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Lucy Monroe THE SCORSOLINI MARRIAGE BARGAIN TORONTO • NEW YORK • LONDON AMSTERDAM • PARIS • SYDNEY • HAMBURG STOCKHOLM. Royal Brides 03 The Scorsolini Princes THE SCORSOLINI MARRIAGE BARGAIN by Lucy Monroe Summary Duty bound to marry and. Jennifer Probst. She felt like an idiot for creating a love spell, but she had no options left and little to lose. Alexa stared at her best friend, Maggie Ryan, and scowled.

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We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. Angelo Torre compares con and recourse to external authority in two communitie century Piedmont.

Marriage bargain pdf the

Torre and other contributors descr develop or adjust to new forms of patronage and clien lemin explores the persistence of aristocratic family n teenth-century Normandy, and Stone demonstrates co ership of country houses in England from to I8 the "dialectical" role of family in the nineteenth-century community and state that grew out of the coming of wri periphery of the Papal State.

Is there a coherent Franco-Italian approach to famil tainly this collection does not provide a typology to Nor do its methods differ significantly from those em European countries. The exploitation of new kinds welcome, especially when it is accompanied by a serio extension of the family into hitherto unexplored regio tant is the attempt to understand the meaning and qu among kin and between family and other institution weakness of family history has been its inability to power.

David G. It is the dowry that many people associate with this "traffic in women. Reiter ed. The Marriage Bargain is a crucial exploration of that world.

It is sobering to realize that we still do not have a full-scale history of the dowry in Europe. Yet the dowry is of great importance because it was a concrete financial transaction which defined a woman's place in the social hierarchy. Its history thus unites the history of women with social history at large.

That the dowry has not yet come into its own as a research theme is lamentable, for reconstructing the dowry's history will answer two central questions.

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On a very human scale, how did dowries affect women's experience of marriage? And, more grandly, how can we explain why particular groups in particular times and place came to adopt and then discard the dowry?

The three finest essays in the volume are those that cover the modern period. Jane Schneider's essay on "Trousseau as Treasure" is marvelously sophisticated. Based on a family reconstitution of Sicilian marriages from the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century, Schneider seeks to explain why embroidered whitewear became such a dominant part of women's dowries. She answers her question in three ways. First, the embroidery represented an attempt by Sicilian families to emulate the upper classes and thus was part of their effort to use their daughters' marriages for their own upward mobility.

Second, trousseau making was a symbolic activity because embroidering with white thread on white cloth was associated with female purity. Finally, families in- sisted on trousseaus because the items produced had real financial value and could be useful in times of economic crisis. Kaplan's essay on the marriage strategies of Jews in Imperial Ger- many is also a splendid reconstruction of patterns buried deep in the records of the German-Jewish past.

Jennifer Probst

Kaplan uses interviews, newspaper advertisements, and unpublished memoirs to obtain a surprisingly de- tailed picture of how dowries regulated the exchange of women within the small, mainly endogamous Jewish community. She poses the ques- tion: Kaplan asserts that antisemites were not correct and points out that their attacks tell us a great deal about their own fears that their poverty would limit their ability to send their daughters up the gentile social hierarchy.

Kaplan has thus used women's family experiences to examine a standard theme in German-Jewish history-the veracity of antisemitic attacks. Jane Lambiri-Dimaki's essay is set in Greece, where she studied the dowry in , when it had "finally" begun to decline in importance.

Her chapter is rich in suggestive hypotheses about the consequences of the dowry both for women's marriage patterns and for the Greek econ- omy. Although, in earlier settings the dowry was associated with hom- ogamous marriages, she found that in contemporary Greece the inflation of dowry levels had led to a situation in which women had to marry down hypogamy , whereas men tended to marry up hypergamy.

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The Marriage Bargain

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Bargain pdf marriage the

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