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If so, then you'll want to read about Robert C. Pozen's guide to being productive, Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours. Pozen is the. Oct 25, “No matter what your career aspirations are,” writes Robert Pozen in Extreme Productivity, “you should begin by thinking carefully about why. Jan 17, Robert Pozen is a very productive person: An MIT Sloan senior lecturer, he served as the former president of Fidelity Investments, executive.

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Bob Pozen does a lot. He's been a top executive at two mutual fund giants, Fidelity and MFS Investment Management. He's also been an attorney, a government. Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours [Robert C. Pozen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Required reading for. Robert C. Pozen taught a full course load at Harvard Business School while In Extreme Productivity, Pozen reveals the secrets to workplace productivity and.

An Introduction pdf download by Rev. Quickly handle low-priority tasks by keeping your perfectionism at bay. I try to keep at least one hour open each day so that I can respond quickly to new events or issues. Oct 13, Andrea rated it it was amazing. Nine Years Under: They tend, often subconsciously, to value workers who put in overtime and weekend hours.

The first has caught on in the startup scene—meaning that you get most of your value from 20 percent of your work. If the task is important, handle it immediately. To calibrate daily activities to yearly goals, Pozen recommends a two-sided schedule. At the end of your day, plot out your time spent in two columns. List each activity on the left and describe its purpose on the right. Drake Baer covers leadership for Fast Company.

Follow him on Twitter. Flickr user The South London Lop ]. By Drake Baer 5 minute Read. Minimize your routine, maximize your time Everyone—including President Obama—is better off with a uniform of sorts.

Creativity Creativity Fired your agent? No problem! Design Co. Design This beautiful new fabric is actually old plastic bags woven on a loom Co.

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

Summary of Chapter 2 1. Let your followers set their own hours. Summary of Chapter 3 1. Use OHIO: Only handle it once. Check email on a set schedule. Multitask low-priority items. As a leader, eliminate bure Great book. As a leader, eliminate bureaucratic roadblocks that hinder your people. Summary of Chapter 4 1. Make daily calendars at the beginning of each week for each day.

How to achieve extreme productivity

Use split calendar see pg. Take a 30 minute nap each afternoon. Exercise regularly. Exercise is rated as the 2nd most happiness inducing activity- right behind sex.

Summary of Chapter 5 1. Keep a checklist of things to bring on trips. Beat jet-lag by exercising when you get to your destination. Buy a small gift for your family when gone, and call them every single day. Summary of Chapter 6 1. Avoid meetings when possible. Summary of Chapter 7 1. Decide what your purpose in reading is. Get a grasp of the structure.

Read the intro and conclusion. Skim the tops of paragraphs. Write a summary of what you want to remember. Summary of Chapter 8 1. Outline before you write. Brainstorm, Categorize, then organize. Summary of Chapter 9 1. Do not write your speech word for word.

Start out with a joke. Turn them the audience from passive to active listeners by wandering around the audience and asking questions. Summary of Chapter 10 1. Get everyone to own their own space. This a good chapter to read when beginning a new leadership role.

Managing Yourself: Extreme Productivity

Start innovative awards: Best New Mistake Summary of Chapter 11 1. Keep a list of accomplishments that you can send your boss at the end of the quarter. Summary of Chapter 12 1. Get education start with hard skills 2. Learn about other cultures. Summary of Chapter 13 1. Write down three or four ethical principles that will always guide you. Remember that it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it. Think about the New York Times Test. Summary of Chapter 14 1. Not worth reading.

View 1 comment. Oct 28, Scott Miles rated it really liked it Shelves: I wish I had read this book before I read this book, because I would know that skipping a few of the less worthwhile chapters would have been more productive.

Other than that, it was quite useful. Jan 24, Dawn rated it liked it Shelves: A little disappointing. Didn't learn a single new thing and nothing that would help me boost my productivity output! The 3 main points: All workers should take a 30 minute nap following lunch; the author, Robert C A little disappointing.

All workers should take a 30 minute nap following lunch; the author, Robert C. Pozen, apparently does this every day in his office. Hmmm, I guess I need to get an office before I start taking naps in it! I love that idea and work hard to follow the rule. Now I can say I read a nonfiction book for the month of January. Sticking to my New Year's Resolutions! May 26, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: This is a collection of tips and techniques rather than a plan for productivity a fact that he explains in the introduction.

It has some useful insights. Like most productivity books, however, there is an assumption that someone else like your wife is dealing with all the issues of domestic life and you have only to focus on the important goals of your brilliant career.

Oct 22, Michael Grills rated it did not like it Shelves: This book is not very good at all. I found myself skimming to get passed a lot of the 30, foot view positional ideas and looking for useful tactics.

There are a lot more useful ideas on Lifehacker. I really won't recommend this. I felt that I should check the publishing date as sometimes the advice sounded more like than There are a few good items so it gets a slim three. Aug 04, Supriya rated it it was ok Shelves: Pozen contains practical advice for increasing personal productivity aimed at professionals in a more corporate setting. While I think everyone would probably pick up some tips to becoming more productive, those in the corporate setting will gain the most from this book, and some people will find chapters that don't relate to them as much.

The first part of the book contains three chapters that focus on three big ideas: Common ideas, but Pozen does a good job of describing them and explaining why they are important to being productive. These ideas can be applied to just about anything by anyone. Part 2, Productivity Every Day, has three chapters as well. All of these chapters have good practical advice on the topics, but some people won't find them as useful.

The routine is more of the person in a more corporate setting, not a small business owner or someone who works from home. The same goes for traveling and meetings, these are more focused on how the corporate professional travels and attends meetings. The third part, Developing Personal Skills, provides advice on three topics that I think would help anyone be more productive and effective.

Reading Effectively. Writing Effectively. Speaking Effectively. These are three very important skills and Pozen shares some practical advice on all three, especially for the corporate executive. Part 4, Managing Up and Down, has two chapters that will only be useful to those in some situations. You obviously have to managing people, and have a boss to get the most of these chapters.

If you do manage others, and have a boss to report to, these chapters provide some great suggestions for being more productive. The fifth and final part, Pursuing a Productive Life, concludes the book with these three chapters: I thought there was good advice on all three of these topics in the final chapters. I agree with the thought that the reason to be more productive is to enjoy a more rewarding life, and that focusing on results produced rather than hours worked is a better way. Pozen writes from experience, and those who wish to rise to an executive position will find a lot to help them in this book.

Others will also find many practical tips on productivity, but may have to modify some or skip some depending on their specific work situation. The chapters end with summary key points and practical suggestions you can put to work immediately. Bottom line: If you want to be more productive, Extreme Productivity by Robert Pozen can help you get there. It's the best way, in my opinion, for you to get more done at work while enjoying more time with your friends and family.

However, I've also been impressed by how much your approach to productivity should depend on your own specific situation. In applying the lessons of this book, you should carefully consider your own stage in life and you "As I've written this book, I have become more and more confident that professionals at all levels should focus on results produced rather than hours worked.

In applying the lessons of this book, you should carefully consider your own stage in life and your organization's culture.

Pdf robert extreme productivity pozen

Jul 04, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: A quick, easy read with practical advice. Easy to understand and implement. However, I feel as though the author suffered from an aggrandized sense of self-importance. This manifested itself in an abundance of elitist business jargon and biographical drivel.

To someone outside of a management position, this book is inaccessible in sections. Pozen manages to succinctly communicate his own success strategies, but he seems smugly grandfatherly.

Robert extreme pozen pdf productivity

He's not a bad guy for sure, and it's not a bad book, A quick, easy read with practical advice. He's not a bad guy for sure, and it's not a bad book, but it's mostly just a rehash of already timeless, well-established productivity principles.

You will probably finds recommendations other authors have made but I guess that would be with many books of this genre. I still like to "listen" his angle. There are several up to date practical reconsiderations. It is an easy read. Is no a dry book. He try to cover personal and professional aspects. Dec 30, Yassir Islam rated it liked it.

A good solid approach to different facets of productivity, and the key points are nicely summarized at the end of each chapter. However, I felt that this book is more geared to the recent college graduate or someone in the early stages of their career who would likely rate the book higher.

Feb 21, TarasProkopyuk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 13, Andrea rated it it was amazing. I loved this book! Pozen was clear and concise, with practical tips to increase productivity. I think it was entertaining and helpful. Sep 02, Rob Thompson rated it liked it Shelves: