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Computer GK PDF Download कर सकते है, आज हमे बहुत से GK PDF Download बहुत सी परीक्षाओ मे Questions पूछे ही लिए. Basic Computer Knowledge questions and answers for bank exams with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Fully solved . This basic computer knowledge section covers many important questions for IBPS PO, SBI and RBI like exams and other similar tests. The basic computer knowledge practice problem section will get you the Computer Knowledge Test Questions and Answers pdf free download skills .. Static GK Questions and Answers.

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Computer General Knowledge Questions । haryana general knowledge and answers pdf free download, computer general knowledge quiz, computer gk app, . Here we are providing “Computer Q&A ”, a set of important questions from various topics of Computer. It will help you to score more. Computer based General Knowledge Questions and Answers. Computer GK -> Questions from Internert technology. 1. "The fathers of the Internet" is. Ans: Vint.

Toggle navigation MENU. Shortcut Key for Superscript is: The basic computer - practice problem section will get you the required practice and experience. This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. The ascending order of a data hierarchy is: How many generations of computers we have?

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[MCQ Set-1] Basic Computer - Objective GK Question Answer [PDF]

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Bank Preparation. Current Affairs Latest January March February The first page of a website is called the Ans: The standard protocol of the Internet is Ans: Here you will practice and learn All Aptitude, Data Interpretation Problems and Questions along with Explanations Questions with Answers which will improve your Math skills required for Competitive exams.

Pdf questions computer gk

IndianStudyHub is providing all Programming Interview Questions and Answers questions and answers along with detailed explanation and solutions in an easy and understandable way. The solutions are explained in elaborated manner to get clear subject -.

Gk questions pdf computer

IndianStudyHub offers many fully solved Basic Computer - questions and answers with explanations. You can see the solutions for the problems of sensation and a good user interface. You can easily solve all kind of Basic Computer - questions based on Aptitude by practicing exercise given in this Computer - section.

Students can learn and improve on their skillset for using Basic Computer Knowledge effectively and can also prepare for competitive examinations like Which is considered a direct entry device: Binary means: Names, numbers and other information needed to solve a problem are called: The control and arithmetic-logic sections are called: BCD stands for: ASCII stands for: Virtual Memory is: Which of the following is not an advantage of storied programs: Which of the Following is not true of immediate processing: A transaction file is a type of: Which of the following is a computer code: A Winchester disk is a: The register which keeps track of the execution of a program and which contains the memory address of the instruction currently being executed is known as: The register which contains the data to be written into or readout of the addressed location is called: Where does a computer add and compare data: What hardware was used by the initial generations of computers: A computer program consists of: Which device can produce the final product of machine processing into a form usable by humans: Which is not true for primary storage: Which is not a factor when categorizing a computer: The ascending order of a data hierarchy is: The first computer made available for commercial use was: Which of the following functions most like a copy machine: A universal product code is read by what type of scanner: Which of the following types of character recognition systems requires the use of magnetic ink: This reading device is readily used in banks to read the numbers on the bottom of checks and deposit slips: Which of the following refers to a special type of video camera used for broadcasting images on the internet: Which of the following devices would require the use of a stylus: The most important characteristic of a monitor is its: The individual dots that form the image on a monitor are called: Which of the following monitor types most closely resembles a television: Which of the following printer types requires special paper: Which of the following can create the largest printouts: What is required when more than one persons use a central computer at the same time: Which kind of terminal is entirely dependent for all its capabilities on the computer system to which it is connected: Hard Disks and Diskettes are: The Computer code for interchange of information between terminals is: The metals disks which are permanently housed in salad and contamination free containers are called: What is Output: An error in a computer program is: Microsoft Word was first released in: First time after establishment, MS -Word was known as: MS Word is written in: Microfilm reader is a: Offline device is: