we had been before. The Great Winter was a near-eternity. Mystics of the Garou Nation. While they may have originally been pushed once again by the great ice wall. One of the strongest themes in stories of the they cannot truly appreciate the import that our con.

Violent barbarians driven by blood-thirst. We were part dedicated to protecting women and the Wyld. Fury and All with the Children of Stag — and the rest of the The glacial encroachment did not end when it covered Garou Nation. Caitlin and Her Two Hus- by bargains too blasphemous for our tribe to consider bands. They retreated. Eventually Kin. While the Great Winter may have driven us from ers.

The Great Winter dragged on for generation after their werewolf-families did not look kindly on generation. We recognized cousins among the longer than the White Howlers had been a Tribe before it 22 White Howlers. In time. The thirst of the ever-growing ice wall was so great that it drank up the sea that had once divided our homeland from foreign shores.

Fearing what they do not understand. In the end. Many legends of the White Howlers revolve not into the glaciers. Aloof our homeland. The Lonely Red Wolf. Unwilling to follow. Great Winter is the war over Kinfolk that nection to the spirits of those who have gone before us occurred between our people and the Chil- holds for our kind.

Every morn- of great conjecture. Having heard his tale for ter. I would how to proceed. Tearlach said goodbye to her pack and her family. And not just ancient tales: It was not Tearlach And Helios as if. Tearlach could take luck in months. Her people took to This. The sun hesitated in the sky. My people grow weak and starve.

Without you. Because the next tale endless Winter. This tale will be the last I than before. Her people were great hunters. Just as slowly but inevitably. Young Tearlach grew up And.

The the majesty of your brilliance. Tearlach had expected this. It truly captured mortals. The warriors threatened Winter. Tearlach cunning of her ancestors.

The mystics cast their and Tearlach hurried on with her plan. This was the first time the spirit had deigned to speak Chapter One: While the Incarna hunting the rodents and birds. I am sure I will be quite glad you did not die before it was told. I the boulder. If I choose to pause and hear your more.

But I am very weak. Better than that one. The sun-Incarna wavered. That tale of your wonder will. She told. I am weak. I think after hearing it.

20th pdf werewolf

By nightfall. I am strength to speak. But could tell it now? I will do exactly that! Helios not only paused. Will not the other which of the two was better.

Those who had he had never paused. I fear that even to this day. But those. They dwelled in homes. Helios farming and animal husbandry into the White Howler remembered his duty. For the most part. The once more. Our teeth and our claws. Far from it. Where we relied upon segregated. She told stories until she was no lon. Our Kin. As they came. While Only then. It is not that slept in whatever shelter we could find. Where we followed the herds across our lands.

Some embraced it their far-flung cousins around the world. As the feral Tribe members and their newly returned the chirping of the returned birds. Our speed. Their message fully. With the ending of the Great Winter.


Helios paused. There island. Quite the opposite. At least. Great leaders such as Hathawulf customed to those. As time went on. Hungry ghosts haunted villages. Spirits long in Caledonia were few and fleeting. We would not be in the position we are today. We Kin. Our Folly Isolated on our island home. Most of our tribesmen. Everywhere our Tribe settled they did so inhabited the mainland just to the south of their islands.

Those White Howlers whose skills ran more to fortresses. Conflict was nothing silent chose that time to rouse themselves and begin to to draw our notice. It was. We allowed them to waging war against the great Wyrm creatures which erupted enter our lands. We certainly had no clue that their sights were having with the invaders from Rome. During the Winter. If we had no idea of the meticulousness and organization of had been more alert to the interactions our human kin their military.

The invasion of the Romans coincided What threat could these foreign humans truly pose to us? We were Garou. Peaceful times also stirred from slumber during that time. The were to follow the receding ice back into the heart of Romans offered them protection from the Cornavaii.

Werewolf the Apocalypse Revised Edition

Great Winter and the Roman invasion. They set up camps. Their foreign overlords raped all that was good and valuable from their lands and their culture. We had no idea. They kept to themselves. Our pride. They called for a great gathering. Hundreds of their boats arrived. They no longer held forth the pretense of diplomacy or the hope of peace. Some possessed three eyes. Fomori troops — twisted caricatures of the stalwart Noting this. The the third a rheumy yellow orb that allowed them to see Romans had retreated well beyond our reach.

Thousands of soldiers were around them bent away rather than fall upon their foul garrisoned beyond the wall. This two-fold challenge and the separatist attitude caerns with a fury our islands will never forget. And this time. They did. It would take a coordinated splayed nostrils or slithering tongues to relay information campaign of stealthy travel and orchestrated attacks in about their surroundings to them.

Rather than face the foreigners directly. In matters of war. Heart and soul. Kinfolk tribes used their knowledge of the land. We raided their settlements. They who had been brought over to the Roman side through unleashed them upon our land and our Kin and our bribery.

We took great care in planning the campaign. They enslaved ter — but at what cost? With our attention divided. Where the Romans found these putrescent unthinkable number of traitorous former Caledonians allies we may never know. Hundreds of White Howlers.

Pdf werewolf 20th

Others had no eyes at all. Garou kinsmen to counterbalance against the greater many who had never met more than a handful of their training. Many skirmishes had been struck in order to gain the upper hand. For a time. Some eschewed the segmented most staunchly guarded camp. They companions quickly chided those who did into silence. With dawn. Small repayment against the Southward wounds they had caused to our land and our people.

Forest dwellers faced mountain the knowledge that their great task had been a success. As they traveled. The Garou scouts slipped past the of the Roman walls. Months later. This was not a job for a single pack. Once reclaimed what had been taken from them. Roman compounds. Those first nights. Accusations Battle with Rome of theft. The Garou laid waste to the fortresses.

They crossed the first guarded at every fort. Riding on the swell of their victory. Their songs of joy. Tempers left no opportunity for retreat. Wyrm-creatures and tainted spirits. Through the masters. They tore down. By the time the sun rose muster to their task.

They fought bravely before continuing their The Long Way Home journey. Some feared that the air of apprehension that plagued The White Howlers expected to have to fight their the travelers was a portent of ambush.

The horse-tribes lost their steeds to savage As they travelled. By currach and coracle. On two — barracks. Those of the islands found themselves hills. As the seemingly triumphant warriors ghouls. Wyrm-minions had boiled up from beneath the ground and Wherever their Kin had dwelled.

Forest glens and wooden fortresses alike lay In the end. Their enemies had not been idle during the twisted animals touched by the cold claws of the Wyrm. As they crossed the northern Retribution wall. Every sacred place lay desecrated with the in the blaze. The fortunate fell in the first waves hurried even faster towards their home septs wearing a cloak of attack. They also learned a siege.

The Howlers the deepest forest or hill fortresses behind sturdy walls. Every tribe of Kin However. No sept remained burned bone left to give testament to those consumed unharmed. The longer their journey continued.

Corpses discovered the source of the foreboding. Garou attack. It matters little. Whether in the Umbra Regardless of which region the White Howler or on mortal land. The further north the Garou returned to their homeland. Those who for the foulness of their bodies. The Wyrm had taken hold of Caledonia in the most This grim duty continued far longer than anyone painful way it could — in the spirits. Wolf packs that had once hunted alongside comes later. Half-spirit monsters strangled their mothers before taking we took to this task.

To depravity made all the fouler by their youth. We lived lives of revenge had been defiled. I wish I could say that all that comes after was a blur. Each blow their first breath. Years after the fomori were no more. Scaled monsters were born where into something irredeemable.

To corruption. To taint. We lost many in those years. It still fell to us to police the evils they had neither Kin nor Garou. Just as our families fomori with no holds barred.

Those who survived returned. Some had become fomori themselves. This is the price I pay. Their numbers halved and halved could weather. As weeks and months too high when measured against all the wrong inflicted. Yet not a one of us to emerge.

The things that emerged were their lives did. The fomori visited crimes upon our Kin far who fell died with regret in our hearts. We unleashed our Rage on the then our work was far from finished.

Poisoned claws tore their way created. My nursery was the ruin their deeds… and their seed. With heavy hearts. Those Kin who had survived the initial onslaught did so tainted by the memories of I was born. We bore the destruction of our Kin like iron cloaks The Fateful Finale around our shoulders. The price was not worse than torture or murder.

I remember it all succinctly: Perfect potential warped into something macabre. Entire villages had transformed into cannibalistic This burden I bear. We moved belled where they had never dared before. They tore open every dark spot.

Their forces grew stronger as we years sealing away. Minion or Master? It matters little in the end. But this? This was different. The stone walls rang with our battle cries and the screams of our enemies. In a desolate wasteland of inside out? Or was it the Romans who came jagged rocks and pounding surf. Even as we watched. From those deep places emerged a host of Banes and pop and release whatever lay beyond.

If diversity of our Kin and clansmen. Our Wyrm. In sinking into cavernous maws that consumed entire val.

20th pdf werewolf

Chaos crept in amongst the formerly re. We now. But even the heroes of old. The ground itself wept at their desecration. Were the fomori the rust eat. Soldiers mutinied and re. Over the weeks. Deeper and deeper beneath of our homeland. A few feet further. Did the Romans let the Wyrm into their It was to there. Our seers Chapter One: She thought she recognized some of the voices. I was As for me. Our pack. No one was gleaming and slick. Have our Kin not suffered the spirits of the restless dead.

The sigils around Decisions the portal drove one Theurge mad. Would you grant the Wyrm itself entry into our neath which screamed countless souls damned to eternal lands. Each tale contradicts the others. Others saw a pathway gleaming like have found here? What if our entry breaks the bonds obsidian. I saw a serpent. One seer. A roar shook the cavern.

All of us still bore the weight of what had befallen stone nor water in that glistening spiral. The others increased their care. To gain revenge for our fallen friends and family members.

Here was the path to the heart of what was at the heart of this pit. Some spoke of an oily river.

As surprised as I was to find myself speaking. Recognizing this was more than a matter of our own land and people. Would you unleash whatever lies beyond ones before. Have you learned nothing and the very idea set a white streak in her hair that was from your battle in the south? Close enough before. Close enough a challenge. They like a rabid dog. To battle evil. Close enough to catch glimpses of Back and forth.

I swear that I could sense the Therefore. The answer it is the most powerful? It writhed and twisted sinuously. Surely the rest would join us? We thought they finally breeched. Each of our auspices gath. We waited with the Seers and Scouts. Only silence came in return. Wherever It Breeds. Our hearts are They entreated. There was no reply. We will not march to our fate with ered. Our song will continue. Come help us uphold it! And We heard the whispers of our wisest.

Lion tasked me to tell must obey. I will join them. Whether polite demurrals. Come let the light of your wisdom guide us through this terrible dark place. Other audiences offered disbelief. Our messengers encountered diplomacy in some And so we did not sing our request to the Galliards. Combat The Wyrm. Only missing were the voices of those whose messenger and Moon Bridge. The moon is setting. We would not take refusal lightly. Come help us of bodies that stretches from the cavern to the surface.

We shall dance that most closely shared their duties. It will take every one of us working on the bones of our enemies. Each auspice howled out its supplication. Only the Singers did not lend their Tribes to come and aid us in this. Through spirit was ignored. Now we gather. Our people: The Litany is clear. I sit here at the entrance to the Pit. Come lend us To have a chance of surviving.

Chapter Two: Culture They tend our wounds of body. Many of the generations that came support us when we falter. Wolves of Caledonia Our second duty. When they die. Whether Garou or not. That soul is no longer the person it know of our duty. Our Kinfolk are the heart Tribe. But sometimes a soul holds too tightly present. Culture I have spoken of the history of my people. Our tribe does not stand alone. We are White Howler.

While we are fierce and the White Howlers are no different. But our Mother also gave each Tribe Kinfolk additional tasks. It is our burden to protect the living from those who are not.

They inspire us when we are flagging. We are more than our past. Our mothers. Their bravery knew no bounds. They have power. Storytellers say that in the oldest of times. Their limbs are long and strong. Having contact with no out- legends among human taletellers. They are Kinfolk to the White Howlers. They are boisterous. Even after the snows receded. They are the Painted our people returned to our native islands.

Our tribes grow wheat. Their dedication to one another tered with spine-chilling howls of ferocity. Their ice-white pelts What can be said of our human Kin? To call them made them almost invisible along the glacial one thing is to exclude others who are not. They are wastes. Howlers — knowing nothing else of their They are curious.

To this very day. They were simply Garou. Many of our wolf-born number The werewolves of the mainland were brave spend at least a portion of their time in the company of and strong. But names trade. It is their spirit.

Howlers came to know and be known by the hunt fierce boar. Their coats It was not until after the Great Winter are thick enough to ford thickets and brambles like they scoured the islands. They are wild. Over time. They are for their color and their call — the White defiant. When Gaia Kin. They are as numerous and The Great Winter stretched on for genera- varied as fish in the ocean. A full-grown bear or boar might be the match for a single wolf. They keep to themselves.

Their fur is as silver-white as ours is in our pelted forms. While that is rare in these times. They are adventurous. Better to assume there may be others beyond my ken. The information is sparse. Some call themselves the Carnonacae. They were scattered or Caledones: I in the far northeast coastline of Caledonia.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse books

After all. Once a peace-loving tribe of farmers who branded upon us. Romans built their northern wall. As their name indicates. Their people build huge hillforts. Since their arrival. Of all the tribes of our Kin, perhaps those great Moray Firth take great pride in their ties to the faeries. While all of our Kinfolk tribes utilize horses links with their shapeshifting cousins. They say they learn to ride before they can and estuaries made it difficult for the Roman invaders walk, and to be able to speak with their horses as we can to strike as hard at them as the Taexali to their north.

The Votadini dwell south of Bodotria, the great Novantae: The Novantae dwell near the southern firth where the Romans built the northern Antonine Wall. Their Roman wall, along the western sea. There is some talk lands extend all along the eastern coast and into the south-central of them having sold their children and wives to the Ro- heart of the Caledonia lowlands, although their capital is the man invaders in exchange for their armies passing them hillfort of Traprain Law in Lowthan.

Some of the other tribes by unscathed, but jealous neighboring tribes such as the look askance on the Votadini for agreeing to a truce with the Selgovae and the Damnonii who were not so fortunate in Romans; but were it not for their acting as a buffer between escaping the foreign invaders likely created such stories.

Caledonia and the Roman army, far more of our tribes would Orcadii: One People, ing of islands off the northeast tip of Caledonia. Now, Many Faces Just as our human Kin are diverse and yet still one they exist predominantly as a farm-slave population, with people, so is there a great deal of variety amongst the Garou the foreigners stripping away all but the subsistence-level of our Tribe.

We are one, closer to one another than any of fruits of their labors. Yet, Selgovae: They took great losses during the early Roman invasions, and as the invasion became occupation, they found themselves largely forced to a nomadic lifestyle. Far Breeds from broken, however, they turned their tragedy upon Perhaps the clearest difference between members of their attackers, adopting an attack style based around our Tribe is that of our birth, some to the wolf, some their knowledge of their former territories, which they to woman, some to the ill-fated pairing of shifter and use to harry the Roman troops occupying the area.

All have a place and a purpose, and all serve an Smertae: Few Caledonian tribes are as widely known important role in our sacred duties. Caledonia became. This drove them and the Garou who Taexali: We mourn the loss of the Taexali, a peaceful protected them, their family members, and the Mactire tribe of herdsmen and animal handlers who once lived camp, away from their native homeland for millennia. And for our Kin-tribes dwelled in. That choice, along with their millennia, while most of our tribe was scattered to the peaceful nature, led to the Roman forces targeting them four winds, our lupus endured endless winter and un- when they redoubled their invasion efforts.

They were yielding cold in order to protect our homeland. In that burned out of their homes and driven into the hills by time, they grew stronger, wilder, and fiercer. Moon-calling Because of this, we accord to our wolf-born great respect. We know that they represent a timeless unbroken chain of connection to our homeland and our sacred duty.

For that, we will always be grateful. As we are summoned into this world, so does Gaia gift us with our tasks for this lifetime.

For some of us, Homid this duty begins almost immediately. Metis who survive their birth often begin training long before they are We are, however, not only of the wolf. While our capable of shapeshifting. They learn some of what their lupus ancestors were protecting Caledonia, our homid future duties will be along with their other childhood forefathers and mothers were protecting our connection teachings.

When a homid or lupus child is born and is to humanity. When our ancient human Kinfolk fell to destined to change, Garou who claim them as Kin may starvation, exposure, and the ravages of time, our homid also begin educating them on their future roles long ancestors struck out.

Leaving the familiar lands of their before their First Change. They travelled through enemy influences their lives even when they are unaware of the territory, encountered unfamiliar cultures, and took existence of werewolves, let alone their own destiny among new Kin from the best of them.

When the Great Winter them. Many are called to the tasks that they will follow ended, these new family members returned with them for the rest of their years, well before their First Change. Ragabash Metis Those born under the moonless sky know no limits. A Ragabash first suggested that we seek other climes, when The tenet of the Litany that commands us not to the Great Winter threatened to freeze our Tribe out of take mates from among other Garou is all but ignored existence.

Moreover, the Ragabash chided us back to our by those who put their perverse pleasures above all else. The dark-moons The very act is wrong for a thousand reasons, and those are capable of anything; their role is to do, to say, and to who break the Litany must be punished for their crimes.

On the other hand, some hold to that tenet so Some specialize in the physical or spiritual worlds, strongly that they castigate the result of that misdeed where they slip like shadows: Legends say that Others hide not from sight, but from repercussion, play- the Children of Stag kill the offspring of two Garou ing the eternal questioner who asks the most profane of along with the parents themselves, rather than allow- questions so that the rest of the Tribe can examine what ing their Tribe to suffer the shame of such a crime it is they truly believe in.

One does not snap the spear because the weapon- Theirs is the way of water, and like water, they can take smith stole wood for the shaft. One does not burn the any form. They can seep into the smallest crack, and break field because the farmer has sinned. Our duty is a taxing open the hardest stone. They can bring succor to those one. Our numbers are few, and the foe we face is im- who thirst, or drown those who underestimate their power. Theurge Those born to the crescent moon hold the key to our Some say I am biased in my thinking.

As a product lives as more than mortal creatures. To them, Gaia has of such a crime, that is likely so. Thankfully, in my experi- given the gift — and the burden — of truly understand- ence, most Garou of our Tribe are willing to allow me ing what it is to be both flesh and spirit, at one time.

They are tasked with holding the secrets of magic, which clamor of a war field or the susurrus of a final sacrifice, man was never meant to know and wolf cannot hope to the solemnity of duty, or the illumination of hope. They serve as diplomats to our Kin and kine who their hearts, and spin sweet balms to soothe their spirits. Our songs are as vital to the Nation as breath to Theirs is the way of spirit, and like spirits, their our bodies. They see that which is unseeable, know that which is unknowable, and travel to places from which others Ahroun might never return.

There is no half-measure Philodox with an Ahroun, no hesitation, no uncertainty. They are in all things wholly what they are, be it warrior or leader, Those born beneath the half-full moon hold our past protector or executioner. The fire inside us all burns and our future in their hands. They are the keepers of brightest in the full-moon soul, a flame that both fuels the sacred ways, those who remind us of the traditions them and threatens to consume them, should they not our forbearers set before us, and why.

The half-moons be strong enough to survive the heat. They lead us way forward. They willingly take on the harshest tasks, forward. They watch over our challenges, spearheading those that would break the bodies or spirits of weaker diplomacy between septs and packs so that we may serve beings. In every great battle, every raid, every ambush, Gaia without losing ourselves in squabbles and infighting.

They are the fiercest foe, and the most midst of chaos, and to keep a level head in the center of passionate protectors, and without them, our sacred duty the fray. They must see both the good and the weakness would have no hope of being fulfilled. They keep the balance of all extremes. They can illuminate and protect. They between wolf and man, between Garou and Kin, between can inspire fear.

Or they can destroy. Theirs is the way of stone, and like stone, they endure all things, and form the foundation upon which the rest Tribal Camps The Boderia of the Tribe rests. To us falls the duty of timeless- White Howlers and the dead: Our minds must hold fast the tales of the ancients, fallen comrades, and even slain enemies.

While all of the the songs of a thousand generations, and ensure that the Tribe shares a sacred duty to give honor to those who have past is never forgotten. Our eyes must bear witness to come before them and to ensure that the dead do no harm all that happens around us: Our voices must be capable of carrying the to those who have gone before, supervise burials to help 40 White Howlers.

The ways of the dead can be confusing to the living. Almost all White Howler septs contain at least one member of the Boderia camp. Another might carve mystical sigils into her flesh. When I asked why he would do such a thing. One of the Silent Ones might brand himself with white-hot coals.

The Boderia do not hide their camp affiliation. They claim their founders were members of packs. The Boderia who serves our sept is blind in one eye. The ties that hold a human or Garou spirit to the mortal world can be as simple as the need for revenge against their killer.

Entering into the camp includes a ritual wherein the newly inducted member undergoes scarification or other forms of extreme body modifications as a symbol of their dedication to this path. I first thought the wounds to be battle scars. Because of this. We might not have survived the Great Winter Tribal protectors. I have only ing caerns that were abandoned in the Great Winter. Few ever return from such a quest.

Fianna The Toutates Our cousins to the south are so like us. Gaia made us of both man and beast. While legends tell of many Tribes. Wolven instinct and human logic. It is While individual septs have customs and laws that his roar that we echo when our howls carry across the are unique unto themselves. It is his bravery Litany that shields us when we deal with the restless dead.

Wolven speed and human the defiling of our Kin that happened in our absence. We expected them at least to humans they are dedicated to. Less a cohesive group than the Boderia. Legends say they never back down from It is a point of honor to the White Howlers that every a fight. It is his pride that reassures us that no matter those who join them often can trace their ancestry back the odds we shall persevere.

While they do not hate humans or homid Garou. Once there. These rules are not the purview of any individual or 42 White Howlers.