Honda activa service manual pdf

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Honda shop manual on paid basis to help you perform many maintenance and repair tasks. Accessories shown in the illustration are not part of the standard. Honda activa Owner Manual · Honda Activa Here's a link to this great service. Honda shop manual on paid basis to help you perform many maintenance and repair tasks. Accessories .. Ignition switch shutter (Activa Deluxe). bfXu“ku fLop .

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View and Download Honda Activa SCV service manual digest online. Activa SCV Scooter pdf manual download. SERVICE RULES CABLE & HARNESS ROUTING 1. MODEL Use genuine Honda or Honda-recommended parts and lubricants or their equivalents . I would like to get honda Activa Service manual, if any one have please let me know. Thank you.

All information in this publication is based on the latest production information available at the time of approval for printing. Pull the headlight case slightly up, carefully release the tabs- 3 nos. Is it the owner's manual or workshop manual? Measured at the tip of the brake levers. The light bulb becomes very hot while the light is ON.

Install the removed parts in the reverse order of removal. Secondary Air filter cleaning The air filter should be serviced at regular intervals Ref. Use the Honda genuine air cleaner element or an equivalent air cleaner element specified for your model. Remove the air filter housing cover 1 by removing the screw 2. Service more frequently when riding in unusually wet or dusty areas.

Using the wrong Honda air cleaner element or a non-Honda air cleaner element which is not of equivalent quality may cause premature engine wear or performance problems. Wash the air filter in clean. Open the clamp 1 and remove crankcase breather tube 2 from the air cleaner and drain deposits into a suitable container.

Soak the air-cleaner in engine oil SAE 20W until saturated. A fire or explosion could result. Reinstall the crankcase breather tube. Periodically clean up breather oil from breather tube. Service more frequently when riding in rain. Service if the deposit level can be seen in the transparent section of the drain tube.. Remove the air filter 3. Never use gasoline or low flash point solvents for cleaning the secondary air filter.

Change the engine oil as specified in the maintenance schedule Ref. Although this is unlikely unless you handle used oil on a daily basis.

Engine oil quality is the chief factor affecting engine service life. Use only high detergent. The following provides a guide to the selection of the proper grade or viscosity of oil to be used at various atmospheric temperatures.

Used engine oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly left in contact with the skin for prolonged periods. We suggest you take it in a sealed container to your local recycling center or service station for reclamation. Viscosity grade of engine oil should be based on average atmospheric temperature in your riding area.

Do not throw it in the trash or pour it on the ground or down a drain. Engine Oil Good engine oil has many desirable qualities. When running in very dusty conditions. Turn the ignition off and to be on safer side remove the ignition key from ignition switch. After the engine oil has been drained out hold the scooter upright for seconds to assure complete draining. Stop the engine. Replace the sealing washer every 54 other time the oil is changed.

Check that the oil level is at the upper level mark on the dipstick with the scooter upright on firm. Change the engine oil from the engine at normal operating temperature and the scooter on its center stand to assure complete and rapid draining.

Check that the sealing washer 2 on the drain bolt is in good condition and install the bolt. Stop the engine and wait minutes. Place an oil drain pan under the crankcase. Oil Drain Bolt Torque: Start the engine and let it idle for minutes. Make sure there are no oil leaks. Operate the kickstarter several times to aid in complete draining of the remaining oil. If a torque wrench is not used for this installation. Fill the crankcase with recommended grade oil. O-ring and oil strainer screen cap.

Clean the oil strainer screen. Oil Strainer Screen Cap Torque: Remove the oil strainer screen cap 1. Install the oil strainer screen spring. Check that the oil strainer screen. To drain the oil.

Free download service manual for honda activa

Disconnect the spark plug cap 2 from the spark plug 1. Recommended plugs: Fill the crankcase with the recommended grade oil. Remove the spark plug 1 using the spark plug wrench furnished in the tool kit. Make sure that there are no oil leaks. Stop the engine and wait for minutes. Clean any dirt from around the spark plug base. Severe engine damage could result. Remove the engine front cover. If the erosion or deposit is heavy.

Inspect the electrodes and center porcelain for deposits. Clean a carbon or wetfouled plug with a plug cleaner.

Service honda manual pdf activa

Tighten the spark plug: If adjustment is necessary. The gap should be: Reinstall the spark plug cap. With the plug washer attached thread the spark plug in by hand prevent cross-threading. Check the spark plug gap 3 using a wire gauge. Idle speed In neutral: Remove the speedometer cable 1 by pushing the tab 2. Adjust idle speed with the throttle stop screw 1. Ten minutes of stop-and-go riding is sufficient. Incase of Activa Deluxe Remove the front brake both adjusting nuts 3 and remove the front brake both cables 4 from the brake arm 5.

Remove the front axle nut 6. Raise the front wheel off the ground by pressing from rear side. Warm up the engine. Remove the front axle 7. Front Wheel Removal 1. Throttle screw Remove the front brake adjusting nut 3 and remove the front brake cable 4 from the brake arm 5.

The engine must be at normal operating temperature for accurate idle speed adjustment. Connect a tachometer to the engine. Incase of Activa Standard 4. After installing the wheel. Recheck the wheel if the brake drags or if the wheel does not rotate freely. Tighten the front axle nut to the specified torque. Make sure that the tang 9 on the left front fork leg is located in the slot 10 in the brake panel.

If a torque wrench was not used for installation. Position the wheel between the fork legs and insert the front axle from the left side. Improper assembly may lead to loss of braking capacity.

Front Wheel Installation 1. See your Honda dealer for this service. If the arrow aligns with the reference mark on full application of the brake. Rear Wheel Removal 1. Remove the rear wheel. When the brake service is necessary.

Remove the rear wheel nut by applying rear brake 3.

When the brake is applied. The front and rear brakes are equipped with brake wear indicators. Use only genuine Honda parts or its equivalent. Flush the skin with large quantities of water Call a physician immediately. Wear protective clothing and eye protection when working near the battery.

Turn the ignition switch OFF. If the scooter is operated with insufficient battery electrolyte. If rapid loss of electrolyte is experienced. Skin — Remove contaminated clothing. Immediately call a physician. Getting electrolyte in your eyes or on your skin can cause serious burns. Swallowing — Drink water or milk. Check the electrolyte level with the scooter in an upright position on level ground. Call a physician immediately. Remove the front center cover Ref. Running the scooter without properly charged battery may damage electrical parts.

Remove the battery holder 1 by removing the bolt 2. Do not bend or twist the breather tube. Remove the battery Ref. Immediately wash off any spilled electrolyte. The battery breather tube must be routed as shown on the label. Use care when adding distilled water. A bent or kinked breather tube may pressurize the battery and damage its case.

When checking battery fluid level. Remove the battery filler caps 5. If the electrolyte level is low. See your Honda dealer for repair. Disconnect battery breather tube 4. Remove the battery 7. Serious damage to the electrical system or a fire may result. Remove the battery upper cover 3. When frequent fuse failure occurs. Disconnect the negative — terminal lead 5 from the battery first. A loose fuse could cause damage to the electrical system and even cause a fire.

Open the fuse holder 1 and lift out the fuse 3 from the clips 4. If you do not have a replacement fuse with the proper rating for the circuit. Slide the clips onto the ends of the new fuse. Slide the old fuse out of the clips and discard it. Do not pry the clips open to get a fuse out. After replacing the fuse be sure to return the fuseholder to its original location.

Pdf manual honda service activa

Turn the ignition switch OFF before checking or replacing the fuses to prevent an accidental short-circuit. The spare fuse 2 is located in the fuse holder. The specified fuse is: Fuse Holder: The fuse holder is located near the battery. Install the fuse holder and front center cover. Remove the bulb 4 while pressing down the locking pin 3. The light bulb becomes very hot while the light is ON.

NOTICE Replacing a fuse with one that has a higher rating greatly increases the chance of damage to the electrical system. Remove the dust cover 1. If the replacement fuse of the same rating burns out in a short time. Install a new bulb in the reverse order of removal. Be sure to let it cool down before servicing. Insert hand from bodycover rear side. Remove the turn signal bulb holder 1 by turning counterclockwise.

Remove the bulb 2 from bulb holder by pressing in and turning counter clockwise. Front Turn Signal Bulb 1. Remove the bulb 2 from bulb holder by pressing in and turning counterclockwise.

If your scooter is still warm from recent operation. Clean your scooter regularly to protect the surface finishes and inspect for damage.

We recommend avoiding the use of high pressure water spray typical in coinoperated car washes. Avoid cleaning products that are not specifically designed for scooter or automobile surfaces.

Clean the scooter with a sponge or soft cloth using cool water. Rinse the scooter thoroughly with cool water to remove loose dirt. Take care to keep chemical solvents off the scooter. The inside of the headlight lens.

Clean the plastic parts using a cloth or sponge dampened with a solution of mild detergent and water. Several applications may be necessary to restore normal braking performance. Washing the scooter 1. Rub the soiled area gently rinsing it frequently with fresh water. Avoid directing water to muffler outlets and electrical parts. Dry the scooter start the engine. They will damage the plastic and painted surfaces.

Test the brakes before riding the scooter. Run the engine while keeping the headlight on. After cleaning. Moisture condensation inside the headlight lens will disappear gradually by lighting the headlight in high beam. Do not use warm water. This worsens the effect of the salt. Anticipate longer stopping distance to avoid a possible accident. Braking efficiency may be temporarily impaired immediately after washing the scooter. Wash your scooter by the following point after it runs through such a place.

Apply the polish or wax according to the instructions on the container. Use only a non-abrasive polish or wax made specifically for motorcycles or automobiles.

Clean the scooter using cool water Ref. Removing Road Salt The salt contained in the road surface freezing prevention medicine which a road was sprayed with in winter.

Petrol is highly flammable and explosive. Which one are you talking about? I am looking for the service manual to service the engine. Try asking for a workshop manual or spare parts price list While these seem to be easily available for cars check theautomotiveindia site , I havent seen any for the activa. Tried asking honda not dealer but they refused. Maybe someone with connections to the top can get them and post them on the Internet.

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