Linux troubleshooting pdf

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More information and available at Feel free to contact the author: .. practice: troubleshooting tools. Identify, capture and resolve common issues faced by Red Hat Enterprise Linux administrators using best practices and advanced troubleshooting techniques. Quick Reference Card 11 Linux Troubleshooting #In bootgui: press, grub command line, or grub from Linux CLI . #IBM Redbook sgpdf.

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Java and other issues might make GUI unavailable. Some of the names and labels it creates are strange. Some people are more familiar with the CLI. Linux. This guide will help you troubleshoot issues on your computers, find help You see an issue in Linux Mint, does it also happen in Ubuntu?. TROUBLESHOOTING IN LINUX. Here are some valuable tips to help you find important system files in RHEL 5, which get deleted by accident. Everything seems.

Extraordinary temporary slowness of underlying hardware E. Any issue that makes that window wider is greatly increasing the change the race to be triggered. VMWare case creates additional complications. Yeimy Quevedo. Eugene Piloton. Aarthi Vishwanathan.

Troubleshooting If any issus in the kernel code is suspected crash dump should be triggered for further RH analysis. Manual via VM suspend via vcenter.

Five options to trigger crash dump: Manual via VM snapshot from vcenter 5. Manual via SysRQ 2. VM console must be in text mode. Depending on the setting it could go over several phases.

Pdf linux troubleshooting

This is not safe even in a middle term. Turn it off afterwards. Possible solution Turn kernel. Force kernel to panic in legitimate cases is an overreaction. We are depending on Windows team presence during issues.

Troubleshooting pdf linux

VMWare case creates additional complications. Turn it off when production phase will begin. Crash dump triggered Sending NMI to guest.

And ask those person to provide you. Resulting snapshot file on the ESXi side has. Up to 4 hours Due to the nature of operation VM need to be down during all next steps: Up to one hour.

Resulting suspend file on the ESXi side has. This might be very confusing — be aware of that.

Troubleshooting pdf linux

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting Guide [Book]

Search inside document. Linux kernel hangs: Documents Similar To linux-kernel-troubleshooting. King Clevon. Vinod Kumar. Gagan Kandra. The book will cover the troubleshooting methods for web applications and services such as Apache and MySQL. Then, you will learn to identify system performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot network issues; all while learning about vital troubleshooting steps such as understanding the problem statement, establishing a hypothesis, and understanding trial, error, and documentation.

Finally, the book will take you through a detailed root cause analysis of an unexpected reboot where you will learn to recover a downed system. This is an easy-to-follow guide packed with examples of real-world core Linux concepts. All the topics are presented in detail while you're performing the actual troubleshooting steps. Downloading the example code for this book.


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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Troubleshooting Guide

Start Free Trial No credit card required. View table of contents. Start reading. What You Will Learn Identify issues that need rapid resolution against long term root cause analysis Discover commands for testing network connectivity such as telnet, netstat, ping, ip and curl Spot performance issues with commands such as top, ps, free, iostat, and vmstat Use tcpdump for traffic analysis Repair a degraded file system and rebuild a software raid Identify and troubleshoot hardware issues using dmesg Troubleshoot custom applications with strace and knowledge of Linux resource limitations In Detail Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an operating system that allows you to modernize your infrastructure, boost efficiency through virtualization, and finally prepare your data center for an open, hybrid cloud IT architecture.

Style and approach This is an easy-to-follow guide packed with examples of real-world core Linux concepts. Trial and error Start by creating a backup Getting help Books Team Wikis or Runbooks Google Man pages Reading a man page Name Synopsis Description Examples Additional sections Info documentation Referencing more than commands Installing man pages Red Hat kernel docs People Following up Documentation Root cause analysis The anatomy of a good RCA The problem as it was reported The actual root cause of the problem A timeline of events and actions taken Any key data points to validate the root cause A plan of action to prevent the incident from reoccurring Establishing a root cause Sometimes you must sacrifice a root cause analysis Understanding your environment Summary 2.

Troubleshooting a Web Application A small back story The reported issue Data gathering Asking questions Duplicating the issue Understanding the environment Where is this blog hosted?


Lookup IPs with nslookup What about ping, dig, or other tools? Ok, it's within our environment; now what? What services are installed and running? Validate the web server Validating the database service Validating PHP A summary of installed and running services Looking for error messages Apache logs Finding the location of Apache's logs Reviewing the logs Using curl to call our web application Requesting a non-PHP page Reviewing generated log entries What we learned from httpd logs Verifying the database Verifying the WordPress database Finding the installation path for WordPress Checking the default configuration Finding the database credentials Connecting as the WordPress user Validating the database structure What we learned from the database validation Establishing a hypothesis Resolving the issue Understanding database data files Finding the MariaDB data folder Resolving data file issues Validating Final validation Summary 4.