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Results 1 - 16 of 16 Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL ) (1). University of ( - ) IEEE Computational Science and Engineering. Displaying PDF file icon PDF ( Cited by: Papers (1). Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE) is a cross-disciplinary, international publication that meets this need by presenting View All Popular Papers. We expect paper topics to include device-related research, such as efficient . Pravin Bhagwat received the PhD degree in computer science from the University.

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free research papers-computer science FREE IEEE PAPER. Free download research paper Evaluation of MapReduce for Gridding LIDAR Data ( pdf). IEEE PAPER FULL LIST-ENGINEERING RESEARCH PAPERS free IEEE paper from, SOFTWARE, COMPUTER SCIENCE. future of the computer and the information processing industry. ' Atsushi Akera. Department of Histo ry and Sociology of Science. University of Pennsylvania.

OSM is known for its ability to increase student engagement, motivation, and knowledge reflection. Select All on Page. Fang, G. Stearn, S. In this paper, a unified tensor model is proposed to represent the unstructured, semistructured, and structured data. Nov

IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing

Component-based programming is a programming paradigm that eases software reuse but has yet to be widely adopted in scientific computing. We propose to embed component frameworks inside high-performance languages directly to improve flexibility compared to the literature.

We present this approach through the example of a high-performance Bayesian inference application. Within computational chemistry, the NWChem package has arguably been the de facto standard for running high-accuracy numerical simulations on the most powerful supercomputers.

In order to better address the challenges presented by emerging exascale architectures, the decision has been made to rewrite NWChem. Design of the resulting package, NWChemEx, has been driven by exascale computing; however, Scientific open source projects are responsible for enabling many of the major advances in modern science including recent breakthroughs such as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory project recognized in the Nobel Prize for physics.

However, much of this software ecosystem is developed ad hoc with no regard for sustainable software development practices. This problem is fur A critical challenge in scientific computing is balancing developing high-quality software with the need for immediate scientific progress. We present a flexible approach that emphasizes writing specialized code that is refactored only when future immediate scientific goals demand it.

Papers computer science pdf ieee for

Our lazy refactoring technique, which calls for code with clearly defined interfaces and sharply delimited scopes Sharp curve lane detection is one of the challenges of visual environment perception technology for autonomous driving.

In this paper, a new hyperbola fitting based method of curve lane detection is proposed. The method mainly includes three parts: We compared our method with the Bezier curve fitting based, the least squares cur The computational and data-centric problems faced by scientists and engineers transcend disciplines.

There is a need to share knowledge of algorithms, software, and architectures, and to transmit lessons-learned to a broad scientific audience. CiSE emphasizes innovative applications in advanced computing, simulation, and analytics, among other cutting-edge techniques. CiSE publishes peer-reviewed research articles, and also runs departments spanning news and analyses, topical reviews, tutorials, case studies, and more. Editor-in-Chief Jim X.

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Search within results: Author Search for Author. Lois Curfman McInnes 2. Daniel S. Katz 2. Benjamin Pritchard 1. Mike Folk 1. Theresa L.

Windus 1. Belinda Weaver 1. Stefanie Butland 1. Michael A. Heroux 1. Wolfgang Bangerth 1. Kristopher Keipert 1. Simon Hettrick 1.

Xuewei Li 1. Karthik Ram 1. Rafael C. Jimenez 1. Abigail Cabunoc Mayes 1. Sandra Gesing 1. Lorraine J. Hwang 1. They also propose the idea of a model group along two dimensions: Although current literature highlights a wide variety of potential citizen science project outcomes, no prior studies have systematically assessed performance against a comprehensive set of criteria. The study reported here is the first to propose a novel framework for assessing citizen science projects against multiple dimensions of success.

The authors apply this framework to a sample of project Two Python modules are presented: Much of Africa has limited experimental research facilities in many areas of fundamental and applied sciences.

Science computer ieee for pdf papers

There are, however, cases where government support has made a difference in providing both infrastructure and funding to researchers as well as graduate students to carry out experimental work. This article describes continent-wide initiatives to grow computational sciences and high-perfo As the relationship between research and computing evolves, new tools are required to not only treat numerical problems, but also to solve various problems that involve large datasets in different formats, new algorithms, and computational systems such as databases and Internet servers.

Python can help develop these computational research tools by providing a balance of clarity and flexibility wit Developers use the open source Erlang programming language in domains such as telecommunications, database systems, and the Web due to its superior support for concurrency and reliability.

Erlang applications comprise numerous processes-lightweight user-space threads-that communicate via message passing. This article focuses on Erlang's concurrency support and details an example 1D Poisson solver Completing a full replication study of the authors' previously published findings on bluff-body aerodynamics was harder than they thought, despite them having good reproducible-research practices, such as sharing their code and data openly.

Here's what they learned from three years, four computational fluid dynamics codes, and hundreds of runs. In this paper, I address several related questions about evidence: What is common to understanding across different fields like law, science, and medicine? Can we develop a unified perspective?


Could this lead to new ways of analyzing practical issues and making complex decisions where there are competing viewpoints? A widely held position is that evidence is intrinsically associated with resolvin It is based on three design principles: This paper provides a brief system description and full explanation of the design principles and major attributes.

Science for pdf papers computer ieee

A new generation of computational scientists is currently being trained across Costa Rica, mainly at research laboratories in public universities.

This new wave of scientists is expected to further increase the impact of advanced computing in conceiving creative, powerful ways to understand the universe and solve complex problems.

Numerical modeling is a tool commonly used by both researchers and engineers. For several reasons, the quality of scientific codes frequently deprecates. One of the possible remedies is the application of advanced programming and software development methods. A description and discussion of the SciDB database management system focuses on lessons learned, application areas, performance comparisons against other solutions, and additional approaches to managing data and complex analytics.

The authors have created an object-oriented scripting interface to a mature density functional theory code. The interface gives users a high-level, flexible handle on the code without rewriting the underlying number-crunching code.

Papers pdf ieee science for computer

The authors also discuss the design issues and advantages of homogeneous interfaces. Use of the Python language in scientific computing has always been characterized by the coexistence of interpreted Python code and compiled native code, written in languages like C or Fortran. This column takes a fresh look at the problem and introduces Pythran, a new optimization tool designed to efficiently handle unmodified Python code. Many scientific software developers have applied software engineering practices in their work in recent years.

Agile methods are gaining increased interest from both industry and academia, including scientific application domains. Test-driven development TDD and refactoring practices are critical to the success of agile methods. Although many scientific projects employ agile practices, the effec It is true in many cases, because a complex idea or data can be simply conveyed through the use of a single static image or diagram.

Therefore, inclusion of graphics and visualizations in scientific texts has been an important aspect ever since researchers started publishing articles. Conventional writing styles allow researchers to Containers are an emerging technology that holds promise for improving productivity and code portability in scientific computing.

IEEE Xplore: Computing in Science & Engineering

The authors examine Linux container technology for the distribution of a nontrivial scientific computing software stack and its execution on a spectrum of platforms from laptop computers through high-performance computing systems. For Python code run on large parallel c Reversing early limitations on Moore's low, interconnectors have replaced transistors as the main determinants of chip performance. This "tyranny of interconnectors" will only escalate in the future, and thus the nanoelectronics that follow silicon must be interconnect-centric.

This new technology will likely use "transistors" that approach, if not surpass, the 0. A decade of discourse to capture the essence of computational thinking has resulted in a broad set of skills whose teaching continue to pose challenges because of the reliance on the use of electronic computers and programming concepts. This article not only links computational thinking skills to fundamental cognitive competencies but also describes pedagogical tools that have proven effective in As biologists discover and learn to embrace the complexity of biological systems, computational data analysis and modeling have become critical for furthering our understanding.

Exascale computing will enable the development of new predictive multiscale models, transforming how we study the behaviors of organisms and ecosystems, ultimately leading to new innovations and discoveries. Adopting a functional programming style could make your programs more robust, more compact, and more easily parallelizable. However, mastering it requires some effort.

This article's purpose is to explain what functional programming is and how it differs from traditional imperative programming. The author also explains how functional programming helps with concurrent and parallel programming. All programming projects have one thing in common: Some things that need doing are bug fixes; others are enhancements such as cleaning up and refactorlng existing code, adding tests, and writing documentation. In this article, we describe two open-sour To verify a research paper's computational results, readers typically have to recreate them from scratch.

ReDoc is a simple software filing system for authors that lets readers easily reproduce computational results using standardized rules and commands.

Engineering faculty members play a multifaceted role in the profession in that they help discover, promote, and disseminate advancements in technology, and they engage in capacity-building by training a future workforce of engineers. However, many potential faculty members are dissuaded from academia. A study of Black engineering PhD students and postdoctoral scholars investigates their career dec Modern JavaScript has the power to access the capabilities of the underlying architecture in a simple and portable manner and without installing third-party libraries.

A one-page web application was built that connects to the camera, processes the video stream, extracts images, and detects motion. The detected motion is then used to control a 3D robotic arm rendered using webGL within the same pag This article highlights the Oak Ridge Leadership Compute Facilitys GPU Hackathon, presenting the training format used, trends observed, and reasons for teams successes and failures.

It also summarizes participant outcomes and takeaways while demonstrating how educators could adopt this hackathon format for use in their respective institutions. Persistent Link: A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

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Harrison ; Wibe A. Carl S. Adorf ; Vyas Ramasubramani ; Joshua A. Anderson ; Sharon C. Louise H. Kellogg ; Lorraine J. Popular Articles. What Is the Blockchain? Massimo Di Pierro.

John D. Travis E. Thomas N. Theis ; H. Philip Wong.

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